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Matteo Straforini

Something about me

I am very open to dialogue and confrontation, I think it's the only way to grow both in work and personal. I learned that knowing how to listen is important to improve and achieve your own goals.

Personal data

Cognome//Nome Straforini Matteo

Indirizzo 10/2, corso Roma, 10024, Moncalieri (TO), Italia

Telefono 011-6408124

During the period of internship at Pininfarina, I had the chance to work with other designers and I have been able to integrate and assimilate new knowledges to work toghether as a team. I have a strong motivation to help me even in moments of difficulty in overcoming the obstacles to achieve my goals. One of the greatest passions is the free-hand drawing that I have successfully applied to the design managing to combine two great passions design and sketching.

Mobile: +39 349-3312929


Cittadinanza italiana

Data di nascita 25/11/1987

About me



Date Aprile 2010 - December 2010

Degree Tutor al master (in lingua inglese) in Industrial design for sport

issues Technologies and materials, biomechanics, ergonomy, sketching, 3d modelling, design of sport equipment and accessories. Workshop with Kappa and Mares


IED of Turin


Date job Main activities Employer

july 2010 Junior designer Light design Sforzin illuminazione (Milano)

Date job Main activities

September 2009 – February 2010 Stagista

Research and development in sssssssssssssssssssssdifferent design fields working sssssssssssssssssssssdddddsin team or by your own Employer Pininfarina Extra (Cambiano)

Septmenber 2006 – July 2009

Degree Post-degree in Industrial design

Issues Graphic in photoshop ed illustrator, 3d modelling in rhinoceros and alias, sketching, marketing, Hystory of art, design and architecture, sociology. Workshop with Ferrero, Sabelt, Whirlpool, Eataly, Pininfarina, Nikon. Institute IED of Turin Grade 100 e lode (max. 100)

Date job Main activities

Research and development of sssssssssssssssssssssssa new product extending the sssssssssssssssssssbrand of the company using their sssssssssssssssss technology to produce the product. ddddddddddddddddddCollaboration with Davide Negri Organizer Design gang

Date Competition


February 2008 – November 2008 Junior designer

April 2008 Young design contest Special prize for the project eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSottosopra Employer Rima editrice


My projects range from furniture to sport design. I’d like the possibility to work in different design field to be able to have the chance to find my favorite one.


A brief selection of some projects I developed. For some of them i realized also the prototype.


Sightline 2009

Thesis project in collaboration with Alice Aquilante

Innovative concept for a future fridge generation for Whirlpool. The concept is to be able to se inside the fridge without opening the door in order to save energy. We developed a structure which allows you to see inside only if you stand in front of the fridge in the center to minimize the impact of what you have inside and to create an emotional sculpture.

Miss poppins 2008

Canavese connexion in collaboration with Davide Negri

Modular bookcase that reminds the shape of a bag to recall the simplicity and the trasportability. The handle becomes a connexion element to create different combinations according to your needs.

Sottosopra 2008

Furniture design for children

Toy’s chair double function. The child can use it as a chair but with a little fantasy it can becomes a funny house to play and to create new adventure.



Concepts for Sforzin

Four different concepts ideas for Sforzin. The common idea is to be effective and shining with simple shapes and cheap production cost.

Urban landscape 2008

Project in collaboration with Alice Aquilante for Pininfarina design Ability

This is an info-point where you can get information about your city. The concept is that the whole structure is solar powered by the solar cell on the sail and it can rotate following the sun rays inclinations to optimize the energy produced and to keep the user in the shadow.

A brief selection of some projects I developed during the master course in extreme sport design.

SPORT design

Speedster 2009

Brand extension for Sabelt

Imagine to combine the aerodynamic of a spoiler and the practicalness of a car rack: this is Speedster. Just moving the pieces on the rails you can setup and adjust your car rack/spoiler according to your needs. Thanks to speedster you don’t have to disassemble the sistem but with simple adjustment you can setup it as you desire.

The devil 2010

Design Emotion

How to increase emotion and feelings in skateboard, BMX or in-line skating? The answer is The Devil. It’s a tool you can fix to your bike/skate and when you are ready to make your best trick activate the smoke-bomb inside so you will leave a tangible stream of your evolution astouding all the audience.

Soccer 2010

Fashion design

I designed the uniform and some accessories like the ball, the shoes and the goalkicker gloves. The graphic design inspiration was the leopard pattern which represents aggressiveness, speed and also style.

Ski boot


Digital and sketching esploration

I designed a ski boot composed from two part: one hard (the light blue piece) to protect your ankle and to prevent injuries and one softer (the gray piece) to give comfort. The hard part hugs the boot to give a sensation of safety while the soft part seems to be a layer under the strong strucuture.

Air -X2010

Project realized with the italian mountain board association

The mountainboard is an extreme sport which requires appropriate training and technical equipment. I designed the bindings to fix on the board and the shoes wich incorporates the attachment in order to be fixed quickly to the board. The Air-X- has many advantages: it’s easy to be locked or unlocked to the deck, the shoes have a soft core to be comfortable and breathable and outside there are two main hard part to protect from injuries.

Helmet 2010

Digital and sketching exploration

I tried to catch the sensation of the speed adding few and essantial elements like the rear spoiler or the grill on the side to keep the helmet the most clean and iconic I could.

Backpack 2010

Sketching exploration

The concept was born from the X as something which hugs you and it’s a symbol of protection, strength and power. The X is the hardest part wich covers the backpack while the inner side, that can be in different colors, is soft and can contain your objects.

K-flow 2010

Project realized with Kappa

The K-flow technology allows you to not loose the kinetic energy involved in the foot while you are running. Moreover the sole is transparent to show the technology inside: the midsole. The outsole reminds the energy lines which develops during the running phases.

Predator 2010

Master thesis project in collaboration with Mares

This is a concept made for a new generation of fins. There are many innovation introduced in this fin: first thanks to the v-shape on the footpocket it is improved the stability while the cuts in the middle reduce the water vorticies, then the shape provide to create the venturi effect giving more speed to the liquid and finally the winglet on the side eliminates the torsional movement of the fin.


A brief resume of some o fmy best projects

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