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The flapper’s world

In the aftermath of the Great Depression of 29, young women, called flapper, flaunting their youth, criticizing the older generation because they accepted the conventionality and indifference as the characteristics of the woman. The flappers were modern. Going against any old canon. Traditional women wore their hair long, the flappers wore them short or curly. Against the long punishing clothes they wore short dresses or dresses that showed their arms and legs from the knee down and made great use of make-up especially in public . In short, the flappers were the symbol of a social revolution, which included not only the way they dress, but also the way we perceive and interact with the world surrounding the company and the roaring twenties jazz era. The coordinates of the collection Matteo Pecchioli the S / S 2013 describes a shape and color of light clothes, played down to a printed fabric with oranges, shapes recall a rediscovery for the years gone by. The main scene belongs to silk, used in many ways. The red lines that cut and wrap the body become protagonists, prints nice and purely summerish, is at odds with the values of ​​ society, leading a lifestyle typical of provocative flapper. The palette of colors is divided into: beige, white, fresh prints and the impressive and provocative red. The sharp contrast of the red interrupts the white silk that slides over the body, wrapped in panels gently embracing the shapes. Silk georgette, silk muslin worked with anger, live cuts and thirst torn to determine the forms. Also essential lace, which interrupts the harmony of plain fabrics, have become a mark of distinction for the brand. Lace jackets, with sharp contrasts of black and white flounces make the collection giving it a lively, most innovative pace. Sensual, feminine, the woman of the upcoming Spring / Summer collection discovers the charm of the twenties. Elegant rebellion, we tend to emphasize the energy which characterized specific aspects of a particular historical period, with changes to culture of an era considered in many ways unique.

Flappers MATTEO PECCHIOLI Showroom - Spring Up S.r.l. - 37, via Tortona, Milano, Italy Director - Fara Nassarpour Mobile - +39 3406254967 Land line - +39 0236507544 e-mail

LOOK 1 spring/summer 2013

R07-10 bis

LOOK 2 spring/summer 2013

R07-005 R07-41

LOOK 3 spring/summer 2013

R07-14 R07-23

LOOK 4 spring/summer 2013

R07-21 R07-023

LOOK 5 spring/summer 2013

R07-14 R07-009

LOOK 6 spring/summer 2013

R07-05 R07-37

LOOK 7 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 8 spring/summer 2013

R07-28 R07-04 R07-12

LOOK 9 spring/summer 2013

R07-04 R07-12

LOOK 10 spring/summer 2013

R07-42 R07-90 R07-91

LOOK 11 spring/summer 2013

R07-90 R07-91

LOOK 12 spring/summer 2013

FLS R-09 bis

LOOK 13 spring/summer 2013

R07-36 R07-44

LOOK 14 spring/summer 2013

R07-06 R07-91

LOOK 15 spring/summer 2013

R07-19 R07-22 R07-91

LOOK 16 spring/summer 2013

R07-19 R07-36 bis R07-20

LOOK 17 spring/summer 2013

R07-19 R07-36 bis R07-20

LOOK 18 spring/summer 2013

R07-42 R07-19 bis R07-12

LOOK 19 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 20 spring/summer 2013

R07-13 R07-11 R07-12

LOOK 21 spring/summer 2013

R07-11 R07-12

LOOK 22 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 23 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 24 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 25 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 26 spring/summer 2013


composition 100% silk

LOOK 27 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 28 spring/summer 2013

FLS R-12 FLS R-13

LOOK 29 spring/summer 2013

FLS R-11 FLS R-13

LOOK 30 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 31 spring/summer 2013

FLS R-15

LOOK 32 spring/summer 2013

FLS R-14 R07-38 R07-18

LOOK 33 spring/summer 2013


LOOK 34 spring/summer 2013

R07-005 R07-008

PR Office For further PR inquires please contact us mail:

Showroom: SPRING UP Via Tortona, 37 Milan Italy +39 0236507544 Sales Manager: Melina Antonopoulou mobile +39 346 6202838

Fara Nassarpour mobile +39 3406 254967

Matteo Pecchioli S/S 2013  

Spring Summer Collection 2013

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