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Editor ial Letter

Dear readers, The Media Team of MRSC?15 is proud to present the second issue ? Daily Raccoon. We focused on creativity, group work and the spirit of the session to hunt down every single moment throughout these couple of days. Captured a wide range of feelings and unique moments, which will revive your experience and memories from the session. During the last couple of days each member of the Media Team has been working at their fullest to ensure the materials provided by us fulfilled every single desire of yours: high academic quality, creativity and relativity with session as well. Since, the Media Team is known for a variety of ways to capture moments, we didn?t serve as an exception and delivered these precious moments captured through photos, videos and issues. On behalf of the Media Team, we would like to thank everyone who showed even the smallest support and assisted us through this unforgettable journey. We would like to thank the Organisers, who restlessly served as a support and provided us with all of the needed materials during these couple of days. Also, we?re truly thankful to the Chairs?Team, who helped the journalists to integrate in the committees. Lastly, we?d like to thank a group of extremely dedicated and enthusiastic individuals, without whom we couldn?t have managed coming this far, to our lovely Media Team Members. We hope you enjoy the materials we provided you with and have unforgettable session memories left. With the best wishes, Mariam & Matte.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

EYP - Raising Futur e Leader s

I t W as Called a H istor ic Refer endum . And I t W as

Eur ovision Song Contest

W e Can All Be H er oes


The Rise of the Right W ing

Behind the M ona Lisa's Sm ile

M ost Useful and Useless APPs

Officials As W e Know I t




Y Lu k a

Raisin g

Dzagan ia

Fu tu r e Leader s


EYP has proven to be one of the most successful European projects established in Georgia so far. By Introducing European ideals to the Georgian youth, EYP is establishing a European minded generation, providing enhanced experience in various skills, such as: Public speaking, Teamwork and Critical thinking, as well as introducing a wide array issues and events occurring in Europe today. Public speaking is one of the most important and useful skills one might find in their career, boosting confidence and the image of the person public eyes. The ability to express their views openly, while being faced by a big group, ensures that the speaker has the ability to comprehend and structure his ideas clearly while under stress. It ensures that the person is capable of expressing his views in a way that is comprehensible for a wide array of people, projecting a positive image of a speaker, and significantly boosting their social skills. General Assemblies of EYP give a chance to a majority of their participants to partake in public speaking one way or another, with some of the roles within the committees concentrating purely on these skills. The current lack of public speaking skills in majority of the fields in Georgia, be it politics or office management, alienates the managerial class from their employees, due to a simple lack of understanding between two classes and the lack of charismatic speakers. Thus, people partaking in the events of EYP gain an exclusive privilege to boost their public speaking abilities, and developing them into charismatic speakers, placing them in a very exceptional position within the society. Teamwork ensures the effective functioning of any field, developing greater social ties in the working environment, and offers quicker solutions to any issues. By being able to work in a team, a person will find it much easier to integrate into a new environment. It also allows a greater cooperation between the colleagues, who are much more likely to find common grounds on various topics and issues. This ensures a greater cohesion in the working environment, with greater ties between the members, and thus providing a stress free setting. The result of this is a much more efficient system, where people are not


distracted by personal issues between each other and are rather capable of concentrating purely on the completion of their task together. Other than the working environment, the characteristics developed alongside the teambuilding help the individuals in their everyday social lives. If one is capable of cooperating with his colleagues, he will find it much easier to get alongside other people in their everyday lives, since their social skills are under constant development. EYP activities promote teambuilding at all times, be it a committee work or simple game activities, where cooperation between each other is the key to the completion of all tasks. Considering the increasing divide between the classes, such as the employers and employees, one might find that the ability to perform tasks as a team will outline them as the exceptional members of the group, giving them a privilege amongst their peers. Critical thinking is arguably the most useful skill in todays dynamic society, where the ability to make decisions at a fast pace might be decisive between failure and success. With the digitalization and increased globalization, the demand of the pace at which people are expected to perform their tasks has increased dramatically. In order to remain competitive in today?s society, one has to be able to perform tasks, and make decisions at an incredibly fast pace. The ability to think clearly and rationally is important whatever we choose to do. If a person is working in education, research, finance, management or legal profession, then critical thinking is undoubtedly important. But critical thinking skills are not restricted to a particular subject area. Being able to think well and solve problems systematically is an asset for any career, proving the person with an immense array of careers to choose from. Thinking clearly and systematically can improve the way we express our ideas. In learning how to analyze the logical structure of texts, critical thinking also improves comprehension abilities, which also helps the enhancement of the previously mentioned skills. To come up with a creative solution to a problem involves not just having new ideas. It must also be the case that the new ideas being generated are useful and relevant to the task at hand. Critical thinking plays a crucial role in evaluating new ideas, selecting the best ones and modifying them if necessary. Being a member of the EYP, one has to think clearly and rationally at all times, in order to be able to cooperate with other members of the organization, and the longer a person is spending in this environment, the better he is capable of organizing his thoughts, allowing for an infinite improvement of his critical thinking abilities, making him a very exceptional candidate in any field. In conclusion, it is evident that by being a member of the EYP, any person gains a very unique chance to improve his skills to a very significant level. Considering that young people have access to this privilege, which majority of the population don?t, make them very exceptional members of the society, giving them a potential to be very efficient and successful public servants. By spreading to countries like Georgia, EYP has ensured that they will be provided by generation, with much greater abilities and knowledge than at any time before, with the orientation towards liberal, and fair ideals of Europe.


33 years ago, the Irish gay Declan Flynn was attacked and killed in Fairview Park. His death, which served as a catalyst for creating a Gay Pride movement of Ireland, followed the series of beatings meted out to gay men in Dublin who used Fairview Park as a meeting place at the time. After so many years of endless struggle to enhance gay rights, on the 22nd of May, 2015, this very park was filled with the various decorations and signs of rainbow colours, promoting the idea of voting ?YES? in the Irish referendum.

It Was Called A Historic Referendum

The Irish government held the referendum on two possible amendments to the Constitution of Ireland. The proposed changes were regarding reducing the age of candidacy for the President of Ireland from 35 to 21 and permitting same-sex marriage, with former receiving only 30% of votes in favour while 60% of people voted a historic ?Yes? for the latter, thus turning Ireland into the very first country to allow same-sex marriage by popular vote as all countries before Ireland had legalised this change through the national legislature or the courts. As the Republic of Ireland?s first openly gay minister, The Minister for Health Leo Varadkar stated, the ?Yes? campaign was ?almost like a social revolution?, which truly generated universal interest and fully caught the attention of the whole population. Supporters of both positions actively advertised their ideas through every possible method. Signs and posters advocating both sides could be seen everywhere across the country, some of the greatest bars and restaurants of the country were even offering free meals for everyone who voted, regardless of their position in regard to the topic, many people who live outside of the Republic have returned to have their say, prompting the


And It Was

hashtag # hometovote, and unprecedented queues occurred at the polling station which resulted in the highest voter turnout in the history of Irish referendums, living up to more than 60% . After holding this legendary referendum, Ireland has become the 20th country to legalise the same-sex marriage. However, homosexuality still remains a crime in 77 countries, and carries the death penalty in seven, thus, the results of the referendum which were beyond joyous for LGBT people and their allies everywhere and were majorly celebrated by the advocates of gay rights within the borders of the country as well as around the world, became extremely controversial and developed different opposing ideas throughout the globe. For instance, four days after the referendum, the politicians of all persuasion in Germany started to demand that their country follows the example of Ireland and opens the doors of civil marriage to all, regardless of sexual orientation. To the contrary, the Vatican?s one of the top diplomats evaluated the Ireland?s gay marriage right as a ?defeat for humanity?. Nevertheless, Pope Francis, when once asked about the existence of a gay lobby in Vatican, famously answered with a brief but meaningful question ?Who am I to judge??. This remark of Pope spurred hope among the progressive Catholics that the church was entering a new era of tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality. This ambivalence speaks for itself and clearly demonstrates that the world might indeed be reshaping its previous skeptical attitude to an in a way more liberal approach towards sexual minorities. In fact, the Irish referendum certainly made unprecedented history, broke the fixed boundaries of old mentality and opened the doors of various new opportunities internationally. Now it is totally up to individual countries and their residents to decide whether they want to follow this daring and controversial journey of Ireland, or not.

By An n a Iosebidze






Georgia St at us: 11t h Rank Point s: 51 Sweden St at us: W inner Point s: 365 The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the longest running and prominent song competitions which is held among the European Broadcasting Union member countries. For 60 years, the Eurovision Song Contest is Europe's favorite TV show. After more than five decades featuring thousands of songs, the contest has become a modern classic. It was first held in 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland. Winning the Eurovision Song Contest provides an opportunity for the winner artists to capitalise on the surrounding publicity and further enhance their careers. As we all know, Eurovision is getting more and more popular and all-binding project. And the last project exceeded all the expectations. We can say that Eurovision 2015 was the most immense and vast project of the year and in whole Eurovision history. That this years?event was not conducted without Georgian performance. Well-known Georgian singer Nina Sublatti performed her self-written song ?Warrior?, which was highly-rated in Georgia and in European society as well. According to the contest of the song and comment of Nina herself message of composition was severe and at the same time rich history of Georgia. As Nina Sublatti commented on Georgian Journalists question, it is hard to explain what does the word ?warrior? mean for Georgian, as during the far-stretching history there have been many states trying to annihilate and completely destroy Georgia and Georgian society. From that point ?Warrior? was dedicated to Georgia and every Georgian Citizen. Unfortunately, Georgian performance did not pass voting process and failed to win any kind of trophies. In the end of the competition Nina announced that there was nothing strange and illogical in results and hoped for Georgia, better competition in the future.






Hundreds of sessions a year, thousands of youngsters included in discussion and struggle of solving diverse issues of the world ? that are what is lying behind the European Youth Parliament network. From the distance, it may seem that every session gives EYPers enormous amount of experience and session by session they become extremely self-confident and somehow they are getting used to delivering speeches, finding interesting points, discussing. That is, presumably, true but does this experience prevent the alumni from being concerned about upcoming speech? According to the session participants, even after delivering tens of speeches in front of the EYP audience, you never cease being anxious before doing it again. Mariam Demetrashvili (Editor) - No matter how experienced and academically prepared you are, delivering a speech in public always calls out every single doubt and issue regarding one's self confidence. Tamri Matiashvili (Chairperson) ? If I were a delegate, I would definitely be nervous before my speech because my aim is to convince the audience. Irakli Kikoria (Chairperson) ? It is already my eleventh session and my heartbeat still raises when I approach the podium. Giorgi Gugenishvili (President) ? I?m definitely still nervous before my speeches, the three seconds before I start the speech still happen to be gut-wrenching to this day but I always end up DARING to speak nonetheless. The nervousness never stops; no matter how experienced you are; it is natural. However, after doing some research, it turned out that you can still avoid being unconfident, especially, before delivering a speech to the audience. Hopefully, everybody loves superheroes. For some, a superhero is defined as a person with limitless, inordinate power, for others a superhero presents a soldier, father or even a friend. Generally speaking, people do not really think that every single one of us can become superheroes, in fact, according to the research held by Harvard University scientists, we all can. The research says that positioning our body in a certain way does not just tell people we are powerful, it makes us powerful. And obviously, we need power while speaking to the audience because if you are not confident in what you say, none of the members of the audience are. No one should ever fail the speech because of the overwhelmed feelings. You can just try and become a superhero, as the psychologist of Harvard University suggests, think of the superman stance or do a movement that makes you think about a hero you adore and that will help you to overcome the disease of pre-speech apprehension. Hold up your head and enter the arena and face the enemy, be a hero, the real superhero not for the sake of others but for your own success and victory.





The word anime itself is abbreviated version of Japanese animation. In Japanese it is pronounced as Katakana. Anime has different styles of approach to characters. They are more colourful and vibrant than usual cartoons with fantastic theme decorations. In 1917 the first anime was theatrically viewed, which was a result of with commercial production. Since then it continues to increase its popularity with the audience. There are certain genres of anime which are classified as Kodomo (children?s), Sh?jo (girls?), Shounen (boys') and also a wide range of genres for adults. Anime production focuses less on the animation of movement and more on the realism of sceneries, camera effects, zooming distance and angle shots; it is cinematically shot as if by camera. Anime emphasizes the artistic quality and. Sometimes it is really hard to notice that in anime characters don?t really move that much, they stay steel, during dialogue, that?s because movements don?t seem to be important in those moments. Because in anime the only thing that matters is the story line. Backgrounds and story line seem to be in the spotlight in every single anime. What can be said about the open credits is that sequences of most of them go along with Japanese pop or rock songs. They may also be


written exclusively for the series. Even though characters sometimes may seem alike, there always are variations of their proportion and features. The body proportions are similar to the actual human body sizes. Body proportion in anime is the proportion of the perfect body shape. The most typical characteristic for each anime character is their eyes, large, emotional and realistically sized eyes. Anime characters with large eyes can be tracked back to Osamu Tezuka, who was drawn with excessively big eyes. Tezuka is the central figure in manga history. His design and art style was focused on the expression of emotions through human eyes. Another feature, which immediately grasps people?s attention, is the hair. The hair in anime is unnaturally realistic. It is always colourful and individually styled. The hair movement is also exaggerated and it is used to emphasize emotion of the character. As for the facial expressions, they are famous for its comedic way to show the characters reactions. There are a variety of the symbols used to define ones emotion. For example: sweat drops to depict nervousness, blushing of embarrassment or sparkling eyes for an intense glare. So, this is kind of appearance of the character makes people to fall in love with them immediately.

Besides all of the above mentioned, I think, that the most important part in anime is the dynamic story line, which practically slays us to watch it without a break. One of the all-time popular animes, which is the perfect example of shounen is ?Death Note?. Main character of the death note is Light Yagami, a young genius, whose life changes after discovering the ?Death Note?, a notebook which kills people simply just by writing their names in it. The owner of the notebook is Shinigami (the god of death) called Ryuk, who tells Light about controversies of the note book. But Light is bewitched with the power of the notebook and starts to use it for good intentions and justice in the world. He starts to kill criminals and it catches attention not only of people but of the Interpol as well. People start to call him Kira, which means killer. Kira?s steps are being followed by L, another genius world class detective. A good Sh?jo anime I would consider is ?Maid Sama!? the story about the all-boys school that had become a co-ed school. But despite the reforms in school, the female students still remain as a minority. The main character of the show, Misaki Ayuzawa decides to take the power in her own hands. She becomes the first female student council president of the school. Misaki has a reputation of boy-hating demon dictator and a shining hope for the teachers and female students. But besides her tough exterior she secretly works at a maid cafĂŠ to financially help her family. But unfortunately her secret is discovered by a Takumi Usui schools most popular boy who happened to be attracted to Misaki.

The last genre is Kodomo and I think all of us have watched this anime as a child. It is Pokemon. The adventures of Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu, who travel across many regions in hopes of being regarded as a Pokemon master. It is the anime that our generation grew on and will remember the rest of their lives.




R IS E O F T H E R IG H T W IN G In the last decade, Europe has seen the rise of the far rights parties in a number of its states, the most prominent of these being UKIP in the United Kingdom, National Front in France, and Golden dawn in Greece. The ideals of these parties are right centered, concentrating on the preservation of the purely European societies, often by the means of oppressing and excluding the minorities within the EU, classifying them as the second-class citizens. Their rise has undermined the previously held notion of EU being a fully liberal, with majority of its values being oriented on the left side of political compass, showing that a significant portion of the European population does not share these values. The last general elections, held recently in UK has seen the mainstream and dominant parties losing a significant portion of their votes, while smaller parties gained more support, one of them being UKIP. UKIP is considered to be one of the most right oriented parties within the UK, with most of its policies being highly racist, favoring the native British population while significantly undermining any minorities within the states. Led by Nigel Farage, UKIP openly admits its hostilities towards the minorities, promoting the ideals, such as, Islamophobia-Targeting a rising population of Muslims in the UK, and Anti-Europeanization, targeting the minorities of European descent in the UK, and advocating the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. One of the most controversial policies, offered by the UKIP in 2009, was banning the right for Muslim to host any sort of meetings of religious character in the northern region of the UK. While the policy was banned by the parliament, it managed to gather around 12000 votes, identifying the support of a part of the population. Since gaining a single seat in the elections, UKIP will find it much easier to influence the approval of such policies, marking the end of the liberal era of the UK politics. The National Front of France has had a long history of existence in the French politics, and in 2015 managed to become one of the most dominant political parties in France. Its major policies include economic protectionism (which aims to protect French businesses and workers by regulating trade with other nations), a zero tolerance approach to law and order issues, and anti-immigration. A Eurosceptic party, the National Front has opposed the European Union since its creation in 1993. While the FN has tried to justify their right oriented policies, identifying them as an attempt of preservation of the French cultural heritage and the fight against the Islamisation of France, the extend to which they limit and oppress the minorities shows a true image and purpose of these policies. Meanwhile, the opposition towards the EU significantly undermines the workings of this union,



threatening its very existence, which is a prime embodiment of European ideals. Considering the importance of France, being one of the most influential members of the EU, as well as the highest number of Muslim immigrant and people of Islamic descent living there, one should realize the extend of influence this party can have on the European politics in regards of the minority rights, and the existence of the idea of the united Europe, embodied by the EU. Unlike the upper two mentioned parties, Golden Dawn stands out significantly as the most far right and radical one. Often described by Mainstream media as neo-Nazi and fascist, though the group rejects these labels. Members have expressed admiration of the former Greek dictator Loannis Metaxas, a highly controversial figure in Greek history. The party ran during the Greek national elections in 2012 addressing the issues of unemployment, austerity, the economy, and immigration, which gained a large increase in support from the Greek electorate. It received 7% of the total votes, enough for the party to enter the Greek parliament with 21 seats. The party has been know to promote a highly controversial and hostile idea of Greater Greece, through the means of expansion of Greek territory into southern Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, and southern Bulgaria, with ultimate goal being Greece's reconquest of Istanbul, or as they refer to it-Constantinople, and western Anatolia through war with Turkey. Members of the group have also been convicted of committing war crimes against Bosnians during the Yugoslavian civil war. The rise of Golden Dawn have strained the relations within the EU, especially with the party gaining more and more power, threating the exclusion of Greece from the union, which would severely cripple an already declining economy of the EU. In conclusion, it is evident that the far right ideals are slowly stirring up amongst the population of the EU, which was fueled by the rising immigration and the inability of the EU to efficiently address various issues within the union. It is already evident, the population of Europe isn?t as liberal minded as it has been believed to be, and the spread of this ideals in the European politics will further reduce the liberal policies offered by the EU, creating a very realistic threat of the union breaking up under the pressure of the rising far right parties.


Behind the Mona Lisa's Smile By Elene Ambidze As Pablo Picasso once said: ?Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.? It is true because there is always an interesting story behind every painting. We have all experienced what it is like to be looking at the painting and simply wanting to know what was the inspiration of the painter. So here are some interesting stories behind the famous paintings. The Scream The most expensive paintings in the history of art is the ?Scream?. This painting has attracted people freom all over the world. Edward Munch wrote himself in his diary how he got the idea to paint the scream: One evening he was walking through the city streets and for a second he froze and looked at the sky. He was looking at the setting sun in through the clouds which appeared in blood red colour. And in that same moment he heard a faint creaking cry from under the city. The whole scenery gave him the feeling that the nature was screaming for something. That?s how the painting was born. American Got hic American Gothic is one of modern paintings by American artist Grant wood. It shows a farmer father and his daughter standing in front of a house. The idea of the painting he got in the august morning, when he was driving around lowa searching for an inspiration, until he noticed a small Gothic style house. He immediately draw he house on an envelope he had with him. Grant would thought about creating a painting with people who he thought would be living in that house and went on to do so. One of the characters Wood wanted to paint was his mother but he changed his mind because standing for hours without making any move would have been very exhausting for his mother and decided to paint his sister instead and the other one is Grants dentist. Today this painting is the one of the most famous paintings of all.


Guernica Guernica is perhaps the best work of art by this Spanish legend, Picasso, the name I am sure you have heard thousand times in your life. In 1937, the German and Italian warplanes bombed the city of Guernica, taking the lives of innocent people. The government asked Picasso to create a painting about the bombings and peoples suffering. This painting shows the torture of humans, animals and birds, cause due to the political rapture between countries. The Girl wit h a pearl earring Johannnes Vermeer?s painting Girl with the pearl earring is one of my favourite paintings. With one version Dutch painter artist was offered to paint his beautiful maid for money but his wife was strictly against it so he and to paint her in secret. While painting her he discovered that the painting was not balanced and he needed something to make the piece special so he stole his wives pearl earrings and gave it to the his maid.

By Natalia Sniegur

M OST USEFULL AND USELESS APPS Nowadays, when it is almost inappropriate to dislike at least one of your friend` s selfies and easier to check the weather forecast using a phone rather than taking a look out of the window, it would be fair to say, that mobile applications play an important role in our life. Many of these apps lighten up our lives on daily basis at work, college, sports and other activities. However, there are some of them that can be considered completely useless. Here are some examples: Touch-Wood. Once you download this app, your screen turns into a virtual tree. And that` s it. The program` s description says: ?When something bad happens or you have a feeling of restlessness or being depressed, touch the screen and imagine the ?touch of wood?. It might happen that the tree` s spirit will bring you peace of mind.? In some countries there is a tradition to knock on the tree when saying something negative - to prevent it from happening - or, more rarely, something positive - in order not to ?spoil it?. But even if you are into superstitions, it is still quite weird to replace a real tree with a fake one and to have an app for this reason. Hol d t he But t on. This game has only one rule ? do not release the button! Just do not take your finger off the screen until? . Probably, until you get tired or completely bored. Surprisingly, but 250,000 users have already downloaded this app. How long could you

struggle with this challenge? I Am Rich. Having a trendy iPhone at the beginning of the era of smartphones was itself an indicator of status, but after a while it was not enough, so in 2009 the most expensive app ?I Am Rich? appeared in the App Store at a price of $999.99. Its only function was demonstrating a red crystal and words ?I'm rich and successful? And that's all! The day after its appearance the program was removed from the store, still eight people managed to download it. Fortunately, the list of obviously useless apps is quite short and the variety of helpful programs, available for free, can pleasantly impress even a demanding smartphone user. As there are lots of information about messengers and photo processing apps, let` s have a look at useful applications: Cit y Maps 2Go. One of the best versions of offline maps. You can download the maps of all big cities with the names of their streets and house numeration. There is a search option and also an opportunity to write your own comments and description of places. Skit ch. Great tool from the creators of Evernote, which lets you add various marks to images and documents. With

Skitch you can create any chart, explain your parents where they should change an option in the settings or add notes to the screenshots. Finished images can be imported into the Camera Roll or saved to your Evernote account. Cl ashot . Let` s face it, Insta-people ? you would not resist from turning your hobby into an additional source of income. And here is a simple way to do it: take a photo with a good quality, publish it on Clashot with some hash-tags and sell it on-line. Potential buyers include companies and specialists from different spheres: media, marketing, IT and many others. Your shot can bring you from 50 cents to 80 $. Fo Task. The task of the application is to perform FoTask photo missions, compete with other participants and win prizes. This is something that will intrigue you, inspire and encourage taking new and new pictures. But all is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but much more interesting. If you like depicting unusual things and the excitement of taking pictures, the application FoTask is exactly what you need.


WARNING!!! The comparison is not made according to the plot and relative ties of the characters


The whole session wouldn?t exist without special group of people aka officials. They form a team, which is responsible for delivering high academic quality, great amount of entertainment and countless remarkable memories. These are the people who are not always visible but are the hearts of the session. They do their best to make the event extremely unbelievable. An EYP session is an event, where there is just one throne ? successful ending; officials can actually become dangerous when they try to fight for the throne... When they try to win the Game of the Thrones? . In the article above, you can see MRSC-edition of the bestseller of George R.R Martin.

Mariam Kapanadze (Head-Organiser) ? Arya Stark: Works hard, plays hard. Tina Dolbaia (Head-Organiser) ? Ramsey: God saves whoever misunderstands her instructions. Giorgi Tsulaia (Organiser) ? Bran: Always struggles for the better future. Tiko Bliadze (Organiser) ? Shireen Baratheon: A dreamer of a kind and polite world. Elene Minashvili (Organiser) ? Catelyn Stark: A real fighter, literally. Elene Karangozishvili (Organiser) ? Talisa Stark: She is ready to help for 24/ 7. Ani Ninidze (Organiser) ? Hodor: Just because she is one of the cutest people. Guga Sukhiashvili (Organiser) - Jaqen H?ghar: Only one thing can be said, magician. Lizi Kimeridze (Organiser) ? Osha: She is devoted and always by the organisers?side. Anna Kantaria (Organiser) ? The Hound: Follows the steps of the Head-Organisers, develops. Giorgi Gugenishvili (President) ? Joffrey: No offense, Mr. President, just emphasising the power.


Olivia Rashidi (Vice-President) ? Daenerys Targaryen: The queen of the board. Ia Tserodze (Vice ? President) ? Ygritte: She is sweet, kind and always in favor of truth. Irakli Kikoria (Chairperson) ? Robb Stark: A charming boy with a risk of losing his head. Sandro Beraia (Chairperson) ? Jon Snow: Well, he knows something but needs to be a bit kind. Tamri Matiashvili (Chairperson) ? Brianna: Can become a bro for everyone. Jill Baer (Chairperson) ? Margaery Tyrell: Her interesting thoughts can affect your views. Tata Jakeli (Chairperson) ? Yara Greyjoy: Just a real warrior. Anna Roinishvili (Chairperson) ? Missandei: Owner of a rear beauty. Nia Chigogidze (Chairperson) - Olena Tyrell: By Margaery?s side, always right. Giorgi Tsotsoria (Journalist) ? Tyrion Lannister: Can take any challenge. Luka Dzagania (Journalist) ? Khal Drogo: Prince charming from Britain. Natalia Sniegur (Journalist) ? Marcela Lannister: Always nice and shining. Anna Iosebidze (Journalist) ? Jorah Mormont: She is always on duty and always in love. Nestan Mamukashvili (Editorial Assistant) ? Varys: Invisible but extremely essential. Elene Ambidze (Journalist) ? Melisandre: Just couldn?t get over her red dress? Mariam Demetrashvili (Editor) ? Cersei: Just try and make her emotional? Mate Dvalishvili ? (Editor) ? Well, definitely tried to find someone who could express how imperceptible he is, so just decided to compare him with the shadow killing Renly Baratheon.


Daily Raccoon - 2nd Issue  

Editors: Matte Dvalishvili & Mariam Demetrashvili Issue Delivered by the Media Team of Mtskheta Regional Selection Conference of EYP Georgi...

Daily Raccoon - 2nd Issue  

Editors: Matte Dvalishvili & Mariam Demetrashvili Issue Delivered by the Media Team of Mtskheta Regional Selection Conference of EYP Georgi...