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How To Submit A Work Order The best way to submit a work order to the help desk is to use their web site. This is faster and adds a layer of accountability that is not there if you call or email in a work order.

1. Access the help desk web site at: (I would suggest that you bookmark this web site for easy access later)



At this web page, Type in the username: heath school. Leave the password area blank. Press Submit.

3. Add a new Work Order

Click on add a new work order

4. Fill out the Work Order Request page

A. B. C. D. E.

Summary: Add a brief but to the point description of the problem Call back number: change this phone number to your phone number Priority: Choose Priority II – Moderate Type: Choose Desktop Software Description: Add a detailed description of the problem. Include any attempts at fixing the problem that you made. Add your first and last name at the end of your note. F. Press Submit

How To Submit a Work Order  

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