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EVALUATION: QUESTION 4 - How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Construction In the construction stage of my media product, I used many media technologies in order to create an authentic and professional piece. Firstly, when considering my horror movie trailer, I used a Panasonic HCV700 Video Camera to film all of my raw material. This footage was then edited with the help of Adobe Premiere Elements 11, which allowed me to add many different effects, notably the "Horror FilmLook". It also allowed me to make use of the "time remapping" tool which allowed me to speed up and slow down many parts of my trailer, especially Joe's eyes opening as it allowed the audience to feel our protagonists fear and also allowed for me to speed up the door slam as it gave it more of a jumpy feel and proved to be very scary. Adobe Premiere Elements 11 was also the best software available for actually putting the trailer together, as it allowed for us to put it in a sequence and a subsequent narrative. Using Adobe was a great help and the development in this software made the construction process far easier than it would have been in the previous years. We also made use of the many transitions, especially the 'fade to black' as this allowed us to make use of the generic edit within a horror trailer, the dead black-out.

Also, in the construction of my ancillary texts, I used a Canon PowerShot A480. This once again allowed me to get a simple, unedited version of my photos. These photos were then manipulated with another piece of software from Adobe, known as Photoshop Elements 11. This allowed me to edit my images effectively, making them appear eerie and ghostly through the use of the brightness and contrast tool and the low key effect especially. This allowed me to create a professional main image which set the tone for my poster and magazine front cover and established the genre for these ancillary texts. Also, whilst seemingly not involved in the construction stage, without the Internet, I would not have been able to get access to the different fonts I used. I got my fonts from and downloaded them in order to put them on to my movie cards and movie poster.

Research and Planning Throughout my research, I used many media technologies to help get a better understanding of a horror movie trailer, horror movie posters and film magazine front covers. First and foremost, I made great use of the Internet in my research, notably through my use of 'YouTube' as it allowed me to achieve an understanding of the forms and conventions expected within

horror movie trailers. Having done this research, it allowed me to plan my horror trailer, particularly through story-boarding. I created my storyboard on Microsoft Office Word 2010, making use of the table tool as it allowed me to put my storyboard into a shot-to-shot sequence. Also through the use of Google images, I was able to look at film magazine front covers, particularly previous issues of 'Empire' and 'Total Film' as well as different film posters from varying horror movies such as 'The Woman in Black' and ‘Dead Silence’. Once again, after I had conducted my research, and had an efficient grasp of what was expected, I planned my poster and magazine by drawing basic initial drafts. I then used my school printer and made use of the scanning option and embedded it into my blog posts.

Furthermore, I used different types of presentation software, such as Prezi and slideshare to record my research. This allowed me to show more creativity and a greater sense of ICT and communication skills.

I also used Blogger; free software from Google which helped me put my research and planning into a chronological database. This was incredibly useful in my research and planning as it allowed me to track what I had already researched and showed any missing areas. It also gave me easy access to my research whenever I needed it, which was particularly useful on days of

filming and editing as I could gain inspiration from different media texts I had looked into.

Evaluation In my evaluation, I made use of two new blogging techniques. In my second question I used Prezi once again as I feel it's incredibly useful software and allows me to put forward my points in a creative and interactive manner. I also did a regular blog post for my first evaluation question, with embedded images and videos, as it once again allowed me to put forward my response in an informative and interesting manner. For my third evaluation question I again used Adobe Premiere Elements 11, but this time to put together an answer to an evaluation question rather than a trailer. Using the Panasonic HC-V700 Video Camera, I filmed myself and then put my raw footage on to ADOBE and published my answer. I did this to show a more creative side and a broader range of ICT skills. I also felt that this was the most appropriate way of answering the question as it enabled me to show the viewer what the audience had suggested I change, and how effective the change was. As you can see, my final evaluation question has been made with the help of issuu. I found out about this presentation software whilst attending a media conference recently and I feel this is an effective way of putting my ideas across and it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Question 4 eval  
Question 4 eval