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Dear Friend,

I was blown away by our last tour with Dr John Demartini world famous human behaviour specialist.

Contents How an ordinary lady became a millionaire, making only $2.50 per hour. The #1 secret to building long-lasting wealth. Page 00 What To Do When 24 Hours a Day is NOT Enough For YOU. Critical for creating wealth from your status quo. Page 00 The Untold Secret That Makes Bill Gates Fabulously Rich. Here’s how to take advantage. Page 00 The 1-Minute Self-Talk That Changed Dr. Demartini’s Life. Discover how it could change yours, too. Page 00 Wealth Prophecy – FULL Event details Page 00

Thousands of successful people flocked to see him... There was ‘standing room only’ at most events... And the feedback we got was phenomenal.

Greg Klopper, Exclusive Australian Promoter and Friend of Dr John Demartini

Because of the value people got from this tour there’s been huge demand to bring him back to Australia. The problem is Dr Demartini’s schedule is booked up months in advance because he’s in hot demand across the world – with everyone from celebrities to top business leaders wanting his counsel. The good news is... because of Global1’s relationship with him we’ve managed to secure another Australian tour Month. Yes, you can see him LIVE in your city in August. And this will be Dr John Demartini as you’ve never seen him before. That’s because he’ll be presenting a brand new program ‘Wealth Prophecy’ – alongside 3 other handpicked wealth strategists – showing you exactly how to predict if you will be rich... and how to ‘course correct’ if you’re not on track. To celebrate this brand new event with Dr Demartini, we’ve put together this magazine which not only gives you full details of the event - but also reveals some of Dr Demartini’s best wealth secrets that you can use right away to build your wealth. So read on for full details. And I look forward to connecting with you personally at the first-ever Wealth Prophecy event.



How to Predict If Your Current Path Will Make You Rich ANd Why it is Critically Important to Know See if this sounds like you: Every morning you get out of bed … for another busy, demanding day. You work hard in your career …your business …or looking after your family. Perhaps you also invest in property….trade shares…or have other investments you need to manage. All

the while focussing on making sure your ‘mindset’ is properly geared towards wealth creation. You give it 110% and you’re ‘flat out’. And to top it off, family, work and social commitments can sometimes make it near impossible to find time to achieve all your goals. But the big question is...

Are you really on the right track to financial freedom? Or are you going to be in a similar financial position 10 years from now? Is the path you’re on aligned with your deeply held values and personality? And, is there another path that could lead you to financial freedom faster, more safely - and with less risk of failure? These are such important questions because when you answer them honestly… You could be propelled into a world of financial freedom faster and easier than ever before … But when you don’t answer these questions – you can spend years of

frustration and hard work going in the wrong direction … And end up 10 years from now on in a similar – or even worse - financial situation than today! That’s because you could be investing your time, energy and money into strategies that won’t actually help you achieve financial freedom. For example, they may not suit your skill set or your values … maybe you’ve simply got no passion for it…or enough time to implement it properly.

and lifestyle ‘to a tee’, guess what? The whole universe seems to conspire for your financial success! Things become easier. Quicker. And achieving your goals seems almost effortless because you’re in a constant state of ‘flow’. You’re in the ‘wealth creation zone’ and nothing can get in your way of achieving financial freedom - sometimes surprisingly quickly.

But, the good news is…when you finally discover the cashflow strategy that suits your personality skill set…values



3 Critical Questions So let me ask you 3 critical questions… 1. 2. 3.

What if you could predict with almost 100% certainty that the path you’re on will actually make you rich? What if you could remove any ‘hidden’ mindset obstacles that stop you achieving your wealth goals – no matter how hard you work? And what if you knew you had the right Cashflow Strategy for you to achieve financial freedom - so you feel total confidence in your future wealth? This would be amazing wouldn’t it? You could finally feel completely FREE of financial stress and worry - because you know you’re heading into a bright future of complete financial freedom. What a relief! And what a sense of joy and optimism this would give you. Well the good news is - for the first time ever - this is now possible for you.



Announcing the 1st ever, never-to-be repeated

Wealth Prophecy 1 Day Event


ou’re invited to join Self Made Multi-Millionaire and Human Behaviour Specialist, Dr John Demartini at the free Wealth Prophecy event in August 2011 where he’ll show you how you can have total certainty … confidence and conviction in your financial future. With uncanny accuracy, you’ll develop the insight to predict if you’ll be rich – and how to ‘course correct’ if you’re not on the right track. This ‘certainty’ you will get about your wealth future is so important because it will change every aspect of your life NOW. For example, if you knew you were going to be vastly wealthy in coming years… What difference would it make to the way you’d do business? How much more confident would you be? How would it affect the way you would dress and walk? How would it positively affect the way you ‘carry yourself’? How would it affect the investment choices you would make and the people you would meet? How would it affect the way you feel about yourself … and the confidence you have in all areas of life? The truth is, it would change your

life in every single way… And here’s the best part. This new confidence … and ‘positive expectancy’ that you’d feel would even help to attract this new wealthy future to you quicker. That’s because as you think, speak and act differently … doesn’t it make sense that you would get new financial results? What if you’re currently on the ‘wrong’ track to wealth? If you discover you’re not currently living into a wealthy future – isn’t it better to work at this now … before wasting another 10 long hard years, working hard - but moving in the

wrong direction? Then you simply ‘course correct’ and get on the right track. And if you already know you’re on the right ‘track’ and you’re blazing forward…then good news for you too. You’ll discover strategies to get to your destination faster and easier with less risk. That’s why the one day Wealth Prophecy event is so important for you to attend – and that’s why I urge you to claim your FREE Seat now.



Dr Demartini Secrets Revealed


ere’s a small taste of the secrets Dr Demartini will reveal at Wealth Prophecy…

The #1 thing the world’s richest families do completely differently from everyday folks. There are certain timeless principles that the world’s richest families know – and pass onto their children – but rarely disclose publically. How do they accumulate vast amounts of wealth? What sorts of assets do they invest in to multiply their wealth? And how do they make their wealth

last from generation to generation? Dr Demartini will answer all these 3 questions candidly. But more importantly, he’ll answer the #1 thing the wealthy do differently from the average person in ‘Struggle Street’. Once you know this one thing, then you have a future of wealth of almost inevitable wealth. The Best Part? And it doesn’t need to take a long time either. Now, I am not saying it’s a ‘20 minute a month miracle cure’. However realistically, there’s no reason it can’t be done as quickly as 20 minutes a day.

Never Before Revealed – The Surprising Secret learnt on the luxurious Cruise Ship, The World Dr Demartini owns a residence on the luxurious Cruise Ship, The World - which has the highest proportion of Billionaires per square metre in the world. Every day a select group of them – including Demartini when he’s on board – meet to talk about how they can create, attract, multiply and preserve their wealth. As you can imagine the secrets shared at this roundtable make it like a Swiss vault laden with Gold. And for the first-time-ever to this size of


audience, Dr Demartini has agreed to share one of the most important ‘nuggets’ of gold that he’s learnt at these meetings. This insight will help you grow, protect and maintain your wealth – and yet it has very little to do with you. Surprising? Yes. But very valuable as you will see. Revealed – How to get rich safely, consistently and surely – without risking everything you’ve worked so hard for. As well as learning these timeless,

proven wealth strategies … you’ll learn how to avoid the ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes and investments that could make you lose everything you’ve ever worked for. You’ll learn the body’s ‘chemical rush’ that could mean you are ‘addicted’ to these schemes – and how to notice if it’s triggered in you. You’ll also learn how to pick cashflow strategies for your safe, consistent path to wealth. That’s just the start of what you’ll learn at Wealth Prophecy...


The Surest Safest Way to Create Substantial Wealth ing Without risking everyth

At this first-time-ever, never-to-berepeated event, Dr. Demartini will also reveal: The surest, safest way to create substantial wealth—without risking everything you’ve ever worked for. Best-kept secrets of the world’s richest people. Revealed, step by step, at this special event. The common traits that the richest people throughout the history of mankind share. Which ones do you possess … and which you don’t? Plus, how to acquire these traits. The secrets to living a balanced, spiritual life when you’re building your wealth. Critical for a fulfilling, enjoyable life.

Get more done in less time using simple, proven techniques you can use immediately. You’ll be thrilled with the results—and feel more energy too! The hidden obstacles that prevent you from achieving financial freedom. (Hint: one is your fear). How to go beyond these obstacles—for good. Can you really have money working for you, and live on multiple streams of passive income? The answer is “YES,” but—you must set it up correctly. Here’s how.

But he’s agreed to reveal the secrets of the world’s richest families’ at Wealth Prophecy. Plus much, MUCH MORE. That’s why I urge you to join 1000’s of other successful people to learn from Dr Demartini a living wealth master… So you can create the financial abundance … the exotic holidays … the lifestyle choices… that you deserve … all by following the proven wealth principles of the ages. Claim your free ticket now.

Wealth creation secrets buried in a century-old book. Dr. Demartini was offered $27,000 to sell his copy, and he turned it down immediately.

Claim your FREE Ticket to Meet Dr John Demartini and 3 Other Leading Wealth Strategists at Wealth Prophecy 1 Day event. Call 1300 883 842 now or go to to secure your free ticket – while there’s still time. Brisbane: 19th August 2011 Sydney: 20th August 2011 Melbourne: 21st August 2011 Perth: 22nd August 2011



But that’s not all!

Dr John Demartini will be joined by 3 Uniquely Qualified Wealth Mentors at Wealth Prophecy

Nik Halik The Thrillionaire “Dare to dream, live with passion. Make your life an epic extraordinary adventure” Nik Halik’s bestselling book ‘The Thrillionaire’ Bestselling Author Nik Halik is the founder and CEO of the Financial Freedom Institute and The Thrillionaires® and he has an extraordinary story. Nik is a true ‘Wealth Prophet’ because as a young boy sick in bed, he literally mapped out his wealth future … and a life of extraordinary adventure. And now that’s exactly the life he lives today…. He became a multi-millionaire through savvy investments in property and the stock market in his late 20’s. He’s used this wealth to fund his dream lifestyle … Cruising the Nile … Exploring the great Pyramids … Summiting the world’s highest mountains … breathing in the glacial air of Antarctica and diving down 5 miles to eat lunch on the Bow of the Titanic!


Nik is the first flight-qualified civilian astronaut from Australia and was one of the privileged select explorers in the world to view the curvature of the earth from the edge of space. He currently resides in the U.S. and amongst his private homes in the Greek Islands, Morocco and Australia. Nik Lives the ‘Thrillionaire’ life. Nik’s group of companies have financially educated and life coached over 300,000 individuals globally. He’s the real deal, creating millionaire clients across the globe. And now he wants to give you specific cashflow strategies to join him in achieving financial freedom – so you can fund your dream lifestyle. The good news is, Nik will talk about the ‘unusual’ highlights of his adventures…and reveal some of his most profound wealth creation strategies at Wealth Prophecy. These include: How smart investors make as much as $5,000 – $7,000 a month of virtually passive income. And how potentially you can too, if you follow Nik’s system. Buy shares wholesale, not retail. Perfectly legal, and potentially boosts your profit margin. Here’s how. Nik’s #1 rule of investing: What NOT to invest in. Surprising answer, but makes sense.

How to buy insurance for your shares using NONE of your own money. Amazing strategy to help protect the downside on your share portfolio. Gives you peace of mind. Obviously every investment strategy involves risk. Nik will show you how to minimise your risk – and maximise your income. How to be ‘Lifestyle Rich.’ Experience the rich lifestyle you want – even if you’re starting from a small asset base. This secret is contained in simple 2 words. Plus much more.


Brett McFall Make money while you sleep Creator of 9 Internet ‘Cash-Rich’ Businesses making him as much as $750,000 in a single year – while still taking a holiday every 8 weeks Leading tech giant CISCO reports that internet sales could exceed 1.5 Trillion in as little as 4 years. That’s why as a ‘Wealth Prophet’ – creating a future of wealth and prosperity – it makes sense to ensure you create your own consistent river of revenue from the ocean of potential of wealth available. That’s why we’re so pleased to secure one of the world’s leading internet marketing speakers at Wealth Prophecy – Brett McFall. Brett’s the co-founder of the world’s biggest internet marketing seminar, World Internet Summit. Taking it from zero to a multi-million dollar company in just 2 years, holding sold-out events in the UK, USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Through having 100’s of the world’s best internet marketing experts speak at his ‘Summit’, Brett’s knowl-

edge of ‘what actually works now’ in internet marketing is second to none. That’s why if you want to run your own ‘cash rich’ internet business, or make your existing business more profitable through leveraging the power of the internet, then you’ve got to learn Brett’s cutting edge secrets. Brett practises what he preaches – he runs 9 online businesses selling information products like DVDs, CDs and manuals. Brett currently lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Today he takes a holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks, while his own websites turn over in excess of $750,000 a year on virtual autopilot - allowing him to live a life of total freedom. And Brett’s an expert at helping others to create wealth online. On 11 separate occasions he’s helped complete beginners make up to $34,000 in just 72 hours - with every step followed by a LIVE audience. His ‘no-cost marketing ideas’ have raised thousands of dollars for charity including $20,000 inside 5 days for CanTeen and $65,255 inside 3 weeks for SIDS & Kids, with just a simple email and an ‘ugly’ website

to Make Money While You Sleep’. At Wealth Prophecy, Brett’s going to be showing you the quickest ways to create a consistent income from your own online business in the 2011 economy and beyond. You’ll discover step-by-step how to use the most powerful sales medium that exists – the internet – to create an income for life.  What you’ll discover from Brett includes: How to make money while you sleep. See real case studies of almost passive online businesses that are working right now. And more importantly, find out why. The best-kept secret to making money online—FAST! It’s like driving a Formula One at full throttle.

Brett’s been featured on several current affair T.V shows, and has written a bestselling business book ‘How



And much more.

Rowan Burn Australia s Affordable Real Estate Expert

Discover an Affordable Strategy to Secure Australian Real Estate in a ‘Hot Spot’ That’s Grown by as much as 34% in the past year* To be a Wealth Prophet of the future it’s important we learn from the past. And as you will see from studying the BRW Rich List, one of the ‘gold standard’ investments the richest families in Australia have used to create massive wealth is real estate. That’s because Australian residential real estate has multiplied in value many times over in the past 50 years – so each dollar you put into it would have turned into many more. But if you’ve missed out on these past ‘booms’ don’t despair. Because the good news is … At Wealth Prophecy Rowan Burn is going to show you new affordable strategies to secure real estate – so you can take advantage of potential future property booms. Rowan’s a qualified buyer’s advocate and has helped source high performance property worth over $60 million for clients around Australia.

He’s also a property educator and partner in a $20 million plus property development company in Sydney. Rowan’s passion is creating innovative strategies for everyday folks to create riches in real estate – even if they’re starting off from humble beginnings. Rowan’s currently showing investors how to secure real estate in one of Australia’s hottest growth spots – with capital growth of as much as 34% in the past year – surprisingly affordably. Personally mentored by Dr John Demartini, Rowan’s an accredited facilitator of the Demartini Method and frequently shares the stage at live events with Dr Demartini. And at Wealth Prophecy Rowan will reveal: One of Australia’s hottest potential growth areas for the next 1 – 15 years. Based on unbiased facts and thorough research. Capital growth of up to 34% was reported in this area in the last year. NOTE: While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, Rowan will explain the 3 reasons – based on his extensive research –why he believes this area will continue to skyrocket in value. How to secure prime real estate with a small down payment today – then


pay nothing for up to 3 – 10 years! 100% interest free, and perfectly legal. Find out how you can do it too, at Wealth Prophecy. How to potentially lock in as much as $115,000 for each block of real estate you buy. See your assets grow every year.

The ‘mental switch’ Rowan made to go from overwhelming credit card debt and financial stress to creating $100,000’s in capital and equity in a short period of time. Surprisingly simple. The secret of potentially minimising stamp duty and other government costs. Saves you a bundle, but it’s only possible on certain projects. Find out which sort of projects at the event.


Why You Do NOT Want To Miss Out On This Event As you can see, each of the wealth mentors above is extremely successful in their own right. And each is rightly qualified to help you create long-lasting wealth. Together, they can literally transform your financial future into one that you ardently desire, and truly deserve. There’s no doubt in my mind that this event can have a significant impact on your financial future. Frankly, I’d bet my bottom dollar you will walk out of the room entirely different from the “you” that walked in the room. You will look at the financial world from a whole new vantage point. You will have a clear picture of what your financial future is going to look like … and know the best cashflow strategies to acquire the wealth you want based on your deeply held values, skill set and lifestyle. You will be a ‘Wealth Prophet’ with the certainty and conviction to claim a richer financial future. And here comes the best part … Normally, each of our speakers charges a king’s ransom for their time and expertise. In fact, they have clients paying them $10,000 or more per annum. And their clients are happy to pay that money, because what they receive far exceeds the value of their investments. Considering what you’ll get out of Wealth Prophecy, we could easily charge $297 a ticket (which is seriously undervalued), and expect a great response. But instead of charging $297 a ticket, I’d like to gift you a ticket to this life-changing event – absolutely FREE! So you can hear Dr. Demartini, Nik Halik, Rowan Burn, and Brett McFall – 4 of the greatest minds in wealth creation – speak at no cost to you. Your only investment is 1 day. And this 1 day may well be the best investment you’ll ever make in your life. An overstatement? Not at all. But don’t take my word for it. Just come to the event, and witness for yourself how these 4 amazing gentlemen change your life for the better – FOREVER! Consider this … If, for whatever reason, you decide not to attend Wealth Prophecy, what will happen? Actually, nothing. You will simply continue to live the life you’re living now.

5 Advantages You Gain By Simply Attending Wealth Prophecy YOU WILL know how to predict your financial future with uncanny accuracy. More importantly, you’ll be 100% certain that you’re on the right track to achieving your financial dreams. (And the exact steps to take if you’re not.) YOU WILL have clarity on the right cashflow strategy for you to achieve financial freedom – based on your personality type, skill set, lifestyle and values. YOU WILL be given specific tools to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. Whether it’s being short of time, lack of knowledge, having trouble with your mindset or any other obstacle that may be blocking your path. YOU WILL be brimming with self-confidence and vitality. That’s because you will have total clarity of what your financial future looks like. And you’ll know you’re on the fast track to achieving your financial dreams. YOU WILL have lots of fun. Its fun to meet other likeminded successful people who are positive and on the path to financial success. When you connect with these people, you will feel energised and ready for action. This is extremely important, as it makes your journey.


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