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PC utilities are programs that are designed to help with maintenance of the system and to keep it free from errors. However, this is an oversimplification. There are many different components that go into such software and work together. Here, we shall take a look at some of the components of the best PC utility software suites. One of the first, and most critical, utilities that is included in virtually all utility software is a backup utility. This program creates a copy of the system and all files on the computer. Sometimes the backup is only for certain types of files prior to making an update to the system. Other times, one can backup the entire system and all files to a portable storage device. This option should be used at least weekly to ensure that one has the necessary files to correct problems should something be damaged or deleted. A registry cleaner is another utility program that is prominently featured in most utility software suites. These programs scan the system registry and trace where each entry is pointing. If it detects an entry that points to a file that has been moved or deleted, that entry is marked as obsolete and either flagged for the operator to delete or deleted automatically. Spyware and adware removal utilities actively scan the system to locate and remove these types of malware from the system. In addition, any files downloaded from the internet are scanned and any that contain spyware or adware are blocked to prevent them affecting the system. One utility that is very popular is a disk defragmentation program. All windows based PCs come with one built in, but many of the commercial ones do the job much faster. These programs seek out files that have been fragmented off of the application that uses them most often and rearranges the files on the hard drive so that files that work together are stored in the same area on the drive. Disk Cleanup Utilities There are also disk cleanup utilities that locate and remove files that have not been completely uninstalled with the application that they belong to. These programs also scan the hard drive for bad sectors and mark any found as unusable so that the system does not try to put files there. There are many more utility programs available that work to help keep the system running at optimum speed and free from errors. These are just some of the most important that are included in all the best PC utility software suites.

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==== ==== Find the PC Utility Software to make your PC faster here: ==== ====

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