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100 people around the world praying daily for 100 days for 100 new Kingdom Laborers in the Washington, MO area.

A Kingdom Laborer is someone who is…. • • •

Surrendered to the will of King Jesus: Love Depending on the power of King Jesus: Love Focused on cultivating a harvest for King Jesus: Love

Infertile Gospel/Gospel of Retreat 1. Essential question: “Is Jesus your Savior?” 2. Motivating Drive: Religious Fear 3. Word of God: Limited to only the Bible 4. Harvest Workers: Limited to paid “full-time” ministers 5. Harvest Fields: Individual people 6. Fruit of the Harvest: Souls 7. Belief: to agree mentally with certain theological ideas 8. Salvation: Saved from Hell 9. Church: Building where Jesus lives and the harvest of converts are protected from the world 10. Eternal Life: The saved are waiting for Jesus to lead the retreat of Heaven as He rescues them out of this mess.

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Fruitful Gospel/Gospel of Revolution Essential question: “Is Jesus your King?” Motivating Drive: Scandalous Love Word of God: Includes the Bible, but also all the active Voice of God. Harvest Workers: All disciples of Jesus

5. Harvest Fields: People groups 6. Fruit of the Harvest: Love 7. Belief: to think, speak, and act as if Jesus is your King 8. Salvation: Saved from one’s rebellious nature 9. Church: Group of people who are the dwelling place of Jesus as they serve as His hands and feet to share His love and living truth. 10. Eternal Life: Heaven starts now as disciples enjoy a new depth of life as they join the invasion of heaven which Jesus is leading to bring the Father’s will “to earth as it is in Heaven”

The Fruitful Gospel  

unshackle the Gospel from popular misunderstandings and release the harvest!

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