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Cooking a proper sausage, and by that I mean one with a high meat content, well-packed in a natural casing, is a matter of delicately balancing heat so the meat cooks without the pressure of the expanding filling bursting the skin. Some people – I name no names – seem to enjoy pricking the sausage, believing that the relief of pressure will prevent the banger bursting. This will, of course, stop the skin splitting uncontrollably but only at terrible cost: allowing all the juices to escape into the pan. Sausage prickers convince themselves that the leaked liquid is largely fat and thus conclude that a pierced sausage is a healthier sausage. Further still, to entirely rob the banger of its vital fluids and turn it into a health food, they like to grill or roast them in a hot oven – because frying means fat and fat is evil. Oh yes, the stabbed and grilled sausage is a healthy, sensible and nourishing foodstuff; it’s also a shrivelled, limp travesty and an insult to the proud majesty of the banger.

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07/03/2013 14:10

Tim Hayward - Food DIY  

Over recent years, across much of the world, people have started rejecting shop bought food and are getting into making it themselves. The D...