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Ideas for PIZZa toppings

To begin with, restrict yourself to simple combinations. The advantage of home made pizza is that the quality of your topping ingredients gets a chance to show. Try . . .

Z Tomato and mozzarella – Unbeatable classic with a fresh green herb and olive oil

Z Ripe figs and goat’s cheese – The cheese gets runny as the figs go gooey and caramelize. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar

Z Shellfish – Mussels, clams and cockles will steam open in the heat and the juices will soak into the base. Forget cheese here, but roasted peppers or capers are fantastic

Z Veg out – A smear of onion jam can replace the tomato sauce and stand up to more robust veg like beetroot or blanched chard. Top with shaved parmesan 166 F o o d D I Y

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