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Student name: Matt Davis Date: Tuesday, September 08, 2009

How to Polish Granite General Purpose: Specific Purpose: Central Idea:

To Inform To illustrate how to polish a piece of granite. Polishing granite is a challenging task

INTRODUCTION I. Attention Material A. Show an expensive piece of stone and how easily it breaks. B. Show a second piece of granite and draw attention to raw edge and how it looks before being polished. II. Orienting Material A. Overview of how granite arrives at the shop and the process once granite is in shop B. Different options for polishing – Edge machine, CNC, hand-polish. (Transition:Explain basic method of hand polishing then lead into the tools needed to accomplish this.) BODY I. The Tools A. Routers and Polishers - grinder / pneumatic B. Polishing pads - different grits / brands, wet / dry (Transition:) Tools are helpful but they must be used effectively II. The Science A. Don't overheat, consistent pressure B. Not to long in one spot or will dip, different edges, stay off the face

CONCLUSION I. Summary A. Polishing is challenging, some people have a natural knack for it B. Polishing is stressful, it's easy to screw up and mistakes are

expensive II. Clincher A. You can make some decent money if you're good, but it's hard work. B. Be prepared for some freezing cold mornings in the winter when you have to polish with water everywhere. VISUAL AIDS A fragile piece of marble A few sample pieces of granite. Polishing blocks from edge machine. Tooling from CNC. Some screwed up pieces of granite.

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