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MJC Inc. Service Benefits A multitude of business related skill sets and knowledge acquired from (30) years of “on the job” business related experiences. The current level of competency and multi business related talents are only attainable through a significant amount of invested time. *Relevance is the ability to produce impactful results in a short period of time through the most cost effective and efficient tools that exist. This is imperative and absolute requirement given the realities that currently exist for many business operations.

General Manager of successful business operation starting in the year 2005 through October 2013. *Success being determined by consistent “Quantifiable”

Schedule “FREE” Consultation Please note: Business clients will be accepted on a first come first serviced basis. Business clients are limited to space available basis only.

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results in multiple business related categories.

Those clients utilizing MJC Inc. Services will realize the “highest return on investment” attainable with positive impacts in the quickest time frame possible. The benefit to any business client is that MJC Inc. Services are guaranteed with 100% satisfaction with absolutely nothing to lose but more time! The answer to these questions should be the only factor used to determine if you could benefit from MJC Inc. Services:

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1. “Are you content in the results that your business is currently producing?” 2.

“Will these results provide the contentment for as long as you need them too?” MJC Inc.

“You cannot control your past as it is gone. You can control your future though by doing the very best that you can with what you have in front of you, right here and right now!” - MJC

Matt Campbell | Owner PO Box 834 Ravensdale, WA 98051 Phone: (425) 736-0078 |

“Bonus Value” to Business Clients All of MJC Inc. Services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Clients receive “All Inclusive” access to utilize at any time any MJC Inc. Services desired! There simply is NO other service company that offers the “Knowledge” and “Experience” that compares to what MJC Inc is able to bring to your business.

MJC Inc. Service Business Client Pricing Includes

M J C I N C . S E R V I C E R A T E S / I N F O R M A T I O N Disclaimer to “Business Client” Services After a consultation with MJC Inc. and client a “Letter of Intent” for services proposal will be generated, signed and dated by both parties. MJC Inc knows that the goals, resources and motivations are different for every client. It is also understood that “things happen” every day and may require adjustments to be made. MJC Inc. will not require compensation for any service rendered that may be considered outside of the mutually agreed upon contract unless notifying the client of any increase and consent is given prior. “Confidentiality” MJC Inc. is required before services rendered to sign a contract and strictly adhere to client “confidentially”. All information received by MJC Inc. from client is property owned by the client that is private and considered “confidential”. The information obtained by MJC Inc. will not be discussed, shared or used in any way, shape or form with anyone other than the client themselves.

MJC Inc. Service Rates Guideline These rates should be used and considered “General” guidelines only. Services rendered by MJC Inc. can be amended to fit the individual desires of clients and considered “flexible” in that context.

*“All Inclusive” access to all MJC Inc. services *Unlimited access to all MJC Inc. resources *Promotion through all media owned by MJC Inc. *(40) – (50) hours a month in services by MJC Inc.

(2) Year Contract “Monthly” Pricing $1,895.00 plus applicable taxes

(1) Year Contract “Monthly” Pricing $1,995.00 plus applicable taxes

(6) Month Contract “Monthly” Pricing $2,195.00 plus applicable taxes

(1) Day Pricing “Space Available Basis” $499.00 plus applicable taxes

Contract Pricing After a consultation with business client the necessary time requirements can vary from the stipulated service hours quoted in the above mentioned contract pricing. Before services are rendered a mutual agreement will be made between MJC Inc. and client with contracts being adjusted accordingly.

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