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MJC Inc. Mission “Enabling people, businesses or cause the ability to realize their full potential and all this is possible”.

Matt Campbell MJC Inc. | Owner PGA Life Member A lifetime dedicated to: “Realizing all that is possible!” PO Box 834 Ravensdale, WA 98051 Phone: (425) 736-0078 Email:

Matt Campbell Summary of Experience

 

2005 to Present: Specific job duties to include PGA “Head” Golf Professional, “General Manager” and “Director of Marketing”. Promoted to “General Manager” position in 2005. Previous “Director of Marketing” Related Responsibilities: o Create, build, implement, run and maintain all marketing related promotions to include; digital media, print media, signage on premises, signage off premises, tee signs, cart signs, marketing related signage displayed inside, rate sheets, social media, digital displays, banners, specials, telephone messages, internet tee time confirmation messages, trade shows, public relations, outside golf tournaments, internally run golf tournaments, leagues, junior golf programs, press releases, and everything in between. o Matt Campbell’s Note on Marketing Related Achievements:  The ultimate factor determining “Success” or “Achievement” relating to any marketing effort is solely determined by quantifiable unit of measurements that are determined by the customer or the intent of what the marketing efforts were directed towards. This is also directly related to the “Return on Investment”. Did the hard cost of marketing expenses in any campaign result in realized profitability as a result? The logic behind this statement is based upon the very fact that the only thing that matters is how the customer reacts, thinks or decides and the cost associated. It doesn’t matter what management “thinks” as it is the customer that ultimately pays the bills. I feel this imperative to mention as far too often, the “Pride” or “Ego” of management hinders valuable time, energy and money refusing to make prompt, decisive and necessary changes based solely on the results driven by the customer and the cost associated in those efforts. If a marketing campaign cost more in terms of time, money and energy than the “Return on Investment” generated is not successful or would be successful if logical changes were made based on the results or data generated. In order to properly determine the success of a marketing campaign is to have systems in place that are consistently monitored allowing intelligent business decisions to be made proceeding forward such as; the campaign is working as planned and no changes are necessary, the campaign is still worth the efforts to continue but changes need to made or the campaign needs to dropped immediately minimizing the “loses incurred”. Matt Campbell Marketing Related “Achievements?” o As stated above, “Achievements” are quantified by the benefits outweighing the cost of resources extended and this list would be extensive relating to the results over the last 25 years in all the things that I have done. I will instead list those that I feel are the most significant and generate the extensive list upon request. o I left a very good job that I had for (23) years to start MJC Inc. “The Premier MultiTalent Company” in October – 2013. I know the industry desperately needs the services that I provide and have no doubt that those utilizing my services will

realize results they never thought possible or even existed. I know the Pacific Northwest Golf industry and what it takes to be successful in it better than anyone I have yet to meet.  MJC Inc. provides complete marketing related service solutions.  To see the multitude of marketing related services – Click Here o The # of rounds generated at previous place of employment since 2005 to present never dropped below (52,000) up to the high of (55,000+). o Record breaking revenues in every category from the years 2005 – present compared to any of the previous 20 years. o Record breaking year end profitability multiple years from 2005 – present. o The out of pocket marketing expense never exceeded $20,000 during this time and as it relates to a percentage of revenues never exceeded (1%) o I personally created, built, populated and implemented all digital media and provided “camera ready” material for all digital media campaigns. At no time during the last 20 years did Matt ever contract out any marketing as he created and built it all by himself. o Website related traffic on a 12 month annual basis averaged 400,000 site visits a month with site visits over 500,000 in the “peak” season. o 15,000 customers in an accurate and active database communicated with on a regular basis. Enjoy the challenge of helping a company grow developing guest loyalty engagement? I am a Life Member of the PGA of America and have dedicated my career to “Promoting and Growing the Game of Golf.” There is nothing else that exists in the world that I would rather do for a living than be a PGA Golf Professional and feel even stronger about this statement than I did 25 years ago when I decided to make the business of golf my career choice. Knowing that I would be a PGA Golf Professional for the rest of my life I have been motivated to learn every single aspect related to running a golf operation. The last (23) years have been at a very successful family run golf operation resulting in either performing or managing absolutely anything and everything that could possibly exist? There have been many challenges and obstacles to overcome along the way, but I take extreme pride and satisfaction knowing that I have found ways to overcome these hurdles and that my efforts have resulted in one of the most successful, popular and one of the best positioned golf operations in the Pacific Northwest Golf Marketplace. This operation, in every area, is in fact better largely because of my efforts and the team of individuals that I assembled. There is no unit of measurement that more adequately quantifies this statement than the fact this operation generates 52,000 – 55,000 rounds annually. Developing strategies and innovative golf programs that will ensure a strong representation in the Pacific Northwest Golf Market? Having knowledge of the golf industry as a whole and the ability to properly identify where your facility currently fits as an operation inside that industry is the critical first step. To properly identify your operations position in the marketplace, it must be viewed through the eyes of the consumer with disregard to anything and everything else. Truth be told, through the eyes of the consumer is all that ultimately matters and to think differently has proven to be the demise in record numbers of golf course failures over the last three to five years. By this statement I am referring to the common mistake made by owners/managers marketing their facilities relating to

what they would like for them to be or what they improperly identified them as to what they think they actually are? This lack of understanding combined with the almighty “Ego” is proving to be a recipe for disaster every day. I am by no means suggesting that an existing golf facility cannot or should not change what it currently is and for many, change is imperative to their survival. I am implying that the necessary changes are done, strategic programing is in place before any marketing campaigns take place. Promoting something that does not exist is false advertising and will lead to consumer resentment and loss of market share. Being aware of the gaps that currently exist in the industry and strategically creating programs that fill those gaps that can be implemented at your facility is what makes your operation “unique” and creates “separation” from everybody else. “Innovation” is critical as the governing bodies in golf, specifically the PGA of America and the United States Golf Association, in the attempts to grow the game continue to run the same programs that have proven over a ten year time span, not to work! The ability to properly identify what it is that you do have to offer, what potentials there are for growth with logical, cost effective change and the ability to deliver as promised creates the essential customer loyalty. The most significant void in the golf industry is the “untapped” market of those that have never played or just taking up the game. Regardless of the operation, with strategic planning, opportunities can be created to fill this void and can prove to build your customer base quicker than anything else if properly implemented. The main objective that governed the decisions that I made knowing all the potentials that existed and what I had to work with was to create an operation where any ability level of any age would have the very best opportunities that existed. This led to my creation of Little Si Links Pitch/Putt and Practice Facility with minimal capital expenditures. This in turn, effectively opened up the entire golf market as potential customers rather than limiting the clientele base to only those able to play the regulation (18) hole golf course which was already extremely busy. The only way that I could expand our business was to create something that did not exist? I knew there would be high demand because nothing similar existed in close proximity, the return on relatively minimal investment would be significant, but most importantly we expanded our customer base and revenues increased in every area due to increased traffic. The biggest gain by far, is the customer that has been secured for life. Noteworthy Facts Regarding Matt Campbell 

Mount Si Golf Course voted by 120,000 Washington State Customers o

“2nd” Best in Customer Service in the State behind Newcastle Golf Club


“2nd” Best “Value” in the State behind Gold Mountain Golf Course

Pacific Northwest Section PGA Junior Golf Leader (1994)

Western Washington Chapter PGA Junior Golf Leader (1994)

Pacific Northwest Section PGA Junior Golf Leader (1994)

Western Washington Chapter PGA Junior Golf Leader (1993)

Pacific Northwest Section PGA Junior Golf Chairman (1993-1994)

Western Washington Chapter PGA Junior Golf Chairman (1992-1993)

Golf Instruction given to over 2,500 different individuals over the last (25) years.

Coordinated all aspects of the Mount Si Junior Golf Program that conducted golf lessons and clinics for juniors at Mount Si Golf Course. The program currently has 700 participants annually.

Created and Implemented the Mount Si Winter Tournament Program o

Seven winter tournaments each consisting of 120 plus players

Coordinated the Snoqualmie Valley Taco Time Junior Golf Program (1993, 1994 and 1995). I was responsible for obtaining the sponsorship and running the golf in schools program along with the local PE teachers which allowed the kids to play golf all summer long for “free” with the fees paid by Taco Time. I also negotiated a reduced green fee at all of the golf courses in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Wrote golf column for the Valley Record Newspaper for ten years. Topics were all golf related subjects from instruction to equipment.

Worked with the Special Olympics of the Snoqualmie Valley

Created and built Little Si Links Pitch/Putt and Practice Facility at Mount Si Golf Course

Have run the “Target Shoot Challenge” booth at the Seattle Golf Show for the last five years.

I have coordinated and instructed numerous PGA Clubs for Clinics. These are clinics designed to promote the game of golf to juniors. All participants receive a golf club. Coordinated special guest appearance on two occasions with World famous trick shot artist “Divot the Clown”-Kevin Compare.

Rules official for numerous Washington State Junior Golf Events throughout the state of Washington.

Coordinated and rules official at Pacific Northwest Junior Golf Championships in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Conducted numerous seminars and clinics for organizations such as the Bellevue School District on topics such as how to teach golf to juniors and organize golf clinics for their kids. The programs focus was on how to teach golf to juniors and how to make their programs more efficient and organized.

Taught weekly golf in schools programs for the Mountain View school in the Snoqualmie Valley. Ran this program and all activities related to golf for five years.

Ran numerous clinics and golf schools for the Snoqualmie Valley Children Services program located in North Bend, WA.

Spoke at local schools during career week about the life of a golf professional. I have done this on numerous occasions in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

I have given numerous speeches over the years and continue to be asked to do so when asked to speak to a particular group. Audiences have reached over 100 plus people. Topics are

usually related to golf, but have been asked to speak at going away ceremonies, Men’s and Ladies Club meetings and banquets, funeral’s and various other topics. 

I have spoken to large groups of fellow PGA golf professionals in our section about issues related to junior golf on numerous occasions.

I am an “Ordained Minister” and performed 12 wedding ceremonies

I have talked on the podium to the congregation at my church

I have given numerous clinics for the YMCA programs and Boys and Girls Clubs over the years.

I have volunteered my time for the “HUB” program benefiting the youth in the Snoqualmie Valley and served their committee for two years.

I have run numerous golf clinics for the Snoqualmie Valley “HUB” program over the years for ages 5-17 and all ability levels.

I have coached baseball for my two sons every year for the past 12.

I have coached basketball for my two sons 6 years.

I have run and helped organize numerous fundraiser golf tournaments for organizations such as the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, POP Program, The Mount Si Boosters, and Relay for Life and have worked as a tournament consultant for many others.

I served on the Board of Directors for the Snoqualmie Valley Charity Golf Classic in the position of secretary. This tournament is held at the TPC Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club every year with the funds raised benefiting the youth and nonprofit organizations in the Snoqualmie Valley. I helped get this program started the first year as a board and committee member. Our board established a non-profit organization with funds of approximately $50,000 raised benefiting local charities throughout the Snoqualmie Valley.

I have hit golf shots for groups and organizations in golf tournaments over the years.

I was filmed and aired a nationally televised infomercial for a teaching golf aid.

I have participated in a junior golf a thon for six consecutive years raising money for the Mount Si Junior Golf Program and the Pacific Northwest PGA Junior Golf Fund. In the six years I raised approximately $15,000 for the different programs.

I am currently working on a junior golf teaching manual that will be used by other golf professionals as a model to use at their respected facilities.

I have written numerous articles for the Snoqualmie Valley Living Newspaper

I currently hold the course record at Mount Si Golf Course of 10 under par.

I have coordinated numerous golf outings over the years for our membership at various courses and resorts around the state. I have also coordinated numerous golf trips for our members in Arizona.

I have given speeches for NLGA (Northwest Ladies Golf Association) on various topics throughout the years.

I am currently writing a manual on golf tournament operations that can be used for golf professionals, golf tournament coordinators, fund raisers and everybody that could benefit from “how to” run an effective golf tournament.

I have worked with the high school boys and girl’s golf teams over the last twenty years.

I am a Life Member of the PGA of America

I have written numerous articles published in the PGA of America Magazine

Member of the Snoqualmie Valley Kiwanis, Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce

Received Prestigious “Service Before Self Award” – 2012 Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce

Employment History 

Carnation Golf Course 1984-1988 Pro Shop Assistant, Outside Services 1998-1990 Apprentice “PGA” Golf Professional Mount Si Golf Course 1990-1995 Assistant “PGA Golf Professional” 1995-2005 PGA Head Golf Professional 2005-2013 General Manager

Summary of Matt Campbell’s Program Management Experience Including Methodologies and Explanations where Pertinent I felt it important to elaborate on the extent of my experience, methodologies, logic, scope of knowledge and skill sets that I currently have. All of which have been obtained over the last (30) years through critical on the job experiences which is a necessity relating to the element of time and “learning curve” for the most immediate positive impacts possible to your business. The below mentioned is just a summary of the things that I have been able to accomplish. The general concepts and necessities relating to running a golf operation are applicable to any business. The “Mount Si Golf Course Winter Tournament Series” Program  I promoted, managed and ran the “Winter Tournament Series” events over the last (23) years as a PGA Golf Professional at Mount Si Golf Course for many strategically planned intentions. I will identify the logic behind my intentions below: o Increasing or generating revenue during a time period that historically proves to be minimal or even nonexistent depending on the weather conditions. Every revenue producing area (Green Fees, Power Carts, Driving Range, Merchandise and Food/Beverage) are positively impacted as the structure of the event and entry fees was intended to do so. o Creating formats that were “unique” in nature with the emphasis weighing more on having fun in adverse weather conditions, but at the same time giving the incentive of “competition” to the hardcore player most likely to participate. o “Showcasing” Mount Si Golf Course by opening the events up to everyone rather than limiting it to our club members, geographic location or any other conditions. This in turn motivated golfers to play in these “unique” events that have never been

to the golf course before? This has resulted in many of these first time visitors in becoming regular players and now call Mount Si Golf Course home.  By opening the events up to everyone also expanded the market potential of filling the events to full capacity. All of the events, regardless of weather, more often than not have fields that average 128 players and no less than 100 players. o With the exception of three events in the series, the formats are (4) player events. My logic in (4) player events increases the marketing efforts to fill the fields when the players themselves are finding partners to fill out their foursome. o An incentive that I introduced to encourage as many players as possible in each and every event is allowing any money won can be also be applied to green fees. This has not been a typical practice in our industry with the theory of generating revenues in other areas. My logic being is that most of the hard core players already own most of the golf merchandise they need and by allowing them to use it towards green fees is the perception of an amateur to play for actual money. The actual money being the green fee that they ordinarily have to pay out of their pocket but can use winnings instead. The fact is, the amount of profit generated when book money is used for golf is much greater than merchandise relating to the wholesale and retail difference. The Mount Si Winter Tournament Series currently consists of (7) events that has proven to be the most popular winter tournament series in the state. The tournaments, formats and months of the events are listed below: o October – “Mount Si Golf Course Ladies Invitational”  (2) Women best ball format) o November – “Mount Si Golf Course Fall Round Up”  (2) Player event.  (6) Holes “Scramble” – (6) holes “Alternate Shot” – (6) holes “Best Ball” o December – “Mount Si Golf Course Holiday Classic”  (4) Player event.  (1) “Gross” ball and (1) “Net” ball count on every hole. o January – “Mount Si Golf Course Poison Ball”  (4) Player event.  (1) Player is “Poison Ball” (3) Players “Scramble”. Alternates every hole. o January – “Mount Si Golf Course Campbell Scramble”  (4) Player scramble o February – “Mount Si Golf Course Cabin Fever Classic”  (2) Day event.  (2) Player scramble both days. o March – “Mount Si Golf Course Tip and Tuck Scramble”  (4) Player scramble.  Golf course set up as difficult as it can possibly be.

Golf Event and Program Management Experience Over the last (25) years as a PGA Golf Professional I have created, implemented, been involved with and managed countless golf events, tournaments, leagues, clinics and programs during this time. There have been a multitude of purposes, focus markets and intentions for all of them that have significantly varied with each and every one. The programs have varied in size from as large as 500 people in attendance to significantly much smaller numbers. I have been also been responsible for

the management of events at numerous locations that have taken me all over the state of Washington and beyond with my involvement in the PGA of America. The key to running a successful golf event or program at any level is in the details. First and foremost, a thorough understanding of what all the details relating to the program actually are or need to be and then following through making sure that they all have been properly addressed and completed is imperative. An extremely important element to successful event planning and management can only be obtained through experiences never to be under rated. These experiences enable the ability to be properly prepared for the potentials of all the scenarios of what could go wrong and what to do if and when it happens. The more experience an individual has in anything, the better equipped they are to handle and deal appropriately with adversity. I have not only created, implemented and managed countless programs and events, I have also created internal systems and checklists for all of them. These systems have been designed not only enable me to run quality programs, it allows my staff and anybody involved to be fully aware of all the details involved. They have also been designed to allow the analysis of these programs on many levels but the primary motive is how they can be improved, get better and passed on to whomever might benefit from them in the future to help grow the game of golf. As it relates to the creation of any new program, event or concept that will determine success or failure is if it can actually be implemented in the day to day operations? The “value” of on the job experience actually running the events, programs and concepts is an “invaluable” and “imperative” asset in the program building stages of whatever it is? If it cannot be run efficiently and the sole intent was to provide “value” to the customer, the opposite effect will most likely hold true in the customer receiving an “unpleasant” experience.  Created, designed, managed and implemented the construction and building of Mount Si Golf Course Little Si Links Pitch/Putt/Practice Facility that consisted of:  Building a (9) hole pitch and putt golf course, a huge grass tee driving range (now is a two sided driving range), a huge chipping and putting green, a greenside bunker, a mobile pro shop, parking lot that is run from the current location “In Season” and run from the Pro Shop in the “Shoulder Seasons” and winter months. There is no electricity currently at the location so I developed systems and programs that can all be run from paper and pencil with the ability to analyze the data generated from all reports. My “Methodology” and “Purpose” behind the creation of Little Si Links  First and foremost to “Promote and Grow the Game of Golf” that is still desperately needed and the ability to capitalize on a virtually “untapped” market. The entire mission of the operation is to provide a fun, friendly, non-threating atmosphere that is affordable for everyone where all visitors regardless of age or ability level feel welcomed at all times.  All of these things were conceptualized and built around the statistics that indicate the game of golf is not growing. Everything that went into the design, conceptualization processes relating to the programs put in place and the prices charged for services rendered were all determined by trying to provide the very best solutions possible addressing every statistic listed below.  There are still people taking the game up but just as many dropping out of the game resulting in no “net” growth. The top (3) reasons why golfers are dropping out the game, statistics generated over the last (8) years indicate:  The game of golf is too expensive.  The game of golf is too hard.  The game of golf takes too long to play.  Little Si Links opened in 2010. (The only “new” golf operation in the state of Washington in 2010). The (3) years of numbers generated since the facility opened for business have proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that when solutions exist for the golfer that properly

address the above mentioned statistics the game will grow. The statistics of why golfers are dropping out due in fact hold true. Most importantly though is the great news that the game can grow by providing the solutions outlined above when properly implemented and my numbers prove it.  The analysis of data compiled over the last (3) years from Little Si Links that I found to be very interesting was that the number of rounds played on the pitch and putt golf course indicates that adults (ages 17+) play twice as many rounds as the juniors (ages 16-)? Truth be told, this was extremely enlightening to me and the exact opposite of what I thought would happen? I found this information to also be very good news as it relates to the opportunities of growing the game and the impacts of doing so can be realized immediately as opposed to period of time it takes for the junior market to reach adult hood. I had a vision (23) years ago and was determined to create a facility that offered the very best opportunities, programs and options for everyone regardless of their ability level. A place that the low handicap player would enjoy and the higher handicap players would also enjoy in that it was not over difficult to play.  I implemented programs and traditionally slower times during the week that those who were just taking the game up could enjoy a round of golf as well. With the creation of Little Si Links/Pitch/Putt and Practice facility my vision has become reality in now the “target market” is virtually everyone!  I have created an operation and programs that gives no justifiable reason why any player at any level would have to go anywhere else because the opportunity does not exist for them at Mount Si Golf Course? This is one of the many things that I have done to create a “niche” or create “uniqueness” in the product further separating the operation from the other options that exist in the market place. There are many other things that you will see and experience at Mount Si Golf Course that will most likely never see anywhere else. The evolution of Mount Si Golf Course required hard work for many years, steadfast belief and determination in a vision that was unquestionably the correct thing to do. I firmly believe and have statistics to prove that Mount Si Golf Course currently has the very best position in the greater Seattle area marketplace. I have done and achieved many things in my career, but none can remotely compare to where Mount Si Golf Course was (23) years to where it is now. To say the process of evolution was challenging and had set backs would be an understatement. Created, implemented and managed “The Mount Si Golf Course Annual Food and Toy Drive” that I started (10) years ago. o I initiated this program for many reasons. The idea originally came to me through the “Web Special” program that I created and managed for the last (15) years. “Web Special” discounts were extended to the individuals that brought the printed special into the pro shop. I would track and record all of those that were redeemed and then throw the paper away in the recycle bin. This always seemed like a waste of paper to me, but was prior to smart phones and the technologies that exist today and was the only effective option I had at the time? This program was implemented (10) years ago in late October when I was informed that the North Bend Helping Hands Food Bank was short on food and supplies for those in need. I was throwing my recorded “Web Specials” in the recycle bin as I normally did and was inspired to

substitute the piece of paper for something that was desperately needed at the time; a non-perishable food item that would be given to the food bank? This idea was embraced whole heartedly by the customers and spread like wildfire throughout the entire Snoqualmie Valley. The very first week I implemented the program we could barely fit all of the food collected in the bed of the truck! The program currently requires two truckloads a week due to the amount of food! I also implemented that an unwrapped toy could be substituted so we could offer support to “Encompass” located just down the street. The methodology and marketing logic I used in what has proved to be a win-win-win with this program: First and foremost, I was truly concerned with the food shortage and was motivated to do what I could to help. In regards to the marketing that I implemented to our customers, I knew that this concept would work. I actually thought that it would create more customers due to the “compassion” that all humans are instinctively born with, and in fact it did bring more customers than we ever had in comparable time frames. In regards to the “compassion” element, it inspired many in the media industry to write editorials on the idea, which in turn generated even more food and customers. The respect and positive Public Relations generated has been overwhelming not only in the Snoqualmie Valley but the entire Seattle area. Positive “PR” is impossible to actually quantify in terms of hard numbers, but is one of the most important things necessary in building customer loyalty and support! Having been at the golf course as long as I had, I knew that the “North Bend Helping Hands Food Bank” was very well known and supported as well as the children services “Encompass” program. The fact that all food and toys were going to be given to them anyways, I asked both of them and was granted permission the ability to leverage the media they owned. I emphasized in all media campaigns that if they brought the food or toy to Mount Si Golf Course they would be getting a discount and made sure to they knew that there contributions would ultimately end up where they desired in the first place. This inspired yet again, more food, toys and more customers! Creating win-win-win programs are by far, the most successful and all marketing campaigns must have this in mind to realize maximum success with regards to the motives behind whatever it is you are trying to do. Ultimately, this is what determines the viability of any business, concept or cause that will stand up through the test of time. The ability to conceptualize, think outside the box, use logic, common sense and implement any successful campaign efficiently quantified by results is the true and only factor that should be used to determine where value and where talent really is. The ability to think for yourself and have steadfast belief through obtained knowledge and fact regardless of anything else but yet aware of all the variables that exist with the bigger picture in mind enables the best decision making possible, all things considered. A core belief that I have used with every decision and program that I have ever been responsible for as long as I can remember. Regardless of the magnitude, who or what was involved with every decision I ever made was solely based on “What is in the best interest of the company I represent?” This actually made many of the difficult required decisions much easier for me, where I earned respect from employees, customers and all that know me. It would have been virtually impossible for me to run a successful golf operation without support from the other (70) employees committed to the “Team Si” concept in no job is too big or too small and they all matter if I didn’t walk the talk myself!  Designed, created and populated all Mount Si Golf Course website content  I built the Mount Si Golf Course website (20) years ago. (I was the first client in Members First history)  Current traffic visits average (400,000) a month with (500,000+) a month in the peak season.

Models I have used to increase web traffic have all been based on the premise to create a website that is “dynamic” and updated daily.  I installed a “live” weather station on top of the pro shop that has a dynamic feed to the website populating the current weather conditions every (15) minutes. The logic behind this is based on the number of phone calls from customers inquiring about current weather conditions. The current weather conditions are given to the customer over the phone and then informed about the live feed on the website. A live feed cannot possibly be more “dynamic” by definition.  Located on the page feed is updated with links to the programs and offers that are most relevant at the time that the customer may not have known about otherwise.  Online Tee Times  I created a “Find a Game” program that allows singles or twosomes to book a tee time where a reservation has been made but not a full foursome. The tee times that display are only where the above mentioned parameters exist.  Web Specials are updated twice a week  I created and built an “Online Storefront” allowing customers to purchase a multitude of things online.  I created and built the ability to register for events and program offerings online.  The Mount Si Golf Course website address is:

I managed and facilitated the implementation of a “private” and “public” network in multiple locations and buildings throughout the facility. (This was installed (15) years ago and the first free “public” hotspot that existed in the entire Snoqualmie Valley)  The “public” network was installed in the restaurant motivating mobile users to visit the restaurant allowing them internet access while dining. (15) Years ago this concept was common sense to me and knew would work. Obviously I was correct in that foresight. I managed, built and facilitated the transition from a paper and pencil tee sheet to online tee times and all of the hardware installation requirements as well.  I wanted to build the online tee time program myself rather than having it done for me so I would know and be aware of everything that existed in the program. This was important to me so I did not have to rely on anyone or anything to fix the inevitable and unavoidable problems that happen. The online tee time provider that I chose was “Fore Reservations” and this was one of many criteria’s necessary in my electing to use them. I informed the company that I was an advanced user and was able to do just about anything but I would need insight to some of the functionalities of the program itself. I told them that whatever questions I had could be done over the telephone.  I elected “Fore Reservations” after analyzing the various other providers at the time because it was a solid program. The company had been in business for a long enough period of time that indicated to me they were legitimate in

their dedication to staying in the golf marketplace as long as possible. The relevance and importance of this to me was that they were dedicated to providing the best product possible and patched all of the initial “betabreaks” and upgraded where they felt necessary. (I am not exactly sure of the initial price quote that I was given but it was in the neighborhood of $5,000 not including hardware. It did include the software and the expense of flying two Fore Reservation technicians out from Chicago, the accommodations for (2) nights of lodging, and (3) eight hours a days of training at the golf course.) When Fore Reservations concluded that I was capable of building their program and the reasoning described above to build the program myself was admirable they agreed to the installation being done over the phone. That being said, there it was no longer necessary to incur the expense of technicians mentioned above and I negotiated the price of $1,500 to be fair and equitable. They agreed to this price and I built the program.

(I was the first remote install ever performed in the history of Fore Reservations. This practice evolved into “common place” with the company that was recently purchased by the conglomeration that owns the “Golf Now” network.  Created, implemented and managed the “Player Assistant” program  The “Player Assistant” is on the golf course all day long  The “Player Assistant” will say hello or by seen a minimum of (5) times by every group.  The “Player Assistant” ensures that play moves and addresses groups that are slow.  The “Player Assistant” is to provide the best experience possible for every customer.  Designed, Created and Implemented all signage on the golf course  Hole layouts allowing those new players to see the hole  All signs are visibly appealing, professional and clean  Directional signage for new players  Signage at prominent locations marketing or promoting whatever is needed  Yardage signs in easy to see locations allowing golfers to effortlessly know their distance.  Welcome signage at the front entrance for all to see entering the property  Thank you signage for all to see existing the property  Created and managed the “Food and Beverage” orders on the turn program  Designed, created and implemented signage on #8 tee with the menu  Designed, created and implemented signage displayed in every golf cart  Conceptualized and managed the construction of an “Outside” stone fireplace  Located outside the pro shop and next to the #1 tee  I had never seen one outside a golf course and was another way to be “unique”  Most golfers have never seen one like ours before and never forget it.  We have fires in the mornings and on cold days for anybody to stay warm allowing the best experience possible.  Created, implemented, managed and provided golf instruction for the Mount Si Golf Course Junior Program  The program has grown, expanded and improved consistently over the last (23) years. The total number of juniors involved in the various programs offered has

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grown from (100) juniors in 1990 to (700) juniors currently participating annually in multitude of programs currently being run. Created, implemented and managed the PGA Junior Inter Club Cup Matches throughout Western Washington for (4) years. 5-7 registered junior golf participants at each course would compete against juniors from other courses. A stable ford format was established that was used to determine both team winners and individual winners that ultimately would compete at the PGA Section level for the overall winners. Managed and hosted on “Average” (120) “Outside Tournaments” per year for (23) years Managed and hosted on “Average” (15) “Outside Leagues” per year for (23) years  Northwest Ladies Golf Association (NLGA)  Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA)  Boeing Rovers  Numerous school related golf programs in the greater Seattle area Managed and hosted on “Average” (120) foursomes weekly “regular starting times” who played at the same time on their desired day of the week. Different groups played at different times all (7) days of the week for (23) years.  These groups “valued” this service immensely and have proven to be the most loyal, best customers and some of the very best people that I know in this world. I created, implemented and managed many “loyalty” incentive programs to maintain their loyalty giving them no reason to want to play anywhere else. Many of these “regular starting time” foursomes have played at the same time, every week for over (30) years! Managed and hosted for (23) years the Mount Si High School Boys/Girls Golf Teams  Provided instruction to team members as needed or when requested. Managed on “Average” (15) Men’s Club Tournaments for (23) years Managed on “Average” (10) Ladies Club Tournaments for (23) years Managed and hosted annually the Snoqualmie Middle School Golf Program that included:  Weekly instruction to (50) participants every week for a two month period. Managed and hosted Pacific Northwest Section PGA Qualifier – “National Drive/Chip and Putt Challenge” Hosted “National Long Drive Championship” Qualifier Managed and hosted (11) Washington State Junior Golf Association Events Active rules official for the Washington State Junior Golf Association for many years. Managed and hosted PNGA Junior Girls Championship Managed and hosted numerous PGA Clubs for Kids Clinics at Mount Si Golf Course and multiple other facilities located throughout the Pacific Northwest PGA Section as the PGA Northwest Section Junior Golf Chairmen.  On (2) occasions managed and coordinated nationally renowned trick shot exhibitionist “Divot the Clown” into our PGA Clubs for Kids Clinics. Managed Pacific Northwest Section PGA Maxfli Junior Championships, Idaho Managed and facilitated “PGA Frank Rodia” Junior Golf Tournament Created, Managed, Secretary-Board of Directors for “Snoqualmie Valley Charity Classic Golf Tournament” for (2) years raising on “Average” $50,000 a year for local charities in the Snoqualmie Valley.  Secretary-Board of Directors establishing 501-C3 “Non-Profit” Organization Managed and facilitated numerous “Annual” fund raising golf events  Snoqualmie Valley Rotary Club

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 Snoqualmie Valley Kiwanis Club  Mount Si High School “Booster” Club  Relay for Life “Breast Cancer”  Northwest Airlines Beacon Foundation Managed and hosted “Greater Seattle Women’s Public Golf Association” City Tournament  (3) Day event. Shotgun start all three days. Hosted the Snoqualmie Valley Men’s Amateur Championship Managed, hosted and was elected Seattle Site Director for the “LPGA/Girls Golf Club” that provided instruction on a weekly basis for (7) years. Managed and hosted over (40) “Corporate Golf Clinics” that included various things such as; golf instruction, on course playing time and instruction, competitions, food/beverage banquets and award ceremonies. Coordinated, managed, facilitated and performed (12) wedding ceremonies as an ordained minister at various locations throughout the state of Washington.  Master of Ceremonies for multiple wedding receptions. Managed and hosted on an “Annual” basis the greater Seattle area Women’s Team Matches. Managed, hosted and facilitated the “Snoqualmie Valley Junior Club Matches” Created, managed and facilitated a recognized club through the WSGA “The Mount Si Golf Course Nine Hole Ladies League” Created, managed and facilitated the results for over (5,000) weekly competitions in a multitude of different formats for the Mount Si Golf Course Men’s and Ladies Clubs. Promoted, created and rewarded customer loyalty through “Discount Punch Tickets”  (10) and (30) round discount golf tickets  Discounted power cart tickets  Discounted range tickets Promoted, created and rewarded customer loyalty through “Annuals”  “Yearly” golf annuals  “Snowbird” annuals for those that did not live here all year  “Winter” annuals  Driving range annuals Promoted, created and rewarded customer loyalty through “Gold Cards”  Those who purchased a “Gold Card” received discounts on golf, driving range, merchandise and food and beverage. Promoted, created and rewarded Junior Golfers loyalty by selling Junior Memberships  Junior members received discounts on golf on specified days and times  Junior members also were also active “Ghin” members giving them a handicap. Managed the “Target Shoot” Challenge at the Seattle Golf Show for (5) years  The popularity of this event has grown significantly every year  (2,000+) emails have been obtained at our booth alone in each of the last (3) years Built and managed a validated customer database in excess (15,000) local golfers  This database has been an “invaluable” marketing tool which grows everyday  Methods that I created which have been used to grow the database have been:  Enter to Win for “Free” golf awarded monthly  Run through all digital media channels as well as those that sign up at multiple locations easily accessible and visible throughout the facility

Refer a Friend Program – A “Free” round of golf is given for every (20) friends contact information referred to the database.  Birthday Club – “Free” round of golf on your birthday  Ask for email information to every customer that books a tee time over the phone or at the counter that was not previously booked online.  Promote that “Web Specials” will be sent to all in the database (2) times a week. Actively contribute to charities and worthy causes by donating rounds of golf  Generates positive “Public Relations”  “Free” exposure in locations that are not typically marketed too  Less than 25% of all donations are ever redeemed 

Note: All “Free” or “Discounted” golf is only given on historically slow days and times