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Students Succeed Using RTI Programs One of the most difficult aspects of education is the standardized testing of students; classroom teachers see more students frustrated with this than anything else. Much of the frustration stems from the lack of resources for teachers to properly prepare students. Another difficulty is the lack of resources for teachers to provide extra help and attention for students who haven’t received it since their elementary education. Once students jump from elementary education to middle school, standardized testing becomes a part of their curriculum every year, and many are not prepared. Educators are starting to reach out to educational websites for inexpensive and readily available supplemental help for students to get them prepared for standardized testing. One idea that experts on educational websites support is RTI (Response to Intervention). In essence, it means schools are responsible for making sure students understand the material they’re learning. Most in the education system have relied too heavily on the student to come forward and say they don’t understand something. With the RTI approach, the goal is to ensure all students are where they should be as a group and those who need extra help get it. It is a three-tiered approach where teachers intervene at each level with supplemental teaching aids designed to get the student caught up to where he or she should be. Each tier of interventions is more intense than the last. While this method isn’t specifically to produce better test scores, it has that affect anyway. Educators are able to utilize resources for teachers and classroom teaching aids to bridge gaps where the student is lacking and determine how they can better help him. There are simple ways to utilize the RTI methods, with the use of resources for teachers like data mapping software. This teaching aid will help track student progress, thus seeing the problem areas for each student and focusing on bringing their understanding to where it should be. Having your child assessed using RTI screens can show you what potential problems she may have in school. Having this information allows you collaborate and prepare them at home by accessing educational websites and teaching aids for continuous improvement. The other benefit to RTI is that it addresses behavioral issues that may contribute to the challenges the student is facing academically. Resources for teachers are limited when it comes to behavioral issues beyond elementary education so finding the right teaching aids is imperative. Identifying distracting behaviors and coming up with teaching aids to help your child successfully complete standardized testing is the goal. The benefits of the RTI program are boundless; they identify all the possible ways a child may be struggling in school. This is one of the ultimate resources for teachers to gather information on their students. This program, combined with classroom teaching aids and educational websites give students the tools to have a successful education from start to finish.

Students succeed Using RTI Programs  
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