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In Contact Autumn 2014

All change Croydon! A new wave of optimism appears to be sweeping through Croydon as the results of our 2014 Business and Consumer Survey show that satisfaction with the Town Centre is high. Almost two-thirds (63%) of consumers surveyed, agreed with the statement ‘I am very satisfied with Croydon Town Centre’, while 59% agreed or strongly agreed that ‘Croydon Town Centre is getting better every year’, compared to just 34% in 2013. In the meantime, well over half (59%) of BID levy payers surveyed said they are satisfied or very satisfied with Croydon as a location for their business - up from 57% last year. The survey of 400 consumers and over 200 businesses was conducted on our behalf by research specialists, The Retail Group, between June and July. The aim was to enable us to see how well we are doing in delivering on our pledges to make the Town Centre, safer, cleaner, better promoted, more attractive and more accessible. All the indications are that there continues to be much ‘noticed’ improvement this year by businesses and consumers alike and in most areas, this reflects the activities and efforts of the BID within the Town Centre. In particular, our match-funding of additional police resource and the continued success of our Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership appear to be paying dividends in terms

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of increased feelings of safety in the Town Centre both during the day and particularly at night. Some 96% of consumers surveyed said they feel safe alone in Croydon Town Centre during the day - up from 93% in 2013 – while well over two-thirds (69%) said they feel safe alone during the evening – up by an impressive 17% compared to 2013. Similarly, ‘vandalism and graffiti’ and ‘litter and cigarette butts’ are aspects of the Town Centre’s appearance in which both businesses and consumers have seen a recognised improvement, with 71% of consumers citing both equally as ‘improving’. The Town Centre’s environment, lighting and appearance also are rated as improving by 67% of consumers, while 66% of consumers said the appearance of gum on the pavement was improving too. These results are particularly encouraging for Croydon BID which, over the last year, has continued to focus much of its efforts on tackling grime in the Town Centre by funding a five nights per week deep-cleansing and gum removal service as well as conducting twice-weekly wash-downs and disinfection of priority zones. Our efforts to attract increased visitor numbers and ensure everyone’s experience of Croydon is a memorable one are also not going unnoticed. Some 62% of consumers rated the Town Centre Christmas lights as improving and 59% rated events, festivals, Christmas

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activities and specialist markets also as improving. “Once again, we are greatly encouraged by the findings of this year’s perception survey and in particular the improvements that both businesses and consumers are noticing from one year to the next,” said Croydon BID chief executive, Matthew Sims. “The results are a testament to all the hard work, dedication and commitment of the entire BID team to add value to Croydon Town Centre and ensure it is increasingly regarded as one of the best places in the south east in which to work, live, visit and do business. “Let’s make no bones about it though; there is still an enormous amount of work to be done, notwithstanding redevelopment of the town’s two main shopping centres. “Croydon undoubtedly has its challenges and in that regard it is no different to many other towns and cities across the country. “However, for once, I think it’s worth standing back to acknowledge both the good work that is being done as well as the fact that many of the changes and improvements taking place are being noticed and viewed so positively by consumers and businesses alike. Mike Evans, managing director of The Retail Group said: “Having surveyed over 20 town and city centre locations over the last year, it is clear that Croydon consumers and businesses are very satisfied with Croydon as a

place to shop, work and do business. The response to the surveys has been positive both in terms of the number of respondents and the quality of their feedback. “The results of the 2014 Croydon Town Centre Business and Consumer surveys present a positive picture for Croydon Town Centre – even more so when compared to the 2013 results. It’s a clear positive trend in performance on all fronts. We are particularly delighted that more BID businesses have taken part in the survey and hope to capture the views of even more next year.”

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are satisfied with Croydon as a location for their business


say the appearance of vandalism and graffiti is improving


say Croydon Town Centre events, festivals, Christmas activities and specialist markets are improving


say the appearance of litter and cigarette butts is improving


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In Contact Autumn 2014  

In Contact Autumn 2014