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About FGI

The Fashion  Group  Interna1onal  (FGI)  is  an   Interna1onal,  non-­‐profit,  professional   organiza1on  that  promotes  professional   careers  in  the  field  of  fashion.        The  FGI  mission  is  to  be  the  pre-­‐eminent   authority  on  the  business  of  fashion  and   design  and  to  help  its  members  become   more  effec1ve  in  their  careers.  To  do  this,   FGI  provides:  insights  on  major  trends  in   person,  online  and  in  print,  access  to   business  professionals  and  a  gateway  to  the   influence  fashion  plays  in  the  marketplace.      Currently  FGI  has  over  5000  members  in  the   fashion  industry  including  apparel,   accessories,  beauty  and  home.  FGI  has   chapters  in  ci1es  all  over  the  world,  with  the   major  head  quarters  based  in  New  York  City.   For  more  informa1on  about  FGI,  please  visit  

Company History

FGI was  founded  in  1930  in  New  York  City  by  a  group  of   seventeen  women  who  wanted  a  change.  Led  by  Vogue  Editor-­‐ In-­‐Chief  Edna  Woolman  Chase  and  other  charter  members   like:  Elizabeth  Arden,  Julia  Coburn,  Eleanor  Roosevelt,  Helena   Rubinstein,  Lilly  Dache,  Edith  Head,  Mary  Brooks  Picken,  Claire   McCardell  and  Tobé  Coller  Davis.  FGI  con1nues  to  promote   fashion  based  and  crea1ve  related  fields  to  adults  all  over  the   world.  Some  of  FGI’s  goals  are:    

•  To advance  professionalism  in  fashion  and  it’s  related  lifestyle   industries.       •  To  provide  a  public  forum  for  examina1on  of  important,   contemporary  issues  in  the  business  of  fashion.       •  To  present  1mely  informa1on  regarding  na1onal  and  global  trends   that  have  an  effect  on  the  fashion  industries.         •  To  aaain  greater  recogni1on  of  men’s  and  women’s  achievements  in   business.       •  To  encourage  men  and  women  to  seek  career  opportuni1es  in   fashion  and  related  industries.       •  To  provide  ac1vi1es  and  programs  which  enhance  networking  skills   and  encourage  interpersonal  contacts  so  as  to  further  the   professional,  social  and  personal  development  of  members.  

Member Benefits

BEING A  MEMBER  HAS  ITS  BENEFITS...       *  BENEFIT  and  learn  from  contemporary  trend  and   business  informa1on,  industry  sources  and  market  data.       *  BENEFIT  and  increase  your  visibility  in  the  compe11ve   business  environment  and  receive  advantages  for  you  and   for  your  employees.       *  BENEFIT  and  connect  with  fashion’s  leaders  and   decision-­‐makers.  Our  global  talent  pool  of  execu1ves,   entrepreneurs  and  professionals  from  every  sector  of  the   industry  include  your  counterparts  in  design,  marke1ng,   finance,  manufacturing,  retail,  media,  educa1on  and   consul1ng.        

Member Services   *  FGI  Trend  Reports  –  seasonal  fashion  trend    informa1on  from  the  American  and    European  RTW  Collec1ons  including  apparel,    accessories  and  beauty.       *  FGI  Bulle9n  –  newsleaers  featuring  industry   reports,  business  insights,  event  coverage,  member   highlights  and  career  advice.       *  FGI  Membership  Directory  –  published  annually,   this  powerful  networking  tool  lists  our  worldwide   membership  by  region  and  classifies  each  by   business,  specialty  and  job  for  easy  iden1fica1on.       *  –  The  FGI  online  community  at  your   finger1ps  24/7  brings  industry  professionals  together   and  provides  informa1on  on  of-­‐the-­‐moment  topics,   announcements  and  regional  calendars.  The   “member’s  only‿  houses  the  Fashion  Access   Network  (FAN)  with  the  FGI  Execu1ve  Job  Bank,   Member  Profiles  and  Contacts,  Discussion  Forum,   links  and  more.       *  The  Fashion  Group  Archives  –  a  resource  library  of   slides,  photographs,  publica1ons,  transcripts,  films   and  videos,  organized  chronologically  with  over  75   years  of  fashion.       *  "  FGI  Benefits  Style"  –  a  members  only  program  of   perks,  privileges,  special  offers  and  no-­‐fee  events.  

Benefits of a Corporate Sponsorship In  partnering  with  the  Chicago  chapter  of  Fashion   Group  Interna1onal,  local  and  na1onal  sponsors  are   given  the  opportunity  of  reaching  a  unique  and   desirable  market  segment  in  the  Chicago  land  area.       Our  membership  is  broad  based,  comprised  of  over   150  business  owners,  retailers,  and  execu1ves  of   Chicago-­‐based  corpora1ons  with  experts  ranging   from  designers  to  media  execu1ves  to  fashion   educators.           Corporate  sponsors  receive  wide-­‐ranging  benefits   designed  to  complement  their  strategic  marke1ng   ini1a1ves  to  reach  our  high-­‐profile  audience  of   fashionable  influencers  and  decision  makers.        The  Fashion  Group  Interna1onal  of  Chicago  offers   various  sponsorship  levels  that  allow  corpora1ons  to   u1lize  Fashion  Group  as  an  important  partner  in   building  compe11ve  advantage  through  rela1onship   marke1ng  and  align  themselves  with  leading   authori1es  in  the  fashion  and  lifestyle  industries.     Please  contact  Lisa  Ackerman  for  more  informa1on   on  our  Corporate  Sponsorship  opportuni1es.    

Biographies- Chicago Chapter Lisa  Ackerman-­‐  Regional  Director  for  FGI-­‐Chicago     Graduated  from  California  State  University-­‐Fresno  in  1994  with  a   BA  in  Business/Corporate  Communica1ons.  Lisa  is  fluent  in   Japanese,  Spanish  and  English.  She  has  been  the  regional  director   for  FGI-­‐Chicago  for  over  and  is  currently  working  at  The   Interna1onal  Academy  of  Design  and  Technology  as  a  professor.   She  teaches  Fashion  Publicity  and  Promo1on  and  Retail   Adver1sing  and  Sales  Promo1on.       Kerri  Hannen-­‐  Treasurer  for  FGI-­‐Chicago     Kerri  is  the  buyer  rela1on’s  manager  for  apparel  trade  shows  at   the  Merchandise  Mart.  She  graduated  from  Indiana  University   Bloomington.  With  a  B.S.  in  Apparel  Merchandising  from  1992.   Kerri  currently  is  a  senior  accounts  execu1ve  at  Ben  Sherman  Kerri   acts  as  a  liaison  between  retailers  and  trade  shows,  providing   informa1on  about  the  market,  the  exhibitors,  and  the  wholesale   business.  Work  with  both  retailers  and  exhibitors  to  assist  them  in   finding  appropriate  partners  within  the  markets.         Monique  Lyle,  Secretary  for  FGI-­‐Chicago     Monique  is  the  marke1ng  director  at  the  Merchandise  Mart  for   nine  years.  She  has  been  on  the  FGI  Board  of  Directors  for  eight   years.  Monique  went  to  The  Illinois  Ins1tute  of  Art  and  graduated   with  a  Bachelor  of  Arts  degree  in  Fashion  Marke1ng  &   Merchandising.  Currently  Monique  is  Marke1ng  Director  at   Merchandise  Mart  Proper1es  Inc.  

Biographies- Toronto Chapter Leesa  Butler-­‐  Regional  Director  for  FGI-­‐Toronto   President  of  Divine  Lab,  a  marke1ng  company   specializing  in  helping  brands  leverage  social  media  and   events  for  maximum  exposure  and  customer   engagement.  Founder  of  F-­‐list.,  a  blog  devoted  to   fashion  in  Canada.        

Laura Adams-­‐  Membership  Commiaee  for  FGI-­‐Toronto     The  LA  Consul1ng  Group  provides  wardrobe  shopping   and  sourcing,  image  coaching  for  self  improvement  and   career  transi1on,  as  well  as  seminars  on  first  impression,   workplace  and  corporate  image,  and  seasonal  trend.          

Kristen  Mogg-­‐  Programing  Commiaee  for  FGI-­‐Toronto       Marketer  and  business  writer  at    Gyld  Collec1ve.  Gyld  is   a  collabora1ve  communica1ons  agency  working  with   fashion,  design  and  lifestyle  clients  to  build  and  share   their  brand  story  with  their  audience.  The  strength  of   Gyld  is  the  ability  to  bridge  both  the  crea1ve  aspects  of   the  world  of  design  with  the  pragma1c  need  of  business   priori1es.    

Current News- Career Day Fashion  Group  Interna1onal  (FGI)  of  Chicago  hosts  the   re-­‐launch  of  Fashion  Forward  Career  Day  on  November   11,  2013  at  the  Chicago  Cultural  Center,  78  E   Washington  St,  Chicago,  IL  60602.    As  one  of  the  most   an1cipated  career  enrichment  events,  Fashion  Forward   Career  Day  sets  out  to  support  and  enrich  Fashion  and   Merchandising  students  in  the  Midwest  area.         Career  Day  benefits  Fashion  Group  Interna1onal  of   Chicago’s  Educa1onal  Scholarship  Fund,  which  assists  in   realizing  the  professional  goals  of  design  and   merchandising  college-­‐aged  students.    Addi1onally,   Fashion  Forward  Career  Day  also  serves  as  a  vehicle  for   FGI  Chicago  to  fulfill  its  mission  to  support,  elevate  and   recognize  emerging  talent  in  the  industry.         “We  are  thrilled  to  host  the  re-­‐launch  of  Fashion   Forward  Career  Day,”  says  Melissa  Gamble  and  Kathleen   Haines-­‐Finley,  Co-­‐Chairs  of  the  2013  event.    “Fashion  and   Merchandising  students  in  the  Midwest  have  a  unique   variety  of  career  opportuni1es  in  our  area  and     we’re  honored  to  provide  the  resources     necessary  for  them  to  begin  their  careers.”    

Current News- Rising Star Awards The  FGI,  Chicago  Rising  Star  Awards  events  are   held  every  two  years.    The  process  is  modeled   aper  our  New  York  governing  body  and  designed   to  honor  outstanding  individuals  for  their   innova1on,  crea1vity  and  business  acumen  in:   Accessories,  Beauty/Fragrance  Corporate,   Beauty/Fragrance  Entrepreneur,  Home/Interior   Design,  Fine  Jewelry,  Men's  Apparel,  Retail,   Women's  Apparel.     These  awards  promote  the  advancement    of  both  new  and  seasoned  professionals    in  the  fashion  industries.  The  Rising  Stars     Awards  honors  individuals  who  are     up-­‐and-­‐coming  style-­‐makers.  The  awards     recognize  the  extraordinary  talent  and     drive  of  those  who  can  capture     imagina1ons  and  flourish  in  the  ever-­‐more   complex  fashion  world.        

FGIPress Kit 2013  


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