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6114 Italy Valley Rd., Naples, NY


Hello everyone. I hope your holiday weekend was enjoyable. We went to Indiana to spend time with Sasha’s family. Thankfully, my dad and mom are able (and willing) to look after the farm while we are away. Before we leave, I fenced in a weeks worth of feed for the sheep so that dad only had to take down a fence or two every other day to let them into more grass. My mom looks after the farm store while we are away (thanks mom). I tell people, I basically do a weeks worth of work in the 48 hours before we leave. It’s definitely worth it.

The rams have been put into the ewe flock to breed the ewes for our April/May lambing season. As you can see in the picture, the rams wear a harness that has a colored crayon attached to it. When a ram mounts a ewe it leaves a mark behind. This is very helpful because it allows us to know which ewes have been bred and when. Sometimes shepherds want to keep track of which rams have bred which ewes and this can be done simply by attaching a different colored crayon to each ram.

A few weeks ago we purchased four Red Angus bulls from an organic farm in Potter. One of them will be used to breed our cows next summer. In the past we have used a Scottish Highlander bull, but we would like to begin transitioning the herd to Angus. We decided to switch breeds mainly because of the horns. Cows with horns, while neat to look at, are a major safety hazard for the cows and the farmer. Another reason is because I believe it will be easier to find good quality grass-fed Angus bulls than Highlander bulls.

Thanks for supporting our farm! Leith and Sasha MacKenzie ON SALE THIS MONTH: BEEF SIRLOIN TIP ROAST ~ 3 - 5 lbs., $5.99/lb. $5.25/lb. Scroll Down for information about this months Rochester Buying Club.

Farm Store Hours Saturdays: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 6114 Italy Valley Rd., Naples, NY

* The Sweet Grass Meats Buying Club *

Here’s how it works: The first week of the month we will e-mail you our newsletter letting you know what’s new on the farm. Also included will be a list of what products we have available that week. If anything appeals to you, then you may place an order by e-mail to All orders should be in by Tuesday, December 7. We will then deliver the meat to Billy and Malla Barker’s generously donated driveway on the second Thursday of the month (December 9).

Drop off time and date: You may pick up your order between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 9. If you place an order, then please write this date down somewhere important. Drop off place: The Barkers’ Porch, 225 Edgerton St., Rochester, NY 14607. ►All our meat is flash frozen and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness.

*Grass-Fed Lamb* LAMB SHANKS ~1.5 lb. packs, 2 per pack, $4.99/lb. GROUND LAMB ~ 1lb. packs, $6.50/lb. GROUND SHEEP ~ 1lb. packs, $6.25/lb. (tastes the same as lamb, but it comes from an adult sheep) LAMB STEW ~ 1lb. packs, $6.75/lb. SHEEP STEW ~ 1lb. packs, $6.50/lb. RACK OF LAMB ~1.5-2.5 lb. packs, 8 ribs per rack, $12.75/lb. LAMB LOIN CHOPS ~0.6 lb. packs, 2 per pack, $9.99/lb. MUTTON CHOPS ~0.6 lb. packs, 2 per pack, $7.99/lb. NEW! BONELESS LEG OF LAMB ~3.5-4.5 lbs., 1 per pack, $7.50/lb. LAMB LIVER, KIDNEYS, OR HEARTS ~ 1lb. packs, $1.00/lb.

*Grass-Fed Beef* *DRY AGED* GROUND BEEF ~ 1lb. packs, $4.99/lb. GROUND BEEF PATTIES ~ 1lb. packs, 4 per pack, $5.25/lb. BEEF STEW ~ 1lb. packs, $5.50/lb. SHANK SOUP BONES ~ 1-2lb. packs, $3.99/lb. (Meaty!) (I put a shank bone in any time I make soup, stew, or chili. The bone and marrow add great flavor and depth.) HOT DOGS ~ 1 lbs. ~ 7-8 per pack, $6.99/lb. (These are all beef and are made with all organic ingredients)

HOT DOGS ARE BACK! RING BOLOGNA ~ 1 lbs. $6.99/lb. (These are all beef and are made with all organic ingredients) SHORT RIBS ~ 1.5-2lb. packs, $3.99/lb. CHUCK ROAST ~ 3-3.5lb. pack, $5.25/lb. BRISKET ~ 1.5-2.5lb. packs, $5.50/lb. RUMP ROAST ~ 2-4lb. packs, $5.75/lb. SIRLOIN TIP ROAST ~ 3-5lb. packs, $5.99/lb. $5.25/lb.ON SALE! TOP ROUND STEAK ~ 1.5-3lb. packs, $6.25/lb. SIRLOIN STEAK ~ 1.5-3lb. packs, $10.25/lb. FLANK OR SKIRT STEAK ~ 1.5lb. packs, $9.99/lb. DELMONICO STEAK ~ 1lbs. ~ 1 per pack, $12.75/lb. NY STRIP STEAK ~ 0.8 lbs. ~ 1 per pack, $12.99/lb. T-BONE STEAK ~ 1lbs. ~ 1 per pack, $12.50/lb. TENDERLOIN STEAK ~ 1lb. ~ 2 per pack, $18.00/lb. TENDERLOIN TIPS ~ 1lb. ~ 2 per pack, $16.00/lb. (these steaks have the taste and tenderness of the regular tenderloin, but they may not be cut as nicely)

DOG BONES - each bag has 7-9 bones in it, $10.00/bag (These could also be used for making beef stock) BEEF LIVER ~ 1lb. packs, $1.00/lb. NOTE: Our grass-fed steaks are lean and they are very easy to over cook. We like to rub the steaks with generous amounts of salt and pepper or a steak rub, sear them on high heat, and then cook to temperature on low heat. We suggest an internal temperature of 125ºF – 160ºF for grassfinished steaks. Enjoy!

*New Pasture Raised Pork* THIS PORK WAS RAISED BY ADAM AND EMMA RICCI OF SIMPLE GIFTS FARM WHICH IS LOCATED ABOUT 5 MILES FROM OUR FARM. THEY WERE RAISED OUTSIDE AND FED AN ANTIBIOTIC AND HORMONE-FREE FEED. AN EFFORT WAS MADE TO SOURCE LOCAL, NON-GMO GROWN FEED WHENEVER POSSIBLE. BULK BREAKFAST SAUSAGE ~ 1lb. packs, $5.99/lb. FRESH BACON (not smoked or cured) ~ 1lb. packs, $6.25/lb. NO-NITRATE SMOKED HOCKS ~ 1lb. packs, $3.99/lb. SPARE RIBS ~ 2lb. packs, ~ 6-8 ribs per pack, $4.25/lb. BONELESS LOIN ROASTS ~ 3-4lbs., $7.50/lb. SHOULDER ROASTS (BOSTON BUTT) ~ 3-5lbs., $4.99/lb. LEAF LARD ~ 3-5 lb. packs, $2.00/lb. (has not been rendered)

Sweet Grass Meats  

Sweet Grass Meats