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From the Director Friends, All of us here at the Museum of Bees would like to welcome you to join us this year, whether to stop by or to renew your membership. We have incredible new exhibitions and workshops to engage anyone interested—whether beekeeping veteran or someone just getting into the apiary world. Please review our rich history and explore what we have to offer. There are so many ways to spend a day at the Museum of Bees, I encourage you to try something new, and make the most of what being a member is all about. Walter T. Kelley Director

Life is the flower for which love is the honey. — Victor Hugo 2

Museum Essence The Museum of Bees was created to be the most comprehensive source of all things melittologistic. The concept was is to aggregate all aspects of the apiary world into a single, sophisticated location. Today the Museum of Bees is situated in Jacksonville, Florida and is—indeed—an incredible and vast collection of the apiary world. The Museum of Bees is an institution that collects and maintains the knowledge of bees to the broadest extent: bee well-being, beekeeping, and the history and evolution of modern apiculture.

This sort of identity has been created. The Museum of Bees has been granted a visual aesthetic that communicates this expertise, this knowledge and this sort of archival. The brand is mature, organized and cultured. The tone of the brand is simple. The voice is to be clear and consice. Extensive information will be presented with clarity through comprehension. An impression of awareness is to be conveyed along with confidence: instructive and exact.

The Museum of Bees is an institution that maintains the comprehensive knowledge of bees as well as all things beekeeping, the history and evolution of modern apiculture.


History In 1924, the Florida State Apiary Society formed to generate interest in generating a bee museum for the state. In 1928 the society acquired funds and created an exhibition of apiculture and awareness in the Agriculture Building in Jacksonville in 1929. In 1947 the state legislature appropriated $1 million to purchase a collection of apiary supplies and bees for the people of Florida. The money was used to fund a new building for the museum. The 1947 state earmarking of funds for a bee collection was the first in the United States.


By 1950, the building was complete and Jacksonville, Florida housed the first Museum of Bees in the world. Since then, bee museums have popped all around up in an effort to raise awareness and generate interest, however the original Museum of Bees is still the largest collection of knowledge, paraphernalia,educational supplies and bee varietals in the world.

Exhibits The Museum of Bees is divided into sections, each geared towards a different aspect of bees. In our foyer we offer pamphlets with directions and information. The Museum offers · rotating exhibits to keep the museum environment fresh and welcoming · a room dedicated to children’s education in the field of bees · regular speakers invited to speak on bees and beekeeping · a garden for bees to live and pollenate while visitors can observe · educational classes on the process of beekeeping · a cafe to enjoy light snacks, desserts and coffee beverages · a gift shop for visitors to purchase a variety of bee related paraphernalia, more than just honey


Each section—each exhibit—offers wonderful involvement and exposure into the enormous world of these small creatures. From our experienced speakers and rotating exhibits to the Museum shop or café there is always something apiary to submerse yourself in—the doors are open.

Permanent Collection Amoung our permanent collection is an array of beekeeping memorabilia from days past. Some of the first articles of protective suits as well as veils and smokers are kept in our permanent collection. We also have a wide variety of hive designs spanning decades of evolution of modern beekeeping.


Garden On our campus we have an exterior garden to showcase lushes flowers with various fruits and vegetables. We also have moveable frame hives scattered about to pollenate and create a biodiverse environment for our local bees to inhabit,



Membership Annual or life-time memberships are offered to anyone who wishes access to all of our facilities and collateral showcases all year-round. Membership includes entrace to all museum exhibits as well as special perks throughout the year and birthdays. Please contact a specialist if you are interested in becoming a member.



Overview Admission Admission to the Museum’s permanent collection and Museum Park is free. There is a charge for some special exhibitions and programs, such as concerts, films, classes, and performances. Parking Visitor parking is free and available in the Blue Ridge Lot, on the right after entering the Museum drive. Overflow parking is behind West Building, on the left after entering the Museum drive. Visitor drop-off is located between West and East buildings and can be reached by turning left after entering the Museum drive and following the signs.


Photography Still photography of the permanent collection, taken in existing light, is permitted on condition that the photographs are for personal, noncommercial use. Tripods and video cameras are prohibited. Photography of special exhibitions is not permitted. Commercial photography is not allowed, except in special circumstances. See our Commercial Photography and Filming Policy for details. Strollers Strollers are welcome in the Museum; however, their use may be restricted near fragile art or in busy galleries.


Hours Monday–Thursday 10 am–5 pm Friday 10 am–9pm Saturday–Sunday 10 pm–5 pm The Museum Garden is open daily, including holidays, from dawn to dusk. The Museum is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.


Contact Information For any further information on our wonderful museum or if you would like to partner with the Museum of Bees, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Museum of Bees 117 West Duval St. Jacksonville, fl 32202 (904) 630-1396 Connect with us! @museumofbees

Special thanks to our partners


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