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environment and services Lighting The aim is that because of the opening hours of the building the majority of spaces can be naturally lit via the windows and atrium space. Block 1 will benefit from the atrium the most, due to its orientation to the sun, but as with all areas, when spaces lack light, it can be enhanced using low energy lighting. The information for several areas’ comfort within the building can be seen below:

led lighting for rooms such as meeting, teaching or office

Atrium: • •

19-23 degrees design temperature 200 lux lighting level

Design Office Space: • •

22-24 degrees design temperature 300-500 lux lighting level

Exploration Workshop: • •

21-23 degrees design temperature 750-1000 lux lighting level

Lighting in the workshop will be through the Helux range from Carbon Red Lighting and is a standard fitting which is half the energy used in conventional large area lighting. For the more intimate spaces low energy LEDs will be used which last longer and are adequate in providing a suitable lux.

led lighting for rooms such as workshop requiring much higher lux

Rainwater Harvesting In order to be efficient in servicing the building I have employed a rainwater harvesting system which will be coassisted by a grey water filtration cycle which will keep water waste to a minimum. The initial stages of the recovery will be a self cleaning process before storing the water in an underground cistern. Once here it undergoes a two stage purification process which is maintenance free leaving the water ready to use. Low energy pumps will transfer the water to toilet areas and the workshop for cleaning purposes. If there is subsequent left over from this process it can be used to irrigate the proposed park on the opposite side to Humber Street. Total Collection Area:

461 sq m

Average Rain Fall:


Run-off Co-efficient:


Filter Efficiency:


All multiplied together = Annual yield=

1. self cleaning filter 2. filter 3.cistern 4. floating inlet filter 5. inlet pipe 6. multigo pipe 7. pressurised tube 8. automatic valve 9. overflow 10. control panel 11. magnetic valve 12. drinking water feed 13. non-return valve

207 000 Litres figure x rainwater harvesting concept


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