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environment and services General The building is to be used by both the public and regular workers and consists of private and public areas which are closed off from the main atrium space. The majority of the private and public circulation runs through the atrium meaning that they will share the same controlled environment together. With the building being open mainly daytime hours, with few exceptions, it will aim to use as much natural resources to heat and supply power for the functions inside, being aided when necessary. By doing this it is intended that the building will lower its carbon footprint and be an example for the visitors and users. The planning of the building was designed specifically shallow to allow for natural ventilation and light penetration which will reduce the need for mechanical assistance. In the event that assistance is required the plant is located on the service yard side of the 2nd block with at least one vertical riser in each block to transfer piping between floors. Site Being situated near the coast in the open expanse of the estuary, the site is a wealth of fresh south-westerly air currents which are unhindered by contaminants due to lack of massing to the south. Although the A63 passes to the north, the majority wind direction pushes the exhaust fumes and noise in the opposite direction keeping the site fresh and clear. Because of this lack of massing to the south, it gives the building full use of the sun to naturally light or heat the interiors, this will have to be monitored to some extent to keep solar gain under control. Energy The building will be partially powered through the use of photovoltaics which will be used to clad some of the walls which will not only cause interest but also promote the product. The panels will then have two jobs in that they will be contributing to the power of the building and protecting it from the elements.


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