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structures Where Block 3 meets the atrium’s internal space, the structural build up will be unique to overcome acoustic issues and to achieve the balance between physical and visual barriers which were a strong concept of the design. Up to the first floor level where the mezzanine design office is located, there will be a duel eco concrete wall with a 500mm void space filled with sheep’s wool to add acoustic performance. These walls will be a continuation of the ground slab which will sit on the pile foundations distributing any loads from the columns above (see Detail B) the walls equally, once at ground level. The inside concrete wall will support Glulam columns and beams (see Detail B) which make up the structure off the mezzanine and the main body of the ‘Exploration Workshop’. The opposite side of the mezzanine will be held by Glulam columns which will run to the roof to hold the 900mm roof beams which span the entire distance of the double height workshop space. The beams are designed to accommodate the roof span only and any lifting be carried out from the ground only. The Glulam construction in the these areas will be of the same consistency as that of blocks 1 & 2, only larger where appropriate, like that of the workshop roof beam and column junctions. The junctions between the insitu concrete wall and the Glulam beams, which support the mezzanine design office space, will require bearing plates to be attached to bolts pre-cast into the concrete, for which the beam can then be anchored via clip angles holding them in place (see Detail B). Above where the beam sits on the structural wall, Glulam columns provide support for the roof beams above which span primarily across the workshop and around the perimeter of the building, also supporting the structure for the atrium glazing and louvers (see Detail A and C).

pile foundation showing glass resin floor finish, floor slab, insulation and sandblinded hardcore. the column sits on the pile cap through a steel footing

mezzanine design office location

main workshop area


design thesis proposal

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Post Graduate Diploma Architectural Thesis Technology Report  
Post Graduate Diploma Architectural Thesis Technology Report  

An indepth analysis of construction and sustainability systems - a detailed insight into the workings of the Construction Resource and Lear...