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introduction to building The chosen site is the Hull Central Dry dock which is located on the outer edge of the fruit market development scheme where the River Hull meets the River Humber. It lies just to the south of the A63 which is the main vehicular artery running through hull and the site itself is immediately bordered by Humber Street and Queen Street, these are the main access roads for the site. The scheme which is a ‘Sustainable Resource and Learning Centre’ for the north of England aims to promote sustainability in its widest sense offering support for new-comers, CPD educational programmes and a physical hands-on environment, where people can experiment with their designs. From a more social angle the building’s public areas will push to inspire and interest through the use of architecture, to involve not only the permanent users but the visitors too. The building wants to be a recognisable object on the landscape and provide people with a reason for taking a public route through, making people want to be inspired. It should be the instinctive choice for anybody investing or wanting to invest in sustainable architecture or just a plain query about the subject or something that requires professional experience. The centre can be used as an educational tool providing qualifications in bespoke programmes in green building which would be highly beneficial to the high unemployment in Hull. It would be giving the residents reason for involvement with the building. The 2nd floor is private office space to give the building an extra income that would be received in the way of rent. The building – A Brief Description The building is during the stages of design and this report is based on the present design stage, this will change before the end of the course. The building can be broken down into 3 blocks: 1. 2. 3.

Private offices, design, conference, admin, shop Educational, café, service Exploration workshop

All of the blocks are adjoined by a public atrium which allows people to pass and interact with the building but keeping them visually connected but protected from the more dangerous areas (the workshop). There are two main processes which are married within the building, one being the design and educational side, which looks at inspiring and building peoples knowledge of sustainability and the other is the physical exploration of projects or ideas. This physical exploration area will give people the facilities to put their ideas to the test. There are the facilities to import and export goods freely with the expanse of the reinstated dock to use water transport, either the sea or canal, if they wish. The general philosophy is to better what entered the building in some way whether it be educating a person or developing a product for the market.


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An indepth analysis of construction and sustainability systems - a detailed insight into the workings of the Construction Resource and Lear...