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By: Karlee Savva

Economy o Trade- market-oriented economy that is a major aspect in the global economy o Currency was similar to the US dollar for years- then in July 2005 its currency changed by 2.1% against the US dollar and moved to an exchange rate system that “references a basket of currencies” o “2009 stood as the second-largest economy in the world after the US, although in per capita terms the country is still lower middleincome”

Economy o The growth of the economy is more rapid on the coast then in the interior o They have a "one child" policy- which is having a negative effect making it one of the most “ rapidly aging countries in the world� o GDP- $8.789 trillion (2009) o country comparison to the world: 3 $8.086 trillion (2008) o $7.418 trillion (2007)

Social I ssues o Outbreak of HIV aids o There are a lot of petitions held in Beijing o Tens of thousands of people hold petitions about alleged corruption, land seizures and evictions

Environmental I ssues o o o o

Air pollution from coal being burned Shortage of water & water pollution Deforestation- developing new buildings Trading of endangered species

Environmental I ssues o Going Green- they are the second biggest oil user and they are trying to produce power from clean energy sources o World’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases from burning oil, coal and natural gas in 2006 o Trying to reduce green house gas output by at least 40% o Electric cars

Relations to the United States o China and the United States are major trading partners oAlmost anything you look at says “ made in China�

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