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Matt Fournier ITGM 705 Professor Meyers. Project B: part 2

My interactive narrative has been written in the flow chart below. The story is simple and as clear as possible. I wanted to make the prelude as short and easy to grasp as possible to give the player no notion as to who their character. It is soley up to them to play the character as they wish. Through the choices they make, they can be a law abiding citizen, a vigilantee, a life saver, or a criminal. The story starts with you walking into a restaurant for a sandwich, you see a dead body, a man standing over the body, and a gun. From their you drive what happens. Writing the story proved to be a larger challenge than I atticipated. Keeping the choices free of dialague and making a truly free flowing story is difficult. Any form of a story that I had in mind got tossed out the window after I realized that I have almost no control of the story. With a more time this concept and depth this could be a truly unique and rewarding.

(Rough example of opening scene)

Fournier 02

Each plot node will bring you to a new decision based on your previous choices. Below is the structure I am going for, at each decision node, you have several options that may land you at a farther down the story line. The same node can be gotten to from different decisions and several nodes can be skipped to the end depending on how the player chooses to play.

(Intended plot structure)


Fournier 03

Below are the specific decision nodes and seven possible endings. Yellow boxes are choices, blue boxes are the results, and red boxes are possible endings. With a total of 24 possible choices and seven different endings. Note that the blue boxes will be illustrated as visuals not text to tell the result of your choice.


Fournier 02


Project B part 2  
Project B part 2  

Part 2 of project B