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Strip Beer Pong Wow! has another writer! You bet your ass we do. Since this is my first article, I would like to write about a beer pong variation that is near and dear to my heart. You ready for it? Strip Beer Pong! A.K.A. Stripper Pong!

Thing you need 2 x Sets of Plastic Solo Cups (6 Cups or 10 Cups per team) 2 x Sharpie Markers (One will suffice) 2 x Ping Pong Balls LOTS and LOTS of beer, Liquor OR BOTH A nice mix of Male and Female Pong Players

Setup 1) Give each team a sharpie marker and an equal amount of cups. 2) Write an item of clothing on the bottom of each cup. 3) Trade cups with the opposing team 4) Arrange cups in a standard beer pong starting rack 5) Place 1 beer in each cup or 2 shots in each cup. 6) Get ready for some craziness!

Game Play The nice thing about strip beer pong is that all the beer pong rules that you know an love apply with a couple of modifications.

You must sink a cup twice to remove it from the game. When you sink a cup the first time the person has the option of drinking the cup OR removing the item of clothing written on the bottom of the cup. The cup then goes back into play. The second time the cup is hit they do what is remaining for that cup and remove the cup from play.

Double sinking a cup does NOT win the game. Double sinking a cup results in the item of clothing being removed for each partner and drinking the cup. This also results in balls back. Sinking two cups results in a balls back and the opposing team has to pick a cup remove that article of clothing AND drink that cup. That cup is no longer in play. Sinking the party cup results in ending the game. The losing team must strip off the remaining clothing on the bottom of the cups and must stay that way until they finish their cups and the winners cups. I hope you all enjoy this variation of beer pong. I know personally, it has added to the fun of long nights of binge drinking.


Put the strongest Alcohol in the cups with the most revealing clothing. It makes the other team have to decide which is more important. Make sure the cups have appropriate clothing to be removed for men and woman. If you play with uptight people, it’s not going to be fun. Have a beer pong variation you would like to share with us? Beer Pong Article you want to submit to our site?


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