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It’s not about changing your lifestyle, it’s about changing the style of your life.

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Winter Edition 2009-2010

PRESCRIBED PERSPECTIVE By Stephen J. Downes, Owner, Fitness Clinician


we believe that by mastering the details in your workout, we can lead you toward impressive, lasting results

s we strive to improve our fitness levels and increase our quality of life, the fitness and weight loss industry’s popularity is soaring. Unfortunately, the standards surrounding it are on the decline. My goal is to set a new standard for fitness and customer satisfaction. And the basis for that standard is detail. The human body is a complex organism. Exercise and nutritional sciences are vast, broad subjects that encompass topics like anatomy, physiology, physics, biomechanics and bio and organic chemistries. My staff and I immerse ourselves in the study of these sciences because we believe that by mastering the details, we can lead you toward impressive, lasting results. Over the last few years, our results have been speaking for themselves, as Kingstonians discover the benefits of Prescribed Exercise. If you’re ready to invest in a higher quality of life in 2010, start with a higher standard and give us a call.

FITNESS CLINICIAN DEFINED: one who prescribes, administers, monitors, and problem-solves fitness training and nutrition relative to individual needs for the general exercise enthusiast, special populations or injury rehabilitation. A Fitness Clinician is not a personal trainer, who works primarily as a motivational exercise coach and may not have the skills to take on the responsibilities of a Fitness Clinician.



The Health-Fitness Connection

3 Useful Tips!


It’s no secret that quality of health and quality of life are intimately related. Since fitness is a fundamental part to reason that your quality of


fitness goes a long way toward

Did you know that sleep has a direct impact on your weight?

of a healthy lifestyle, it stands

determining your quality of life. At Prescribed Exercise Clinic, we consider ourselves healthcare professionals. We believe that our job is to provide you with the best care possible. That’s why we don’t just put you through a workout; we listen to you carefully, monitor your progress closely and adjust to your needs as they evolve.

Recent studies show that hormone levels influenced by sleep quality actually affect your body fat percentage. But wait, there’s more. Spinal discomfort is one of the most common causes of poor sleep quality. A poorly functioning nervous system can hinder your body’s ability to relax and recuperate. So if you want to decrease your body fat levels, you may want to start by looking at your spine.

Machine of the Month One of the first things you’ll notice about the MedX Rotary Torso is its sophisticated restraint system. By restricting movement of the hips and legs, the restraints allow for a cleaner, more direct isolation of the

We like to say that we don’t

abdominal and spinal muscles and

just design our programs for

make it almost impossible to cheat.

you; we design them because of you. Your body is a complex organism, and its needs are constantly evolving. Prescribed Exercise is a way to make sure your fitness evolves right along with it.

And the reduced-momentum weight stack allows for smooth, lowfriction repetitions. The result? You get a safe, specific stimulus to your midsection and increased function of those allimportant core muscles.

How often should I exercise?

Contrary to popular belief, effective exercise is about quality, not quantity. Quality exercise should be vigorous (read stressful), so it’s important not to do too much. Remember, you change when you’re resting, not when you’re exercising.


Are carbs really as bad as they say?


Is there a preferred method of exercise?

Years ago, fats were the enemy, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see proteins wearing the black hat in the future. We need a combination of nutrients to be healthy, including carbohydrates.

Exercise that will make real, lasting changes needs to be extremely challenging. The most effective exercises are those that require you to push beyond your limits and challenge you to work harder than you thought possible.



What’s in a Name?


We all want to be healthy and fit. And yes, the two are related. Your fitness level impacts your health, which, in turn, determines your quality of life. That’s why we see fitness playing such a key role in healthcare these days. On the flip side, health conditions that require invasive medical treatment could have been avoided with a little

Jordan Watson: Diploma in Fitness And Health Promotions, Practicing internship under Stephen J. Downes for certification as Master Fitness Clinician.

attention to fitness.


he health-fitness

healthy: exercise, nutrition,

connection is at

water and rest. But while

the centre of the

we all have the same basic

Once we’ve established

Prescribed Exercise

needs, we each have

what you need, we work

philosophy. We’ve

individual factors that

developed a systematic

dictate how much exercise,

approach to taking care

nutrition, water and rest we

of your body. And we

need. That’s why one diet

take it seriously. We’re

or one exercise regimen

not a club; we’re a

can’t possibly work

fitness clinic. You won’t

for everyone.

find any mirrors, bright

works specifically for you. Tierney Winnett:

closely with you, one on one, monitoring your

Associate’s Degree in Biotechnology, practicing internship under Stephen J. Downes for certification as Master Fitness Clinician

progress, tracking your results and adjusting when we need to, just like a doctor, dentist or possibly chiropractor would do.

lights or disco music

We start by taking the time

here. Our atmosphere

to learn about you – your

is designed to put

body type, your health

approach with

the focus on you.

history, your lifestyle, your

personalized, prescribed

likes and dislikes. That way

attention, we ensure real,

We all need the same things

we can prescribe a diet and

sustainable results that you

in order to stay fit and

exercise regimen that

can see, feel and measure.

By combining a clinical

Matthew Lesage: Bachelor of Science with honours in Human Kinetics; certified Kinesiologist with Ontario Kinesiology Association; Certified Personal Trainer with Sports Performance Institute; Practicing internship under Stephen J. Downes for certification as Master Fitness Clinician.






How well do you handle stress and how quickly do you recover from stressful circumstances?

Although we strongly recommend getting an

Does your family have a history of high body fat levels, heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes?

individual assessment from a certified Fitness Clinician, we also believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we want to empower you with the

Do you know your body fat ratio?

knowledge to adjust your own

How is your balance and coordination?

fitness and diet regimens to help you get the maximum

Do you avoid strenuous physical exertion for fear of getting too tired or possibly injured?

benefit from your hard work. Here are a few questions to help you learn more about your body and its needs.

Do you get out of breath easy from lifting and moving heavy objects? How long do you stay winded? Was there an age when you noticed a rapid reduction in your fitness (fat gain, muscle, endurance and strength loss)? Was there a lifestyle change before and/ or after?

1. How would you describe the

3. How often do you experience

5. How would you describe your

Scoring: a) 5 points; b) 4 points; c)

range of motion in your body?

joint pain or body aches?


3 points; d) 2 points; e) 1 point

a) Full

a) Never

a) Extremely active

b) Close to full

b) Almost never

b) Active

c) Average

c) Periodically

c) Average

d) Somewhat impaired

d) Regularly

e) Inadequate

e) All the time

2. How would you rate your energy

4. How would you

level and stamina?

characterize your

a) Excellent


b) Good

a) Extremely fit

c) Average

b) Fairly fit

d) Sedentary

d) Below average

c) Average

e) Extremely sedentary

e) Low

d) Overweight


e) Obese


So what does it all mean?

Un-fit: Time to make some serious decisions.



Very fit: Keep up the great work!

Health Alert: Get checked by your


doctor and get fitness help.

Reasonably fit: Don’t stop now. 11-15: Room for improvement: Let’s get

THE 90-DAY CHALLENGE WHAT ARE YOU EATING? Do you know what you’re putting in your body? There’s only one way to find out: Start reading food labels. Discover how many calories you consume and where they come from.

Are you ready to get on the road to fitness? The first step is to pay attention to your body so you can give it what it needs. Here are a few things to pay attention to over the next 90 days:



Water is the only liquid your body needs. Try drinking water during every waking hour. And try cutting all liquid calories from your diet.


It’s amazing how many people don’t really know how to breathe. Spend time each day practicing controlling your breath with purposeful deep breathing using your diaphragm muscles.


Does the food you eat give you energy or make you tired? Does it make you feel bloated? Does it make your body temperature go up or down? Proper food choices should leave you feeling energized and refuelled.

Take pictures of yourself standing relaxed in a bathing suit. What do you notice about your appearance? Take new photos every month and note the changes.

PRESCRIBED RESULTS At 63 years old, I didn’t want to look or feel my age. Even though I’d had both my knees replaced, I wasn’t

ready to quit. I feel better and I think I look better too. I can’t thank Prescribed Exercise Clinic enough

for the support and educated advice that got me to this point. – Helen Droulis

“I have now lost 41 pounds of body fat in 2 years” Prescribed Exercise is much more than personal training. My level of commitment in all aspects of my life has changed. They understand

preventative health care at a level that is just not available anywhere else! I have referred at least twenty other people to train with Prescribed Exercise

Clinic. All of them have said to me it was the best thing they have ever done for themselves! What are you waiting for? - James Braden

“I can’t thank Prescribed Exercise Clinic enough” Stephen J. Downes, MFC Clinical Director/Owner 702 Arlington Park Place Kingston, ON K7M 7N7 613.453.6284

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