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DUOMO Part Code: STK20.3B.BLP Specifications Electric / Technology: Color / Finish: Cord Detail:

2 Electric Outlets (15A, 125V), 1 Dual USB.A (2Amp) Black Pesca (Peach Skin Exterior) 6 ft. w / 3 Prong Plug

Standard Product Details DUOMO Finished with a soft "Pesca" (Peach Skin Texture). Available in four colors, from the basic Black and White, or add a punch of color with Chartreuse Pesca or Tangerine Pesca. UL Listed. Made in USA *BLACK PESCA & WHITE PESCA IN STOCK FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPPING! Free Ground Shipping.

Product Overview: Black Pesca Finish (Peach Skin Texture). Unique 'domed design' for easy access. Technical: 2 Electrical Outlets (125Volt, 15Amp) and 1 Dual USB.A (2Amp). (Also available: 3 Electrical Outlets Only; 2 Electrical Outlets and 1 Combi USB.A+C (5V) Mounting Requirements: 3" diameter hole. Accomodates Surface Thickness of 1/2" to 1-3/4". To Order This Part Contact:

Donna, Sales/Customer Service Office: 310.819.8696 Text: 310.619.5744 donna@matsumotollc.com Orders can also be placed at www.matsumotollc.com 8-Oct-18

7/20/18 Part No. STK20.3B.BLP

PO Box 2091 Gardena, CA 90247 Office: 310.819.8696 www.matsumotollc.com