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“City Canyon” - Concert hall, Conference centre & hotel in Malmö


S.A.T. Space and Technology Department of Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics, School of Architecture, Technological University (LTH), Lund, Sweden Studio AFOF15 - ARCHITECTURAL MUTATIONS - Spring 2009


By Mats Nilsson

The projects strategy is to fill the site to its boundaries and to excavate according to program and parameters such as communication and sun paths. In this process the canyon plays a vital part as reference. I let the canyon landscape inform my cityscape design by studying its behavior. By analyzing its greenery for example I can determent where to create shady areas, windy open areas and sunny places. Much like a canyon the city is built up of layers, different functions if you will. The public space and its functions are built for the citizen to use and to experience.



My ambition is to broaden the idea of public space and to introduce new types of increased communication, exchange of visual and tactile qualities and let otherwise separate functions come together. The interface is my shopping canyon that meanders through the site serving the different functions while it safeguards the visual axis. The landscape is the second interface as it works as a seamless, layering transition from the surrounding city to the city canyon and its sediment like architecture.

Reference pictures

Future Systems

Antelope Canyon



Antelope Canyon




Drawing room


Grand Canyon

Important model

North facade


Program Concert hall & Conference hall Main concert hall 1932 m2 (1377 pers) Foyer & exhibition 1534 m2 Cloakroom 237 m2 Main conference hall 1791 m2 (1733 pers) Meeting room 1 480 m2 Meeting room 2 480 m2 Meeting room 3 480 m2 Meeting room 4 480 m2 Back office & administration 4800 m2 WC (35 toilettes) 50 m2 Technics & recording studio 250 m2 Rehearsal room (2) 800 m2 Bar 63 m2 Unloading & storage 605 m2 Loge (15) 182 m2 Dressing rooms (10) 122 m2


177 m2

Total | 14 284 m2

Hotel Double rooms (120) 3960 m2 Single rooms (100) 2100 m2 Gym 177 m2 Bar (60 persons) 300 m2 Restaurant 2501 m2 Lobby 744 m2 Reception 28 m2 Storage & Laundry 300 m2 Back office (15 persons) 500 m2 Relax areas 600 m2 Other 1800 m2 Total | 13 010 m2

Shopping Canyon Store 1 368 m2 Store 2 312 m2 Store 3 329 m2 Store 4 231 m2 Store 5 267 m2 Store 6 230 m2 Store 7 251 m2 Store 8 257 m2 Store 9 448 m2 Store 10 238 m2 Store 11 508 m2 Store 12 488 m2 Store 13 495 m2 Storage 920 m2 WC (23) 35 m2 Restaurant 1 473 m2 Restaurant 2 1987 m2 Parking (500 cars) 8000 m2 Other 144 m2


70 m2

Total | 15 959 m2 TOTAL 35 253 m2 (+ 8000 m2 parking)

Second econd eeco oon nnd d ffloor oorr | 11:750


Concert hall

Shopping Canyon

Section AA | 1:600

Section AA | 1:300



146 m2

Hotel restaurant 2501 m2




1094 m2

Ground floor | 1:500


Canyon Greenery strategy



The top level consist of back office functions and the concert hall roof environments.


In this second to top level administration and back offices are found.


On this fourth floor a further two conference rooms are situated as well as technical rooms serving the concert hall, relax areas and hotel functions.


The Main concert hall is accessible from level three as well as rehearsal areas, loges, dressing rooms, relax areas and storage facilities.


On the second floor you will find two smaller conference halls, rehearsal areas and storage. There are also hotel functions, restaurants and stores.


First floor consist of the concert lobby, cloak rooms, bars, relax areas, main conference hall, storage/unpacking/good and delivery facilities, stores and restaurants.

Dwarf pine tree (Pinus strobus) Dwarf pine trees are rarely exceeding some meters in height and they slow down the wind in open areas. Furthermore its low height doesn’t block the views.

Malmö University

Western Harbour

'Wild Thyme' (Thymus serpyllum)

walk throughs

This herb only grows some centimeters in height and has a high tolerance with getting tramped on. The plant also like sunny, warm and dry conditions and is hence often found on windy slopes.

Malmö C

Creeping Bugle (Ajuga reptans) Creeping Bugle is a evergreen, low-growing family of carpeting plants which grows where there is sun and shadow mixed. It can cope with windy conditions in the “canyon glade”

Pedestrian axis

Ivy (Hedera helix) Ivy thrives in shadow and mountain slopes as well as vertical environments. Its air rots can cling on to almost everything and the plant is the perfect ground cover.

Buss/intersection City/Shopping

Green & water strategies

Beveled facade

Beveled facade Hop vine (Humulus lupulus) Hop is a perennial that enjoys a lot of sun and walls to lean on. It has a lime green colour and can easily grow 10 meters in height under the right conditions

Terrace Roof plazza

sun shelves

'Wild Thyme' (Thymus serpyllum) This herb only grows some centimeters in height and has a high tolerance with getting tramped on. The plant also like sunny, warm and dry conditions and is hence often found on windy slopes.

sun shelves



The layered ground plate and its sediment structure enhance the strategic communication and introduce green- and water areas to the site. Finally it transform into the built architecture with its layering manners.


The underground parking of 8000 m2 can accommodate 500 cars and will serve the shopping Canyon, The hotel and the Concert/conference complex with immediate access.


The new Metro is piercing the site from Malmö Central in the North east corner going south west.

'Purple Majesty' (Pennisetum americanum)

sun shelves

Purple Majesty is a tall grass that can grow quite high. Well over a meter it swings silently over the underlying flower bed. It thrives in sunny and warm places and works both as a rockery plant and as a traditional soil plant.

Sun design

Concept 10 5 0

The strolling sediment Shopping canyon


The parking sediment

10 15 The metro sediment

20 25 30





Shopping Canyon - Bachelor project in Architecture  

Bachelor project in Architecture 2009, School of Architecture, Lund Univeristy, Lund, Sweden. Professor Abelardo Gonzalez