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Biometric Attendance System A complete attendance solution for Organization

Biometric attendance system is suitable for small to large size businesses. It can be easily integrated with payroll systems and completely customizable with existing system used for attendance purpose. In time attendance and payroll market, biometric products are highly demanded and accepted. It is mostly used to calculate the exact time spent by an employee in specific organization.


Biometric attendance system – a complete attendance solution for organizations These days, time and attendance management has become an essential task to improve the efficiency of the organization. There are many systems (manual & automatic) available in market to calculate the attendance and time of individuals. Biometric attendance system is one of the most effective time and attendance management systems. It is used for the recognition of individuals based on their physical properties such as their hands, fingerprints, eyes and facial features.

Biometric attendance management systems are extensively used in corporate offices, educational institutes, colleges and other organizations for recording the attendance of students and employees. Obtained from renowned manufacturers in the market, these attendance systems are highly appreciated for fast clocking systems, easy enrollment and easily accessible management software. In addition, these systems are available with the feature of fingerprint or a card or a blend of both for the aim of recording time and attendance.

Biometric attendance system comes with LCD screen with four lines display and can be easily hanged on the wall. It has a digital keyboard which is quite convenient to enter numbers. Biometric system has amazing storage capacity to store almost thirty thousand transactions. This biometric system is developed on LINUX platform with software based on Windows. It generates reports in excel format. Biometric attendance systems are designed and developed by using latest and cutting edge technology which enable the organizations to have highly précised results. Biometric technology ensures attendance only to the right individual by scanning their registered fingerprint patterns stored in the system; thereby it helps in eradicating imitation or proxy punching. This system completely resolves the issues related with misplaced employee cards which can be misused by other employees.

It is one of the best time saving solutions for organizations. This attendance system is the safest and fastest way to track employees’ time and attendance which aid in improving the productivity of organization. This device can be installed easily and after installation can be used simply. The organizations which are looking to have an efficient and cost-effective way to keep the record of time and attendance of employees can go for biometric attendance systems. It can be customized as per your requirements. With the help of biometric technology employees’ check in or check out time will be very précised. It will also aid to save money by reducing the administrative cost of organizations. The chance of forgery is completely eliminated by using this technology in the enterprises.

Biometric attendance system  

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