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Matrix Custom ID Matrix Concepts was founded with the idea that everyone deserves a quality product that can be customized with a riders name and number to make it more personal. Matrix Custom ID takes that concept to a new level by offering custom graphics with some of the great graphic styles you see on the equipment of riders as Villopoto, Stewart, Reed & Short. You can customize Matrix items you already have, or order new product with your own personalized graphics already applied. Remember, it’s your choice. Graphics shown here are applied to different color products, but it’s ultimately your choice. You pick the color of the Matrix item, you choose the graphic style and color, add your name and number, and we will create it for you. Part numbers listed are for the graphics only. Product not included unless purchased together. To order, go online at and click on the Matrix Custom ID link. Then just follow the instructions. Or if you’d rather just call, cool. We’d love to help right over the phone. Matrix items currently available to personalize are: M2 Worx Stands M3 Utility Cans (Full Graphics) M3 Utility Cans (Half Graphics) M6 Standard Ramps M6 6ft Folding Ramps M8 8ft Folding Ramps M1 Phatty 1.5” Tie-Downs M30 Factory Tool Boxes M31 Worx Tool Boxes M32 Trax Tool Boxes M15 Flip Stands M22 Exhaust Plugs M24 Mud Scrapers Other items will be available soon, so don’t hesitate to ask! Matrix Dealers, we can also do custom graphics for your retail store with your own logo and colors. GIve our staff a call for details. Thank you for your business, -Team Matrix

Matrix Custom ID Index LOCATION PG 04-05 PG 06-07 PG 08-09 PG 10-11 PG 12-13 PG 14-15 PG 16

Order By Phone:661.253.1592

GRAPHICS Villopoto Style Graphics, M2 Stand, Utility Can, Ramps, Phatty Tie-Downs Stewart Style Graphics, M2 Stand, Utility Can, Ramps, Phatty Tie-Downs Reed Style Graphics, M2 Stand, Utility Can, Ramps, Phatty Tie-Downs Short Style Graphics, M2 Stand, Ramps, Phatty Tie-Downs M30 Factory Box, M31 Worx Box, M32 Trax Box M15 Flip Stand, M22 Exhaust Plug, M24 Mud Scraper Contact Info

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Matrix Custom ID Villopoto Style

M2 Stand Villopoto Style Graphics

Blue M2-913

Yellow M2-914

Green M2-915

Orange M2-916

Pink M2-919

Orange M3-816

Pink M3-819

Orange M3-916

Pink M3-919

Orange M6-916

Pink M6-919

Red M2-912

M3 Utility Can Villopoto Style Full Graphics

Blue M3-813

Yellow M3-814

Green M3-815

Red M3-812

M3 Utility Can Villopoto Style Half Graphics

Blue M3-913

Yellow M3-914

Green M3-915

Red M3-912

M6 & M8 Ramp Villopoto Style Graphics

Blue M6-913

Yellow M6-914

Green M6-915

Red M6-912

M1 Phatty Tiedown Villopoto Style Graphics

Blue M1-913

Yellow M1-914

Green M1-915

Orange M1-916

Pink M1-919

Red M1-912 Order By Phone:661.253.1592

Order Online:

Pg 05

Matrix Custom ID Stewart Style

M2 Stand Stewart Style Graphics

Blue M2-923

Yellow M2-924

Green M2-925

Orange M2-926

Pink M2-929

Orange M3-826

Pink M3-829

Orange M3-926

Pink M3-929

Orange M6-926

Pink M6-929

Red M2-922

M3 Utility Can Stewart Style Full Graphics

Blue M3-823

Yellow M3-824

Green M3-825

Red M3-822

M3 Utility Can Stewart Style Half Graphics

Blue M3-923

Yellow M3-924

Green M3-925

Red M3-922

M6 & M8 Ramp Stewart Style Graphics

Blue M6-923

Yellow M6-924

Green M6-925

Red M6-922

M1 Phatty Tiedown Stewart Style Graphics

Blue M1-923

Yellow M1-924

Green M1-925

Orange M1-926

Pink M1-929

Red M1-922 Order By Phone:661.253.1592

Order Online:

Pg 07

Matrix Custom ID Reed Style

M2 Stand Reed Style Graphics

Blue M2-903

Yellow M2-904

Green M2-905

Orange M2-906

Pink M2-909

Orange M3-806

Pink M3-809

Orange M3-906

Pink M3-909

Orange M6-906

Pink M6-909

Red M2-902

M3 Utility Can Reed Style Full Graphics

Blue M3-803

Yellow M3-804

Green M3-805

Red M3-802

M3 Utility Can Reed Style Half Graphics

Blue M3-903

Yellow M3-904

Green M3-905

Red M3-902

M6 & M8 Ramp Reed Style Graphics

Blue M6-903

Yellow M6-904

Green M6-905

Red M6-902

M1 Phatty Tiedown Reed Style Graphics

Blue M1-903

Yellow M1-904

Green M1-905

Orange M1-906

Pink M1-909

Red M1-902 Order By Phone:661.253.1592

Order Online:

Pg 09

Matrix Custom ID Short Style

M2 Stand Short Style Graphics

Red M2-932

Blue M2-933

Green M2-935

Yellow M2-934

Orange M2-936

Pink M2-939

M6 & M8 Ramp Short Style Graphics

Blue M6-933

Yellow M6-934

Green M6-935

Orange M6-936

Pink M6-939

Red M6-932

M1 Phatty Tiedown Short Style Graphics

Red M1-932

Green M1-935

Order By Phone:661.253.1592

Blue M1-933

Orange M1-936

Order Online:

Yellow M1-934

Pink M1-939

Pg 1 1

Matrix Tool Box Custom ID

M30 Factory Box Fusion Custom ID

Red M30-912

Blue M30-913

Yellow M30-914

Green M30-915

Orange M30-916

Green M30-925

Orange M30-926

M30 Factory Box Hurricane Custom ID

Red M30-922

Blue M30-923

Yellow M30-924

M31 Worx Box Custom ID

M32 Trax Box Custom ID

Red M32-902 Red M31-902

Orange M31-906

Blue M32-903

Blue M31-903

Order By Phone:661.253.1592

Order Online:

Pg 13

Matrix Accessories Custom ID

M15 Flip Stand Custom ID

Red M15-902

Blue M15-903

Green M15-905

Yellow M15-904

Orange M15-906

Pink M15-909

M22 Exhaust Plug Custom ID

Red M22-902

Blue M22-903

Yellow M22-904

Green M22-905

Orange M22-906

M24 Mud Scraper Custom ID

Red M24-902

Blue M22-903

Order By Phone:661.253.1592

Yellow M24-904

Green M24-905

Orange M24-906

Order Online:

Pg 15


28034-B Industry Drive - Valencia, CA 91355 - USA OFFICE: 661 253 1592 - FAX: 661 288 1700


Website: w w w. m a t r i x r a c i n g p r o d u c t s . c o m Link:M a t r i x C u s t o m I D

Now accepting rider applications On-Line at: www. m a t r i x r a c i n g p r o d u c t s . c o m

Matrix Concepts 2012 Catalog  

Matrix Concepts 2012 Catalog

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