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Volume 16

Special Jubilee edition 2012 INSIDE THIS ISSUE

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THE WEOLEY HILL VILLAGE COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Pavan Deep Singh WHVN Editor The News Team acknowledges the invaluable help given by Rosemary Hay, Robert Booth & Rich-

Alan Moody Council Chairman, Hall Management Chairman, Weoley Ward Advisory Board, News Team 475 7682 Susan Murray Secretary & Minutes Team 472 0232 Brian Kendall-Smith (Co-opted), Hall Management Treasurer & News Team 475 6647 Sharon Yeomans Estate Management and Scheme Representative Social Co-ordinator & News Team 475 9890 Rosemary Hay Badminton Rep, Hall Management Committee, Minutes & News Team 472 0674 Richard Trengrouse 258 2256 Graham McCauley News Team 244 0837 Christine McCauley (Co-opted) Coffee Mornings Ray Plevey Folk Dance Rep, Hall Management Committee 475 2266 Donald Fripp WHVC E-News 604 3843 Tessa Mitchell BVT Bournville Area Office 415 6492 Vincent Griffith Social Co-ordinator, Minutes Team 244 2077 Hazel Bland Social Co-ordinator, Bournville Tree Wardens & Minutes Team 475 4754 Wiebina Heesterman, Environment 475 6967 Ralph Lawson Weoley Hill Tennis Club Rep. Council Treasurer, Hall Management Committee 475 4175 Ann Belsey Hall Management Committee, Caretaker 624 0316 Adrian Bland Police Liaison/Minutes Team 476 0638

ard Trengrouse.

We really appreciate all the articles that are sent to us and the hard work everyone puts in to make this newsletter possible, unfortunately sometimes it is necessary to cut or abbreviate articles. The newsletter is published three times a year and is delivered to 850 households in the Weoley Hill district of the Bournville Estate, six local churches, local societies, BVT staff & West Midlands Metropolitan Police Force in Bournville Lane. Please send articles for the next edition of WHVN to; or 14 Weoley Hill 07932004676 by 11th February 2013 A warm welcome to all the new residents of Weoley Hill district. The editorial team wishes that everyone enjoys reading this newsletter. Please do make a contribution.

Weoley Hill Guides - Yours in Guiding Jane Hewitt, Assistant Leader The Guides been busy this year. Our numbers continue to grow and recently two Cub Scouts decided to join us as an alternative to progressing to Scouts. Both girls are enjoying the planned activities and are currently working through our Recruits programme in preparation for making their Promise to become fully enrolled Guides. Throughout the Spring term we focused our activities on Healthy Cooking through working towards our Cooks Badge. Guides looked at comparing home cooked food with a store purchased alternative, scoring for taste versus cost; everyone had the opportunity to learn how to make omelettes – and then eat them; we looked at a range of health related illnesses and how diet can help to control them, and our final weeks were spent preparing for Easter.

Jubilee Celebrations A Tree Planting ceremony in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations was held in Weoley Park (by Weoley Hill Village Hall) at 11:00 on Wednesday 30th May 2012. Official planting of a Jubilee Oak was carried out by the Chairman of BVT Trustees Roger Cadbury. The tree has been funded by BVT and the event was organised by the Bournville Tree Wardens. The event was very well planned and enjoyable as Roger Cadbury pointed out in his thank you note. 2




In Weoley Village Hall on Sunday 30th September at 2 pm

Second Monday in the month Village Hall from 10.3010.30-12.00 You are cordially invited (No Charge) in for a ‘cuppa’ and a chat. Most mornings include a short talk from a guest speaker. Games such as scrabble are available.

In aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK. Somerset based accordionist Karen Street has pledged to raise £1200 in aid of Alzheimer’s Research UK to fund pioneering dementia research. She is doing this by playing as many concerts as she can this year all over the UK. “Last year my father passed away after suffering from Lewy Bodies for a number of years. It is a very common form of dementia that shares its characteristics with both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. It accounts for around ten per cent of all cases of dementia in older people and tends to be under-diagnosed. I am choosing to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK as it has the highest profile of all the dementias and any discoveries will benefit them all. My dad was the reason I started playing the accordion as he was a colleague of Ron Wildsmith who ran the West Midlands Accordion School. My brother started first, then I followed. He bought and upgraded accordions for both of us and with my mum ferried us around to concerts and accordion days. Incredibly, this is my first experience of losing someone close to me and of course your life shifts and things change. I have always felt lucky to be able to sustain a living as a professional musician and now it only feels right to give something back so I am planning to raise as much money as I can for Alzheimer’s Research UK by playing as many concerts as I can .“


Karen Street started playing the accordion at the age of seven. She became British Virtuoso Champion in 1981/2 and competed in the World Championships.

The dance group has been closed during the summer. We meet on Monday evenings from 8.00 – 10.00 pm in the Village Hall.

She has produced three CD’s of her own compositions and arrangements. Her passion has always been to challenge people’s preconceptions of the much maligned accordion and her concerts will be a wonderful mix of classical, folk and jazz along with some of her own compositions and arrangements. The concerts will be advertised on

We invite you to ‘come on down’ to the Hall and join us for a sociable evening. Members pay £2.50 per session; tea/coffee is provided during the interval – time to catch up with local news.

You can also go to ‘my just giving’ page to donate by visiting

Contact: Ray Plevey, (secretary) 0121 475 2266




This year’s annual Fireworks & Bonfire evening will take place in the Parkway beside Weoley Hill Village Hall on Saturday 3 November. You’ll find further details in the advert on the front page of this newsletter. To assist with speedier entry times we have decided to sell tickets in advance this year. As our capacity is limited please note tickets will only be for sale on the gate if we have not sold out in advance. Please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

In the book “Antarctica: an intimate portrait” by Gabrielle Walker the author visited the continent five times, staying at different research sites. It reads like a gripping travelogue: the sort of tests she had to do to be allowed to fly in a Royal Navy helicopter from the British warship to the Argentinean base Esperanza, the only research site where children are allowed, on the West Antarctic Peninsula: such as being dropped from a height out of an upside down spinning helicopter into a swimming pool to find the exit safely in the dark.

Tickets will be available to buy from Bournville Area Office & Weoley Hill Village Hall as set out below. You can telephone or email Bournville Area Office to check availability. Nearer the date there may be additional outlets selling the tickets look out for further information on our local notice-boards and BVT’s web site.

She describes how emperor penguins breed in the Antarctic autumn, with the female swimming away for the long winter to feed, and don’t come back until spring some six months later to relieve the males who sit all that time in a below - 50 degrees C temperature holding the eggs warm on their feet, not getting anything to eat at all.

Bournville Village Trust’s Area Office Tickets will be on sale from 10 am Monday 10 September 2012 until 4pm Wednesday 31 October 2012. Address: Phone: Email: Opening Hours:

27 Sycamore Road, Bournville, B30 2AA 0121 472 3831 Mon – Fri (not Weds) 9 am to 4.30 pm Weds 10.30 am to 4.30 pm

In the South Pole base there are the ARO and SPRESSO sites, the first of which is the Atmospheric Research Laboratory, where the content of the air has been measured since 1957, the second is the quietest place on earth, where earthquakes (and any possible atomic detonations) can be measured with the greatest accuracy possible.

Weoley Hill Village Hall, Weoley Hill, Selly Oak, B20 4AR

The authors visit to Concordia, the French/Italian base right on dome C, on the East Antarctic ice sheet was the most interesting; it is the home of EPICA (European Project for Ice Coring). There the oldest ice core to date has been retrieved from 3270.20 meters down. This bluish-white cylinder of ice (photo in the book) holds a record of the climate in the oldest existing air on earth, locked in the ice’s air bubbles, leaving a record of the composition of the atmosphere of, believe it or not, some 800,000 years ago. How do they know the ancient temperatures? As well as the air pockets, the ice carries its own temperature chart! Both the oxygen (one O atom) and the hydrogen (two H atoms) of the ice molecules, H20 like ordinary water can have two flavours (no, not chocolate or vanilla . . . , but ‘isotopes’).

Sunday 30 September 2 pm – 3.30 pm Tuesdays & Thursdays in October 7 pm – 8.15 pm Come and join us for a safe and fun community event!

What’s Happening at St David’s? The roof repairs at St David's Church were completed in time to hold Easter services in the main building, and before the heavy rainfall which certainly put them to the test. During a subsequent stewardship campaign nearly every house in the parish received a letter which explained the situation, and the vicar, PCC and all involved are most grateful for the amount of support which this generated. Many individuals and organisations expressed their appreciation of the church and its facilities through very generous gifts and we would like to thank everyone who responded in this way.

Walker writes: “The heaviest molecules are hardest to lift from the sea up into the sky and so rarely have the chance to become rain (and then snow) unless temperatures are high and there is enough energy to do the lifting. When it is colder, primarily lighter molecules make it up to the lofty heights that can then freeze and fall again.” If you measure the proportion of light to heavy molecules in the ice, you can calculate its age. Whenever the temperature was high, there was more CO2 and methane, whenever the temperatures were lower, CO2 and methane were also lower. These chemicals trap some heat from the incoming sunlight, so with a lot of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, the temperature goes up.

This is just over £70,600.00, a number of events are due to take place this autumn. The organ was found to have sustained minor damage to one of the pipes as a result of water ingress during the major crisis last year. Once these repairs are completed and their costs known we will be back to normal.

In 2012, the greenhouse gas content of the atmosphere is going up fast and in time may be as high as many thousands years ago, when the earth was hot and steamy, there were no ice caps and the sea level was some 70 meters higher than at present. The book is a very good read. If you come across it, read it, you cannot put it down.

Our next major social events will be a another Variety Evening, with the aid of the Saracens Theatre Company on October 28th - to get the Autumn season off to a good start! All profits from events will go to enhance the roof repair fund. John Davies

Wiebina Heesterman



A great way to get regular updates about what’s going on in the area, from changes in bus timetables and routes to the latest news activities. To be added to the E news list call Donald Fripp on 0121 604 3843 or email; Behold the Centenary Girl - Phyllis Townsend

Weoley Hill Coffee Mornings

One hundred hearty cheers to dear 'young' Phyllis Townsend turned a hundred earlier this year. The entire congregation of Weoley Hill United Ref o r m e d Church celebrated with her the following Sunday the 19th. She was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a framed photo of the congregation, and she cut a special 100th birthday cake.

The Post Office on Fox Hill Island was a traditional meeting place for local residents for many years. Several attempts were made to keep the Post Office open, but it was closed and moved it to Swarthmore Road. At a Weoley Hill Village Council Meeting a decision was made to start a monthly coffee Morning at the village hall. We met once a month to chat, relax and enjoy the company of neighbours and friends. We had regular visits from the Police Community Officers, Local clergy, Bournville Village Trust representatives and local councillors. We raised money for St Mary’s Hospice and Macmillan Nurses. We enjoyed celebrating Christmas, special birthdays and anniversaries. The Coffee Mornings meet on the second Monday in the month. Christine McCauley is the current organiser and is very enthusiastic, introducing new ideas. The average attendance was around 30, however, recently this has dropped due to advancing years. Unfortunately we do not appear to attract the younger generation.

Like many others we at Weoley Hill Church feel very privileged to be associated with Phyllis. She reminds me of what the bible records of Moses that at 'a hundred and twenty years old... his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone' (Deuteronomy 34:7). I pray that at 100 we too will also be strong and about, and will recognise that all we have come from God.

I retired in December 2011 after 13 happy. A special thank you to the regular helpers without whom I could not have managed. Many residents look forward to these monthly meetings to keep in touch with friends, especially those living on their own. Liz Edwards



Selly Oak Quaker Meeting House, Bristol Road (opposite St Mary’s Church), Mondays in term time 12.30-2.30. For pregnant women and parents with babies up to about 1. Come for a drink and a chat and meet other new parents. For more details contact Helen on 07876 163356

An item in the Guardian needs urgent attention: referring to research by Europe’s environmental watchdog, the European Environment Agency. It warns about the danger from common household chemicals. Not only are they detrimental to wildlife and the environment, these household products , cosmetics and medicines can be causing cancers, fertility problems and other illnesses including diabetes and obesity. Many of these products contain endocrine disruptors, that is chemicals which interfere with the hormone systems of animals including of human beings. So far, no ban on specific produces has been proposed. However, the executive director of the EEA singled out five classes of chemicals: phtalates, often found in insecticides and in certain soft plastics, bisphenol A and other PCBs, used to make plastics, parabens found in sunscreen and the chemicals used in contraceptives. We had better be careful using chemicals of these types. Wiebina Heesterman

For more information; Tel: 0121 414 3003 Email: Web:


BOURNVILLE FREEHOLDERS AND LEASEHOLDERS ASSOCIATION Chairman: Jack Hynds, 55 Green Meadow Road, 8B29 4DD; 476 5248 Secretary: Graham McCauley, 22 Weoley Hill, B29 4AD; 244 0837 Treasurer: John Ankcorn, 23 Swarthmore Road, B29 4NQ; 475 2612 Website:

Look after your eyes! A professional sight care service for all the family. We are part of the Birmingham & Black Country Diabetic Eye Screening Service. Driver’s DVLA registered visual field testing. Try our wide range of budget to designer frames and get our best advice on lenses, tints and coatings.

Sarah Willock BS c (Hons) MChS SRC h State Registered

Williams Optometrist

Telephone 0121 603 5325

8A Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak B29 6HX 0121 472 0211



Open from 08:00 hours to 23:00 hours for community related issues and concerns and the recording of incidents and events. Please note, the base is open for advice and support when officers are available between patrols. 0345 113 5000 ext 7630 6060 (Shenley Base) Ext 7822 6714 (Bournville Office) If you would like further advice from the Weoley Neighbourhood Team please call 0345 113 5000 or email them via



Royal Orthopaedic Hospital “The Hospital in the Garden” Garden Volunteers Needed!

Weoley Hill Village News has been published since the 1950s. Recently there have been a few changes with the way the newsletter is put together. The future is looking bright and we promise to deliver this newsletter to the high standards that you are used to. We need your contributions. It sometimes might become necessary to cut or shorten your contributions to fit everything in. If you wish to advertise in this newsletter please contact us on 07932004676 or

The University School Proposals at Westhill College

Local people in the Weoley Castle and Northfield area will no doubt know the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital on the Bristol Road. Many patients often referred to it as “The Woodlands”, named after the original house and gardens, generously donated by the Cadbury family in 1909, for use as an orthopaedic hospital for children. Now a specialist hospital for adult and paediatric orthopaedic care, much of the original grounds with formal rose beds, grassy lawn and beautiful trees has been absorbed by expansion of facilities. However there still remains the firm belief that this “hospital in the garden” provides a wonderful environment, which enhances patient recovery and staff wellbeing, one which we passionately want to preserve for future generations to enjoy and benefit from.

For the past couple of years one of the big questions hanging over Weoley Hill has been the future of the Westhill College site. Westhill College merged with the University in 2001 and subsequently its courses were moved to the main university campus at Edgbaston. Archibald House and the surrounding buildings are being used by the BBC. The site does contain some notable buildings such as Archibald House and the row of cottages that sit alongside the Green that are excellent examples of the defining BVT architect W.A Harvey and are Grade 2 listed.

The University aims to establish a secondary school specialising in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) and the Westhill campus was the preferred site. This raised a number of concerns about the impact of any new school: 1. Parking and impact on local roads, particularly Fox Hill and Weoley Park Rd in the morning and evenings when pupils are going to and leaving the school We are looking to build up an enthusiastic team of volunteers with a love of gardening and a little time to spare. If you would 2. Impact on the buildings already on the site like to have fun, meet like-minded people, gain valuable experi- 3. Catchment area of the new school ence and help preserve this local landmark within the community, this might be the opportunity for you! Alan Moody and Richard Trengrouse from the Weoley Hill Village Council met with Tracey Lancaster, the University’s If you are interested in finding out more please contact Andrew Director of External relations and Ian Barker-Director of EsHogben (volunteer) on 0121 476 9778 or Gail Booth (Volunteer tates. The main points coming out of the discussion were: Administrator) on 0121 685 4226. 1. The school would be located on the empty site on the junction of Weoley Park Rd and Bristol Rd and would incorporate the existing Orchard learning Centre and the Frank Price building. The university is looking at options for new building that would involve the demolition of the Frank Price building and its replacement with a much larger building with high ‘Green’ credentials. 2. The school would be a mixed ability 11 to 18 compreStarlight Strollers - Raising Thousands for Hospice hensive specialising in STEM subjects with a catchment Hundreds of dedicated supportarea roughly in line with the City boundaries. ers of Birmingham St Mary’s 3. The capacity of the school will be up to 1100 pupils Hospice took to the streets on Saturday, July 7, for the char- 4. That it will be a key part of the teacher training provision ity’s fifth Starlight Stroll. 5. The University is in discussions with both Centro and the City Council to look at the most appropriate methods The ladies-only eight-mile sponof traffic management sored walk is on course to raise at least £22,100, for the Selly 6. There would be no access to the school from Fox Hill Park-based Hospice, which exists to ensure families across Birmingham and Sandwell get the best possible care when facing life-limiting illnesses and bereavement.

The University will undertake a full local consultation as part of the second stage of their application. Ian and Tracey said that they would talk to Weoley Hill Village Council to ensure that local residents are kept fully appraised of developments and we offered the use of the Village Hall for The total will fund hundreds of hours of care and support for patients and their loved ones. The event began at the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston at any exhibitions or public consultations the University might want to arrange. 10pm, with the final of the 200 walkers crossing the finish line at around 2am. Starlight Stroll wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support of volunteers. Starlight Stroll followed a route around Harborne, Selly Park and Edgbaston. It was supported by Fitness First, which led the pre-Stroll warmup and donated water for the event.


Lets watch out for future developments! Richard Trengrouse

Back to the beginning at Weoley Hill The Weoley Hill Estate was formerly part of Park Cottage Farm, it was purchased by the Bournville Village Trust in 1911. By this time the Village of Bournville had extended on three sides to the boundary of the land belonging to the Trust. On the North was Corporation land, on the South a built-up area, and on the East the railway and canal. Towards the West remained the only possible direction for continued development. Already there was one off-shoot from Bournville in existence. The Bournville Tenants Limited, had leased twenty acres of the Estate, about the upper part of Wood- lands Park Road (sic), and developed it along Bournville lines. This copartnership scheme has produced nearly one hundred and fifty houses. The Trustees thought that as the land immediately West of and adjoining the Village was unsuitable for extensive building, it would be better to form a development Company in the form of a Public Utility Society, in which Funds belonging to the Trust might be invested, so that development might be concentrated on another portion of the Estate. By the acquisition of Park Cottage Farm, an ideal site was obtained. During 1912 preparations were made for the development of this area. The lay-out was given most careful consideration. Mr. Raymond Unwin prepared a plan to include about eighty acres. Mr. S. A. Wilmot also prepared a lay-out which in due course was adopted. It is interesting to note that during the gradual course of development of the Estate the lay-out plan, except for a few minor alterations, remains as at first designed. Generous provision has been made for open spaces, recreation grounds, tennis courts etc. When development has been completed, there will be a complete village of about 650 houses, with schools, shops, and church. A piece of ground about nine acres in area has been assigned by George Cadbury to the Central Council of the Selly Oak Colleges. The Society, to carry on the work, was registered in 1913 under the name of Weoley Hill, Limited, the Estate being known from that time as "Weoley Hill." The present Directors are Mrs. George Cadbury, Mrs. Geoffrey Hoyland, George Cadbury, Edward Cadbury, Laurence]. Cadbury, George Norman Cadbury, Kenneth H. Wilson, and Arthur S. Dean. An agreement was entered into with the Bournville Village Trust to develop approximately seventy acres in twenty years, the Society taking up small plots as required. The Trust, however, reserved the right to pass all plans, to control the cutting down of trees and to dig for sand and gravel. Arrangements were made with the City Corporation for the provision of a large outfall sewer for t he Estate. Building began in 1914, and the first cottages, fronting on Bristol Road, also those in Witherford Way as far as its junction with what is 'now Fox Hill, were completed in 1915. The further development of the Estate was necessarily delayed during the continuance of the war, but by the end of 1919 building began again, this time on the higher part of the Estate, a number of houses being completed during the latter half of 192'0. Since then rapid progress has been made, and up to March, 1927, the total number of houses completed was 217. Other recent developments include a well-equipped Village Hall (erected partly by subscription), a fountain, tennis courts, bowling green and allotment gardens. The preservation of the old trees in various places, and the progressive development of the new gardens, give the Estate a very attractive appearance. The numerous rockeries on the steeper parts of the hillsides are a particularly interesting feature. Extracts from Weoley Hill Estate, Handbook Spring 1927 published by Weoley Hill Village Council Prepared by Robert Booth

Search for Photographs The Bournville Society committee is preparing material for a booklet to include photographs documenting the dramatic and the subtle changes that have taken place in Bournville over the years. Many changes are well documented photographically, others are not but may be captured on personal and family photographs taken over the years. The committee is interested to hear from any resident who may have photographs, taken during their lifetime, which have captured this Bournville history and who are willing to allow the photographs to be copied for this project. For further information please contact R Booth 0121 475 6814


Northfield Baptist Community Restaurant Are you looking for somewhere to meet a friend for coffee or a meal? Don’t fancy cooking for yourself but would appreciate some home cooking?





Have you tried the Restaurant or Coffee Shop at Northfield Baptist Church on the Bristol Road in the centre of Northfield?


Coffee Shop open 10.00 am to 1.30 pm Restaurant open 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm pm Weekdays only

Residents are reminded that any external proposed alterations to properties on the Estate must first have the consent of the Trust before work is commenced. In some cases, planning consent will also need to be sought from Birmingham City Council and it is always advisable to contact the Council to ascertain if the proposed alterations require Local Authority approval.

Main courses cost £3.50, Jacket potatoes, Salads, and “Lite Bites” are also available at lower prices. Coffee and biscuit cost just 50p per cup. Clean, friendly premises, come and see for yourselves

Residents are also reminded that they need to apply if installing a satellite dish. A satellite dish must not be visible to the public.

ST. DAVID'S CHURCH, SHENLEY GREEN All residents are encouraged to refer to the Bournville Estate Design Guide which provides advice on the procedures and guidelines which the Trust refer to when considering alterations to their properties.

We have a Coffee Shop open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am until 12.00noon.

An application, along with relevant fees, will need to be made when considering any of the following alterations:Single and two storey extension - Conservatory - Windows, doors, soffits, guttering - Roof Replacement Energy Saving Devices - Burglar alarms - Loft conversions & dormer windows - Porches Sheds and other garden structures - Driveway alterations - Garages and garage conversions The list is not comprehensive and you should check with the Trust if you are in any doubt before starting work. All alterations are considered on a case by case basis and applications are considered within the context of the property itself. If you have any queries concerning a proposed alteration, please feel free to contact our Estate Team on any of the following telephone numbers: 0121 415 6483/6423/6475

OUR LADY & ST ROSE OF LIMA CATHOLIC CHURCH Gregory Avenue, Weoley Castle B29 5DY

Contact the Parish Priest Fr. Gary Buckby 0121 475 1634 WEEKEND MASSES

Satellite Dishes A number of locals have voiced their concerns that there are a lot of new satellite dishes popping up in the Weoley Hill area. They are very visible and are clearly not hidden from public view. People have sent photographs of what they believe is harming the beauty and uniqueness of living within the BVT. Should people ensure that their satellite dishes be hidden from public view? We would like to hear your views and comments regarding visible satellite dishes, please write to . 10

Saturday 5.15pm—Sunday 11.00 am Confessions Saturday 4.30 – 5.00 pm Baptisms by arrangement


• We extend an invitation to women of all ages to join us. • We offer friendship and companionship • We have well-supported Scrabble, lunch and handicraft groups

• We enjoy trips out to places of interest • We have a speaker at most of our meetings Why not come along and join us at The Friends Meeting House, Linden Road, Bournville at 2:00pm on the 4th Monday of each month (except August and December)

COUNCILLOR EDDIE FREEMAN ADVICE DESK Birmingham City Councillor for the Weoley Ward holds an evening advice desk at Weoley Hill Village Hall on the third Friday of the month (excluding Public Holidays) From 7.30pm to 8.00 0r 8.30 no appointment necessary


10.30 am Morning Worship and Junior Church (Choir 9.30) 2.00 pm Birmingham Korean Congregation 6.00 pm Fellowship of United Reformed Youth (FURY) Mondays 9.30–11.30 am Little Sunshines 6.15-7.30 pm Brownies 7.30-9.00 pm Guides Tuesdays 7.00–8.00 pm Slimming World Wednesdays 9.30-11.30 am Little Sunshines 1.00 pm Lunch club (first week of each month, book in advance) 2.30-3.30 pm Friendship Group (second week of each month) 6.00 pm Cubs 7.30 pm Scouts Thursdays 2.00–3.00 pm Tai Chi 7.00–9.00 pm Tai Chi 8.00-9.00 pm Prayer Meeting at the Manse (5 Weoley Hill) Saturdays 9.30–1.30 pm Korean School Minister: Revd George Kalu, 0121 472 0730 Church Secretary: Mrs Ann Evans, 0121 628 4558 Lettings Secretary: Mrs Rosemary Hay, 0121 472 0674 All are welcome to our services. For further details about our services or any of our other activities please contact the Church Secretary or the Minister. Our website at where an up-to-date diary is published each month. Lunch Club Anyone wishing to have a home cooked lunch on the first Wednesday of the month please contact Ann Evans on 628 4558 for details. Harvest We will be holding our Harvest Supper on Saturday 29th September in the John Kydd Hall at Weoley Hill Church. Sunday 30th September will be our Harvest Festival Service at 10.30 am and also ‘Back to Church Sunday’. Please check our website or watch out for publicity nearer the time.

Come and Sing! We are a community choir, rehearsing weekly at Rowheath Pavilion in Bournville on Wednesday evenings, 7.30 – 9.30 pm. Our aim is to enjoy making music while raising money for various local charities. We are a friendly choir, singing music of various styles, ranging from classical to pop, folk songs to gospel. We are directed by Matt Beckingham, much in demand as a Conductor and an Orchestrator.


We are keen to welcome new members this autumn and start rehearsals on 5 September. You can join our ‘Learn to Sing in 6 Weeks’ course on 31 October at 6.15 pm. For more information, please ring Sue on 0121 475 4005 or visit our website:

For more information about these events please contact Tony Pashley on 604 5721.

A Tribute to Sheila Margaret Dunn 27th October 1938 -18th April 2012 This is a celebration of the Life of a person who has contributed so much to the life of her family, her friends and the local community. Sheila served on the Weoley Hill Village Council for many years, organising social events, arranging regular talks in the Village Hall. She was great supporter of the Bonfire Nights, helped by her husband Maurice, selling refreshments in the cold dark nights with a cheerful smile – nothing deterred her. She was a great believer in the Family Christmas Party and her help with games and refreshments was invaluable. It was a great loss to the Village Council when she retired from the Council as she was so reliable and committed. She continued to give support to the Community Coffee Morning. Sheila joined the Weoley Hill Bowling Club in 1991; her contribution to the club has been tremendous. She was a active member of the club’s Management team. Her experience and loyalty was most valued. Her talent in organising raffles at every event were exceptional enabling the club to benefit. She also was instrumental in the production of a Cookery Book and a yearly Calendar for the club. Sheila was a skilled bowler and won the Ladies Doubles in 1997 and Ladies Cup in 1998, she was captain in 2001 Last year her positive attitude through out her illness enabled her to organise and win League Games and to reach two Ladies Cups Finals. This was a great achievement. Sheila was the Queen of the Scrabble Club and deserved an award for her Bread Pudding. She will be remembered for always being there for us, for her valued contribution to the community and for her courage. Liz Edwards



Weoley Hill Village Hall Bookings Monday

10:30-12:00 2nd Mon. of Month Coffee Morning

13:15-15:45 Art


20:00-22:00 Folk Dance

16:15-17:15 After School Club

FUTURE COPY DATES FOR WHVN 14:00-16:00 Scrabble



10:00-12:00 Art



fortnightly during Winter

18:15-19:15 Bums Tums & Thighs

16:00-17:00 After School Club

19:30-21:00 Yoga

14:30- 17:00 Badminton

19:00-22:00 Art Talks Occasional Wednesday 19:30-21:30 Wine Circle (see advert) 19:00-20:00 Zumba

15:00-16:30 Badminton (not summer) 10:00-13:00 Art

16:00-19:30 After School Club

11th February 2013

SUN 30th SEP 2012 Accordion Concert by Karen Street at Weoley Village Hall @ 2.00 pm SAT 3rd NOV 2012 - Bonfire & Fireworks in Weoley Hill Parkway gates open @ 6.00 pm WED 21st NOV 2012 - Weoley Village Council AGM

19:30- 22:30 Badminton

3rd Friday (not August) 19:30 Gillettt Room, Advice Coun. Eddie Freeman Saturday


Exercise Class 11:00-17:00 Baroque Dancing monthly

Saturdays & Sundays

SAT 8th Dec 2012 Family Christmas Party at Weoley Village Hall @ 2.30 pm

1930-2130 Occasional Sats Wine Circle (see advert)

Sat 19th SEP Wine Circle topic ‘The season 'Spain'

17:45-20:15 Ballroom dancing

Functions, Art Exhibitions, Meetings, Wakes, Craft Fayres, Blessings, Folk Dance, Whist Drives, Bowling Club events. NB Book your own parties!

THURS 1st Nov Wine Circle topic 'Young and Old'

You may visit the classes at the appropriate time to gain information. If you require further information regarding the above classes or hall booking please contact the caretaker Ann Belsey on 0121 624 0316

Have you seen cars parked like this? WEOLEY HILL VILLAGE COUNCIL

Hall Management Committee: To all regular Hall users There have been several improvements to the Hall facilities recently, including the construction of disabled and baby-changing facilities and the provision of additional storage for users' equipment. We have refurbished the men's, and subsequently the women’s toilets. While a significant proportion of the costs of these have been borne by BVT, the remainder of the funding has been made by the Council, these funds of course arising from Hall hire charges. We need to maintain these charges at a rate both to meet inflationary costs on utilities etc, and to provide a capital fund to enable steady improvements to Hall facilities. Alan Moody, Chairman, Hall Management Committee

WEOLEY HILL WINE CIRCLE 2012 Programme A PROMPT start at 7.30pm gives us more tasting and sampling time!

BOURNVILLE TREE WARDENS SUPPORTED BY : BOURNVILLE VILLAGE TRUST & THE TREE COUNCIL For more information, please contact the Secretary, Anita Gowing, by emailing, or telephone 0121 415 6436.

Please can everyone park sensibly and not park their vehicles on the grass verges and pavements. When vehicles are parked on pavements it causes unnecessary difficulty for wheelchair and pram users and parking on grass leaves damaged verges. Please be considerate towards pedestrians. When possible could residents make an effort to park on their driveways keeping roads clear. Please encourage your visitors to park sensibly too. Lets keep our footpaths free from cars. If cars are parked over footpaths the police can issue fines. Remember you are making a difference!

All the information is included by the editors in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of going to press. Weoley Hill Village Council accepts no responsibility for error and views expressed are not necessarily those of the Council. WHV News; we want you to make a contributions or suggestions for the newsletter to


The plastic waste bins can suffer damage. If you need new blue and/or green plastic recycling bins call 0121 303 1112 or


Weoley Hill Autumn Newsletter  

Weoley Hill Autumn Newsletter