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Submitted by: MARTIN R. RETUERMA STUDENT# 5819

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TASK 1: RADIO SCRIPT For airing at 1700, a public service announcement about the faith and struggles of families who live on Smokey Mountain will be broadcasted by OZ Radio Network. DJ BigBro features Martin Retuerma, a social worker who is part of the project entitled ‘Hope for a Planet in Peril’ speaks to the GYM’s to compel their engagement in community service.

Intro OZ Radio Ident Jingle (7 seconds) Cue immediately to DJ BigBro “Hello and welcome to OZ Radio! We’ve got heaps of new tracks and gossips for you today, but first I would like to introduce to our avid listeners, Mat Retuerma, a social worker who is part of the project entitled ‘Hope for a Planet in Peril’. Welcome to OZ Radio Martin!” Cue Guest (Mat) “Thank you DJ BigBro! This is just going to be short & quick! Do you know that in a metropolitan area in the Philippines, there are children and families sleeping & living on mountains of garbage?” Play track Heal the World by Michael Jackson and lower volume to background noise level while guest talks. Cue Dj BigBro “Oh really? I never heard anything about garbage mountain. That is ridiculous! Did I hear it correctly that there are also kids who live there? I can’t believe it!” Cue Guest (Mat) “Yes, that is right! A vast garbage dump in Manila called Smokey Mountain serves a wealth for hundreds of children and families living there. They survive and fill their empty stomachs by scavenging through the mountain of rubbish and dies progressively because of the threat it poses on their health. They don’t bother the stinking waste and yet utilizes what can still be used and sold to recycling industries. Rotten food has become part of their daily banquet” Cue Dj BigBro “That was shocking and saddening, Mat!” I can’t believe people can survive in that misery” That is so heartbreaking!” Cue Guest (Mat) “Yes, indeed! That is why I am here today to encourage the listeners especially the youngsters to engage themselves and join me as I pledge for hope by supporting our project entitled --Hope for a Planet in Peril” Cue Dj BigBro “Go on Mat… Encourage everyone to join your campaign” Cue Guest (Mat) “If you are interested in joining our organization, if you wanted to be a part of helping and saving these families, if you would like to donate or volunteer to make a difference in their lives , you may reach us through this email address or contact us at this toll free number 1-800-LOVE. Otherwise, you may check our website or visit our facebook page-- SmokeyMountainPhilippines to know more about our crusade. I am looking forward to all your MARTIN R. RETUERMA / STUDENT# 5819

Page |3 responses. That’s all” Cue Dj BigBro “Thank you very much Mat! We admire your kindness and support. I am sure your story has touched the hearts of our audiences” Cue Guest (Mat) “Thanks for having me here!” When guest ends talk, start ambient background music while DJ talks. Cue Dj BigBro “Up next is about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s break up. But before that, let’s get some music on and listen to Miley’s Wrecking Ball… Stay tuned…” End of Segment Cue track Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

This radio script/advertisement is effective in engaging its audience since it discoursed striking information. The guest speaker immediately injected his purpose by using interesting and captivating dialogues. His chosen words stimulate the listeners’ creative minds by building photographic imagery of how the Smokey Mountain looks like. Without seeing the location yet, audiences can feel the despair of that certain area in Manila, Philippines. The dilemma between survival and hope were emphasized by the speaker as he described how the inhabitants scavenge through the mountainhigh and smelly rubbish just to sustain life and have something to eat. Hearing that will definitely increase the feeling of pity and raise the awareness of audiences that there are masses of people who struggle for survival. It will as well uplift radio listeners’ spirit and realize how fortunate they are for not experiencing the same misfortune Smokey Mountain people had to live day by day. Moreover, the speaker called the attention of the listeners and especially the youngsters to join the crusade. Specifying the target population earnestly pleas for their cooperation and commitment. The name of the project itself – Hope for a Planet in Peril is very striking to the ear thus; every listener’s curiosity will rise. The different ways of possible engagement were identified as well. Donating, volunteering and joining were mentioned. Options to reach the organisation were handed through their website, Facebook page, email address and contact number. Being widely accessible anytime (e.g. social media,) aside from radio airing is a strategic approach and an efficient tactic of the organisation to convince their target since vast number of publics especially youngsters make use of the internet.


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