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Thursday, December 6-12, 2018





The pics from Sheebah’s Omwooyo concert...P.6

Ginuwine impressed, Michael Ross missed...P.7

How Abenakyo achieved Museveni’s 30-year dream in one day MUSIC


Chandiru to perform at Chameleone concert...P.8

Nasty C to perform in Uganda this month...P.8

INTERVIEW Up and Close with Sheila Gashumba... P.3

EVENTS Saba-Saba Concert to be lit...P.5

2 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, December 6 - 12 , 2018

Seven Days

Social Media I Trending I Vibe

NEWS DIGEST Museveni rejects move to halt BoU investigation Ayesiga Grace Could some cabinet members be deal that led to the closure of the banks. There is a big why here as to why they are concerned to halt the probe Stephen Rex Olukor Whatever is happiis a postmortem. The central bank was more than rotten 10 years ago. Twinomugisha Lambert despite the position she looks malnourished Nakimera Shila After hiding all da documents of da bank en she thinks dat all is well!!!! Mhhh!!

BoU security officials charged with negligence over stolen documents

Canan Kiboma A suspect at any level is a subject to investigation and if proved guilty must be dealt with accordingly,No wander “Delaying Tactics” is also asolution.

Beatrice Kyambadde and Charles Mollo who are attached to Bank of Uganda’s security office have been sent to Luzira Prison for allowing Justine Bagyenda to take three bags out without security checks leading to the disappearance of closed bank documents. The two officials appeared before City Hall Court yesterday and they have been remanded until December 6.

Nelson Davids It’s a scapegoat senerio please Ugandans let’s not be so harsh to the Grand mother. Ronnie Dk Does M7 want to you in the first place yo under his feet Amagusha Amagusha Who closed banks. BoU / government or some tiny woman called Bagyenda! Bwambale Gilbert Gift As they say that too much of anything is always bad, alot of money has eaten Bagyenda’s legs Mansour Mustafa Dear God ,help her see the wisdom in wearing long dresses. David Lubega Hihijiji Bagyenda must be a man wearing dresses, COSASE should check her first, & I doubt if the really measure up to her aptitude, the fellow is above! Brian Kasimbi But is she OK or she needs to be somewea but not in a questioning cos she may collapse if more qns is poured to her,

The bouncers pretended not to know that I am one of the best artistes — Michael Ross State Minister for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania After making the best highlight of the weekhad a rough time in Parliament when members end, faded singer Michael Ross Kakooza raised a number of questions on the E-passport According to Ethics Minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo has that government plans to roll out next year. said that all preachers in the country will be required has spoken out on being flashily thrown off stage by bouncers during the Ginuwine perto have theological training before opening up a Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga wonformance at the Johnnie Walker Soul and dered under which local legal framework the church. This he says is to protect Ugandans from RnB Safari at Speke Resort Munyonyo. misleading messages and wrongful Biblical interpassports were being introduced while some “I was seated behind in the VIP, and I heard members said the shs250,000 fee for ordinary pretation by the ‘Men of God.’ Lokodo also added passports would be un-affordable for most that the new policy will also seek to enforce financial my favourite song ‘differences’ play. I think Ugandans yet owning a passport was a right. accountability and transparency among the churches that time spirits of music took me up and I by tasking the church leaders to declare their sources just saw myself jumping on the stage,” the singer said. of income. MPs question new passport fees

pastors to have theological training, declare sources of income — Government

Just forfor laughs Just laughs

Aisha Bint Nuhu Mustapha But some human beings are oba like what, of all the money she has nga and she looks like this ehhh sente bana muzika nzo alinga ava ku life support uganda taabu. Ongaria Omuddukong Nickolas I’pray Mrs Bagyenda Justine overcomes her demons, evil wicked negative energy and Almighty God guides her braveness to do the right thing and be remorseful to Ugandans.

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Nicholas Bamulanzeki @bamulanzeki Let’s vote for our own Miss Uganda @QuiinAbenakyo for the #MissWorld2018 crown. Iryn Namubiru @irynnamubiru Put Your Multiple Accounts ( “Fake” Accounts” for some) to Good Use! VOTE FOR MISS UGANDA in the Miss World Contest. You can easily sign in with INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or GOOGLE Account. Let’s make UGANDA PROUD. Imperium Miss@imperium_miss Already this Saturday, December 8, we will know who is the winner of this year’s Miss World edition. The grouping, during which 118 candidates compete in mini-competitions („fast tracks”) and take part in events is slowly coming to end..

Thursday, December 6-12, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 3

Interview I Balling


I love Bobi Wine and respect Barbie so much – Gashumba What inspired you to start up Baller’s party? Well, the year has been good to be honest and I have been balling all year so my team and I thought about doing a Baller’s Party to end the year with a different club life style party. Is it going to be an annual event? Twice a year; (Easter and Christmas). Are you trying to bring back Zari’s White Party legacy in form of the Baller’s party? Not at all! I respect and love Zari but Baller’s Party is a different concept. The event is going to be different. Like i said It’s a different lifestyle we want to introduce to ballers and Kampala Party People, during the event the music won’t be the usual music played in clubs, the bottle service will be different and lots of other things. Those who will attend will tell you more about what they will have seen. Why did you choose Navy Kenzo? Well first of all, they are personal friends of mine and so are their managers. We met at MTV awards Africa 2016. This year has been amazing to them. The music is doing great in Uganda and I’m sure you agree with me. I did a poll around the DJs because I know they know what people love more than me and I serried down to Navy Kenzo. I don’t regret my choice. A lot has been said about you and your Father Frank Gashumba not being in good terms. Is it true the two of you are fighting? Fighting?? Lol!! Not at all social media has a lot going on. My father and I are cool and we will always be. People keep on assuming maybe because I’m not the type to always come out to clear things. Are you now residing at Pearl of Africa Hotel? Well, it’s just a hotel like any other. I can decide to check into my hotel any time I want if I want to have my own space but am not fully residing at Pearl of Africa. What’s your secret? How have you managed to stay relevant in this competitive industry? To be honest, I take each step as it

is, most people rush and fall. Before I do something I have to envision it for a couple of years. Most people think about something and do it the next day then fail. I’m different. I study the Ugandan market, find out what is missing or what people like and give them exactly that. You have to be smart and in between these years, I have met people out of Uganda who know more than me. I had to take notes. Every day is a learning lesson for me in this industry. What’s your relationship with ‘God’s plan’? Lol!! But God’s plan is a song? Is there a person called God’s plan? I know the song by Drake. Yes, there’s a person called God’s plan who has been linked to you. Okay, let me inform those who didn’t know that God’s plan is a song not a person. What’s your take on your former colleagues that have been snatched by NBS. Have you been approached by it yet? Well, to be honest I wish everyone the best and everyone is entitled to their decisions as long as they favour them. I am with NTV. You have been on NTV for a longtime doing the same. What’s your next plan? I love THE BEAT and THE STYLE PROJECT. NTV is Family. The rest I will announce. What’s your relationship status? Am not searching. What’s your take on the political state of the country, Bobi wine and People power? To be honest, am in my own bubble and politics is not among my problems but I love Bobi wine and respect him more so Barbie is a strong woman, I love her. What should we expect from Gash Glam? What’s your client target? Grand opening is in January. Expect the best; anyone who wants to be stylish is my client. What’s your message to all the girls that look up to you? Nothing as beautiful as following your dreams but carry your smart head with you. Live life but responsibly. The world is big enough for all of us to win.

4 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, December 6-12, 2018


Beauty I Brains

How Abenakyo achieved Museveni’s 30-year dream in just one day of work BY ALEX TAREMWA


n all his campaign manifestos since assuming the office of the President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni outlined aspirations of having a united country working together for prosperity and modernization. Thirty three years later, Museveni’s unity aspiration has remained on paper as most of the country is still tribal, sectarian and religious centred. This has not been helped by the questionable sharing of the national pie, the rampant nepotism in job recruitments and promotions in the army, police and other spheres of the civil service. Don’t be surprised when you read ‘unity’ as one of the plans on Museveni’s 2021 campaign poster. Fortunately, Museveni does not need to look further to find examples of leaders on whom to benchmark when it comes to unity than the current Miss Uganda, Quiin Abenakyo. The 22-year-old Business Computing student

at the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) achieved Museveni’s 33-year dream in less than one day without even splashing shilling or visiting the ghetto youths in the sweaty armpits of Kamwokya or Bweyogerere. In less than one, she had summoned what is left of every Uganda’s patriotism from all walks of life to cast a vote for her to bring the Miss World 2018 crown home. From staunch members of the opposition to the Museveni die-hards, Abenakyo effortless brought them on the same table, with the same objective without using state machinery or resources. Having broken into the Miss World Top 30 courtesy of her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ projects that seeks to end teenage pregnancies, Abenakyo ran a spirited social media campaign that undoubtedly brought the best out of Ugandans a single mention of tribe, religious or political affiliation. Government handlers and opposition propagandists alike have been urging Ugandans to vote owing to the fact that the top 30 nod is

Uganda’s first ever in the history of the global pageant. The Government Media Centre, former FDC Presidential Aspirant, Moses Byamugisha, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, ICT Minister Frank Tumwebaze, KCCA Executive Director, Jennifer Musisi, are among members of the political circles that have put aside their differences to swing support behind the beauty queen. Even musical nemesis, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have for once agreed that a victory at the Miss World finals on Saturday in China will mean a lot for Uganda and have also thrown their egos and weight behind Abenakyo who trounced her Argentine counterpart on Sunday to scoop a place in the finals. Bobi Wine’s tribute was even more touching. He described Abenakyo as is a young, beautiful, intelligent and confident Ugandan who is raising our flag high at the Miss World 2018 pageant. “Quiin gave a moving speech in which she highlighted the plight of the girl child in Uganda. As Miss Uganda, she is working hard to keep the girl child in school because she believes that when you educate a girl, you are educating the entire community. Quiin has already made history,” he said urging his People Power supporters and Ugandans at large to vote in huge numbers. And indeed Ugandans have continued to shower Abenakyo with votes. By press time, the Mayuge born contestant had moved to almost eight spots to become firth on the leader board behind Nepal’s Shrinkhala Khatiwada, VY Tran of Vietnam, Enkhriimaa Erdenebaatar from Mongolia, India’s Anukreethy Vas and

Thailand’s Nicolene Pichapa. According to Godber Tumushabe, the

“Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have for once agreed that a victory at the Miss World will mean a lot for Uganda and have also thrown their egos behind Abenakyo.” Executive Director of The Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies, Ugandans have exhibited the true meaning of the popular phrase “People Power.” “If she wins, we all win and Uganda wins. Let’s show the world the true meaning of People Power,” Tumushabe said. Abenakyo has for the past few days become the unpaid face of most, if not all Uganda’s Corporate Brands as her face has been used on their promotional material as they laud their clients to vote. Her warm smile, seamless beauty, melanin skin and intelligence have made Abenakyo Uganda’s sweetheart. If she doesn’t win the crown, she will have set a template upon which everyone interested in unity building should follow. Only the Uganda Cranes have come close.

Thursday, December 6-12, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 5

Legend I Interview


Radio was the best in the game - Chameleone Chameleone has been on the music scene for a while and has become notable for his successful annual concerts. Trevor Taremwa caught up with him ahead of his Saba Saba concert as he reveals what makes him tick and why he is coming out guns blazing. simply a brother with whom we have agreed, disagreed, fought and matured. We are brothers and we respect each other just the same way.

Do we see you stand in 2021? I cannot put my word to that. If the need arises and I feel like I can make society better than I found it. Why not? We can


aba Saba, quite interesting for a concert name… Saba Saba reminds me of the time when I was born. There were canon guns at the Mutukula border at the time called Saba Saba. This time round, I am coming all out guns blazing for a whole energetic experience. You have been around the rehearsals, you have seen the energy, it is different. Talking of the energy, during last year’s rehearsals, one of the people that brought energy to this space was Radio, what it is the experience now without him? Words can’t really do justice to how much I miss Radio. The game is really not the same without him. We shall forever remember him and now, it is my role to carry on his legacy by producing the best of music I can. What happened to the initial concert dates, did you fear Sheebah was competition? I have done concerts, year in, year out. At times, it is only right that we let the young lights shine. It happened before with King Saha and with Aganaga but now, I and the same guys have smash hits. The industry is a garden and every flower can only blossom differently. You have literally reached your peak of success, what next after this? More music. Even next year, I have a concert as early as April. The industry needs me now than it needed me before. It is now time to rectify the wrong, shape what was not shaped and nurture the younger talents. Talking of nurturing young talent, what happened to Leone Island? Leone Island was a platform for fresh talent. I was simply the C.E.O who had his own journey to walk. I always try my best to help out other talents reach where I have reached, but only if they are willing. Leone Island will live on, at least for the right people. You have certainly been caught up in the political cross fire, what is your relationship with Bobi Wine? I do not want to politicize my relationship with Bobi. He is

only wait and see what the future holds.

Parting shot… Saba Saba come Friday. It is all about the music, nothing else and a lot of energy and a whole different Chameleone experience. Let the Leone Island family come and be part of it.


Thursday, December 6-12, 2018

Social Mix

Fun Time I What’s happening


OMWOOYO CONCERT Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Kalungi on Friday staged a successful and artistically choreographed concert dubbed Omwoyoo which attracted masses of supporters who flocked Hotel Africana to enjoy her music. Kalungi proved to her fans yet again that she can entertain with not just her voice but with her waist too.

Swagga Mama: Turning heads.

Show dehmmm: This is how to dance wankona kona.....

Friends forever: Having a good time.

Mummyoo: They sure are having fun.

Besties: Sharing is caring.

Joseph Sax: Adding jazz to the the Omwooyo concert.

Kabako: The running man.

Vinka: Sending off the Mapozi energy.

Sheebaholic diehards : Singing aloong.

Massive: Omwooyo turn up.

Thursday, December 6-12, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 7

Events I Party Time

On the Scene


Feeling at home: The Ruparelia’s and friends Don Rajiv: Discussin g business as usual.

Eyes on Ginuwine: Mark Ocitti, UBL’s Managing Director (R) at the show.

Lighs off: Show us your smart phones.

ah Heart to heart: Sheen . Ruparelia and a friend

It was a thrilling moment at Speke Resort Munyonyo lakeside as Ginuwine danced and sang legend Michael Jackson’s music at eleventh Johnnie Walker Soul and RnB Safari experience. Ginuwine went ahead to confess that it is because of Michael Jackson that he is able to sing. The revellers cheered and danced to the beats of the song. At the end of the performance, the crowd was still yearning for more The ‘In those jeans’ artiste also performed his songs like Same ol G, Pony, Differences which kept the crowd on their feet throughout the concert, as they sang and danced along.

Enjoying the show: Jackie Rugasira and UBL’s Annette Nakiyaga.

Chill: Agatha and a friend.

Lady Ballers: Keeping up with the IG life. Ginuwine: Snapping with Ugandan fine wine ladies.

Thrilled: When Pony gets you pulling the 90’s move.

Slaying: Show us your Ginuwine smile.

Wait! Another johnnie Walker bottle on the house.

Naava Grey: Exciting the crowd.

Love in the air: Aziz Azion performs Oxygen.

8 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, December 6-12, 2018


Who I What I Where

Victor Kamenyo gives Early bird tickets for the DJ SNAP up on Chozen Becky, OFF party already on sale takes on new singer S


erhaps one of the biggest music revelations of 2018, singer Chozen Becky of the Bankuza fame took the airwaves by storm! Singing in signature love theme of a wife prepared for household duties, the song has been a big hit in the introduction and marriage ceremonies’ markets. While these were all going on for her, it was not long before a better deal came her way. Previously under the stewardship of rapper Victor

Kamenyo, Chozen Becky found a new home under David Lutalo’s management. This was yet another fall out between singer and manager after Andy and B2C boys parted ways. Well, to bring you up to speed Victor Kamenyo seems serious with his newfound trade; talent management. After the short stint with Chozen Becky, he was moved on with one Flavia Mawagi. Like in a way to get back to Becky, the new singer sings in a similar laidback way.

outh African rapper, singer and song writer Nasty C will be performing live in Kampala come December at Club Guvnor, and as it looks it is safe to say all seems to be set as early bird tickets to the event are already on sale. The ticket are going for as low as shs30,000 with a special discount of buy three get one free at only 90,000. Better known for his feature on the hit song “Particula’’ were he features rapper Ice Prince and American star Jiddena, Nasty C has enjoyed extensive success at very early age with some of this singles like “Way it go” and “Juice Back” topping charts around Africa. The rapper will be in town to perform at the steadily growing DJ SNAP OFF party that is slated for December 21 next month. The night which has in the past featured both local and international artists from around Africa like Ghanaian singer Magnom is a DJ face off event were Guvnor hosts guest DJ’s to showcase their mixing skills as the patrons share the exciting performance live on popular social media handle Snap Chart. Tickets are also available on

Kenzo to start new year with 10th anniversary concert


ET Award winner Eddy Kenzo is set to celebrate his 10-year musical journey on the January 4, 2019 at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Kenzo thanked everyone that have been part of his journey and pleaded for forgiveness from all those he could have wronged. From the Yanimba featuring Mikie Wine, Kenzo

Flavia Mawagi

Jackie Chandiru to make a comeback at Chameleone’s Saba-Saba concert


x Blu-3 star Jackie Chandiru who has been in and out of rehab is set to make a musical comeback. Chandiru who recently gave her life to Christ during one of Pastor Kayanja’s will perform Jose Chameleone Saba-Saba concert tomorrow. The duo will sing their duet titled ‘Going on’ as the hit after hit justifies his legendary status. Chandiru has been religiously attending Chameleone’s rehearsals at Crystal Clear Studios in Kololo. Reports indicate she’s in good shape and ready to surprise her fans on Friday.

has promised to take fans on a journey down the memory from where he started to becoming one of Africa’s biggest musical names. Tickets will are going for Shs100, 000 (ordinary), and 300k (VIP). A table is at Shs3million and can be at all Airtel shops, Serena Hotel reception among other outlets.

Thursday, December 6-12, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 9

Fresh I Going Out


Here are the fashion designers set to showcase at the ASFAs Arguably Africa’s biggest red carpet fashion awards, the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards are back this Saturday at the Kampala Serena Hotel. To grace the occasion are top fashion designers from across the globe. Below is a list of designers lined up to showcase at the highly billed event. DAVID TLALE Renowned South African fashion designer Tlale needs no introduction. With a career spanning almost two decades, he is a legend in the fashion business. From his early humble beginnings, Tlale was a semi finalist at the 2002 South African Fashion Week in the category of Elle New Talent. Over the years, the man who started his career working from home has showcased at the prestigious New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week among others.

ANITA BERYL Born Anita Ahikiriza on January 11, 1986 in Bushenyi, Anita is a celebrated Ugandan fashion designer who started her fashion career when her education degree didn’t work out. She later decided to start her own fashion house BERYL COUTURE in Makindye, a Kampala suburb. Anita’s has showcased in various local and international fashion events included the Accra Fashion Week in Ghana, Swahili Fashion Week in Tanzania and most recently the World Fashion Week that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

LADUMA NGOXOKOLO fashar star ted his gner of the ye si e de ok TZ sp LI G be s ed hi The 2013 when he launch t 07 en st 20 si in in y s ne hi h ur ion jo ired’. Throug sp In o af At s ai mou line called ‘M ched his all fa n, he later laun . 11 20 in ai love for fashio M Weddings by d lle s conca hi e r lin fo e a femal nd Afric corgnised arou mber re nu en a be ith s w ha e e yl H sign and st de n io Men sh fa el to od clude M tributions name. These in s n hi io to sh s Fa de s la of acco in the Lago ar in ner of the year Ye ig e es th D n of r io ne sh Fa r Desig eek, Menswea and Design W y. el tiv ec resp 2010 and 2015


Laduma Ngoxokolo famously known for his clothing line MAKOSA BY LADUMA is a South African fashion designer born in Port Elizabeth in 1986. Laduma started his fashion journey in 2003 when he when he joined Lawson Brown High School. Ngoxokolo’s flair for knitwear design later earned him a bursary at Port Elizabeth’s Cape Wools and Mohair South Africa during his tech studies at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He has received numerous accolades such as the 2015 Vogue Italia Scouting for Africa prize to showcase his collections at the Palazzo Morando Show in Milan, Italy, and several scholarships.

10 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, December 6 - 12, 2018

Body & Soul

Living I Relating

THE SIGN-OUT BELL YOU CHOOSE NOT TO HEAR relate Unlocking the matters of the heart

HEALTH Want to look younger? Try these foods


geing is a natural part of life that cannot be avoided. However, the foods you eat can help you age better, both inside and out. The foods on this list can improve the function of your skin and help you look younger, and will also help you remain healthier and younger looking as you age.

which protect the skin from sun damage. However, the amount of flavanols varies significantly among different types of chocolate. Dark chocolate with a high flavanol content may protect against sun damage. It may also improve skin hydration, thickness and smoothness.




hey will tell you, it’s OK. He didn’t deserve you. It was not your fault that he screwed you up. Oh but it WAS your fault! You so deserved each other. Him as the manipulator and you as the ‘manipulatee’. I will tell you why. Women tend to underestimate their inner voices. The greatest possession we have that keeps safe all species. Our power of intuition is the first thing patriarchy suffocated. I believe it’s because of this power, in the days before the modern Church, that women were seen as goddesses. Able to keep humans in harmony with

If you don’t hear that bell, then hear this one: men know exactly what they want. They do not go out to buy a black tie and then come back with a red one because it had cute stripes

nature. Somewhere down the road, women were stripped of their power as the world quickly turned towards male domination. You are told to let men think for you. You believe that is how the world works. So you compromise with your inner voice. All sorts of bells ding from the rooftop but you ignore. Men know these things. They have a chapter in their Play Book which is dedicated entirely on how to shut down or manipulate a woman’s inner voice. One of the classic lines therein, albeit an old one, is, “Let’s take it slow and see what happens.” Such BS! By the time you get such a response it means you have already expressed your desire which is everything except taking things slow. That alone is a sign-out bell. If you don’t hear that bell, then hear this one: men know exactly what they want. They do not go out to buy a black tie and then come back with a red one because it had cute stripes. That, baby girl, is simply not how men operate. Alas, your inner voice tells you all these things and more if you choose to take advantage of its power...


Kissing in public isn’t really about showing affection, study reveals Like NOT AT ALL? Yes, really, lip locking in public has nothing to do with showing you are head over heels, according to one study.

What it is really about… Is showing off and trying to make others jealous. What’s the story?

Publicly displaying your affection isn’t entirely about affection at all, one study in the Journal of Sex Research found. After surveying 349 men and women aged 17 to 35 about their thoughts on seeing and engaging in PDA, University of Kansas researchers found that one third of the study participants made out with someone in public because they wanted other people to see it. But the motivation to do so was different between men and women. When guys engaged in PDA, it is because they thought it made them look good and helped them show off to their guy

friends (i.e., their competition). Basically, men like to prove that they can gain—and keep—the attention of an attractive woman because it enhances the way other guys perceive them. As for women? Over 50 percent of women in the study said they made out in public to make their ex—and even other women—jealous. One more thing; your lips are not the only thing she notices before puckering up, another study published in Evolutionary Psychology suggests. In one of several experiments, researchers surveyed nearly 200 women aged 18 to 24 about which physical features they notice the most when deciding to kiss someone. They asked the women to rate a list of traits on a scale of 1 to 4, from not important to extremely important. The best thing you can do if you are looking to lock lips? Brush your teeth. Women rated healthy-looking teeth as more important than the attractiveness of your face, body, or lips, the study found.

Green tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants, which can protect against elements that can cause a variety of health complications, not to mention accelerating signs of ageing. Green tea is particularly high in antioxidants called polyphenols, which can fight diabetes, insulin resistance, inflammation and heart disease. These polyphenols may also help protect collagen, the main protein in your skin. This may reduce and even partly reverse some signs of ageing.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish is truly an anti-ageing food. Its long-chain omega-3 fats are beneficial against heart disease, inflammation and ulcerative colitis, among many other diseases. Studies suggest that they may also protect against inflammation and damage that occurs during sun exposure.

Dark chocolate

The antioxidant profile of dark chocolate is second to none. Chocolate contains antioxidants known as flavanols,

Vegetables provide sun protection and may prevent damage to the skin. This is largely due to their strong antioxidant effects. They contain elements that help reduce the risk of heart disease, cataracts and cancer. Many vegetables are also high in carotenoids like beta carotene. These can protect against sun radiation, which can lead to skin ageing. Some of the best sources of beta carotene are carrots, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Vegetables with the highest vitamin C content include leafy greens, bell peppers, tomatoes and broccoli.


Tomatoes provide many impressive health benefits, several of which can be attributed to their high lycopene content. Lycopene can also protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Cooking tomatoes with healthy fats, such as olive oil, significantly boosts the absorption of lycopene into the body, and this may help reduce wrinkles.


Thursday, December 6 - 12, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 11

Study I Chillax I Live It



n a plan to recruit Cuban lecturers, Kyambogo University has reportedly rejected ten applicants from Cuba after they failed to meet the set minimum requirements. According to Prof Elly Katunguka, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, they had planned to recruit between 10-15 Cuban Professors but none of the applicants had a PhD. Kyambogo’s plan to recruit Cuban lecturers came following a Memorandum of Understanding between the university and the Ministry of Higher Education in Cuba where the two agreed that

Kyambogo receives Curriculum Vitae (CVs) of interested professors and the successful applicants would receive the same amount as that of Ugandan Professors. Each of the Cuban professors would earn UGX 7 million per month just like the other local Ugandan professors. Katunguka adds that in a bid to meet the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) minimum standards, they called upon local PhD holders to apply but didn’t receive much response as they expected, which later pushed them

to seek for international expertize. “One of the areas we looked at was Nigeria and Cuba. So we made a visit to Cuba around February and we came to the conclusion that Cubans were highly trained and competent and we could recruit some especially in areas of science,” Prof. Katunguka said. Katunguka adds that they have informed the Cuban government to identify more qualified candidates to apply for the available jobs. According to the standards set by the NCHE, a university should have at least 60% of its staff as PhD holders and having less than 10% is unacceptable. However, Kyambogo University currently has only two full professors and 16 Associate Professors. The NCHE further guides that each department in the university should have two full professors and two Associate Professors. Currently, Kyambogo University is estimated to have about 40 departments, which means that it requires about 80 professors if the university is to be fully equipped with the human resource necessary for masters and PhD programs. It should be noted that in November last year, the government threatened to hire Cuban medical experts following the continuous striking by the local doctors. Campus Bee

Campus Buzz OUR CRUSH

Matooke Republic’s crush this week is Ireeta Nickie from UCU

Makerere Lecturer Accused of Rape Set Free as Complainant Disappears


ollowing the disappearance of Vanessa Ntegesa, a Makerere University student who filed a rape case against her lecturer named Prof Christopher Bakuneta, the rape case against the later has been withdrawn by the Directorate of Public Prosecutions. The decision was reached after the key witness who also happens to be the complainant failed to show up after several summons to appear in court. The prosecution was first scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 20, and later adjourned to today December 4 when Ntegesa

failed to show up for the second time. According to the victim’s statement, it is alleged that Bakuneta forcefully engaged in sexual intercourse with Ntegesa (who was sleeping in his garage) on March 27, 2016. Catherine Akello, the lead prosecutor has revealed that the case was dismissed after learning that the complainant no longer stays in Makerere and the phone number she provided three years ago could not be reached. The State attorney has therefore presented the “nolle-prosequi”, a Latin phrase meaning ‘will no longer prosecute’. This means that Prof Bakuneta is a free man and no prosecution over the same case will be carried out Campus Bee

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ecember is for enjoying the holidays, spending time with loved ones, and going on exotic vacations. And for those fortunate enough to get the opportunity to take the latter, your shopping must haves for the vacation should include this accessory. Why? Because it will not only look good on your social feed, but also help to elevate your look, regardless of what it will be. Polarized sunglasses feature a coloured effect, which could be anything from silver, orange to aqua blue, depending on what you are going for. Any casual look that ranges from denims and body suits to your bikini and kimono look will work well with this must have accessory. If you intend to add these into your daily routine, pick out something smaller, and with a calmer colour effect. The colouring on these makes them a very bold accessory so they are bound to attract a lot of attention.


ow would you describe your style? My style is very edgy and kind of depends on my mood. If I’m lazy I would probably just put on a jeans a T-shirt and pair it with a pair of vans shoes. Other days I like to add some personality to my style and maybe add a hat or maybe a leather jacket. My style is laid back but still cool with a little edge. What is the one fashion item you cannot live without? Probably my hat! Lol. I have been wearing it like all the time and I have like 4 different colors that I like to switch up once in awhile. What is your worst buy ever? Worst buy is probably a pair of plaid styled jeans that I bought. I love plaid a lot but having them in jeans style just didn’t look to good on me. Kinda makes you look wider than you actually are. What styling trick works for you all the time? This is a good one. If I have a dress that’s super super short and I know it will give me issues if I step out I actually just Turn it into a top! I get a pair of jeans and just tuck the dress inside and rock it as a cute top, nobody

Ugandan fashion designer Anita Beryl showcases at Swahili Fashion Week


he was part of over 20 fashion designers from across the continent and the world that took part in the three day event. And her ombre themed collection was a sure win, when it hit the runway at the 2018 edition of the Swahili Fashion Week in Daresalaam. Uganda Designer Anita Beryl showcased her latest collection alongside the likes of Martin Kadinda, Palse, Tngazy, and KituKali. The Uganda couturier was a nominee for the East African Designer of the year.



would ever tell that it’s a top. Any item we would not find in your wardrobe? This one is hard I pretty much rock anything that’s good or if it doesn’t I just modify the look to fit my style!

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FOREX RATES Currency Buying Selling USD 3,720 3,730 GBP 4,750 4,763 EUR 4,217 4,228 KSH 36.25 36.25 TSH 1.62 1.62


Second Year MUBS student doing brisk business making leather belts and wallets


Biz on a budget Safe transactions to enhance financial inclusion “Together, we are committed to educating consumers about the benefits of using digital payments over cash,” he affirmed adding that each collaboration that brings this technology into the hands of consumers helps them to realise their goal of a cashless society...” Adam Jones, Mastercard’s Head of Commercial Products in Middle East & Africa



hile in his Senior Six vacation in 2014, Yasin Mutebire tended his uncle’s gents wear boutique, which was located at Equatorial Mall. The boutique specialised in selling all kinds of gents garments; from caps to shirts to shoes. Yasin told Matooke Republic that for all of the two years he worked, he did not get his full salary because his uncle set aside the salary Yasin earned to cater for his (Yasin’s) tuition fees. Instead he was being given a little allowance, good enough even the little he always got seemed enough because he did not have any significant expenses to take care of at the time, meaning he could save as much of his allowance as possible. “Receiving clients from various corners of

I used Shs400,000 to buy a strap cutter, razors, rulers, a punch designed to make clean holes through fabric, a leather punch, knives, needles, Edge Bevellers (a type of craft tools), hammer, stumps and leather pieces. town, meant that my uncle’s boutique was busy from as early as 7am till late in the night. I was

being paid Shs25,000 as my facilitation fee every week, with a few tips I could save about Shs50,000 in total on my account,” he said. “The mere fact that Shs5,000 could buy me enough data to jazz (chat) with my friends for a full week, it was easy for me to save the remaining Shs45,000”, Yasin told us. He added that by the time he joined campus in 2016, he had his receipts cleared by his uncle yet he also had accumulated Shs1.4m on his account. Despite the fact that he still loved to carry on with his boutique job, he could not make it because his Bachelor in Business Administration course at Makerere University Business School required of him to study during the day.

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Strive Masiyiwa


friend of mine from West Africa once told me something very profound: “In our family, we come from a lineage of kings that once ruled throughout our region. As young members of this ancient royal family, we underwent secret training on how to act and behave as a royal. Although the kingship was ended by colonial governments, we still undergo the training even today.” “Can you share with me some of the secrets of this training?” I asked him, out of curiosity. “It’s really a mindset thing. A royal must maintain dignity and poise at all times, particularly when provoked. A royal mindset does not allow you to deride or belittle someone simply because you disagree with them. The use of insults in an argument is very undignified.” “Anything else?” I asked as I took down some notes. “As a public figure, some weak-minded

Pause: Maintain your dignity and poise when provoked - Be the change you wish to see... people will always try and goad you into a response that causes you to lose your cool and get into a brawl with them, rather like little boys fighting in a school yard.” “Don’t fall for it,” he said. “Who is this ‘weak-minded’ person?” I asked. “Someone who has no capacity to disagree without being disagreeable in their manner of approach.” “A king or queen must weigh carefully every word they say, as though it is made of gold. That is how they get their respect. No shouting and no impulsive response in anger.” Then he added this observation: “If you meet any member of my tribe, even young

people, they all behave in the same way, because they learnt it from the royals. We are known for our dignity and poise.” After reflecting on some of the things he had said, I finally said to him: “You know, I have the same training, too.” “Are you also from a royal African family?” he asked. “No, not at all. It’s just that I study the Bible every morning, and it compels me, to speak, think and act that way.” “Ehehe.”

It was his turn to ask questions...

Now speaking of royal African families, I chose this picture today because, as some of you may know, there’s a historic music

concert called “The Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100” which will take place in Soweto, South Africa this Sunday 2 December to commemorate 100 years since Nelson Mandela’s birth. Sunday’s event (amongst others over recent years) has been put together by an international group called, sponsored by a large cross-section of large private sector companies and NGOs, together with a few foundations, both local and international. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the concert, but let’s talk.. Global citizenship: What does this mean to you?


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Second Year MUBS student doing brisk business making leather belts and wallets From page 13 “Although I was happy about joining campus, I was sad because stopping to work meant that I would not be getting any pay. However my savings put me on a test of finding out what kind of business I could invest in. It was at this point when a friend from my boutique days advised me to make belts, caps and wallets. Yasin told Matooke Republic that although he found his friend’s idea very interesting, he chose to focus on making leather belts and wallets, because he was convinced they sell better, and that is how GYNz vintage leather belts started in 2017. According to Yasin, manufacturing leather belts can be fairly easily and will usually cost less than purchasing a belt—that is if you are equipped with the right tools. “I used Shs400,000 to buy a strap cutter, razors, rulers, a punch designed to make clean holes through fabric, a leather punch is needed when attaching other items to the leather, an awl (a small pointed tool used for piercing holes in leather), knives, needles, Edge Bevellers (a type of craft tools), hammer, stumps and leather pieces. “I buy a meter of a leather cloth at Shs24,000 from one of the leather shops in town. From a two-metre leather cloth, I can make about five belts, selling each belt at Shs20,000. My biggest customer base is at Equatorial Mall where I am known most,” he explained, adding that he also supplies his leather crafts to his uncle’s boutique and to some shops at Pioneer Mall. Although the 22-year old Yasin encounters challenges of increasing prices of material he needs to make his work look classy, plus a stunted market sometimes, the Second Year BBA MUBs student says he makes more money than he used to while he was working for his uncle, so much so that he sometimes spends sleepless nights working on orders he receives via his phone.

jobs Advisor on Monitoring & Evaluation

Organisation: The European Union Emergency Trust Fund Qualification: Master’s Degree in Social Science, Economics with five years’ experience Deadline: December 13, 2018 Email:

Public Relations Officer

Organisation: The European Union Emergency Trust Fund Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Journalism with five years’ experience Deadline: December 13, 2018 Email:

Deputy Principal

Organisation: Bbira Vocational Training Institute Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related fields with five years’ experience Deadline: December 10, 2018 Address: P.O.Box 6551, Kampala

Biz on a budget

Medical Doctor

Organis Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Surgery or related fields with four years’ experience Deadline: December 7, 2018 Email: epi-rec@epicentre.

Audit Manager

Organisation: Grant Thorn-

ton Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or related fields with Three years’ experience Deadline: December 6, 2018 Email: recruitmanager@

Technical Advisor

Organisation: The European Union Emergency Trust Fund Qualification: Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Political Science, Social Science, Rural Development or related fields with five years’ experience Deadline: December 10, 2018 Email:


Organisation: Bbira Vocational Training Institute Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related fields with five years’ experience Deadline: December 6, 2018 Address: P.O.Box 6551, Kampala

Administrative Officer

Organisation: The European Union Emergency Trust Fund Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or related fields with three years’ experience Deadline: December 12, 2018 Email:

Five festive season spending mistakes to avoid I

t is not like Christmas or the festive season comes as a surprise – we know it happens every year. Yet time and again we get ourselves into financial trouble by overspending in December and scraping by in January until the next pay cheque arrives. It shouldn’t be this way particularly because Christmas and the amount of money you dedicate to it can be planned. Here are tips on the typical mistakes we make around this time and how to avoid them: Don’t shop at the last minute: Every time you enter a store without a list or a plan the chances are high that you will spend more than you intend to. Make sure you have a list and stick to it because with all the lights, specials

and pesky store attendants there’s a danger you will buy more than just the basics. Rationalising unnecessary purchases: Whether we like it or not, we are swayed by marketing and price promotions. We can’t resist a good bargain! But did you really have to get those chips or were you just influenced by the ‘buy one, get one free’ deal? Not sticking to your budget: If you are not prepared to tally up all the costs that you will have to meet during the festive season your spending could soon spiral out of control. How many guests are you accommodating and feeding? How many presents are you

buying? Draw a budget, and stick to it. Not setting boundaries for Christmas presents: Have you talked to your friends and family and agreed on a set amount to spend on Christmas presents? If you haven’t it is best to establish the spending boundaries now and find out what the expectations are. Not knowing your travel limitations and costs: Whether you are travelling upcountry or out of country, do some research on the best available fares in advance and try to lock down those deals by booking your ticket(s) early. Go for the cheapest and safest option if you are on a tight budget. Adapted from the internet

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Sports year ender; another exciting year for the She Cranes This year has been another historic one for Uganda in various sports disciplines. On these pages William Kasoba will bring you reviews for the major sports, starting with the national netball team, She Cranes.


n a year of many ups and downs for individual players, team and the federation, the She Cranes have managed to keep their heads up and continue to impress. Last year, they made us proud by winning the Africa Netball Championship in style at Lugogo Arena, finishing unbeaten while at it. The challenge this year was to prove themselves again and how well they did that. She Cranes impress at Commonwealth Games In April, the She Cranes made their first-ever appearance at the 2018 Commonwealth Games that were held in Gold Coast, Australia. The girls managed to win games in a group which had giants like England, South Africa and New Zealand even if the team could only finish third in the group and narrowly missed out on qualifying for the medals bracket. Overall they finished the tournament in sixth place, losing the fifth-place playoff match to number one ranked African side South Africa by 11 goals.

firmed. This means She Cranes will be gracing the 2019 Netball World Cup in Liverpool, England from July 12 to 21. This will be Uganda’s third appearance at the event. The first appearance came in 1979 and the most recent in 2015 where we finished 8th. Last week, the girls had three friendlies with the England team but lost all of them 50-46, 65-53 and 66-37. However, the trip that which was intended to aid the team’s preparations for the World Cup ended up drawing a bit of controversy when two players on the team were omitted at the last minute while a place was found on the travelling party for a relative of the Uganda Netball Federation president Susan Anek Ongom, the Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) president. The contingent which had represented the country at the Commonwealth Games also had almost as many players (15) as officials (14), even if some players were left

behind. She Cranes captain signs for Australian giants Although players like Rachael Nanyonga, Ruth Meme, Halima Nakacwa, Sylvia Nanyonga, Lillian Ajio and Stella Nanfuka have always given a good account of themselves on the She Cranes team, team captain Peace Proscovia has been most exceptional since day one. With such impressive performances, she was rewarded with a big transfer move from UK side Loughborough Lightning, where she had finished as top scorer for four seasons, to Australia’s Sunshine Coast Lightning.


BETTING TIPS Bruno Birakwate with

Saturday: December 8, 2018 ENGLAND: Premier League 15:30

Bournemouth - Liverpool



Arsenal - Huddersfield

Over 2.5


Burnley - Brighton



Cardiff - Southampton



Manchester Utd - Fulham



Chelsea - Manchester City

Over 2.5


Leicester - Tottenham

Over 2.5

FRANCE: Ligue 1 22:00

Angers - Bordeaux

Over 2.5


Guingamp - Amiens



Rennes - Dijon


GERMANY: Bundesliga 17:30

Bayer Leverkusen - Augsburg



Bayern Munich - Nurnberg

Over 2.5


Freiburg - RB Leipzig



Schalke - Dortmund



Wolfsburg - Hoffenheim

Over 2.5


Hertha Berlin – Eint. Frankfurt Over 2.5

Sunday: December 8, 2018 FRANCE: Ligue 1 17:00

Strasbourg - Caen



Lille - Reims



St Etienne - Marseille


ITALY: Serie A

Defend African crown, qualify for World Cup With many Ugandans used to seeing most of our teams in various disciplines always going into World Cup qualifiers as routine, not expecting to qualify, the She Cranes are proving them otherwise. While heading to Lusaka, Zambia for the Africa Netball Championship in August this year, She Cranes had two targets; first to defend the title and second to qualify for World Cup. Guess what? The girls convincingly achieved both. Just like how they did it at Lugogo last year, the girls won all their games as they booked the third World Cup slot available for Africa, since South Africa and Malawi had already been con-


Parma - Chievo



Udinese - Atalanta



AC Milan - Torino


SPAIN: LaLiga 14:00

Eibar -Levante



Huesca - Real Madrid



Real Sociedad - Valladolid



Betis - Rayo Vallecano


Tuesday: December 11, 2018 EUROPE: Champions League

Super Saturday


Galatasaray - FC Porto



Barcelona - Tottenham

Over 2.5


FK Crvena zvezda - Paris SG



Inter - PSV



Liverpool - Napoli



Monaco - Dortmund

Over 2.5

Wednesday: December 12, 2018 EUROPE: Champions League

Super Sunday


Kampala City - Ndejje University



Neftci Baku – SumQayit



Norwich - Bolton



FC Copenhagen - Esbjerg



Arsenal- Huddersfield



B. Monchengladbach - Stuttgart



Manchester Utd - Fulham



FK Crvena zvezda - Napredak



Celtic – Kilmarnock



Betis - Rayo Vallecano




Plzen - AS Roma



Real Madrid - CSKA Moscow



Ajax - Bayern Munich



Benfica - AEK Athens FC



Manchester City - Hoffenheim


23:00 Valencia - Manchester Utd X 20:30 Chelsea - Manchester City Over 2.5 20:30 PAOK - AEL Larissa 1 Warning! Betting involves high psychological and financial risk. Matooke Republic will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage as a consequence of decisions based on information, betting tips or other links provided in this publication. You are warned to act exclusively at your own discretion and risk.

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Feature Another exciting year for the She Cranes... P.15


Vipers onto the next round BY WILLIAM KASOBA


ganda Premier League defending champions Vipers Sports Club on Wedsnesday did just enough and qualified for the next round of CAF Champions League. Vipers secured the needed 1-0 win against Sudan’s El Merriekh. With both sides going blank at halftime, the Kitende based club got an early goal through Abraham Ndugwa just after return from the halftime break. A few minutes after the netting the goal, the Venoms looked shaky but managed to regain their feet as coach Javier Martinez Espinosa made a double substitution introducing Davis Kasirye and Noah Wafula. As Vipers looked settled with lead, El Merriekh tried pushing them but Martinez’s boys persistently suppressed the danger. The sounding of the final whistle meant Vipers went past the preliminary stage and into the next round on away goals rule after a 2-2 aggregate tie. Vipers now face CS Costantine of Algeria, who eliminated Gambia’s Gamtel. If the Venoms got past this hurdle they will enter the group stages of the competition.

Rugby Premiership taking shape BY WILLIAM KASOBA


eading into matchday five, the 2018-19 Rugby Premiership is taking shape as the top five teams sprint away while for the remaining bunch it already appears like focusing on survival is the smart strategy. Only five points separate the top cluster, with DusuPay Warriors leading the table standings for the first in their history. Hima Cement Heathens which overturned a 12-0 deficit at half time in a giants’ clash against Betway Kobs is placed second with 18 points same as the Warriors but only separated by a minor goal difference. Defending champions Black Pirates, Kobs and Toyota Buffaloes are not far out as they have 16, 13 and 13 points respectively. This weekend’s action sees Heathens hosting Shell Rimula Rhinos, Kobs, Pirates and Warriors playing away at Plascon Mongers, Jinja Hippos and Rams respectively. Buffaloes host Walukuba Barbarians.

Ondu, Paidha in West Nile derby The StarTimes Uganda Premier League on Saturday this week entertains the maiden West Nile derby as on-form Onduparaka host struggling Paidha Black Angels at the Greenlight Stadium in Arua. It will be a contest that pits two neighbours with contrasting fortunes as The Caterpillars (Onduparaka) lie only four points off summit leaders KCCA FC while Paidha sit bottom of the log with only four points. KCCA will be aiming to continue their recent winning run as they host strugglers Ndejje University. Jinja SS play Express FC, Tooro United host Nyamityobora, while URA and Bul embark on long trips to take on Mbarara City and Bright Stars respectively.

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