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2 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, September 20-26, 2018

Seven Days

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NEWS DIGEST Police bans processions as Bobi Wine returns Grace Kaz Hihihihih from ghetto to apresident,,,,who knew day 1 day he will bi escorted like aking Nicoh Onyango Kayima I warned you on drinking “Sachet waragi’” but you’re still insisting... Otherwise tomorrow be ready to face off with real Ugandans...

Merging of UNRA affecting projects- Kagina

Sultan Isma Dangote This time there’s no presidential motorcade to say we pelted him with stones, please police let us welcome bobi in peace, people power our power, we are ready

Uganda National Roads Authority Executive Director Allen Kagima has said plans to return UNRA to the Ministry of Works and Transport have disrupted various road construction projects, as UNRA staff and contractors are no longer responsive. State Minister for Works, Gen Katumba Wamala however said the government was trying to address the issue.

Ntume Franq Maybach They should Instead give people maximum security on that day, bavve mukutiisatiisa! Omoding L’arapai The drama continues. I didn’t know this young man is becoming a pain in the flesh

Museveni snubs UN General Assembly

Following a wave of pressure and criticism from Western governments especially the European Union and American Congressmen, President Museveni has decided to skipped the UN General Assembly and instead delegated Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda. Junior Foreign Affairs Minister, Henry Okello Oryem, told the media the decision was reached in order to save costs.

Jonathan Ssengooba These r the very people they say Bobi Wine is insignificant n can’t cause much panic to the Junta Don Selef Police its okay,u take him to his home after we come for him and bring him back town period sankiyu #PEOPLEpower Area Code Ug Everyone is talking about welcoming police is talking about demonstration we know yo underground plans just as u did in Arua, the truth is u never learn Micheal Woodz As Usual Is dat a crime to welme our beloved one ??!!! Mbu lwakuba we stoned u during e attendance ov the Rp.Kirumira #kayima webaleremu Jacob Juuba Ryan Hmm, when u look at his 5kg lower lip thinking is talking sense......... Gasiiya bulolo Mark Malcolm Hamuza “Am not fighting you am fighting for you “BOBI WINE said so police mwedeko Ronald Zziwa #PeoplePower u pipo we’re powerful than anyone in power .let’s exercise our rights.Welcome back home #HE

UPDF to court martial soldiers involved in Arua violence Police bans processions as Bobi Wine returns

Ahead of the much-anticipated return of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) from the US where he had travelled for specialized treatment, Police has banned public processions. Police publicist Emilian Kayima said they had landed on intelligence informa-

tion of countrywide mobilisation of people who were to participate in processions. According to Police, Bobi Wine will be received by his immediate family only and will be provided with security from the airport to his home.

The UPDF Director of Human Rights, Brig. Charles Wacha on Tuesday during the launch of the Uganda Law Society Rule of Law report at Serena Hotel Kampala said investigations into the Arua scuffle that left many hospitalised, is soon being concluded and that implicated officers who tarnished the name of the national army, is going to start as soon in the General Court Martial.

Just forfor laughs Just laughs

Kartel Mozelo We are coming kayima don’t fool anyone Kartel Mozelo No body should scare you we are coming Ddumba Hakim I can already see kayimas fish mouth trembling like an earthquake or typhoon florence

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Faisal @PyeparFaisal “Bebe Cool towakana, am telling you Bobi Wine’s travel bag is more expensive than your music career” Akiiki@DCalyne No one is bothered by Bobi Wine’s popularity with the masses like Andrew Mwenda and the elites. That should tell us something. Yes, they may want us to get out of the gutter and make a life for ourselves but they have a limit to how far our dreams should go. Keishamaza Rukikaire@Keishamaza Absolutely, I get the sense that some people are offended that Bobi Wine and others like him have the bloody nerve to try to transcend their designated stations in life. Entitlement. Diddums. They will be fine.

Thursday, September 20-26, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 3

Lead story I Politics


Has Museveni infiltrated Bobi Wine’s People Power? new Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola took office. “I know President Museveni and his lieutenants have been trying so hard to portray as a violent group. This is because they want to respond to us with violence. They plant many people, many criminals among us to throw stones so that they can respond to us with bullets,” Bobi Wine said.

“This is a school fees period. Someone is working to make ends meet and you selfishly want to lead a procession to further your own ends. How is that leadership?”



n a widely shared video posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday night, Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine alleged that the government sent criminals into his People Power movement to create chaos so as to justify the notion that his supporters are violent. Kyagulanyi who has just returned to the country today from the United States of America (USA) where he has been receiving treatment following his violent arrest and alleged torture by government security organs added that the government had received several red t-shirts with the word ‘People Power’ to easily disguise their recruits into his organisation. Matooke Republic has learnt from People Power sources that at around 11 pm on Wednesday night in Bwebajja, on the outskirts of Kampala, government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa met with a delegation of unidentified youths travelling by a white Toyota double cabin pickup (Reg No. UAZ 264X) and allegedly gave them red t-shirts, red ribbons, and Shs200, 000 each. In turn, the youths were to join a procession welcoming the legislator from Entebbe Airport and wreck havoc which would then give the police cause to arrest Bobi Wine. When we asked the Kiboga Woman MP about the allegations, Nankabirwa said she is not

aware of any such developments and was not in the said location at that time. “I am a married woman. I cannot be out of home at that time unless it is official business. And if it official business, I conduct it at my office not at a hotel and certainly not at my home,” she told Matooke Republic on a telephone. We also reached out to Information, Communications and National Guidance Minister, Frank Tumwebaze to respond to allegations by Bobi Wine that the National Resistance Government (NRM) had infiltrated criminal elements into People Power – a new political movement that has gained momentum as a potential opposition force, he simply said that the government does not work that way. “The NRM government is busy creating employment, building roads and does not have neither the time nor resources to invest in fighting Bobi Wine. You saw what his supporters did at the late Kirumira’s funeral when a minister was chased or what happened to Bebe Cool. You don’t throw stones at me because you disagree with me,” Tumwebaze said. Tumwebaze advised Bobi Wine to practice mature politics based on issues since he is in Parliament and appeal to his supporters to refrain from violence saying it is the cause of unnecessary deaths and disrupts business of other innocent, yet hardworking Ugandans.

Peaceful but assertive However, Bobi Wine says he has always appealed to his fans to remain peaceful but assertive. This, he says, means that they remain committed to a common goal and speaking the same voice but going about that goal in a peaceful manner. The problem , he says, is that the government has become so agile that it shoots at every slight provocation.

“They want to respond to us with violence. They plant many people, many criminals among us to throw stones so that they can respond to us with bullets.” In the Matooke Republic last week, we reported that at least seven people had died of “stray bullets” since the

Anti-Bobi Wine campaign? Still last week, a 59-member list allegedly authored in State House, Entebbe has been making rounds on social media containing names of people on an adhoc task force created to fight Bobi Wine on social media. The team headed by Awel Uwihanganye, the Co-Founder of Young Achievers Awards and team leader at African Strategic Leadership Centre – a new think-tank was tasked to use social media to counter Bobi Wine’s messages. However, most of the individuals listed have denied knowledge of the same. In his response, Uwihanganye said that it was disgraceful for one to doctor documents of such nature just to discredit his efforts in building the country. “For one to use privileged information to doctor documents and falsely associate different individuals with my appointment with the view of undermining the effort is wrong and disgraceful,” he said. Some of the other prominent names on the list are Duncan Abigaba, the manager of the Government Citizen Interaction Centre, journalists Ivan Rugambwa, Nelly Bwire Kapo among others. They have all denied knowledge of the said list. Bobi Wine has since cautioned the criminals from disrupting People Power saying they will be dealth with accordingly. “We know how to deal with criminals. When you see them in our activities, I know you will deal with them accordingly” Bobi Wine told his supporters on Facebook. With him back in the country vowing to continue from where he left off, it is clear that the political pingpong between the “ghetto president” and government is just getting started. Reports of heavy depolyment in areas of Entebbe have already been reported.

4 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, September 20-26, 2018


Products I Business

Fake products still on market, BY ALEX TAREMWA


n August 31, 2018, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) released a list of local and imported products that were deemed harmful not only to both the consumers but also the environment. Most of the products were cosmetics and toilet paper. UNBS said in a statement that the cosmetics which failed quality tests contained hydroquinone - a banned substance used in skin bleaching creams. Scientific studies have confirmed that hydroquinone may have adverse effects on human heath such as damage to internal organs including the liver. Other products are antibacterial bathing (toilet soap), energy saving bulbs and the plan was that the products be seized from shelves and destroyed and the manufacturers forced to

comply with the standards. But three weeks down the road, there are no signs of any progress in this regard. Matooke Republic did a survey in some of the biggest supermarkets and shops in Kampala and found some of the flagged products still on sale. The companies such as Sure Deal and Mama Lususu continue to run adverts on televisions pushing their products – products that have been found harmful by the standards regulator. Where does this leave Ugandans? James Afeku, an office administrator at Uganda Christian University went to buy toilet paper at Wandegeya Supermarket but was amazed to find Piao Piao, an imported Chinese product on the shelf yet UNBS listed it as harmful.

Sure Deal

Phiona Namawejje (Maama Lususu)

“I have resorted to shopping with the UNBS list on my phone so that I avoid buying the harmful toilet soap and tissue paper,” he says. Afeku further faults the government for being poor at implementing their own policies exposing Ugandans to high health risks. “They [government] claim they are securing us using guns and what not but at the same time exposing us to cancer causing products well knowing that they are harmful. Is it really so hard to close these companies and ban the importation of some products?” he wondered. He cited several failed campaigns such as the ban on polythene bags, ban on sachet alcohol, mandatory use of boda-boda helmets, and speed governors to prove how poor the government has been at implementing its own policies. Barking dog? In a space of nine months, UNBS has released the list of sub-standard products thrice; in February, May and now August. What is surprising that some companies such as Maama Lususu and Sure Deal have featured on all the lists and their products are still on sale even as you read this article. On September 14, 2017, products from Maama Lususu were impounded from Nakasero Complex in

Kampala after UNBS found that they bore its certification logo yet the body had never subjected them to testing. When they were tested, all the products including; Lususu Family Jelly, Aunt Lususu Face Clearing Jelly and Aunt Lususu Cosmetics were found to contain mercury and hydroquinone – both cancer causing elements. As a result, Phiona Namawejje (Maama Lususu) was arrested and arraigned before Justice Gladys Kamasanyu of Buganda Road court on charges of wrongly using UNBS’s logo and knowingly selling sub-standard products. After getting bail, Maama Lususu appealed to President Yoweri Museveni to intervene and the matter never came up again until August 31 when her products made it to UNBS’ list again. The same applies to Sure Deal cosmetic products and Luxury toilet paper. On February 2, UNBS impounded cosmetics worth Shs300 million from Sure Deal offices in Kampala after their tested positive for hydroquinone. The company proprietor, Maria Prossy Namwanje was also subsequently arrested but later released. Her products popular

Thursday, September 20-26, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 5

Products I Business


government divided on implementation among women are still on the market albeit having the same chemical identified in February. According to Godwin Bonge Muhwezi, UNBS’ head of public relations, the products are on the market because they were not banned. “We neither banned the companies nor the products. We simply impounded them so that the manufacturers can take corrective actions on them. All we did was inform the public to avoid them until we communicate otherwise,” Muhwezi told Matooke Republic. Pressed harder, Muhwezi intimated that the Bureau is still the undertaking the process of impounding substandard products from shelves and that by the time of the interview, the team was in Masaka district. “The UNBS Market Surveillance Team has so far seized items 6.2 tonnes of assorted food items, 1.2 tonnes of

“I have resorted to shopping with the UNBS list on my phone so that I avoid buying the harmful toilet soap and tissue paper.” cosmetics, 2,051 pieces of mattresses, 410 kgs of electrical items, and 450 kgs of toilet paper,” he said before adding that “We recently destroyed more than 400 metric tonnes of substandard products worth Shs3.5 billion.” Muhwezi argued that as UNBS performs her mandate of enforcing product compliance, Ugandans also play their vigilance role and report listed products to toll free number 0800133133. Ministries disinterested Since some of the products are imported and posing health threats to the public, one would imagine that the line ministries of Trade and Health would be interested in the goings-on. But when Matooke Republic reached out to the Ministry of Trade, we were told that the ministry formed UNBS as an autonomous body and given powers under the UNBS Act perform all the necessary actions such as impounding to enforce compliance. “Ours is policy and oversight. We don’t engage in enforcing compliance because that is a mandate of UNBS. They have full powers under the law and that is their job,” Khadija Nakakande, the Ministry of Trade spokesperson said. The Health ministry was unable to comment on this article as their known telephone numbers were unavailable and email went unresponded to. Ian Rumanyika, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)’s manager for Public & Corporate Affairs said the tax body is by law mandated to collect tax on any product that comes into Uganda or is manufactured here. In that regard, the companies listed for manufacturing or importing sub-standard products are paying excise duty, VAT and other taxes for the products but noted that the authority can help UNBS bar entry of goods into Uganda if there is cause shown to that affect. “We have actually stopped the importation of several products due to quality issues but in this case, it is different. As for the local products, it is their [UNBS] mandate to enforce quality assurance. Ours is tax compliance and collection and we are doing that very well,” Rumanyika said. Manufacturers speak out When contacted for comment, Maama Lususu said she

has complied with all the requirements UNBS has asked of her company but does not know why she keeps featuring on the list. “We did everything they asked. They took my products worth millions, dragged my reputation in the mud. I don’t know what they want. I am an entrepreneur; I create jobs and incomes for hundreds of people. I pay my taxes. Why can’t they just let me be?” she told Matooke Republic in a telephone interview. UNBS however remained adamant saying that until the products conform to acceptable standards, they will continue seizing them from the market.


Thursday, September 20-26, 2018

Social Mix

Fun Time I What’s happening


BEAUTY: Some of the night’s guests flaunt their prizes.

QUEENS: Past Y+ winners flauntingtheir smiles.

The Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS (UNYPA) launched its fifth annual Y+ Beauty Pageant, a campaign geared towards ending stigma and discrimination among young people living with HIV in Uganda. The unleash event that happened at Skyz Hotel in Naguru under the theme, “Confronting HIV with bold steps” is the first of the series of activities in the build-up to the grand finale that will happen on November 23, 2018, at the Pearl of Africa Hotel in Kampala.

BEAUTY: The eat my “tuition” starter pack.

LET’S TALK: A moderator engages the participants

AGING GRACEFULLY: Guests having a good time . SUNDOWNERS: Lilliane and her band sooothe guests .

s Dapper: The first ever Mr Y+ pose for the camera.

Vibes: When you try to explain why there are no drinks on the table.

ON THE MIC: The boss, Nicholas Niwagaba addressing the audience.

CHEERS: A model flaunts her beauty on the runway.

Thursday, September 20-26, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 7

Events I Party Time

On Saturday night,it was all neon lights and music at Rock bar, Speke Hotel as the Kellagram silent disco was at it yet again. The revellers listened to different music from a multitude of DJ line ups all night. Some of the DJs included industrial area based DJ Ali Breeezy.

TURN UP: Good music that makes you forget your course work problems.

On the Scene

Snowhite: The fairest of them all works the lenses .



“She drank my beer and went that way”

SQUAD GOALS: Friends having a good time at the disco.

THE DISCO: Different music, one people.

VISA ALERT: Holding her Visa to the states “very tight” .

SLAY QUEEN ALERT: A reveller flaunts her beauty.

SPIN DECKS: DJ Ali Breeezy works the crowd


Thursday, September 20-26, 2018


Who I What I Where

It’s an all diva entertainment mash up for Oktoberfest

American RnB legend Ginuwine to fly in for Johnnie Walker Soul Safari


ktoberfest, the grand beer festival is coming up next week on September 29, with a fierce female exclusive entertainment line-up. The event will feature up to five live performances by some of Kampala’s favourite female entertainers in the music industry. Cindy Sanyu, the queen of dancehall will rock the stage alongside songbird Naava Grey, Siima Sabiti, Afrie and guest DJ’s Mary Joe and Xzyl. The festival will also have fun-loving revelers experience exciting moments

with the many all-you-can-drink beer points at the venue courtesy of Tusker Lite. There will be beer games, food and wardrobe competitions with the best prize being a business class return air ticket from Brussels Airlines to any destination in Europe. Early bird tickets to the show are being sold at the Uganda Museum and Junction Bar for shs15,000 under the Blue Weekend promotion with regular tickets going for shs20,000.

Dixon Bond Okello bags juicy security deal with CAF


few days from now, celebrity security guru, Dixon Bond Okello will be all smiles to the bank after he was appointed by CAF as the security officer for one of the big quarter final games in the Africa Champions League between Egypt’s Ahly and Horoya A.C of Guinea. Excited, Bond took to his Facebook and wrote a short post entitled, “With God nothing is impossible,” a prayerful side we did not expect from the no nonsense security operative.

Maurice Kirya announces concert dates


fter taking a break from doing music concerts, the ‘King of Mwooyo’ is back yet again in concert, titled, “Kirya Live 2018” that will be happening at the Kampala Serena Hotel. Announcing the dates, Kirya promised his fans that this is no ordinary concert. Early bird tickets to the experience will be going for 75k, 100k for ordinary, 300k for VIP and 3 million for VVIP.

Attached to the post was a photo of an official list of officials and his comes at number 11 alongside the Uganda flag. We do not know how much the security operative will be bagging to the bank after this gig but inside sources reveal that after September 22, Dixon’s account will be more than happy.

merican actor, song writer, singer and actor Ginuwine is set to fly in for this year’s headlining act for the Johnnie Walker Soul Safari that is slated for December 1. Fans of the 90s RnB and soul will be pleased to know that they are in for a treat. As a way of celebrating 10 years of pleasurable concerts, the organisers are offering revellers a double opportunity of good music to their ears and the idea of having big name like Ginuwine perform. He’s known as one of the biggest R&B singers, after being signed to Epic Records around 1995 and enjoying success with major hits, such as Pony, “Same Ol’ G, Differences and “None of your friends Business.

Tickets for Salvador’s Africa Laughs up for grabs


nternationally celebrated comedian Patrick Salvador will crack ribs of comedy enthusiasts with a steady supply of humour yet again at his prestigious Africa Laughs show that is returning for its fourth season on October 8, at the Kampala Serena Hotel. The good news is, the tickets are out already for as low as Shs100,000 and a table at Shs3million. Powered by Singleton, the show is a must-attend

thanks to the perfectly selected line-up of comedians that will make you enter Independence Day in style. Salvador has over the years transformed into one of the biggest domestic and regional names in comedy holding one-man shows and going on tour with some of the biggest comedy names on the continent. Tickets are on sale at for online users or at Serena Hotel until October 8.

’s wife e n o le e m a h C e s Jo s out k a e p s im t A a ll Danie


ver the weekend, in a Facebook post, Jose Chameleone shocked fans as he announced the end of his marriage with wife Daniella Atim. However, in this Ugandan ‘showbiz-ness’, history tells us not to believe anything a singer claims especially when a concert is close at hand. “I let you be Daniella. God bless you always. I can’t prove myself more than I have, ”Chameleone said in his message and further stated that ‘enough is enough’. Well, Daniella, a usually reserved person has finally ‘spoken out’. On her Instagram, one fan - Barbie

Muteesi - challenged her to ‘clear the air’ and her response says it all. “Give us your side of the story,” she asked Daniella. Daniella replied saying; “I was never raised to speak to discuss the people I love”. Well, that’s a classic Daniella response for those who can read between the lines. On Chameleone’s verified Facebook page, the post carrying the “announcement” has since been deleted! Hmmn!

Thursday, September 20-26, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 9

Music I Going Out





ana is yet another project from the indefatigable Pallaso. The intro to the song is simply an effortless melody that leads us on to an everlasting afro beat fusion that reminds us of Pallaso’s versatility. The song is produced by Doctor Fizzol who lays down a percussion discussion that gives the song a wholesome Afro experience and richness. On this Afro beat joint, Pallaso sings out to a one, Hana, asking her to be his girl. He asks her to spare his heart and love him back. He sings all that is sweet to Hana including a promise to die for her. On some of the hooks, the song is stepped a notch higher with a slight infusion of Swahili which gives the track an edge of spontaneity. The song is one of those harmonious sing-along tracks that is meant to get everyone off their feet.

The video The visuals to this track are simply mind-blowing. Sasha Vybz, with his cinematography genius, ferries Pallaso and this smoking hot vixen off to a miniature island, complete with scenic waterfall. Sasha gets very captivating drone shots of Pallaso lying out with the Vixen in the plains and it is simply spectacular. At the waterfall, the color grading is nothing but breathtaking with accurate angles that do not exclude the magnificent scenery of the locale. This is simply a snippet of Pallaso’s latest effort and certainly, it is one song that is going to enjoy a whole lot of airplay. Splendid effort Pallaso!

10 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, September 20-26, 2018

Body & Soul

Living I Relating



Why eating too fast is a bad idea




t might have been cool, or even necessary to gobble down your food in record time while in school. It is also possible that the nature of your job dictates that your meal times must be kept as brief as possible, so you are left with no choice but to get through your lunch in minutes. What you possibly never knew until now is that eating too fast poses a health danger to you, according to various research studies. So, wondering what exactly the risks associated with eating too fast are? Read on:

Weight gain/obesity

Weight gain and eating quickly have long been associated because when you chew less you are likely to eat more. And what’s more; you are more likely to feel hungry sooner, as research has shown that when you eat too fast you are more likely to disrupt hormones that regulate appetite, which can lead you into a cycle of overeating.

Risk of choking

This is a no-brainer; really. When you choose to eat you food extra fast, you invariably put yourself at a greater risk of choking. There is a reason children are taught to eat slowly and chew their food carefully. It is because we are trying to prevent choking. Choking though can happen to adults too and if you are a fast eater, it is more likely to happen to you. Sets off heartburn Heartburn is that burning sensation in your chest just behind your breastbone, and, it is something that could be triggered by eating food too fast, as this practice is known to cause stomach acid to head back up the esophagus leading to discomfort.

relate Unlocking the matters of the heart



his whole idea in the minds of some men that a girl, hot, educated and gainfully employed will get pregnant for a man in 2018 just to “tie him down” is so outdated it should be banished back to 1998 where it belongs. Pronto! I honestly cannot imagine that in this day and age there are still women who intentionally get pregnant to lock down a guy. I think men need to snap out of this self-delusion real quick. You are not as important as you used to be. Relationships including marriage have lost their value. No woman with half the brains would want to force herself into anything that clearly has no value. Back then, marriage was for procreation, or if you were lucky,


Cheaters most likely to be caught on third attempt

Third time unlucky: Cheating partners are most likely to be caught during their THIRD affair, research says. But it takes time… as figures reveal it takes four years for the average adulterer to be exposed. The bad and ugly

If you catch your partner cheating, it is probably not the first time they have been having at it, a survey has revealed. Only one in 10 adulterers is caught during their first affair, the study reported, bringing to light findings that make for grim reading. It is during a cheater’s third attempt that the chance of being found out increases to one in five. The good (or bad) news, is that just 15 per cent of relationships end because of an affair, the research showed. The survey of more than 1,000 adults by Illicit Encounters found that while most adulterers are only caught during their third affair, it takes an average of four years before infidelity is exposed. Despite this trend of serial cheating, the study also revealed that an affair

only leads to a break-up in an astonishing 15 per cent of cases, something experts attributed to lovers viewing illicit affairs as a ‘natural reaction’ to relationships going stale. More than two-thirds of adulterers were found out by their partners at some point in their marriages, the study found. However just one in 10 were caught out during the first affair, with one in eight during their second. The study found that most love rats were caught out by phone messages to a secret lover, with 39 per cent being found out this way. Emails were the second biggest reason at 22 per cent, while lying about their whereabouts caught out cheats in 20 per cent of cases.

Worry some more: The

study also found that those who cheated early on in a relationship were likely to continue having affairs even after getting married.

an escape from poverty. Today we hold down high profile corporate jobs and we can procreate without having to be married. We can have nyege nyege without marriage, for crying out loud! We even have dildos, you know. We are tuned for the hustle and are able to support our own children. We don’t

No woman with half the brains would want to force herself into anything that clearly has no value.

sweat it being single mothers anymore. We are not ashamed to be 50 years old and not married yet. The only valuable thing arising from most men today is sperm donation. The human race must move on. We don’t want your rings if you are not ready to settle down. Thank you very much. Otherwise, if you knock a woman up, don’t be going around thinking the world is about to end. That she wants to finish you. She can do without you, boohoo. Just leave that sperm behind and go your merry way. You can rest assured she will handle the rest. Just don’t forget to remind her when you die, so she and her child can come and bid farewell to another broken sperm machine. There is no need to have marriages that pass for a tugof-war competition. We are past that.

Thursday, September 20-26, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 11

Study I Chillax I Live It



he Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Patrick Amuriat has come out to express his views following the suspension of Makerere students in what the university administrationtermed as inciting violence and hooliganism. While speaking at a press conference on Monday September 17 at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Amuriat told journalists that university students must be given the freedom to speak. “We are concerned about the continued suppression of civic space at Makerere University. If university leaders cannot guarantee free space for thought and debate, freedom of expression is at stake and where else can it begin if not from a university? We are going to engage with Prof Nawangwe, we believe a public university must give students the freedom to think, live and act differently within the law, they must be listened to and given the space to address issues as they may arise.” Nawangwe revealed yesterday morning. His comments have come few weeks after the Makerere University Vice Chancellor suspended several students for openly coming out to disagree with the just hiked tuition. Amuriat added that suspension of students just because

they want things done differently is the real problem not a solution. “We need to nurture our young people to learn how to engage and debate freely, it is within this free thinking society where we will get leaders that our country deserves. Suppression of diver-

gent views will lead these young people in doing whatever is necessary to be heard,” he added. Amuriat also disagreed with the arrest of students for over 72 hours citing that the university administrators have the responsibility to nurture them instead of sending them to jail. “No parent sends their son or daughter to be arrested and detained for more 72 hours. Those running the university must understand that they have a mandate to nurture these young people not to incarcerate them in police cells at Wandegeya. We have instructed our lawyers to study issues & the wrongs committed against these students for legal redress. For Wandegeya Police, we have a bad report against your conduct on suspects and their families. We will use legal means to go after errant officers in our force,” The bitter Amuriat warned. Campus Bee

Campus Buzz OUR CRUSH

Makerere professor passes on


akerere University’s Dr. Moses Kiiza Musaazi, renowned for his extensive research and particularly developing a low-cost sanitary pads project 14 years ago, has died. Musaazi was the brain behind the popular MakaPads — disposable sanitary pads with a natural absorbent and a high absorption capacity, targetting mostly rural school girls. This study gave rise to an effective low-cost alternative to protect girls — the MakaPads, which are made out of papyrus and paper waste. Musaazi was the man behind this idea. In 2013, he received the Empowering People Global Innovations

Award in neighbouring Kenya for his innovation that had gained popularity for championing efforts to have the girl child remain in school. The innovator’s death was meant with shock. Makerere University vice-chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe said Musaazi’s passing had “left me in deep shock”. He desribed the fallen don as one of the “most illustrious academics” Makerere has ever had. “Moses promoted Mak [Makerere University] through the most inspiring community outreach progammes I have known,” Nawangwe tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Matooke Republic’s crush this week is Kyambogo’s Faith Ankunda

12 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, September 20-26, 2018


Trends I Slaying I Killing It

Dagy Nyce

Media personality


(NTV The Beat)




othing add so much fancy and class to your outfit like fur; well, the faux fur preferably. And in case you have been the type that wanted to try out this trend but wasn’t sure how to, this particular trend will come in handy.

ow would you describe your style? My style is neo casual 100%. I am really so much of a Jeans,T-shirt-Vest-Shorts kind of person. Of course with heaps of sneakers and boots. What is the one fashion item you cannot live without? A cologne. I believe how a man smells tells a lot about his sense of hygiene and how much he cares about the comfort of being around others when in public.

The fur accents involves wearing this fluffy trend in tiny elements in your outfit, without going head to toe. For instance, you can have the fur on your jacket collar, cuffs,

These will most likely come already attached, so it will be about your choosing them carefully to suit the occasion and time of day that you are wearing this trend to. In case you do not want to attract so much attention with your fur detailed outfit, opt for the smaller accents. And preferably keep these in the darker shades like black, brown or navy. And yes, this trend is unisex, so you definitely can pull off some couple style goals with this one.

What is your worst buy ever? Back in the day, my dad gave us money to go buy ourselves christmas shoes and me being the football maniac at the time, I bought soccer boots instead. They were a black Adidas pair with white stripes. I was made to wear those boots on my suit on xmas day for church! Such a bitter sweet memory. What styling trick works for you all the time? Keeping it simple, neat, calm and descent. Sometimes, trying too hard might end up dropping you in that fashion ditch. Any item we would not find in your wardrobe? There are quite a number of items you will definately not ever find in my wardrobe. Boxers that have football club names and players eg a boxer with an Arsenal or Man City band or Messi. You won’t find pink shoes, and alot more.

street style

@Brendah_Kheera Monotones are a fashion trend we would recommend for sure.

jacket lapels and even on the hems of your dresses or skirts.

@TK_Berriez Who needs bottoms when you have legs for days? @esmaplatnumz Peplums are timeless.

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MTN given tough conditions


after licence renewal

Currency Buying Selling USD 3,762 3,772 GBP 4,837 4,850 EUR 4,374 4,382 KSH 37.36 37.46 TSH 1.65 1.65


Minister explains power blackouts

“The current law is lenient on vandalisation. We need more strict laws. Almost the whole country went into a blackout because MTN CEO Mr. Wim Vanhelleputte at a press conference recently over 150MGW couldn’t be supplied BY ALEX TAREMWA to consumers....” Energy Minister, Irene Muloni


elecommunications company MTN Uganda has been given a clean bill of health after the Cabinet gave the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) – the sector regulator - the green light to renew the telecom’s licence for 10 more years.

We have made progress in fulfilling most of the requirements while working to meet the rest of the expectations on our part....

The renewal however brings with it a new licensing regime under the National Broadband Policy that will among others require all telecoms to have 100% network coverage countrywide, offer free in-country roaming services, and mandatory listing on the Uganda Securities Exchange. “Local listing for all telecom operators will help mitigate capital

flight among other benefits of local content development opportunities that come along,” Information and National Guidance Minister, Frank Tumwebaze told the media on Tuesday. Tumwebaze noted that although telecom companies were consulted on the matter, it was not up to them to choose but have to adhere to the new regime whether they want or not. One of the other requirements will be to effect mobile number portability, where subscribers can retain their telephone number(s) even when they have changed a network operator. “It is not for the telecoms to decide. It is a policy meant for the good of the country. However, in this case they were consulted. It is mandatory for them to list because it will be part of the licensing conditions and the reforms,” the minister said. With more than 10.8 million subscribers, MTN is Uganda’s biggest telecom company with feet in mobile banking, music and internet services. MTN’s 20-year licence was set to expire in October and Val Oketcho, the telecom’s communications manager told Matooke Republic that they were already in the process of responding to the regulator requirements. “We have made progress in fulfilling most of the requirements while working to meet the rest of the expectations on our part,” Oketcho said, adding that the exercise was in its final stages.

Strive Masiyiwa

What to do when there is a crisis in your country...


few months ago, there was an amazing incident in France: A three-year old child climbed out of an apartment on the third floor of a building, and was dangling there about to fall to his death. A young African (illegal) immigrant witnessed it, and in the flash of a moment he climbed all the way up to rescue the child. It was a stunning act of bravery, in which he risked all to save that child. It made global news. He was invited to the Presidential Palace and granted immediate citizenship of France. The response of the President of France was the right response. This man had demonstrated that he was he was a “member” and “belonged” to the community. The young immigrant could have simply said to himself: “Where is that child’s parent?” or “Who designed this building that allows a child to get out?”

Or he could have waited until he got home before venting on Twitter, to show he is smart. He might also have thought of his own situation... It could easily have resulted in his arrest and deportation! The true “member” of a community, the one who “belongs,” does not think of him or herself in a time of crisis. They act. They offer to help. Crises come in different forms, but our response should be the same: We must show concern, and make ourselves useful. The true strength of a community is measured by the response of its individual members acting together during a crisis. Now many of you know that my country, Zimbabwe, is currently facing a #CholeraCrisis. Perhaps some of you are even wondering what you can do to help. If you live in Zimbabwe and able to volunteer, many organizations are providing assistance. At our Higher Life Foundation we have set up #ThisIsMyHome and @Thisismyhome5 to connect volunteers with communi-

ties in need. Please call 08080400 (a toll-free number) if you want to find out more about volunteering. You are all aware that I am not a medical doctor, so please note, the following information I am going to share with you was drawn from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. You must get the specific details here: cholera Most important! Cholera is very treatable but you have to act fast to restore the fluids being lost. If you know someone who is sick, don’t waste time. Antibiotics and intravenous fluids may be urgently needed. Seek medical professionals and other experts for advice and treatment without delay! Healthcare officials will then get in touch to assist. This service is free and can help save a life! As always, it’s very important for you to do your own homework, but here are some guidelines to help prevent the spread of a #cholera epidemic: Drink and use safe #CleanWater for every-

thing you do, including brushing your teeth, washing and preparing food, making ice and cleaning your kitchen. If you don’t know if the water is safe, don’t risk it. Use only water from sealed water bottles or clean it by boiling it or treating it, as advised by professionals on the ground. Always store #CleanWater in clean covered containers. If in doubt, don’t take a chance! Wash your hands with #CleanWater before you eat or prepare food, feed your children, and after you go to the toilet, change your child’s nappies, or take care of someone ill with diarrhea. If there is no soap, scrub your hands often with ash or sand, and rinse with safe #CleanWater. Avoid shaking hands. Use latrines or other sanitation systems like chemical toilets, if available. If not, go at least 30 meters away from any body of water and bury your waste. Seek guidance from experts what is the best sanitation plan for your own community under these dire circumstances.

To be continued. . .


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Alex Kamara gets good returns

from his printing and photocopy business BY PAUL JJEMBA


rinting and photocopy business is one of the best descriptions of a lucrative venture that anyone operating on a school or university campus can engage in. Around some institutions, this business is so predominant that one might easily think there is no other business venture that would make sense. If you took a walk around any campus, you would not fail to notice that one of the businesses which are always busy from morning until late in the evening are those that are doing printing and photocopy work. Alex Desmond Kamara from Nakawa is one of the printing and photocopy business owners. He operates off one of the streets around the Kampala campus of Ndejje University. According to Kamara, printing and photocopy business is not too complicated to start as only a few tools are needed. “This kind of business does not require a lot of gadgets to start. It depends so much on someone’s planned startup capital. You do not necessarily need to buy new gadgets from abroad to start; even second hand apparatus can give you a good kick off,” the 27-year-old Kamara told Matooke Republic. Kamara who hails from a humble family did not have the opportunity to join university for further education after he had completed his A-level. He chose instead to join the hawking business, on the encouragement of his friend Godfrey Tumusiime, in 2014. “I banished all my pride, carried clothes on my shoulders, moving on foot and trading in the estates of Naalya,” Kamara revealed. Shs2m starting capital He said he spent all of two years as a hawker and by 2016 had accumulated Shs2m on his savings account which he

growing wealth

used as his startup capital for the printing and photocopy venture. “After my brother who had already finished campus briefed me about this kind of business, I was certain that my Shs2m would help me make good profits,” he said. “I bought a second-hand two in one printer and photocopier, second-hand Toshiba laptop, stapler, punching machine and a pack of A4 printing papers,” he recalled. This is how his photocopying business

This kind of business does not require a lot of gadgets to start. It depends so much on someone’s planned startup capital...”

started in 2016, for which he also had to make a down payment of Shs450,000 to cover his rent the first for three months. Kamara is tight-lipped on how much the business brings in every month, only pointing out that the venture provides a sufficient return for him to live faily comfortably, despite a handful of challenges such as the malware that comes with some of his clients storage devices, not to mention the KCCA’s strict rules.

jobs Projects Engineer

Organisation: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or related fields with Six years’ experience Deadline: September 28 2018 Address: P.O.Box 7625, Kampala

Projects Accountant

Organisation: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration or related fields with Five years’ experience Deadline: September 28 2018 Address: P.O.Box 7625, Kampala

Safeguard Officer

Organisation: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Environment Science or related fields with Three years’ experience Deadline: September 28 2018 Address: P.O.Box 7625, Kampala

Legal Officer

Organisation: Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Law or related fields with Six years’ experience Deadline: September 28 2018 Address: P.O.Box 7625, Kampala

Executive Director

Organisation: Uganda Development Corporation

Qualification: Master’s Degree in Economics, Statistics, Business Administration, Commerce, Finance or related fields with Twelve years’ experience Deadline: October 10 2018 Email:

Manager, Internal Audit

Organisation: Uganda Development Corporation Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Statistics, Business Administration, Commerce, Finance or related fields with Six years’ experience Deadline: October 10 2018 Email:

Legal Officer

Organisation: True North Consult Ltd

Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Law or related fields with Three years’ experience Deadline: October 1 2018 For more details:

Senior Accountant

Organisation: True North Consult Ltd Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Commerce or related fields with Five years’ experience Deadline: October 1 2018 For more details:

Uganda Investment Authority

Available Employments; Administrative Assistant Stores, Administrative Assistant Front Office and Park Manager Deadline: September 28 2018 For more info;

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BETTING TIPS Bruno Birakwate with

Thursday: September 20, 2018 EUROPE: Europa League - Group Stage

‘Sick’ Arinaitwe shows how with superb ton against KZN BY INNOCENT NDAWULA TOUR OF SOUTH AFRICA Result - Sunday (50-overs) KZN Inland Academy 269/4 lost to Uganda 273/4 by 6 wickets (with 145 balls to spare)


axing lyrical about Zephaniah Arinaitwe is a forgivable crime, for now! Many coaches and sports administrators are always quick to point a finger at journalists that go gaga in praise of youngsters that chip in with exceptional individual performances. The coaches believe that such reports are catalysts in making the youngsters ‘grow wings’ and fail to live up to their real potential. Arinaitwe is no different. He is such an enigma—as unpredictable on the field as he is off it. But what a player! Is there anything he cannot do? Over the years, we have seen him roll over his arm for some spinners and medium pacers. Predominantly an opening batsmen, Arinaitwe has added more flair to his game. Capable keeper When Uganda’s No.1 wicket-keeper Fred Achelam suffered a nasty blow to his right hand, Uganda were in search of another keeper to take up the gloves. Arinaitwe, an ever-cheerful character, was quick to put his hand up. Many of his teammates were also seeing him

for the first time behind the stumps. His glove work hasn’t been shabby over two games either, but that is a topic for another day. Focus was on his innings with the bat as Uganda started their three-match 50-over build-up for the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cricket League (WCL) Division III scheduled for Oman in November on a winning note - a six-wicket win over Kwazulu Natal Inland Academy last Sunday. Sick man century What made it even more special was that Arinaitwe played while suffering a stomach bug. The 17-year-old threw caution to the wind enroute a masterful 51-ball ton of 107 runs. The John SS Mukono Senior Six student had earlier complained of stomach pains in the first innings as he kept wickets - for the second time on this tour - after captain of the day Brian Masaba had lost the toss and been asked to have a bowl. Arinaitwe handed over the glovework duties to left-hand opening batsman Simon Ssesazi for the rest of the innings as the hosts Kwazulu Natal Inland Academy set a commanding 269 for 4 in the allotted 50 overs at the Pietermaritzburg City Oval yesterday. But he returned after the lunch break

Besiktas-Sarpsborg 08



Dyn. Kyiv-FC Astana



Genk-Malmo FF















Sevilla-St. Liege






AEK Larnaca-Zurich




Over 2.5


D. Zagreb-Fenerbahce



Dudelange-AC Milan



Ludogorets-Bayer Leverkusen



Arsenal-Vorskla Poltava



RB Leipzg-Salzburg

Under 2.5


Slavia Prague-Bordeaux

Over 2.5




Saturday, September 22, 2018 ENGLAND: Premier League 14:30


Over 2.5


Cardiff-Manchester City

Over 2.5

to open the innings and batted in a ruthlessness manner hitting everything in his range enroute to 16 boundaries and four sweetly timed sixes. Every bit of chapping from the sledge-happy KZN Boys got the fire in his belly activated as justified by just the less than 10 singles he took in his knock. By the time he fell Uganda was just 119 runs away from victory at 151 for 2 in 16.3 overs.



Over 2.5





Manchester United-Wolves


Kayondo, Shah half tons The latest ton was Arinaitwe’s sixth century of the season that has also seen him notch 197 off 66 balls last month at the Hayer StarField Tournament in Nairobi and a double-century in the Schools’ Cricket Week Qualifiers. Hamu Kayondo (78 not out off 78) and Riazat Ali Shah (53 off 39) got half centuries during the chase as Uganda nullified the Academy Boys’ set target and it was fitting that Masaba (4* off 7 balls) got the winning runs.

Super Sunday

Super Saturday


FRANCE: Ligue 1 18:00





Over 2.5








St Etienne-Caen





GERMANY: Bundesliga 16:30

Augsburg-Werder Bremen






Schalke-Bayern Munich


ITALY: Serie A 16:00






Sunday, September 23, 2018 ENGLAND: Premier League 15:30

West Ham-Chelsea




Over 2.5





Groningen-AZ Alkmaar

Over 2.5

ITALY: Serie A





Rennes-Paris SG





Cardiff-Manchester City





13:30 16:30

Bologna-AS Roma

Over 2.5


Celta Vigo-Valladolid









Fiorentina- Spal









Real Madrid-Espanyol

Over 2.5


Flamengo RJ-Atletico-MG



AC Milan-Atalanta


Warning! Betting involves high psychological and financial risk. Matooke Republic will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage as a consequence of decisions based on information, betting tips or other links provided in this publication. You are warned to act exclusively at your own discretion and risk.


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‘Sick’ Arinaitwe shows how with superb ton against KZN - P15 Briefs Crested Cranes face hosts South Africa After breezing through to the semifinal of this year’s COSAFA Women’s Championship on Monday as they defeated Zimbabwe 2-1, Crested Cranes who topped group C on seven points take on defending champions and hosts South Africa today at the Wolfson Stadium in KwaZakele. The game kicks off at 4pm Ugandan time. Warriors, Dusupay ink Shs180m deal Warriors rugby club has entered a three-year deal with worldwide money transfer company Dusupay and Velocity bar and grill as club sponsors. The deal sees the Legends-based club get a new kit as the 2018/2019 season looms. Veteran rugger Ivan Makmot was also announced as the new club coach as the Warriors venture into a new direction.

City Oilers on verge of sixth league final BY WILLIAM KASOBA Tusker Lite Semi-final playoffs Friday, September 21 at Indoor Arena, Lugogo City Oilers vs KIU Titans


ocal basketball giants and defending champions City Oilers are on the brink of a sixth consecutive Tusker Lite National Basketball League final after taking a 2-1 lead in the best of five series semi-final playoffs against KIU Titans. On Tuesday this week, moneybags Oilers took charge of the series after defeating Titans 67-71 in a passionately contested tie that had the crowd chanting fervently. This Friday, Oilers go into the fixture with the advantage and a win will see them seal off the series and book a final spot. This will not be a walk in the park for them, however, if what the university side as portrayed in the first games is anything to go by. Titans need to win game four in order to take the tie to the wire as they plot to go one better than last year’s heroics of reaching the final. In the other semifinal bracket, five-time league champions BetWay Power got a setback on their pursuit to return to the final after losing game three yesterday 77-72 against JKL Dolphins. However, Power lead the series 2-1.

Vipers take on KCCA in Uganda Super Cup BY OUR REPORTER Saturday, September 22 Vipers SC vs KCCA – Mutesa II stadium, Wankulukuku 4pm


utesa II stadium, Wankulukuku will host the 2018 Fufa Super Cup tie between Uganda Premier

League (UPL) reigning champions Vipers SC and Uganda Cup winners KCCA FC. The Super Cup is the curtain-raising fixture of the UPL, which will be sponsored by StarTimes starting with the 2018/19 season. However, the UPL management committee is yet to release the fixtures of the league that is slated to kick off on September 28. KCCA are the defending champions of the Super Cup as the beat Onduparaka at the

same venue last season. Mike Mutebi’s boys have been actively engaging in various tournaments after the end of last season. In the process, they have won two trophies, the newly introduced Fufa Super 8 and the Phillip Omondi Invitational tournament. Nevertheless, the Kitende-based side has also been involved in intense preparations under the management of new head coach Javier Martinez Espinosa.

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