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July 12-18, 2018

Seven Days

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Bobi Wine survives arrest Jockim Mbafu Hw can u start fire and u run away from the fire lol president hahaha u must finish up ur show Karl-Heinz Möller Citizen protests are the right in a democracy, the task of the police is to protect the citizens’ right Medi Mubiru I was thinking that bobi is mp member, advise him to take that issue in parlament . Kyoka enjaga “ !!! Kati afuse segirinya.... Twabagamba nti oyo aja nokutuka okweyambulamu empale .... Ok let us see Zerb Muramuzi Madam speaker finds out what pains the ugandans about the social media ,mobile money and transport taxes John Kalyesubula Thank you Honourable! You’re clearly not just a ‘keyboard warrior’ leader!

Social media tax: Bobi Wine escapes arrest In attempt to carry out a peaceful demonstration over ‘evil’ new social media and mobile money taxes, Police blocked the crowds that were led by Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Police

Abeka Tonny That will not help still better adresss the issue Olyvia Twin Oh my goodness ...hope the live bullets didn’t hit any one Zahura Adolf Kasangaki It was just a mere change of guard....I thought police brutality had ended with kayihura Zerb Muramuzi If you are a parents and child cry a good parent finds out the cause dear government why is the child crying ? Tonny T Opio Keep the fire burning, Bobi Robert Elvis Ghetto youth is wiser than the police Yasin Senyonjo It’s just a beginning Fetha Ken He is a ghetto soldier Spencer Duke A good move as we would expect but parliament is instead bound to come out with an inscripted indirect tax payment through bundles purchase. But presumably, these taxations might instead rankle back badly on the economy or revenues for tel. companies as many perhaps as upto about 80% might have now abandoned internet all together. This per se is instead a great lost to the stake holders as we seems to now have reduced airtime sales amongst others. Sadly so, facebook zero is equally closed. This was quite helpful to many including kids. The taxation is more political than having economic sentiments for the govt but certainly a bad negative factor for the impoverished populace.

CONTACT US Matooke Republic Media Ltd. Kiwatule -Naalya Road. P.o. Box 11393 Kampala, Uganda Phone: 0392 000124 Email: website: Facebook: Twitter: @matookerepublic

also wanted to arrest Bobi Wine but he vanished into thin air. Dressed in red, the MP was joined by journalists Raymond Mujuni, Joel Ssenyonyi, and musicians A Pass and Dr. Hilderman among others.

Electricity tariffs increased by Shs50 per unit

LC 1 victories show NRM is loved by masses, says Lumumba

You don’t need guns to get information from us – MTN

The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has announced a new electricity tariff that will see domestic and commercial users pay about Shs50 more for a unit. In the new tariff, domestic users will pay Shs771 for a unit of power, up from 718 in the last quarter; commercial users will pay Shs687 from the previous Shs647, medium industries will pay Shs615 from Shs595 while large industries will pay Shs382 for a unit instead of Shs374.5 they paid in the last quarter.

More than 60,000 villages across the country elected their leaders in the LC 1 polls after 17 years. And ruling party NRM is impressed with their performance at the grassroots. While addressing the media Wednesday, NRM’s Secretary General Justine Lumumba said despite only half of the LC1 results being officially declared, indicators showed NRM was clearly ahead of the rest. Lumumba stated the polls had shown that the ruling party is “loved”.

Following a raid by ISO on the MTN data center, the telecom company has opened up about the incident saying that no data was lost. Board chairman Charles Mbire told the media; “ISO knows the procedure of accessing data. Search warrants, court orders, we have always done it once it is legal. You don’t need guns to get information from us.” He also revealed that government had provided extra security and the security layers for the data servers had since been heightened.

Just for laughs

BOBI WINE@HEBobiwine ...there’s no amount of bullets, teargas or arrests that will stop us. Some of our colleagues have been beaten up and others arrested. They must be freed for they have nothing against the police but rather the terrible tax. #PEOPLEPOWER_OURPOWER #ThisTaxMustGo Mujuni Raymond@qataharraymond We don’t say it out of malice that officers from CPS used live ammunition to disperse a lawful protest, here is evidence #ThisTaxMustGo Mwes M Drew™ @_mwes “MY BROTHER I’M NOT FIGHTING YOU, I’M FIGHTING FOR YOU!” ~ @HEBobiwine tells police as they try to arrest him for protesting #SocialMediaTax #ThisTaxMustGo

Thursday, July 12-18, 2018, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 3

World Cup I News


FIFA WORLD CUP: The 2010 twin bombings in Kampala and lessons ahead of Sunday’s final



ot only shall we forever remember the 2010 FIFA World Cup for being the first World Cup to be hosted in Africa, we shall relive the ever fresh tragic scenes that shocked the football fraternity when 76 people lost their lives in the July 2010 bombings that happened in Kampala. Thousands of Ugandans and foreigners alike had gathered in various hang-outs to cheer on their favourites between Spain and the Netherlands. It was a special treat Kyadondo Rugby Club where a giant screen had been erected for its clients to feeling

“We shall not allow people who want to show the match in open places because such places are difficult to control ”

apart of the live event that was going on in South Africa. Before the kick off, fireworks marked the start of the game; then the Vuvuzela took over. At halftime, a deadly explosion occurred at the Ethiopian Restaurant in Kabalagala killing 14 people but the news never reached the fans at the rugby club until the almost an hour later. The second attack, consisting of two explosions occurred at 11:18 pm just a minute shy of the final whistle. This meant that the fun-filled event ended in sorrow that covered the entire world. A total of 76 were confirmed dead and 71 escaped with serious injuries. 62 of the victims were Ugandans and the rest were from Kenya, Eritrea, India, USA and Ethiopia. Al-Shabaab, a terrorism outfit in Somalia that has ties with the Al-Qaeda came out a day later through Ali Mohamud Rage, their spokesperson, came out and claimed to be the masterminds of the deadly attack.

“We are sending a message to Uganda and Burundi, if they do not take out their Amisom troops from Somalia. Blasts will continue and it will happen in Bujumbura [Burundi’s capital] too,” he threatened. Precautions ahead of Sunday’s WC Final Once again, the 2018 FIFA World Cup final is upon us. With vigilance to avoid the re-occurrence of such tragedy incidents, police this week issued security guidelines ahead of the highly anticipated game. Speaking to the journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru, Police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima revealed that there will not be open screening of the game adding that only venues with closed and traceable outlets will be allowed to show the game. “We shall not allow people who want to show the match in open places because such places are difficult to control,” Kayima said. In addition, all venues must be well manned, with ample lighting, alternative escape routes and security machines like scanners among others. Kayima further urged individuals to be vigilant while watching the game and report any suspicious elements. “We encourage the public to report everything, anything that looks out of place and most importantly to look out for one another,” he added.

4 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, July 12-18, 2018


Kayihura I Man In The News

Inside Kale Kayihura’s The former Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura will make his first 30 days in detention tomorrow.


he maverick, highly decorated officer was arrested from his farm in Kashagama, Lyantonde district on June 13, 2018. Brigadier Richard Kalemire, the UPDF spokesperson told Matooke Republic on phone that Kayihura was in good shape, perfect health and accessible to his family and lawyers despite media reports that former police man was ill and had asked to seek treatment abroad. “Kale is our General and we take good care of our Generals. His welfare is our priority. That is why I told those media [Bukedde] people stop writing bad things about him,” Karemire said. Kayihura is currently being detained at Makindye Military Barracks living in the house of the barracks commandant. He has 24-hour military surveillance and is allowed to watch television, read newspapers and step out only to the verandah of the house. High profile visitors According to our exclusive sources, Kayihura has received a number of high profile visitors including General Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh with an objective to broker a deal with the government that would see Kayihura regain his freedom. “He does not want to talk to anyone other than the President,” our sources revealed implying that the Kayihura-Saleh

meeting did not yield any positive results. Although he was arrested alongside other high ranking police officers that he worked closely with such as Herbert Muhangi, Col Atwooki Ndahura, Kayihura is being held alone.

No interrogation or statement yet

Hon. Elly Karuhanga, a senior partner at Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA), the law firm representing Kayihura told Matooke Republic that government had

“Kale is our General and we take good care of our Generals. His welfare is our priority. That is why I told those media people stop writing bad things about him,.” neither preferred any charges against their client nor recorded a statement about his arrest. “It is not true that the general has been interrogated. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t even recorded an ink of statement yet. He does not know why he is being held,”

Karuhanga said. Karuhanga further revealed that as a soldier, Kayihura is allowed to exercise, read books and watch television adding that the General was angry by how the local media have covered stories surrounding his arrest. “The media has mastered the smear campaign against Kayihura. He has been charged with murder, espionage, treason, kidnaps among other heinous crimes whenthe courts have not charged him with any,” he added. Despite his irregular detention, Karuhanga said that his client has not instructed the firm to apply for habeas corpus – a constitutional provision that a person arrested but not charged with in 48 hours can walk free.

Court martial?

Being a military officer, there has been speculation that Kayihura would appear before the General Court Martial. This speculation was further fueled by the renewal of Maj. Gen.

Thursday, July 12-18, 2018 /MATOOKE REPUBLIC 5

Kayihura I Man In The News

first 30 days in jail Andrew Guti’s term of office as the Court’s chair. The Court resumed business on July 3, 2018 after the new jury took oath. However, UPDF spokesman Richard Karemire told Matooke Republic that Kayihura will not be appearing in this or any other court because “he is not under arrest,” “We are the army. We know what we are doing. All we need is time and space to do our work,” he added. Jet Tumwebaze, another partner at Kampala Associated Advocates said in a phone interview that neither of the charges reported in the media can stand in courts of law. “There is no iota of credibility in the charges the media has been reporting. I have personally followed them up and they cannot even stand in a Taliban court,” he noted. Tumwebaze explained that charges like murder, deportation have already been preferred on other characters and overwhelming evidence to support the accusations presented. “To charge Kayihura with the same would mean releasing the other characters yet there is already more than overwhelming evidence against them. The charges simply cannot stand scrutiny,” he noted. Tumwebaze who has been present during the search of Kayihura’s home said that no gun reportedly linked to a high profile murder was found at the home adding that Kayihura never attempted to flee the country before his arrest. “We are talking about a General. Which General can kill someone and hide the gun at his house? Even a crime

preventer cannot do such. Kayihura rose through the ranks without even a caution on his record. Such discipline is out of this world. You don’t become a General by running from from situations,” he added. Kayihura’s normal day at a glance To stay fit and in shape, he wakes up to a routine exercise that mostly features pushups, press-ups and stretches. His fridge is stocked with mostly mineral water which he uses to keep himself hydrated. He then steps out of the house to catch some air and greet his 24-hour security guards before having breakfast which is prepared by his family members as are all other meals. Kayihura’s son, daughter and wife Angella visit the general at every convenience. If he is not in the mood of entertaining visitors, Kayihura

keeps indoors watching cable television on the Samsung Flat TV or reading a book from the verandah. He does not have private conversations even when talking to his family, lawyers or on the phone provided to him by the barracks commandant Col. William Bainomugisha which does not make any outgoing calls.


6 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, July 12-18, 2018

Social Mix

Fun Time I What’s happening


Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale proved that she is really unchained from Swangz Avenue limits as she held a full house at her maiden concert dubbed “Irene Ntale Unchained.” Doors were filled up by 8pm and different glamourous celebrities and Ntale fans were seen flooding Victoria Hall of Serena Hotel as they anticipated to witness the “Miss Kateteeyi” singer show off her worth in a live concert.

UNCHAINED The crowd: Showing full support and love.

Yes: Biina Baby and a colleague came to support . Rema: Another independent artiste supporting .

Regal: Irene Ntale owns the moment.

Full house: Yes, she filled up Serena!

Couple Goals: Jazz Safari is the ultimate plot.

Smiles: Jazz fans having a great time.

Couple Goals: When they match, it’s official . Slay kings: They came to slay .

Thursday, July 12-18, 2018, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 7

Events I Party Time

On the Scene

BACKYARD GARDENERS Pure Nature: Flowery Environment:

Beautiful artpiece: I should get this one for my verandah at home.

From beautiful landscape artwork to flower vases, scented candles and garden accessories, the Sheraton Gardens were flocked by garden enthusiasts at the Backyard Garderners show on Saturday. It had a unique display of artpieces and a fashion show as revellers danced to Guitar Maestro, Myko Ouma’s soothing melodies while enjoying aTusker Lite drink

Slayers: With attitude status.

Made for the runway: The Purple rain designs showcased were on fleek.

Perfect friends: Perfectly blending with the flowers.

Awards: Dedication and patience with the plants surely paid off.

Floral Competition: Lets beat the flowers at their own game.

Music Moments: Michael Ouma strums his guitar along with the band.

ly The Model: Confident posing .

8 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, July 12-18, 2018


Who WhoIIWhat WhatIIWhere Where

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga kiss and make up


ocialite couple, Dorothy and Herbert Shonga have settled their differences after close to a year of separation. The couple failed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary after accusations of infidelity and greed rocked their glamorous union. Dorothy Shonga accused hubby Herbert of cheating on her with Sheila Murungi, a lady whom they he had hired as the PR of their bar, Space Lounge. Herbert denied the accusations but later seemed to have ‘moved on’ with Sheila. He passionately shared moments with the lady on social media and later changed his username to Habib Shonga, a signal that all between him and Dorothy were done and dusted. However, as they say, in matters of the heart, it’s never too early or late to judge. Herbert reportedly flew to Zimbabwe and gifted the mother of her kids with expensive gifts that she did not hesitate to show to her fans on social media. Dorothy Shonga made the announcement on her social media platforms as she showed off what Herbert had gifted her with. Herbert and Dorothy are currently in Zimbabwe having a good time with their children as a family. This brings an end to Herbert and Sheilat’s relationship which had sent Dorothy packing.

I was too broke to join Glitz and glamour as s d e w n o s s i’ z e w h university but now u M Jim I can afford Harvard


ay G Rhiganz, real names Reagan Muhairwe is the latest and arguably best export from Western Uganda to the Ugandan music scene. With his melodious voice that knits Runyankole in RnB, Afrobeat and Reggae, he has released hit after hit and has recently upgraded to doing regular shows in Kampala. His latest song, Nkaronda, produced by Nessim is making ladies go bananas on social media and it’s video, like the rest, are getting great reviews and hits on YouTube despite being in the Runyankole dialect. For him, music is a universal language, even if one doesn’t understand the lyrics, they can still dance to it. “I can speak English well but I’m more confident in my mother tongue and my biggest fan base is in Western Uganda, I am doing it for them,” he says. At just 26 years, Ray G has been in the music business for over nine years now having recorded his first song in 2009 soon after he had finished high school but could not afford to join university due to financial problems. Rather than despair, he channeled his energy to music - an investment that he says is returning dividends. “Things were hard back then. I had so many siblings that still had to go through Primary and Secondary school and there was no money at home. I knew I would make my tuition through music so I started,” he recalls. He waited until 2014 when his song Amarari brought him to the music scene

with acclaimed fame enjoying radio and television playtime, giving him the much needed anchor. He sang at weddings and small events and reinvested the money in his music career. What followed were others hits like enshazi, mureebe, tayari, mbahi, naba nkwine among others. Unlike other talents that have risen from the region and died musically, the youngster has remained top of his game winning numerous awards for best Western Ugandan artiste on his way and is hopeful that his best days are ahead of him. Those who have heard his music attest to the lyrical maturity and finesse it espoused. Bersh Katorobo, the founder of Bash Creates, a photo and videography business said he has not heard an artiste in Uganda with lyrics as rich as Ray G. “Everyone who understands Runyankole will tell you that Ray G’s creativity, use of local proverbs and figures of speech are way up there. No one matches it,” he said. Ray G turned up at Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store on April 19 and electrified the audience leaving many yearning for his electric performances. Ray G is a man of love. He says, the society he has grown in inspires most of his music. He is currently signed under Awesome Entertainment, a Mbarara-based music label. His fourth studio album titled Akareere is set to drop anytime this year.


er Minister of am Muhwezi, the son of form ship with tion Health made official his rela ghter of dau a wa, ahig his bride Sarah Rut couple walked The wa. ahig Rut Eric er wealthy farm Cathedral in Kamdown the aisle at Namirembe ous ceremony that our glam a in ay pala on Saturd attracted the bigshots. ged vows before The youthful couple exchan e Orombi. Thereafter, former Archbishop Henry Luk a convoy of sleek in d ure uffe the couple was cha ort, Munyonyo for the cars to Commonwealth Res reception. by First Lady Janet The ceremony was attended na Rugunda, aka Ruh r Museveni, Prime Ministe in Karugire, Edw ba, uga ner Kai zi hoo Maj Gen Mu ro, Amanda one Kab Bob Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, a Musheany Am and ro one Kab ard Mbabazi, Rich Don wa, ahig Rut ga. Gen Ivan Koreta, Mzee Eric lia and are Rup hir Sud a, end Mw Nabaasa, Andrew ers. John Byabagambi among oth


Letio Christine crowned Miss Ma’di


here was pomp and excitement at Adjumani Mayor’s garden in Adjumani town on Saturday as hundreds of revelers gathered to witness the second successive Miss Ma’di contest. Christine Letio, 25, emerged the new Miss Ma’di 2018 taking the mantle Brenda Abio. She walked home with a cheque of 1.5m while Ms Bridget Kojoki, the first runner-up and Ms Phiona Opio, the second runner-up received cheques of sh500, 000 and sh300, 000 respectively. The new Miss Ma’di, a sales and marketing officer pledged to campaign against sexual gender based violence in the region by creating awareness among the youth and members of the community. Ms Dorothy Chandia, the founder of Miss Ma’di foundation said the aim of the event is to promote

and celebrate the Madi culture, beauty and women empowerment as well as giving young women a unique opportunity to become beauty queens with strong future goals. While presiding over the function, Dr George Bhoka, the Adjumani district health officer (DHO) said all the contestant-showcased beauty in their mind, feelings and character. He promised to work closely with Letio to advance the fight against sexual gender based violence in Adjumani and West Nile region at large. The occasion was also graced by Adjumani East Member of Parliament, Mr Mark Dulu, Mr William Anyama, the Moyo district chairperson, Mr John Anyanzo, the Adjumani district vice chairperson, the former miss Uganda 2012, Phiona Bizzu and Miss Tourism Northern Uganda, Gloria Allele who is also the face of virgin gold cooking oil and Ssese habitat resort

Thursday, July 12-18, 2018, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 9

Music I Going Out




Swangz Avenue is marking its decade celebration in style. The music label and production house is holding countrywide tours feauturing some of the top stars in the local entertainment. Over the weekend, they were at Smiling Panda in Gulu. Singers Vampino, Nwagi, Ykee Benda, among others performed.

Nwagi: Representing with her dancers.

Benon: He still got it.

Vampino: Fully charged smart cable.

Mun G: Surely music is a universal language .

Raah: The crowd was witnessing their biggest stars.

Deejay: Making his master strokes.

Ykee: Fans fighting for a piece.

10 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, July 12-18, 2018


Music I Going Out

MISS UGANDA 2018 UNVEILED The Miss Uganda Pageant has unveiled the 23 contestantsthat will be competing for the crown of Miss Uganda on August 10th at Sheraton Kampala Hotel. It was a grand affair organised by Talent Africa and Kezzi Entertainment at the poolside of the home of Miss Uganda which is the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

Damn: Befitting contestants on the sidelines.

Queens: Former winners and runners-up at the event.

Sleek: The moving sound track of the song ‘African beauty’.

Royal selfie: Tonny Mutengu rubs shoulders with royalty

Thursday, July 12-18, 2018, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 11

Album I Music




ou can never know how great a song is until you witness its effect on the masses. Over the weekend, I hit one of Uganda’s many night spots and the crowd was not enthusiastic. Well, at least not before they played this joint. You should have seen the euphoria sweep right across the dancefloor. Not a soul remained seated. Everyone was doing their own rendition of the “Shaku”, a Nigerian dance move that involves criss crossing the arms while doing some sort of shuffle with the feet. Fik “picked inspiration” from the Nigerians and did his own version of the shaku dance and localised it to Sconto. We have always known him for “picking inspira-

tion” anyway. Artin, the man that comes with the magic fingers, adds rolling drums, a hardcore kidandali beat and a horse neigh to give us one crazy instrumental. The song is a dance song with most of the lyrics hailing Wembley, for doing his thing on this dance move. Fik Fameica is of course clever with his lyrics and punchlines as usual and he makes this one a sing along tune when he drops the “After kafito” line. He is simply spontaneous. The video The video is shot by Pest and it’s an effort worth writing home about. Pest puts together a dance fiesta in close to four different settings and it’s all action, from point A to Z. There is a particular wide angle shot that has shirtless ninjas on top of freight containers in a very captivating dance motion. It’s just a piece of the action this montage comprises. Excellent effort.

12 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, July 12-18, 2018


Trends I Slaying I Killing It


love all things denim. I mean who doesn’t? Not only are denims a fashion classic, they are very versatile, and make for the cutest casual outfits. Today’s pick is the mini denim skirt that features a distressed hem. The distressed detailing is actually what makes the skirt pop. So if you are the kind that is into the “do it yourself” style, then this is skirt is for you.


ow would you describe your style? My style is a reflection of my personality. The outfit for each day has a different feeling and style inspiration attached to it. What is the one fashion item you cannot live without? Sunglasses! They are life itself.

You can wear it with anything from a crop top, a sweat shirt to an off-theshoulder top. Anything that doesn’t upstage your skirt will do. Switch your foot wear for this skirt between heels and sneakers. Boots are also a great option, especially if your skirt is shorter.

What is your worst buy ever? The iPhone x. What styling trick works for you all the time? Staying original and never trying so hard when it comes to my outfits. Any item we would not find in your wardrobe? Anything dirty.

Whichever side you choose to shop from, you will find at least one or two pieces of this skirt.

street style @Shamirah_Ahmed The sun is out, so the jeans have to go!

@Iamsammertime When the memo read, “Come looking extra!”


@moshiology Skinny jeans are our favorite denims on men.


Thursday, July 12-18, 2018, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 13

Study I Chillax I Live It

Campus Buzz OUR CRUSH

muk fcd chapter moves to IMPEACH GUILD PRESIDENT


he Makerere University FDC chapter president Kahiigi Edmond, a man whose actions have superseded his words in the past has revealed his plan to see off the Guild President, Papa Were Salim from office and influence a vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” for the Guild speaker, Hon. Kwagala Isaac in the Guild House. This fuss comes due to the consensus reached between a Seven (7) member committee of the Students’ leadership headed by Polly Bandola, the chairperson of Mitchell hall and the University administration that saw the earlier suggested 90% tuition increment reduced to 15% across all courses at the University for the next five years. Edmond Kahiigi described this as a failure to represent the interests of the students’ community and inability to fight for their rights. In a letter addressed to the 84th Guild house, dated 8th July 2018, Edmond blamed the committee for benchmarking at the University of Nairobi, which he purportedly described as being in a stronger economy than Uganda.

“Still basing on the fact that the committee did not meet the house prior to the submission of their report to the council, we find it provocative to the constituents who mandated the house with legislatory powers,” Edmond asserted. “We find their impeachment justifiable and we as voters shall collect signatures for the guild’s impeachment while the house deals with the speaker,” He continued. The chapter president also demands that the money that was granted to the committee to do the benchmarking should be refunded as they failed to accomplish their task and instead took their lovers for outings using the money. We shall keep you posted on the developments of this story.

Campus Bee

UCU student pleads guilty of posting video of herself masturbating


illian Rukundo, a student of Mass Communication at Uganda Christian University (UCU), has pleaded guilty before Buganda Road court, of broadcasting pornographic material, Sqoop reports. She is said to have uploaded to the Internet a video of herself, while masturbating. According to the charge sheet, in 2017 while in her hostel in Mukono District, Rukundo produced a video showing herself masturbating, while pushing a middle finger in and out of her Vagina, for purposes of sexually arousing whoever watched it. She has been charged with 10 counts of broadcasting phonographic material. This is after Rukundo was on Tuesday grilled by CID officers at the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) headquarters on how her nude pictures came to be

circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp. According to Kampala police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, Rukundo, during the interrogation, denied circulating the pictures herself. “She accepted that she took the nudes but her intention was not to share them on social media. She said she sent them to her boyfriend based in US and

she does know how they were leaked on one Ashburg Kato, who shared them on his Facebook wall,” Mr Owoyesigyire said. He said Rukundo recorded a police statement, claiming that her boyfriend must have leaked her nudes since their relationship has been on the rocks of late. Mr Owoyesigyire added that she was charged with production and publishing nudity before being granted bond. Campus Bee

Matooke Republic’s crush this week is Katushi Lisa of MUBS


Body & Soul

July 12-18, 2018

Living I Relating



The amazing THREAT TO A benefits of lemon peels A

Sometimes the killer of relationships is not a lack of trust, a lack of communication or arguing with your significant other. It is simple indifference.



emons have been used for centuries in treatment of diseases and disorders. Their unique anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties are the reason they are used to treat colds, gout, obesity, digestive disorders, tuberculosis, pimples, bladder infections, constipation among others. But did you know their powers go beyond what’s inside as their peels are equally valuable? Not many may be aware of the health benefits of lemon peels, but before you throw the lemon peel away next time, think about these amazing benefits they possess:

Reduce cholesterol

Lemon peels are useful in decreasing the cholesterol levels in the body, which ultimately helps to keep your heart in good health. This is owed to a component known as polyphenol flavonoids, which is found in lemon peels.

Improve bone health

Lemon peels are great for the health of your bones, because they contain a high amount of calcium and vitamin C, both of which are critical in maintaining and improving the health of bones. Lemon peels also help to prevent a variety of bone related diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Aid oral health/ hygiene

Looking for a quick fix to oral health and hygiene? Turn to lemon peels. Because lemon peels are packed with Vitamin C, it is only natural that teeth-related problems like bleeding gums, scurvy and gingivitis, all of which are associated with a deficiency in the vitamin will be history the moment you choose to make good use of lemon peels since they are rich in citric acid which helps to cover for vitamin C deficiency in addition to countering teeth and gum-related problems.

Lemon peels are great for the health of your bones, because they contain a high amount of calcium and vitamin C...

Promote weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight, treat lemon peels as an important ally. This is because they contain a component known as pectin, which is useful for the loss of body weight. In addition, the potassium in lemon peels helps to maintain the right blood pressure in your body, helping you stave off conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. To maximise the value of your lemon peels, it is advisable that you freeze the peels, then grate them and add them to your tea, salad or eat them directly (with or without sugar added).

relationship can survive most things if both people involved in it are committed to the other person and act with respect toward the other. A relationship can survive angry tirades and arguments that span endless lonely days and nights. Anger means you care, even though you are caring in such a way as to negatively affect your partner. Relationships can, with some difficulty, survive lack of communication or communication problems. Successful couples don’t always agree, but they let each other know what is going on in their lives, and how they are feeling (especially when their partner does something that sparks a particular emotional response in the other person). Relationships survive with poor communication, although they tend not to be happy ones. What a relationship has difficulty surviving is when two people go into “autopilot” mode and as such become indifferent toward one another. When you have given up on emotion entirely, when you feel nothing toward the other person, that is a difficult thing to come back from. Communication appears to be taking place, but it is just shallow talk — like two acquaintances might do who just met on a plane. Think about it. Even when we argue, we communicate with the other person, express disappointment, hurt or anger for some perceived harm. When we distrust our significant other (for whatever reason), it hurts because we care enough to want to trust them in the first place. Cheating hurts most people not because of the act itself, but because of the basic violation of trust and respect in the relationship. The fact that it hurts, however, signals we care. If we did not care, it would not hurt us. Indifference is not caring what the

other person does in a relationship. If your automatic response to a significant other’s question always seems to be, “Whatever,” be afraid. There are no arguments, and so everything may seem okay on the surface. Arguing stops because you don’t care if you were right or felt hurt by another person’s words or actions. Trust is not an issue, because you don’t care about earning or having the other person’s trust (or trusting them). You interact every day in a vacuum where everything seems okay, because neither of you cares whether it is or not. It is a perfect illusion that you both have silently agreed to live. But it is not a relationship at that point anymore. Ideally, relationships help us not

only love another human being, but grow while at it. They teach us lessons about life that otherwise would be difficult to learn, lessons about compromise, communication, listening and giving selflessly of yourself and expecting nothing in return. All these things are impossible where there is indifference. Yet, indifference does not have to be the end of a relationship. If caught early enough, it is a warning sign that something has gone horribly wrong and needs fixing. If both people in the relationship pay attention to that warning sign and seek help, there is a good chance the relationship can survive, if both people want it to.



Opposites don’t attract, scientists prove Issa lie! People do not form friendships or relationships with people who do not hold the same values, views and prejudices, studies have shown.

A myth: The theory that opposites attract is a myth, as researchers found that like-minded people will be drawn together but keep their distance from those who do not adhere to their beliefs. Reality

Picture two strangers striking up a conversation on a plane, or a couple on a blind date. From the very first moments, how similar the two people are

is immediately and powerfully playing a role in future interactions. Will they connect? Those early recognitions of similarity are really consequential in that decision, according to Angela Bahns, professor of psychology at Wellesly College. “We are arguing that selecting similar others as relationship partners is extremely common--so common and so widespread on so many dimensions that it could be described as a psychological default.” To find out how important similarity was to forming relationships, the researchers from Wellesly and the University of Kansas approached more

than 1,500 random pairs, including romantic couples, friends and acquaintances, and asked them to complete a survey about their values, prejudices, attitudes as well as personality traits. The information was then compared to see how similar or different each pair was and to see whether people in longer relationships had more in common. It emerged that all pairings held similar life views even if they had only just met. “People are more similar than chance on almost everything we measure, and they are especially similar on the things that matter most to them personally,” Prof Bahns concluded.

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One on One

Using a wedding planner to organise your big day could be cheaper than you think


ver wondered how easy life could be if you had someone to plan out your whole wedding without you having to stress and becoming a bridezilla? It is actually possible here in Kampala. We caught up with Derrick Mayengo from DAS, an event planning/management firm that offers wedding planning services among others to tell us about how they take the hassle out of organising weddings.

Why should a couple that’s getting married consider hiring a wedding planner? Is it affordable in the first place? Your Wedding Day happens only once. Because of that, you want it to be as close to perfect as possible. Hiring professionals gives you access to a team with lots of experience [and] who are dedicated to your wedding. A professional wedding planner ensures that all service providers deliver the value they were paid for. And regarding the cost, hiring a wedding planner is affordable. Once the couple indicates the budget they are working with, a professional wedding planner will deliver a wedding within that budget.

How do you put the wedding together? Do you provide all services or outsource some of them?

Well, we do source the different service providers on your behalf and supervise them on the event day to ensure delivery as promised. After the event we will have a debrief with you to get your feedback about the event.


So how do you handle things like payment? How many weddings can you organise in one weekend?

We can organise up to a maximum of four different weddings in a weekend, and it would not affect the work quality at all because we have different wedding planners to deploy at each wedding to ensure its successful organisation.

we have different wedding planners to deploy at each wedding to ensure its successful organisation.


“A good marriage is one where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal.” Anonymous

We draw up contracts with our clients as well as the service providers. We also have various flexible payment channels from receipt of cash, mobile money and payment to our bank account. Clients are expected to deposit 50% as booking fee and complete the balance at least 72 hours before the event.

What was the most unique wedding you ever planned?

We once planned a 3 in 1 wedding that had receptions in 3 different locations in two different countries at the same time. It involved a live feed of the entire proceedings as well as Skype conferencing. It was a first for us.

What are your price ranges?

Depending on the preferred service package, our prices range from Shs500,000 and above.

How do you coordinate wedding planning with busy clients?

Most of our clients are extremely busy people. We plan their weddings through wedding planning update meetings were we give you a full update on how your wedding planning preparations are going indicating

the progress so far achieved and what is left. These meetings could be weekly or biweekly and take a maximum of one hour.

Has DAS planned a wedding entirely (providing all the services)?

Yes we have. This year alone, we have already planned three weddings entirely. It is a culture that is starting to pick on.

How long does it take you to plan a good wedding, let’s say you are a given with a month’s notice…

Four months prior to the wedding is usually sufficient time, but if we had one month’s notice, we would still pull it off. This is because we already have existing relationships with many service providers so we can call in favours to enable us deliver the client’s dream.

What are some of the challenges you have experienced?

Sometimes clients give us incomplete information which makes it difficult to effectively perform our roles. For example, telling us you expect 300 guests yet the actual number is 500 complicates our work.

Ask for wedding help not gifts You know those weddings where people receive several gifts but still a have serious debt from the wedding? Yes, try your best not to be that person. Ask your guests to pledge instead of asking for wedding gifts. It will save you a lot.

To feature on this page, email your pictures to To advertise, call 0791200131

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DFCU admits it is short of cash

Currency Buying Selling USD 3,797 3,806 GBP 4,982 4,996 EUR 4,418 4,430 KSH 38.3 38.4 TSH 1.65 1.66

after major shareholder’s exit BY STAFF WRITER


Telecoms drop tax on mobile money deposits “There is an ongoing discussion so we await that discussion from Parliament. The law will guide on the process. It is only Parliament that has the power to amend the law...” Ian Rumanyika, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) public and corporate affairs manager


arely a month since one of its major shareholders indicated they were pulling out, DFCU Bank is in a liquidity crisis, the bank chairman Elly Karuhanga confirmed at a media briefing this week. After the bank’s key shareholder CDC announced on June 14 this year it was exiting DFCU, the bank is reportedly short of cash necessary for lending and paying its customers. It is also indicated that clients applying for loans are getting less than what they had applied for. This was disclosed by Elly Karuhanga, the bank chairman, and George Ochom DFCU’s General Manager while addressing a crisis media briefing at Kampala Associated Advocates offices in Nakasero, Kampala. Mr. Ochom explained that liquidity is critical in the bank market and said banks cannot operate normal business without sufficient liquidity. “Liquidity is very critical in any bank. Really it is critical in the interbank market because you know there are always payments that go on on a daily basis so in normal course of banking business there is a lot of movements of funds,” said Mr. Ochom. He further revealed that banks have to maintain certain liquidity ratios in order to be able to pay out their customers. The bank officials just fell short of linking the bank’s current predicament to the exit of CDC, which for many years has been one of DFCU’s major shareholders. “We don’t know whether CDC group is running away completely or

No job is too small for anyone. Start with the opportunity given, take pride in the opportunity because you might miss out on the other opportunities that come with that smaller gig. You must have the patience to wait because every experience is something you can add to your CV

selling part of its shares so we don’t really know what is going on. They have not made it officially [known] to us. If they make it clear to us we shall inform you,” Mr. Karuhanga said. He also said CDC reducing shareholding is normal but may affect the bank operations. Reports also show that ever since DFCU controversially acquired former Crane Bank from Bank of Uganda, the DFCU bank’s management has been struggling to manage business countrywide and that a big number of employees have since been shown the exit. CDC made an official communication to DFCU indicating the intention to sell its stake on June 14. The UK firm’s Investment Director in charge of Financial Institutions, Irina Grigorenko, said it was “undertaking a review of its investment in

DFCU Limited which may lead to the disposal or some of some or all of its shares in DFCU over the short to medium term.” “It is our aspiration to exit in a manner that causes minimum disruption to the business and ensures the orderly trading of DFCU’s shares,” she wrote. Irina also indicated that CDC’s objective is to identify “like-minded investors who could support DFCU in its new phase of growth.” DFCU’s crisis was further deepened by the resignation of Deepak Malik, Chief Executive Officer of Arise Holdings Ltd, which is its biggest shareholder from the board. Arise Holdings has 58 percent shares while CDC is DFCU’s oldest investor with more than five decades of working together.

Storm after Crane Bank takeover

Bank of Uganda sold Crane Bank to DFCU in January 2017 for a paltry Shs200 billion yet it was valued at over Shs1.3 trillion. Following the leaking of the agreement, it was revealed that DFCU didn’t even pay a cent. Crane Bank shareholders were also sidelined during the sale, in disregard of Financial Intelligence Authority regulations. As CDC pulled out of the bank, Mr. Malik also tendered his resignation leading analysts to speculate that there is something really ‘stinking’ in the Crane Bank deal, which DFCU management previously termed as “sweet”. It should be recalled that DFCU’s profits rose from Shs31 billion to Shs150 billion within just three months after the former taking over Crane Bank.

Strive Masiyiwa

#SolutionMindset: Don’t complain and cry... Instead, imagine!


young American was visiting Zimbabwe as a backpacker and discovered it was easy to get around because people would give him a “lift” and charge for the ride. He noticed that most people travelled to work using “paid-for lifts.” To an American who spent countless wasted hours stuck in traffic jams, this was revolutionary! He went home and with a colleague decided to launch a “ride sharing” business called Zimride (which was soon acquired by a big car rental company). Thereafter, six years ago he and his partner launched another “shared economy” business called “Lyft” which is now worth an estimated $15bn+. It’s the main competitor to Uber! Another young man wanted to go into the hotel business but he did not have “enough

money” to build hotels. Whilst some would have despaired, he and two friends came up with an ingenious entrepreneurial solution that has helped them build a business more valuable than the biggest hotel groups in the world! That business, of course, is called Airbnb, a concept used in African cities for decades, probably longer. We started talking about this last week. In my own country, people who do not own their own home often rent space in other people’s houses as “lodgers.” Millions of people in Africa find lodgings in this and similar ways. Like Uber, Airbnb (now considered worth some $37bn only 10 years since its founding) could also be an idea born out of Africa! Suddenly I can hear a howl of indignant complaints from the “conspiracy theorists,” but this is not the entrepreneurial way to respond. All it means is that, thanks to technology and innovation, there are other similar new opportunities right on our doorstep here at home!

The response is for our own young entrepreneurs to study these new pathways to developing businesses, and re-imagine them to digitize things like our “urban lodging system,” and many other similar situations. The person who digitizes urban accommodation in African cities, will be an African Airbnb... Could this be one of you? Look around! What do you “see”?! Come on guys, what do I have to do to wake you up?! Wipe those tears of bitterness off your cheeks simply because you thought you don’t have access to opportunities or capital. Re-imagine the business model, and find other smart ways to get yourself into business. You could be the next Uber or Airbnb! The “shared economy” business model allows you to do smart things with very little capital. It allows you to leverage limited resources, skills and/or assets. I spoke last week about a guy who developed an App to help people find a free tractor in his agricultural community. Another business facilitates “sharing” of big equipment to

construction sites, and yet another enables hospitals to “share” expensive hospital equipment. Cassava Fintech (one of our businesses) developed a business model to help rural people pool their savings using mobile money. A group of young entrepreneurs in South Africa replaced the “Office Messenger” with a (shared) system called Sendr. Companies call for “Sendr” when they need a parcel delivered quickly. This was really cool so I invested! Now I’m going to help them turn every “Okada” (Nigerian motorcycle taxi) into a “Sendr” agent! Call to Action! The “shared economy” business model is a new pathway to entrepreneurial success. It enables you to solve problems experienced by people every day in your community, country, and even the whole continent. (Or the world!)

To be continued. . .

Thursday, July 12-18, 2018 / MATOOKE REPUBLIC 17

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Most lucrative night

businesses you can start As the second half of the year gets underway, Matooke Republic’s Alex Taremwa shines a light on some of the most lucrative night businesses you can start and take advantage of the less competition to make a killing. Boda Boda

Kintu Yasin is an ordinary boda-boda rider in Mukono town but unlike his colleagues, you won’t find him at his Bishop’s stage before 8pm in the night. Asked why he works nights only, he answer was simple for a man who stopped in Primary Four. “High risk, high reward,” he said. This means the more he embarks on journeys his colleagues regard as risky, the better the payment he gets. A ride that ordinarily costs Shs1, 000 during the day costs between Shs2, 000 and Shs4, 000 in the night. From this risk, Kintu goes home every morning Shs120, 000 richer than his colleagues – enough for him to take home a handsome package. Like Kintu, Juliet Kyewalyanga popularly known as Maama Aggie in Seeta runs a mobile grocery kiosk on the roadside just after the Mwebaza stage. She sells not just fresh fruits but also ready to eat Katogo at just Shs2, 000 – an unrivaled delicacy for the youths who cannot afford a proper meal. Maama Aggie and several of her colleagues operate on this street until after 1am and serve at least 100 passersby daily. “My food has never remained. I make not less than Shs200, 000 a night yet I spend about Shs30, 000 on buying cassava and matooke that I prepare the following day,” she said. Other fast foods on high demands in the night are chips, deep fried chicken and fish, pilau, roast and boiled maize, the famous rolex, chapatti and beans (kikomando) among others.

Roast meat (muchomo)

No one can walk past a muchomo stall without casting an eye in its direction. The scent alone from the beef, goat’s meat, chicken, sausages or pork on fire excites one’s taste buds. In Wandegeya, Edgar arrives at his station at 5pm and sets fire on his stove. After lining up his sumptuous products on fire, he lets the scent do the talking. By midnight, he has harvested a whooping Shs400, 000. “I get most of my supplies from the butchery. All I do is make sure everything is well marinated and spiced. I also have chilli on the side for those who

jobs Manager Quality Assurance Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Economic Policy or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

Senior Planning and Research Officer

Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Economics, Statistics or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

I make not less than Shs200, 000 a night yet I spend about Shs30, 000 on buying cassava and matooke that I prepare the following day


If there is one thing we can all agree on is that Ugandans love their drink. It doesn’t matter where the bar is, the beer will be drunk. Our ranking as Africa’s second most alcohol consuming nation is real. That said, bars are the most money minting businesses in the night whether is it posh place in Kololo or a kafunda in Katanga, business is good.

love it,” he noted.


When the flamboyant boutiques close shop in Kampala, it is the hawker’s time to shine. From Kisenyi through to Nakawa, Bweyogere, Kireka and other suburbs, shoes of all kinds, sizes and shapes are lined up. At Shell Nakawa, Senior John as he calls himself stands adjacent to the taxi stage with a collection of men’s casual and formal shoes. A pair is priced between Shs60, 000 and Shs120, 000 and on a good day, he sells about nine pairs. Do the mathematics.


That’s right. We all not need a place to run to when the night gets tough and 24-hour pharmacies are not easy to find. If you start one in your neighbourhood, you can save lives. Ensure that you have condoms, morning after pills, a trained and qualified physician and a licence to operate.

Administration Officer Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

Internal Audit Officer

Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

Receipts and Payment Officer

Training Officer

Finance Analysis Officer

Sales and Marketing Manager

Inspections Officer

Finance Manager

ICT Officer

Manager Regulation & Drafting

Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

Fast food and take away


Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email: Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email: Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

Organisation: Industrial Security Services Limited Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, Development Studies or related fields with Five years’ experience Deadline: July 6 2018 Email: ghrm@madhvani. org

Organisation: Industrial Security Services Limited Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance, Sales & Marketing or related fields with Five years’ experience Deadline: July 6 2018 Email: ghrm@madhvani. org Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

Organisation: Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Law or related fields with Two years’ experience Deadline: July 16 2018 Email:

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ith all the pre-tournament top contenders out of Russia, France now look like clear favourites to claim their second title and end 20 years of waiting. Tuesday’s narrow 1-0 semi-final win against the perennial dark horses Belgium, was perhaps the clearest indicator that France were the best equipped team of all those left in the tournament when it comes to personnel. The French team has been a case study in defensive organisation, midfield composure and attacking efficiency. In many ways, they are a perfect replica of the team that won France’s first and only World Cup crown 20 years ago. Unlike at Euro 2016, where Didier Deschamps’ pool of talent looked immature in certain games, this time round the likes of Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, Raphael Varane have been impressive, some-

times displaying a maturity beyond their years in Russia. France’s style has been influenced by the opponent they have faced, and that ability to vary their approach is in itself a sign of maturity. Against Argentina in the Round of 16 they used pace to break their opponents’ resistance. Their 2-0 quarter final win against Uruguay was attained on tactical brilliance while utilising the few chances they created in front of goal as effectively as possible. Up against the ‘Golden Generation’ of Belgium that had players like Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, France used the renown Deschamps qualities of sitting back and waiting to pounce. It worked perfectly, despite Belgium teasing them all through in front of goal, they showed high levels of know-how to override a serious challenge. Come Sunday France will head into the final with bragging rights of being the only country left in Russia to have won the World Cup most recently. As the 2018 edition has showed no team came to make up numbers but rather challenge for the top prize, predicting a winner in a tournament defined by upsets as has been the case in Russia will be difficult, but it is advantage France.


Thursday, July 12-18, 2018 / MATOOKE REPUBLIC

Opinions I News I Trivia

20 years of waiting FULL TIME ANALYSIS And the flops of Russia 2018 are… Most football fans you spoke to before June 14 this year would have had you convinced David De Gea would confirm himself as the world’s best goalkeeper, and that Neymar would be competing against himself for this year’s Ballon D’Or. For the former, it only took 45 minutes of World Cup action for any such illusions to be buried, while for the latter, the Brazilian forward exited Russia with his reputation as a diver much more enhanced than his World Player of the Year credentials ever will be. But then, were they the only stars to disappoint in Russia? Certainly not. So here is our Matooke Republic Team of the Weak: Danilo Danilo was not expected to kick a ball at this World Cup, until Lady Luck smiled on him when Dani Alves got injured, making the Manchester City defender Brazil’s first choice right back. He was easily the worst choice, adding little to Brazil’s attack until an injury put him out of his misery. David De Gea He came into the World Cup hoping to establish himself as the undisputed Number 1 in world football. He ended up providing probably the number one gaffe by a goalkeeper in Russia.

Bernardo Silva Heralded as the new David Silva, and coming off a domestic season where he gave hints of the amazing things he could do with a football, Bernardo Silva’s performances for Portugal were mostly forgettable.



his country. Gylfi Sigurdsson Missing a penalty when your country relies a lot on set pieces sounds like the kind of thing that happens when Iceland’s star man is having a poor tournament, like Sigurdsson had.

Bruno Birakwate with

Thursday : July 12, 2018 EUROPE: Europa League - Qualification 14:45

Ventspils - L. Gjirokastra



Chikhura - Beitar Jerusalem

Over 2.5


Partizani - Maribor



Balzan - Keshla

Over 2.5


KuPS - FC Copenhagen


Sadio Mane Football fans turned on their TV sets and went to stadium expecting to see the Liverpool Mane, the man who gives defenders nightmares. Instead they got the Mane who managed to beat Alex Iwobi to a place in the Team of the Weak.


Lahti - Hafnarfjordur


Khalidou Koulibaly The Senegal centre back was supposed to strike fear into the hearts of attackers, yet by the final group game, he was only striking fear into the hearts of his country’s fans.

Raphael Guerrero The Portuguese left back had enjoyed a stellar Euro 2016 but anyone who had hoped for a repeat from the Borussia Dortmund star would have been left very disappointed. Sergej Milinkonvic-Savic The man also known as SMS had been touted as a potential 100m pound signing for Manchester United before the World Cup kicked off. Lazio would do well to get half that amount for their Serb midfielder in the wake of his underwhelming showing for Super Saturday

Friday: July 13, 2018 WORLD: Club Friendly 13:00

Innsbruck - Zenit Petersburg

Over 2.5


Cracovia - Sigma Olomouc

Over 2.5


Hoffenheim - Unterhaching



Union Berlin - Stoke

Over 2.5


Wisla - CFR Cluj



Hertha Berlin - Dukla Prague



Mattersburg - Kapfenberg

Over 2.5


Sion (Sui) - Lyon (Fra)


Ousmane Dembele That Dembele started France’s first game ahead of the likes of the more established Blaise Matuidi says everything about the trust Dider Deschamps had in him. He betrayed that faith, and Deschamps doesn’t forgive easily. Dembele was exiled to the France substitutes bench thereafter.


Ajax - Anderlecht



Braga (Por)


Cardiff - Taffs Well



Cork City - Burnley


Timo Werner The easiest way to compile this team could have been to list Werner’s German national team colleagues, but much more was expected of the young forward. He did not manage a shot on target in three games. Robert Lewandowski The greatest lie of all in Russia, however was Bayern Munich’s 30+ goal getter, Robert Lewandowski. You would never tell he was the top scorer in the World Cup qualifiers, with 16 goals in 10 games.


- Hull City


Saturday: July 14, 2018 WORLD: Club Friendly 12:00

Salzburg - Rennes



Latina - AS Roma

Over 2.5


AFC Wimbledon - Readin

Over 2.5


Hobro - Vendsyssel FF



Meerbusch - Dusseldorf



Bristol City - Shrewsbury

Over 2.5


St. Gallen (Sui) - Brighton



Wehen - Regensburg

Over 2.5


Zwolle - Excelsior

Over 2.5


Heracles (Ned) - FC Emmen

Over 2.5


Reading (Eng) - Fulham



AZ Alkmaar (Ned) - Lokeren

Over 2.5


Boreham Wood - Arsenal



Braintree - Ipswich



Breda - Sparta Rotterdam

Over 2.5


Bury - Liverpoo



Celtic - St. Liege


Sunday: July 15, 2018 WORLD: Club Friendly

Super Sunday


Braga - Millwall

Over 2.5

Frosinone - AS Roma



FC Astana- S.Karagandy



FC Dallas - Chicago Fire




Real - San Sebastian Reyes

Over 2.5


Cincinnati - Tampa Bay



Paris SG (Fra) - Chambly



Meerbusch (Ger) - Dusseldorf

Over 2.5


K. Almaty - Z. Taldykorgan



Werder Bremen - Duisburg

Over 2.5


Huesca - Atletico Monzon



Braga (Por) - Millwall (Eng)

Over 2.5


CSKA Moscow - Besiktas



Rapid Vienna- Hamburger SV

Over 2.5


Albirex Niigata - Young Lions



Heracles (Ned) - Jong Ajax

Over 2.5


Midtjylland - Aarhus



LDU Quito - Dep. Cuenca



Paderborn (Ger) - Norwich


Warning! Betting involves high psychological and financial risk. Matooke Republic will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage as a consequence of decisions based on information, betting tips or other links provided in this publication. You are warned to act exclusively at your own discretion and risk.


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