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Thursday, February 16-22, 2017




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Kasole debunks Sudhir urban legend nI called him to apologise and assure him that I wasn’t behind false social media reports that he had grabbed my Kampala Parents School PLUS GOSSIP, RELATIONSHIPS, BUSINESS, JOBS, SPORTS AND MORE

2 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday, February 16-22, 2017

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NEWS DIGEST Your views about Valentine’s day Abaala Barungi I know many flowers will not reach home today they will sleep in office because they came from other Nanyinimu not real Nanyinimu... So tmrw is Basket day.

Nteziyaremye Silver Are you aware that they are places where people don’t know 14th of February of every year. If you want to know ask one from kween you will get answer. Happy Valentine for those near it. OK

Gen. Katumba Wamala approved by Parliament Rose Kyarimpa Giving flowers to African girls/ladies on valentines day is not a problem, the problem is when you leave & she calls you “ honey the spinach you brought tastes funny” ..!! Ebong Joshua its awful to pretend to love someone only on valentine day

Musiimenta John Now flowers 4 what at least give local chicken so many years without eating local chicken please . Elijah Bathongwa Jer 6:16 Thus says the LORD: “Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.

Bobi Wine Happy Valentine’s day my love,sometimes I can’t believe that you’re mine. I would kill and die for you anytime any day. I love you daughter of Kagaaju and granddaughter of Ssebukwenjere... #NzeKuBarbieNfilawo Myles Mia Buh These days married people cheat on spouses like nothing oba whats burning inside there?

Former Chief of Defense Forces Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala was on Tuesday approved State Minister for works by the Parliament’s appointments committee where he appeared for vetting. On issue of him retiring from the army Katumba noted that Article 38 of the UPDF Act allows any serving soldier to be seconded to serve at any government body, ministry or agency. The committee also approved 11 ambassadorial appointees who were recently appointed by the President. However, the Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Gabula’s name was not on the forwarded list and he did not also appear before the committee.

FDC’s Salaamu Musumbu wins election petition FDC’s Proscovia Salaamu Musumba on Tuesday won the election petition against her rival Rehema Wetongola who was declared winner of Kamuli Municipality Member of Parliament by the electoral commission. The Jinja High Court declared that the Kamuli Municipality MP seat vacant. Salaamu Musumba filed the petition last year on March 29th 2016 accusing Wetongola of fraudulently obtaining academic papers from Busoga University. Court ruled in her favor that, Wetongola failed to bring evidence that could back up her papers. The University senate also confirmed that a certificate used by Wetongola to gain admission to the institution was forged and subsequently recalled the qualifications it had awarded her.

Uganda to get $25m refugee aid United States through its ambassador Deborah Malac promised to give over $25 million to Uganda. The aid will be directed to cater for the vast number of refugees fleeing from different parts of Africa. Malac praised Uganda for its good hospitality policy, “We applaud that the government is committed to keeping the door open to refugees,” said Malac. The funds will be used to improve water and sanitation in refugee camps.

Police investigating the death of two Chinese in Kikoni Police through CID detectives are investigating the deaths of two Chinese nationals in Kikoni near Makerere University. Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura said they will hunt down the suspects. On Wednesday morning, police was alerted after residents discovered two decomposing bodies in the nearby rentals. The two deceased Chinese women were found with deep wounds. According to Police, the victims were likely to have been killed a few days back. Police is hunting for another Chinese national who had rented the house.

Just for laughs

MrGx D’rapper People who are not married advising the married...It’s like a civilian advising the soldiers on how to handle wars Rivacanta Kentaro Anne no time for valentines Luiz Mahoe Haha...and evri body moved on... Sweetie Mima Mildred Cheap talks

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Anitah Muwanguzi ‫@‏‬Muwanguz1 Would mandatory cancer screening reduce cancer scourge in Uganda? #Mungherera #PlenaryUg @pwatchug @ugandarn @StateHouseUg @MinofHealthUG Parliament Watch ‫@‏‬pwatchug Speaker Kadaga: We got money from the consolidated fund to pay for the cancer machine ,where is that Machine? #PlenaryUg Mark Ivan Kyeyune ‫@‏‬kyeyunez #PlenaryUg We live in a world where girls can’t afford San.Pads but our Public Servants have IPADs they don’t know how to use. Prof.Lumumba

Thursday February 16-22, 2017, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 3

Martyr I Our History

Remembering Luwum

News Feature Farming with a Smile

Today is a public holiday and while many are happy they won’t be working, they are wondering why. In 2015, President Museveni declared, February 16, Janani Luwum Day in commemoration of the 1977 martyrdom of the former Anglican archbishop at the hands of the Amin regime.


n January 6, 1948, a young school teacher, Janani Luwum, was converted to the charismatic Christianity of the East African Revival, in his Acholi village. At once he turned an evangelist, warning against the dangers of drink and tobacco, and, in the eyes of local authorities, disturbing the peace. But Luwum was undeterred. He was determined to confront all who needed to change their ways before God. It is this trait that was to lead to his death when he confronted Amin later in life. Luwum was born in the village of Mucwini in the Kitgum District  in 1922. He attended Gulu High School and Boroboro Teacher Training College, after which he taught at a primary school.  In January 1949, a year after his conversion to charismatic Christianity, Luwum enrolled at a theological college at Buwalasi, in Eastern Uganda. A year later, he returned as a catechist attached to St. Phillips Church in Gulu. In 1953 he returned to Buwalasi to train for ordination. He was ordained deacon on, 21 December 1955, and priest a year later. After two periods of study in England, he became principal of Buwalasi. Then, in September 1966, he was appointed Provincial Secretary of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire. Three years later, he was consecrated bishop of Northern Uganda, on 25 January 1969. The congregation at the open-air service included President Milton Obote, and army Chief of Staff Idi Amin. Amin sought power for himself. Two years later he deposed Obote in a coup. Atrocities, against the Acholi and Langi people in particular, were perpetrated time and again. The Asian population was expelled in 1972. It was in the midst of such a society, in 1974, that Luwum was elected Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and BogaZaire. He pressed ahead with the reform of his church in time to mark the centenary of the creation of the Anglican province. Luwum was a leading voice in criticising the excesses of the Amin regime. In 1977, Archbishop Luwum delivered a note of protest to Amin against the policies

Theme: Passion Fruit Farming


National Crop Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI), Namulonge


Martyr: The Amin regime claimed Luwum had passed away in an acident.

Today marks 40 years since Luwum was murdered by the Amin Regime. Celebrations will be held at the burial grounds in Mucwini, Kitgum. of arbitrary killings and unexplained disappearances. Shortly afterwards the archbishop and other leading churchmen were accused of treason. The murder On February 16, 1977, Luwum was arrested together with two cabinet ministers, Erinayo Wilson Oryema and Charles Oboth Ofumbi. The same day Amin convened a rally in Kampala with the three accused present. A few other “suspects” were paraded forth to read out “confessions” implicating the three men. The archbishop was accused of being an agent of the exiled former president Milton Obote, and for planning to stage a coup. The


4th March, 2017 next day, Radio Uganda announced that the three had been killed when the car transporting them to an interrogation centre had collided with another vehicle. Radio Uganda reported the accident had occurred when the victims had tried to overpower the driver in an attempt to escape. When Luwum’s body was released to his relatives, it was riddled with bullets. Henry Kyemba, minister of health in Amin’s government, later wrote in his book A State of Blood, that “The bodies were bullet-riddled. The archbishop had been shot through the mouth and at least three bullets in the chest. The ministers had been shot in a similar way but one only in the chest and not through the mouth. Oryema had a bullet wound through the leg.” According to the later testimony of witnesses, the victims had been taken to an army barracks, where they were bullied, beaten and finally shot. His body was buried near St Paul’s Church, Mucwini. Luwum was survived by a widow, Mary Lawinyo Luwum and nine children. He is recognised as a martyr by the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. His statue is among the Twentieth Century Martyrs on the front of Westminster Abbey in London.

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4 MATOOKE REPUBLIC / Thursday February 16-22, 2017

News Feature

Interview I Straight from the heart

IT WAS WILLING BUYER willing seller scenario - Kasole In a tell-all interview, Kampala Parents Primary School founder Bwerere Kasole has come out to clear the air on rumours making rounds that tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia “grabbed” his school, to the contrary saying the businessman saved him from debt as he paid in cash.


ne of the urban legends in Kampala is how tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia has amassed wealth by grabbing people’s property. For the uninitiated, an urban legend is a humorous or horrific story or piece of information circulated as though true, especially one purporting to involve someone vaguely related or known to the teller. One of these urban legends is about how he “grabbed” Kampala Parents School from its founder former Mubende Municipality MP Bwerere Kasole. In an interview that he granted to Eagle Online from his Buloba home, Kasole denied the rumour, instead painting Sudhir as a saviour who rescued him from loans that threatened to drown him. For clarity, these loans were from East African Development Bank and Greenland Bank, not Sudhir’s Crane Bank. Kasole says his friend Andrew Kasagga popularly known as Zimwe introduced him to Sudhir when he was looking for buyers for the school. “It was a willing buyer willing seller scenario and he paid in cash.” Kasole says. Kasole dismisses the social media messages that have been making rounds claiming he had said Sudhir stole his school are fake and untrue. He says he was surprised by such messages and warns that unless regulations are put in place for Internet users, many are to suffer at the hands of mischievous people. Kasole says the genesis of his financial woes started when he took loans to build a new campus and shift Kampala Parents School from its previous location along Namirembe Road to Naguru after the property was returned to the original owners, Indians who had been expelled by the Idi Amin Regime in the 1970s. Kasole faults a section of parents and some teachers at school led by Mr. Peter Nyombi, (Former Attorney General) who was then a parent at the school for going behind his back,stealing his pupils and reopening is old location as another school (City Parents) which made it impossible for him to service his loan as projected. “12 of the teachers I had been using the other side (Namirembe Road) one is Nyombi (Peter), a former Attorney General) and the other is now a Bishop were paid and grabbed my pupils I had the other side (Namirembe road). In fact, they just made a few changes to my former school. They replaced ‘Kampala’ with ‘City’ to make it City Parents Primary School from Kampala Parents Primary School,” he said.

Below is the interview in full How did you start Kampala Parents School? I started Kampala Parents School in 1975, and it was the first private school and this alone landed me in prison for a week when President Idi Amin questioned how a Ugandan could start a private primary school. How did you manage to succeed then after all the trouble? When in power, President Milton Obote (II) had appointed me as a custodian of the land along Namirembe Road in appreciation for my contribution towards Uganda’s education. I didn’t pay any rent. He told me that if time came to sell it off by its owners, I would be given priority to buy it. Kampala Parents I constructed three School teachers in 1975. flats on the land. Unfortunately, when government changed with the arrival of the NRM government, the laws changed and properties were returned back to the previous Indian owners who had been expelled by the Amin regime. What happened after the custodian properties were returned to the owners? Following this incident, I had to shift my school. At the time I had over 1850 pupils.

“I was betrayed by some parents and teachers at my previous location when retained by pupils .”

Sudhir saved me: Kasole during the interview.

from the remaining pupils to pay off the loans I had borrowed from East African Development Bank but I was mistaken. What followed after the transfer of location of the school? 12 of the teachers I had been using the other side (Namirembe Road) and a section of parents and one is Nyombi (Peter), a former Attorney General) and the other is now a Bishop were paid and grabbed my pupils I had the other side (Namirembe Road). In fact, they just made a few changes to my former school. They replaced ‘Kampala’ with ‘City’ to make it City Preparing to relocate, I reached an agreeParents Primary School from Kampala Parents ment with my friend, Andrew Kasagga (the Primary School. late Zzimwe of Zzimwe Constructions) who had seven pupils in the school. He was to help They even never changed the school uniform me construct another school in Naguru. I got save for slight changes on the school badge. For the Bishop, if he were to enter church when I a loan from Greenland Bank and East Africa am inside, I would get out. He is a treacherous Development Bank. However, the money was still not enough. But man. When they took away my pupils, those I had this didn’t stop him from going ahead with (Naguru) could not settle the loans like I had the work. He agreed to construct the school acquired. The interest on the loans was accuand I was to pay him his balance later. The mulating yet I had no other option. Around the would be interest on his balance was that same period Greenland Bank was embroiled in his seven children were to study for free till completion. It was a good deal. We agreed he problems. I knew by delaying to pay the loans, I was risking. was to complete constructing the school in 12 months but it was finished even a month earlier. It was completed after just 11 months. How did you come to meet Sudhir and did you have a loan with him as it is alleged that he grabbed the school from you after failing to repay? After making my assessment, I came to a conclusion that I was likely to lose 500 pupils In the process of trying to settle the loans, I out of 1850 because of the change in location went out as a willing seller and Mr Sudhir (Ruparelia) came out as a willing buyer. Among the of the school. I intended to use the cash flow

Thursday February 16-22, 2017, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 5

Interview I Straight from the heart

News Feature constituency (Buwekula, Mubende). I left in good faith and actually some the teachers I left there, one is still there while another just left last year. We are friends up to today. So is it true that you made complains about the school as being portrayed on social media? Actually when I heard rumours claiming that had told the press that he grabbed my school, I was the first person to call him to apologise for I hadn’t talked to any media. How is life outside politics? Life outside politics is nice….because when you get out of politics you enjoy How is Mubende Parents, the school you started after selling KPS? It is doing well but I have left the management to my children because as you can see, I can’t be in the running of day to day affairs. I am professional teacher and I enjoyed my work and that could explain how the schools I have managed have been successful.

Sudhir has transformed Kampala Parents into the most modern primary school campus in the country.

three possible buyers, Sudhir had the best offer. He was to pay all the money at once unlike the other two who wanted to complete payment after years; possibly from the fees from my pupils. We sat down (myself and Sudhir) and agreed on terms. He paid me cash… cash down. So all these saying that Sudhir grabbed my school I just don’t have any idea of where they are getting that from. I never had any loan with Sudhir nor did I own any account in his bank at the time. I only got to know Sudhir through Kasagga who brought him to me as a buyer of the school and he fully paid me. Unfortunately

the key witness (the late Zzimwe) is no longer around. However, his friends; Kirumira (Godffrey), Mugenga (Tom) his close friends are all aware. I don’t demand anything from him. In fact he saved me because I had loans that I had failed to pay the loans. Do you exist the school immediately after selling or you remained with some shares? On selling off the school to him, he requested me to stay and continue as his employee, saying he was a businessman and had no knowledge about education. I told him that if I was to stay behind, all the team I had

been working with was also to stay What occupies you at the mobehind. I signed a ment? one year contract I am into agriculture and if as chairman board you had come to Mubende, of directors of the you would return with full school. It was actusacks of maize because this ally in that year that season alone, I harvested over I opened an account 250 bags. However, I came here Sudhir Ruparelia. in his bank since all at my residence (Buloba) to check his employees were paid on the construction of apartments from that bank (Crane Bank). and do a medical check-up with my I used to chair all of the meetings doctors. We have left the city for you young and also used to train him. Upon completion people. of my contract, I quit to concentrate on my

6 MATOOKE REPUBLIC/ Thursday February 16-22, 2017

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LETTER TO MY MANGO PEOPLE jacobs seaman odongo


Of Sudhir’s predicament and the witch of Nebbi


ear Mango People, today I am addressing you like this in the name of one of Uganda’s most enterprising businessmen of all time. Sudhir Ruparelia is a Ugandan of Asian origin. Until today, I have been keeping off his woes like I do with hocus pocus things like Valentines and other such popcorn days. However, I have decided to take interest in Sudhir seeing how my friends in the media fraternity or those with media backgrounds are standing by him in his time of trial. I said he is a Ugandan of Asian origin. In short, Sudhir is a Ugandan. Those calling him “an Indian” should tuck such disdain and racial undertone in their socks and see if it will make Prof. Gilbert Bukenya mature politically, or Amama Mbabazi come out of his rat hole. There was once this jolly good military officer called Phinehas Katirima who described his boss and others as grass-

“Sudhir is a Ugandan of Asian origin. Those calling him “an Indian” should tuck such disdain and racial undertone in their socks.” hoppers in a bottle that bite ears of each other. Humans by nature are like that. We tend to bite those who have worked their way up, to bring them down to our level. If we can’t do so, we gloat over their misfortune. Someone recently described this act of gloating over another’s suffering as “epicaricacy”. I tried looking up that word in every nook, but came up with nothing. I concluded the guy who fed it to me was a sisha-mate of that man of ‘kowtow in your pooh.’ Schadenfreude, from the German word that means malicious joy in the misfortune of others, is what best describes those who are jumping around with mouth opened like a Mickey Mouse smile over Sudhir’s predicament. The majority are even ignorant of where Sudhir’s said predicament emanates from. That is first common factor among them. The second factor is that such people are not directly or indirectly earning wages from Sudhir’s many businesess. That is why they can’t put themselves

in the shoes of the many people who are spending sleepless nights and boiling with stress over every rumour that suggests that Sudhir is going under. I have heard that Sudhir is quite generous. Many of my media colleagues are willing to die by that testimony. I have seen him sponsor projects and trips for guys. However, that is none of my business. What is my business is ‘epicaricacy’ or Schadenfreude for that matter. Many years ago, I read a book, The Seed Yams Have Been Eaten, by Nigerian novelist Phanuel Egejuru. The book explores the consequences of the Nigerian Civil War on the people of the Igbo, where emasculation of a large segment of the male population is depicted as leading to dependence on womenfolk for sustenance. The yam, whose cultivation earned the men the status of providers, is displaced by cassava, a ‘female’ crop. Many ceremonies and traditions associated with the yam disappear. We see the protagonists, Jiwudu, go through White man’s education abroad and returns armed with agricultural diploma and ready to advance his society but there is nothing to advance. His own people ‘help him to run mad’, sealing his tragic fate. Now, I have never been to Nebbi but I have heard a lot of unflattering talk about my ancestral home. Katirima’s good tale of grasshoppers must have come from Nebbi for I was told back in the days, nobody died a natural death in my village. Someone had to have had a hand. It was said that if one prospered beyond what envy can stomach, they would have to be ‘taken care of.’ (If you see me remain poor just know I want to live long when I finally decide to go to Benni). Not sure if these tales hold any water or about today, but if you wound back the clock 30-plus years back and put Sudhir and his ‘premier lottery’ in many a typical African setting, you would understand why he would need some serious talisman to live long enough to spot the grey beards he wears for a trademark today, let alone puff Thar cigar. The past might have been left in the archives but we shall always live with them. A lot has changed over time. People no longer use abiba (spiritual medium) to settle envy, but they have found solace in delectation, aka Schadenfreude. But to me get end? Take a deep breath and look inside your soul. Ponder what Sudhir is going through. Does it help the society any bit? If not, why are you gloating over it?

Naava: Performing sweet melodies.

Sweet smiles: Single and beautiful.

It was an atmosphere of love, love and love at the launch of Chizo dating app held at Fame Lounge on Valentine’s. Chizo Dating App is an app which allows singles to navigate the sea of potential mates whilst keeping their privacy under lock and key. The launch, which kicked off a series of other Singles’ Ball Parties, was received with a lot of warmth as groups of single ladies and gentlemen filled up the lounge to capacity. Paul Kirungi, Chizo Dating App CEO, expressed his gratitude and noted that the app is to not only make dating easy and fun but also make it secure for hardworking Ugandans.

Behind it: Chizo CEO Paul Kirungi with Capital FM’s Rahmah.

Confident: Tall and gorgeous .

Valentine mood: On red and black.

Logged in: Keko being interviewed by NTV.

Hooking up? Anti it was a singles’ party.

Love birds: Every moment is valuable.

Thursday February 16-22, 2017/ MATOOKE REPUBLIC 7

Whisky Moments I Party Time

nt: UBL Luxury Pleasure in every mome Nakiyaga with ette Brands Manager Ann ies. gor cate nt ere diff in s winner


On the Scene

Dance party: Guests enjoying themslves at the party.

S 0 7 E H T TO Golfers from across the country descended upon the Entebbe Club for the second round of the Singleton Challenge. The day’s victories and losses were climaxed with a disco themed celebration at the 19th hole, as golfers brought their best 70s and 80s dance and fashion foot forward. The event kicked off at exactly 7pm, with the prize giving ceremony. The 19th hole experience was sponsored by the Singleton, together with Pinnacle security and organized by Fenon events. Lady captain: Jovia Tugume recieves trophy.

Made of taste: Singleton powered the party.

Best dancers: David Sekitoleko and Ruth Mugisha.

Disco time: Guests show off their best 70’s dance moves.

: Some of the 19th hole experience . nce golfers in attenda

On to the next one: Golfer Basiima Bridget receives her trophy.

The look of Victory: A winner’s smile showing her perfect set.

8 MATOOKE REPUBLIC / Thursday February 16-22, 2017


Who I What I Where

Ceasarous, Ykee Benda, on MTV’s ‘Ones to watch 2017 list’


TV Base has tipped 55 artistes under its ‘Ones to watch for’ survey for 2017. Now here is where Uganda comes in- only three of our artistes managed to make it onto the list; dancehall man Ceasarous, R&B/pop artiste Lydia Jazmine and new faceYkee Benda. According to a statement from MTV Base, the “Ones to Watch for 2017” list is a hand-picked selection of artists tipped to make it big on the music scene in 2017. Neighbours Tanzania got five slots in little known Ben Pol, Billnas, Harmonize, Rayvann and Ruby. While Kenya got six slots in Band BeCa, Everlast, Kaligraph Jones, Timmy Dat, Videz And Shiv and Willy Paul. South Africa had the biggest representation on the list with 17 slots and Nigeria followed with 11.

I’ve failed to get a man- Sheebah


inger Sheebah Karungi has come out and confessed that she has failed to find herself a man! Sheebah made the revelations while appearing on NBS TV’s Live @5 show that is hosted by MC Kats on Valentine’s Day. “I think the problem is that I’m a woman of my own standards, and I stand by them,” Sheebah told Kats. But Kats chose to press her further by insisting on knowing what kind of standards she had that would make it impossible to find a man, Sheebah said; “I love my power, my work, and respect! Those three words have made it hard for me to find a suitable man”. Sheebah, however said she wasn’t putting the blame on the men, instead she turned the guns on herself and said; “Maybe I am also not easy to love; maybe I fall under those that were born not to settle.”

My Kid is a Superstar takes Green Festival to Kigali


econd term holidays shall never be the same for children in Kigali! Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green, the venture behind the bi-annual Green Festival kids’ fetes is set to start a Kigali edition. Matooke Republic has learnt that an official Rwanda launch happened at Vision City, Gacuriro just over a week ago. The Rwanda edition has been dubbed Rwanda’s Little Hands Go Green and like has been the norm in Uganda, the initiative will hold environment awareness campaigns across schools in Rwanda with the aim of equipping children with knowledge

to encourage the youngsters to plant trees at their schools and homes. Just like has been the case in Uganda over the years, the organisation will throw a fun-filled fete for children where they will be taught to plant trees as a means of environmental conservation. Uganda’s Little Hands Go Green CEO Joseph Masembe confirmed the Rwandan franchise will hold its first Green Festival at Nyamirambo stadium over the third weekend of August.

Salvado vends lover Daphne’s herbal soap in UK


Like we told you on these very pages a while back, comedian Salvado Idringi’s lover Daphne Frankstock recently teamed up with her mother Christine Mbabazi to set up a cosmetics factory- Urembo cosmetics, situated in Kawempe. But even before Urembo products hit supermarket shelves, comedian Salvado decided to carry a box as he left for the highly-billed Lord of the Ribs Valentine’s Day show that was held at the Wembley Arena in London. Salvado is said to have met up with top Ugandan, Kenyan, Ghanaian and Nigerian traders in the UK and convinced them to start stocking his partner’s products. And off his box of Urembo products; Salvado gave away samples to literally everyone he spoke to! The source told us how a few people fell for Salvado’s marketing gimmicks and they bought some of the products even when he insisted on giving them free samples! Talk about being a supportive partner!

Ben Mwine quits KFM for Kwese TV

o is a man shor t! This, Namuwongo-based 93.3 KFM radi ager and morning after the station’s promotions man his resignation in the ered show co-host Ben Mwine tend ed for greener head be to said is ne early days of 2017. Mwi is rumoured he TV where pastures at the new Kwese Sports ran radio prevete a ne, Mwi to be the next programs manager. aced Roger repl he n whe back s year senter, joined KFM a few or news anch Rachael AriMugisha. Mwine, also hubby to NTV at KFM as he sees out naitwe, is said to be doing bonus time We have learnt that od. peri e his stipulated resignation notic to conduct interviews ent agem man ing help Mwine is currently All the best Ben! and identify a perfect replacement.


Bebe Cool’s Gagamel Phamily ventures into business


hen singer Bebe Cool’s fans decided to come together in a Facebook group- Gagamel Phamily, they were getting together to show suppor t for their favourite artiste. But fast forward, it was agreed to use the page to promote and defend Bebe on social media and the impact of the Gagamel Phamily on Bebe’s music career, cannot go unnoticed, as the group has a special gift for insulting whoever criticises or attacks their man! Well, we just learnt that the group which started in 2011 has gradually evolved into more of a business club; albeit maintaining its primary role of suppor ting Bebe.

We have it on good authority that the group is now an investment club or sacco of sorts. We can confirm that a few members are already pooling cash on a monthly basis, with hope of using it for profitable investment ventures as well as extend soft loans for subscribed members. The latest on our desk is that the group is the force behind the upcoming Gagamel boat cruise due on April 8, the weekend before the Easter holidays. The boat cruise will feature a live performance by Bebe Cool and his Gagamel band and one will have to part with Shs 80,000 for an ordinar y ticket or Shs 130,000 for a VIP ticket.



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Thursday February 16-22, 2017


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10 MATOOKE REPUBLIC / Thursday February 16-22, 2017


Stars I Awards Season

GRAMMY GLAM RiRi: Rocking it as usual.

Incredible: Adele bagged five awards during the night.

Blue Ivy: Excited.

Sparkling sensation: The Queen Beyonce looked absolutely gorgeous with Jay-z.

Fashion killers: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Leather and spikes: It had to be Lady Gaga

The 59th Grammy Awards had no shortage of major moments: Beyoncé’s breathtaking performance and surprising loss in all major categories, Adele’s flub, a Prince tribute from the Time and Bruno Mars that electrified the audience and then, of course, a victory lap from Chance the Rapper , winner for new artist. Beyoncé and Adele went head-to-head four times . Both were nominated for album of the year, song of the year, record of the year, and best pop solo performance. In every category, Adele was awarded the Grammy.

Elegant: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

ss so Gangsta: Ricky Ro . swagged up

Demi Lovato: Dressed to kill

Going for gold: Solange Knowles gat it all. Mya: Blending with the red carpet.

Forgot something? Twenty One Pilots won Best Pop Duo Group Performance.

Thursday February 16-22, 2017, MATOOKE REPUBLIC 11

Music I Going Out





y now y’all aware Irene Ntale is an indie artiste after leaving Swangz Avenue. She is on her own and seems to be loving it! There might not be an authoritative voice to bank on for her reasons for departure from the label but going by this song, there is furnace to the smoke! Music is a message, sometimes packaged subconsciously or intentionally to address certain issues that might be fanatical, reality, fantasy or ideal. And going by this song, it serves me right to state that Irene Ntale was addressing the reality of the situation surrounding her departure and gives clues that the bridges were not just crossed but burnt. “Twelageko” literally translates to “let’s disprove them”. Yes, that’s the strength of emotions Irene Ntale has started off with. She has started off firing shots! The song opens

with Irene Ntale starting off with issues of “certain people who have been wishing you her failure”. The first verse goes around this as she sings about those who are hell bent on pulling her down. She goes very personal and claims some people have been wishing her brokenness! In the chorus she rallies her fans to get behind her and disprove the

DJ Snap Off What: Guvnor’s DJ Snap Off party featuring six deejays is on. There is free Wi-fi for patrons to Snap Chat. The night is powered by Singleton. When: Friday, February 17. Where: Guvnor. Tax: 25k.


“haters” stating that this is the perfect time to do so. She dives deeper into this especially on the second verse where she states that she has been drawing her strength from her fans who unlike the “others” have not changed colours. She rides high on the comfort that the numeracy strength of her fans is far greater than the haters! She confesses,

The 7th Uganda International Education Fair What: An education event organised to exhibit opportunities to students from across the world who would wish to study abroad. When: Friday, February 17. Where: Hotel Africana Tax: Free.


“Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I remember I got people to prove wrong…” This is not the lovey dovey Irene Ntale vibes. This is a raw slice of reality. The song is wrapped on afro-dancehall beats with energetic sounds that make the listener dance to the tunes regardless of the lyrics. Welcome to the world of the free.

Magical Camp Fire What: Two –day camping experience organised by Makerere University Tourism Association to develop students’ interest in the study of tourism. When: Monday, February 20. Where: Kalagala Falls and Kagulu rock. Tax: 60k

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f you are already onto this trend, or hoping to join, you may want to keep this away during the day. The current Kampala weather may not let you slay your faux leather during the day, but it surely can come in handy in the evenings.

Roz Merie Atim


celeb style

How would you describe your style? My style is high street. What is the one fashion item you cannot live without? Sunglasses. This current Kampala weather has me shopping for a new pair occasionally. What is your worst buy ever? That would be a pair of skinny jeans I bought from Nakawa market a while back. The jeans had a patch tape. When I got home, I got intrigued to take it off, only to find a big hole where the patch was.

You can make your faux leather stand out by carefully selecting the cut and shades of the outfit you intend to wear. You can for instance pair your olive green leather skirt with a chiffon white top. Add a cute pair of heels to the look and you are good to go. You can also wear this trend in the form of a dress shirt, a mini or even pants. You do need to ensure that the rest of the pieces in your look are not blocking your leather piece. This way, it can stand out and also save you from ending up with an overly done look.

What styling trick works for you all the time? A white shirt; always makes you look fresh or high end. An all-black outfit is also a good choice. It makes you look sleek. Any item we would not find in your wardrobe? You will not find flat open shoes in my wardrobe.


Phaozk. This is how to steal all the stares.

Bridgette. We are yet to discover any cloth as powerful as the LBD.

Veronica Rubas. See how effortless your look can be with just the right pants? DELLAH ATTRACTIONS UNISEX SALOON | 1ST FLOOR SHOP F18 KAMPALA BOULEVARD | KAMPALA ROAD OPP. POST OFFICE OPEN: 7:30AM - 10:00PM FOR BOOKING OR RESERVATIONS CALL: 0750 589 862

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Campus Buzz

Study I Chillax I Live It

Vodafone launches



odafone launched Jump. ug, an online content platform concurrently at Makerere University Business School and Kampala International University last weekend. The platform targeted at youth has different categories includingeducation, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and Lifestyle. Vodafone says that the key focus is on providing free access to educational content through the creation of an e-library and creating an environment where young and upcoming entrepreneurs are supported through various initiatives. “Under the education category we will launch the JUMP Academy which will provide students with a wide array of study notes and a series of video lectures from Ugandan lecturers,” says Vodafone’s Progress Chisenga.

Matooke Republic’s crush this week is campus crush Rosey Karona UCU.

Ndejje University to celebrate 25 years N

dejje University will this year celebrate its silver jubilee. During the event, the private multi-campus university will highlight their achievements since inception and will recognise the hard work from each staff member, pioneer students as well as current students.

“We seek to recognise all parties that have played incredible roles and have seen to our growth since 1992,” noted Wilfred Muhumuza Kato, the dean of students. However, according to Kato, the university administration is yet to set the date and theme for the big event. The university which was set up under the pioneership and ownership of SamsKirondeKigozi operates with two campuses - one being on Ndejje Hill and the other being in Luwero District. It currently employs over 400 both teaching and non-teaching staff and has over 5000 students studying under day and weekend programmes.

Mubs student showers lover with brand new car


f your bae buys you a car on Valentine’s Day which is pretty much a general lovers’ day, then what he’ll give you on the day you were born can only be super extraordinary. Eric Muhumuza, a second-year student at Nakawa based Mubs gave his belle, Clare Nankya, a brand new Mark X reg. no. UAZ 899T. “As we were trying to inquire if there was anything to the car, perhaps an engagement, close friends to the couple who prefer to be kept anonymous (do not want to talk about friends behind their backs) informed us that it wasn’t the case- that “money bags” showers his princess with expensive

gifts all the time,” Campus Bee reported. In fact, just last holidays as several students were shopping from down town, Eric treated Clare to a shopping spree in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, Clare was cruising in her new baby alone this Valentine as Eric was in Japan on business. However, according to the close friends, as soon as Eric is back sometime next week, they will be traveling to Mombasa to celebrate a belated Valentine’s at a private beach.

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Body & Soul

Living I Relating


Dealing with motion sickness


otion or travel sickness is that nauseous feeling some people get whenever they travel- whether by car, plane, train or boat. It is normally caused by some kind of conflict in the body’s sensory systems. On a slow-moving ship for example, your eyes may tell the brain you are not moving at all, but the systems in your brain and inner ear that control balance and posture, tell you otherwise. This causes the brain to confuse messages it receives and sends and so the whole system reacts into sickness. Symptoms include dizziness, headache, nausea, salivation, sweating, belching, vomiting and hyperventilation (breathing

very quickly), in extreme cases. The good news is that not only can you prevent motion sickness but you can actually treat it for good. And here’s how:

Take control of the situation

The person driving never gets motion sickness presumably because the driver’s brain is using its motor commands to control the car and can predict the motion. If you would like to ride as a passenger, sit in the front seat. This will give you a sense of greater control than riding in the back.

Distract yourself

Try distracting yourself with conversation or headphones to lessen the anxiety of not being in control of the situation. Also open a vent or source of fresh air if possible and avoid reading.

Watch what you eat

To minimise nausea, avoid consumption of foods and drinks before or during travel. Keep



away from foods with a strong odour such as spicy foods, alcohol, and avoid smoking. It is also advisable to stay clear of foods that make you feel unusually full.

relate Unlocking the matters of the heart

Position yourself well

Always choose seats where you will feel the least motion. The middle of an aeroplane over the wing is usually calmer. The lower level cabins near the center of a ship generally experience less motion than passengers in higher or outer cabins. Avoid people who suffer motion sickness, as it can psychologically affect you into feeling sick too.

Fix your sensory cues

Lie down so that your sensory systems can correspond. It is recommended that you keep your gaze fixed on the horizon or on a fixed point. The more you enhance sensory ability to correspond to your surroundings, the less likely you are to get uncomfortable/ nauseous.

Talk yourself out of it

Talking yourself out of motion sickness can actually prove helpful. The “I am not going to get sick this time,” helps to set your expectations exactly where you want them. Our state of mind/psychology has a way of corresponding with our expectations. Also make use of your heavy breathing skills.

Desensitise yourself

Applying desensitsation therapy- which entails exposing yourself to those things that make you sick so that your brain can build a coping mechanism, has proven a useful remedy. If, for example, reading makes you feel motion sick, read for five minutes, put the book down then read again. Repeat over several sessions whilst increasing the minutes of reading. Over time, your body will get used and your sickness will become a thing of the past.

Irene M. Namarah


ike many other stupid men, you are a guy who has taken women out for fancy dinners on first dates. You completely screwed up your chances with several pretty, interesting women in dimly-lit rooms. In an attempt to fill awkward silences, you read out portions of exotic menus aloud, inevitably mispronouncing the French words and still having to deal with that special pain that comes with feeling romantic chemistry disappearing in a lush room full of soft music. Guys, if there is one relationship mistake you should never make a second time, taking a woman on a dinner date for a first date is one. Dinner dates are always a bad idea. If your wish is for an ideal date, then that should be something that includes a bit of both fantasy and a dose of reality. The first problem with a dinner date is that it seldom allows you that. It’s always at

least two freaking hours long. This is a serious difficulty. And besides, watching someone eat is one of the least attractive sights. It is like trying to look your best whilst trimming nose hair. Let’s compare that to a first date that involves drinks at the bar. This is a great date idea because it can be as brief or as long as need be. If things go in a direction you don’t like you can simply get up and leave. If, on the other hand, you end up having one of those adorable fourhour-long “why have I never met this person” conversations, that can be entertained. But dinner dates? It doesn’t matter if you discover that this is not going to work by the tenth minute. You are staying for the whole show, even if it sucks. You can’t leave before the steaks arrive—it would be bad manners. But the main problem with a dinner date is that it is such a solemn occasionand like a good occasion, everyone is on

their best behaviour. Occasions bring out tendencies in people that are only occasional — it’s like how when you are at a funeral it feels weird to talk about Game of Thrones. No matter how cool and casual a person you are, when you are locked in a cocoon of luxury with a romantic prospect, the pretentious, silly parts of you are going to threaten your composure. We all know that we are our most charming when we’re hanging out with our buddies in the most ordinary circumstances possible, or when we are disarmed. So, you should aim for disarmament. Dinner dates are an arms race. They put everyone on guard. So unless you like to show off—dinner dates are usually a display of status—you are miles better off taking your date to your local, because that’s your natural habitat. That is where you thrive.

Adapted from the internet

beauty essentials

Simple tricks to grow your nails E very woman’s dream is to have pretty fingers with cute nails. While some prefer short nails, others would kill to have their nails long and strong. Healthy nail growth reflects the state of your overall health. Several factors can affect nail growth, though. These include, hormonal changes in the body, the aging process, health problems, chemotherapy, nutritional deficiencies and in some cases, the effects of medication. To grow your nails nice and easy, here are some of the things you have to do:

n A healthy diet can push your nail growing agenda in a big way. Boost your diet with proteins especially animal proteins like poultry, fish, beef and pork, as well as eggs. Legumes such as nuts, seeds, spinach and green vegetables are also useful. n Keep them well moisturised especially at night by applying warm olive oil to the nails and cuticles and massaging them. You can also soak your nails in warm olive oil water for 15-20 minutes once daily. n

Orange juice is also handy. Soak your nails in fresh

orange juice for at least 10 minutes, pat dry and apply moisturiser.

n Alternatively, take one table spoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Hit the solution and soak your fingers for about 10 minutes. You can also rub a slice of lemon on your fingers for five minutes then rinse with warm water. Do not try this if you have any cuts or hangnails.

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mama sandy

Child suicide: Be there for your children before the worst happens


came across an article in a local newspaper of a boy who had committed suicide because he did not excel in the national exams. A suicidal child or adolescent is a minor who intends or plans to end his life. In most cases, this is not simply a wish to die, but the ultimate means of escaping from great suffering or from a situation from which the child can find no exit. In all honesty, I don’t believe that failing exams is the only reason why this boy took his life. I have said this before and will highlight it again. All suicidal acts start from a point of lack or no communication which later grow into emotions such as fear, anger, betrayal and so forth. Why do I have to look at it from this point of view? Because besides it being factual, it’s also sad to note that most parents have failed or not even tried to create a good platform for communication with their children. We have left it to teachers, nannies, counsellors and fellow peers. Not all these people will influence them positively, if anything, some will lure them into all kinds of addictions, which will make way for suicidal acts performed out of insanity. A suicide attempt is defined as an act, which is not successful, through which a child expresses a wish to harm his or herself, putting him or herself in danger with the intention of bringing about his or her own death. Suicide attempts are not always failed attempts. Many are considered as desperate attempts to draw attention to the problems and feelings of malaise experienced by the child. Child suicide is sometimes difficult to diagnose, since children live in the present and have greater difficulty than adults in expressing unhappiness. Suicide in the very young children is moreover often thought to be accidental: it is

often blamed on leaning from windows or crossing roads at the wrong moment, for example. Children commit suicide for different reasons, one being that the end of childhood and the onset of adolescence are often difficult periods that present numerous challenges, such as hormonal changes, increases in school or professional work loads, turbulent personal relationships, and so forth, which can lead to negative thinking. However, to speak of a single triggering factor would be incorrect. Although a significant event, such as the loss of a loved one, parental divorce, moving house, assaults, etc… may push a child to commit suicide. This is often the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Psychological and behavioural factors

such as depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol addictions can lead a child to committing suicide because they see it as the only way out.

Personal factors The family environment also plays an

“Isolation and lack of communication are significant causes of suicide. Communicate with your children.”

important role if it fails to offer the child a sufficiently secure atmosphere during the entire period of his or her growth. In general, isolation and lack of communication are a significant cause of suicide. As parents we can only do much to encourage and have good relationships with our children. We should be the first people our children will run to when something is not right, when they are confused, afraid or in trouble. Not the other way round of them running from us. This kind of relationship can’t be built or transformed overnight but with time you will get there. So let’s make it a priority to spend quality time with our children and get to know them more lest they become strangers over time.

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Business FOREX RATES Currency Buying USD 3,580 GBP 4,417 EUR 3,547 KSH 34.0 TSH 1.47

Selling 3,600 4,517 3,847 36.0 1.87

Money I Trade I Executives

NSSF recovers over Shs1.8b employee contributions


Vodafone gets youth to Jump “ we have spent over US$ 65 million in the rehabilitation of the irrigation Schemes in Olweny, Doho and Agoro to mention but a few. We are also engaged in the extension and research work along with other development partners. I want to see the volume and efficiency in rice grow to the extent that Uganda.”

Ms. Yemi Lawal, Vodafone, Regional Director, Youth Segment.

NSSF Head of Marketing and Communications Barbra Arimi


he ongoing whistleblower campaign by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has recovered over Shs1.8 billion through information provided by over 140 whistleblowers, figures from the Fund show. Last month, the NSSF unveiled a new web-based whistleblower platform for aggrieved employees to report employers who fail to remit their contributions to the Fund, as required by the law. “Up to 90 per cent of the cases received were through the NSSF Whistleblower platform, hence proving that it is one of the Fund’s most effective tools to increase compliance levels and recover billions of employees’ contributions meant for their retirement,” said Ms Barbra Teddy Arimi, the NSSF Head of Marketing and Communications. According to Ms Arimi, more than 25,000 employers are meant to pay NSSF contributions. However, 12,000 of these are not complying and of the 13,000 who are complying, only 8,900 are consistently remitting NSSF contributions for their employees. “These figures show that a significant number of workers are being cheated out of their benefits by

their employers,” she said.

The Law

According to the NSSF Act 1985 Section 11 (1), all employers with five or more employees are required to remit monthly contributions for their employees within 15 days, following the last day of the month for which the relevant wages are paid. The employers deduct 5 per cent of their workers salary and top it up with a 10 per cent contribution and remit the 15 per cent to the Fund for every employee.


Last financial year, the Fund’s contributions increased by 14% from Shs785 billion in 2014/15 to Shs816 billion in 2015/16. The Fund projects that contributions will reach the Shs900 billion mark this financial year ending June if the compliance levels are improved, among other things.

Shs68b gold refinery to open in Ug The African Gold Refinery will be officially launched on Monday, at the company’s premises in Entebbe. President Yoweri Museveni will officiate the function. African Gold Refinery Limited (AGR) is a Ugandan based company engaged in processing of and trading in gold, focused on the East African region. The refinery offers a wide range of services including the refining, assaying and melting of all precious metals, both high grade metals, such as mine gold, scrap jewellery, dental metal residues, and low grade metals. AGR is the first, high-capacity gold refinery in this region with an actual capacity of 500kgs of high quality finished fine gold products per week. The company can produce gold bars to about 99.9 per cent purity. $20m (about Shs68b) has been invested in the company that will be sourcing gold from Ugandan areas like Mubende and Buhweju as well as neighbouring countries Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Strive Masiyiwa

Tell me about the things you’ve done


few days ago, we reached the landmark of “2m Likes” on our platform. Together we have built a community that extends throughout Africa, and around the world. I have shared a lot of personal experiences from my own journey as an entrepreneur. My intention was always to help you extract lessons and principles which can help you as an entrepreneur (both profit and non-profit) and in life generally. Not everyone is an entrepreneur, but we’re all keen to have an impact in life. Whilst I will still continue to share lessons with you, I now want to turn this platform over to

your experiences and stories as well. I’m keen to hear about the things you’ve done. So every week I’ll carefully study your posts to pick out stories, and even testimonies, that we can follow up. I’ll write about some of them. Others we’ll visit later through Kwesé Inc. and put them on television. Please don’t write essays, or give away trade secrets or intellectual property. Remember, when you have an idea which you think is a new innovation, or even an invention, don’t go around telling everyone you meet (including your friends). This is like leaving your wallet on a bar counter and walking away! And please don’t give addresses or phone numbers. My team will find you, if you have

posted. Just give us your full name and country. I’ll only read those Comments which are a maximum of two paragraphs (remember I also have a business to run, and this is not it.) Tell me what I said, and how it either inspired you to change something, or to start something. And if I don’t write about you, don’t get disappointed. I’m not looking for the best, and it’s not a competition! We will all learn something from what others learned and did. This is why I urge you to read the Comments of your colleagues on this platform. Believe me, I read them, and I learn a lot… You have collectively given me more than I have given! Apart from the upcoming contest to choose two interns who will come to work at Kwesé TV

this year, and spend a week with me, we’ll also invite some of the entrepreneurs who appear on Kwesé TV to visit me, and have lunch or something! The competition to choose the two interns is still being developed by our team and independent panel. I’d hoped it would start in January, but everyone has just been too busy with the launch of Kwesé TV. I promise we will get it done soon! Now I’m sure many of you will remember something I’ve talked a lot about before: “Go where the need is greatest, and help the smallest. . .” Have you tried to do this? Tell me about it. You can share other stories, too. It’s your turn!

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growing wealth

Bee keeping makes Ampa’s life sweet again 50 jerrycans of honey,’’ he says. Allan adds that because he routinely monitors his hives, he is able to harvest honey more llan Ampa hails from a humble family than three times a year as opposed to the two in Bibia, Amuru District. After finishing normal harvest times a year. up his A-Level at Hilton High School, He does not worry about the market. Mukono in 2014, his parents could hardly “Because of a limited number of bee keepers, raise funds to enable him conhoney prices tend to double every other day.” tinue his studies. There is so much demand for honey, After trying out sevincluding companies in Kenya and eral jobs and failing Rwanda, which he supplies. He canto make ends meet, not meet this demand from his own he met a friend who farm and as such he has become interested him in bee “I feed my bees on a middle man of sorts for other keeping. farmers. modern foods instead of He used “I move around different Shs150,000 to animal urine, which most villages buying honey from set up three hives local bee farmers use. ” other bee keepers at because he didn’t have Shs90,000 a jerrycan and enough capital. After six I sell them at Shs130,000 months, he harvested five each.” Not only has he man– 20 litre jerrycans, out of his aged to make a living (renting a two hives, selling each at Shs90,000. He used his roomed house in Kyazanga) out proceeds to set up more hives. of the bee hustle, Allan was also “I started with three hives in 2015, but by able to pay for his ICT degree that 2016, I was already having up to about 30 he attained at Cavendish University hives,” he says. last year. He also established other “I feed my bees on modern foods instead business ventures including a shop plus of animal urine, which most local bee farmers several head of cattle. use. Because of that, I can now harvest up to



Managing people needs

a thick skin Andrew Agaba is the Head, Brand and Marketing at Quick Taxi

When did you join the employed ranks? I have been around for quite a while, but I started working when I was at university.

What was your position and how much were you earning? I worked in an international logistics firm (I prefer not to mention the name); but it’s not based here. I filled the position as a regional logistics officer. About

the pay; let’s say it was more than just a basic meal ticket.

When did you start rising through the ranks? I can’t place a date and time, but I think I have been giving the best to everything I put my hands on! I have worked on a number of projects and jobs but most importantly one that got me really hands on was the experience at Nielsen and others that I won’t delve into. That was shortly after uni. Later on I had to leave the country for better placement.

When exactly did you come to your current rank? That was last year when there was lots of ground work to be handled for the birth of Quick Taxi. I think that’s how I got here but I should say it was intense.

What have been the greatest challenges you’ve encountered in your career? Managing people is not a walk in the park; one needs a thick skin!

What are your future career plans? I plan to keep growing! Plus I think anything and everything is possible; so when it comes to career, the sky should not even be the limit.

Who do you look up to in the career world? That would definitely be Mrs Patricia Bukuru Kaleebu; a firm believer in possibilities. She’s made it to the top in one of the world’s most respected organisations. So from all fronts she has my respect.

What motivates you in your work? Let’s be honest; money drives pretty much everything! I also have an inner drive to make things happen or even change them; I gain lots of satisfaction from it. In simple terms I like to leave a name behind. That gives me drive.

What books do you read? I love comics; but jokes aside, I like anything satire.

What’s that one thing you would like to change about your profession? Besides the suits I sometimes wear to work; there’s nothing serious I can think of right now!

Tell us about yourself: Marital status, any children? I love babies, but I have lots of adorable nephews and nieces that’s if those count. I make 30 in three months’ time but I’m not yet married. I’m enrolling for a Master’s later this year, but have a series of upgrades that I have gathered along the way. I’m the last of four boys born and bred right here in Kampala! lastly, I love dogs; they’re pretty special beings.

jobs Regional Quality Assurance Advisor

Organisation: Abt Associates Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Public Health with Six years’ experience Deadline: February 24 2017 Email: UgandaVouchers@

facturers Association Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Business Administration, Five years’ experience Deadline: February 24 2017 Address: P.O.Box 6966, Kampala, Lugogo

Executive Director

Organisation: Abt Associates Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, Public Health with Four years’ experience Deadline: February 24 2017 Email:

Organisation: Uganda Investment Authority Qualification: Master’s Degree in Business, Public Administration, Agriculture, Engineering with Ten years’ experience Deadline: February 17 2017 Address: P.O.Box 7418, Kampala

Medical Director

Deputy Executive Director


Organisation: Kiwoko Hospital Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine with Five years’ experience Deadline: February 24 2017 Email:

Chief Executive Officer

Organisation: Electricity Regulatory Authority Qualification: Master’s Degree in Engineering, Economics, Law, Business Administration, with Seven years’ Deadline: February 27 2017 Address: P.O.Box 10332, Kampala

Executive Director

Organisation: Uganda Manu-

Organisation: Uganda Investment Authority Qualification: Master’s Degree in Business, Public Administration, Agriculture, Engineering, Finance with Seven years’ experience Deadline: February 17 2017 Address: P.O.Box 7418, Kampala

Project Accounts Assistant

Organisation: Ministry of Health Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Financial Management, Business Studies with Three years’ experience Deadline: February 17 2017 Address: P.O.Box 7272, K’la

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What to know before you go shopping for a couch HOME TIP

save yourself some time or money by having a clear picture of what you want and need.


uying a couch/sofa for your house can be the most exciting thing in the world. But wait a minute, what exactly do we know about sofas? Like everything else today, the options we must go through to settle on a particular sofa are limitless. Once you walk into a furniture store, the styles, shapes, and colours can become overwhelming. So, save yourself some time or money by having a clear picture of what you want and need. Here are some great tips. Size matters If you have a big living room, you’ll need to decide exactly how much space you want your couch to fill. A round sofa can provide a great focal point as well as provide a lot of seating. For a small living room, be very cautious because just any sofa is going to be in the spot light. Pick something that is practical, but is also of a strong design that carries and complements the rest of the space. Functionality affects arrangement Put your lifestyle into consideration. What do you use your living room space for? If you like to wind down in front of the TV, make sure your couch faces that direction. If you love wine/coffee hosting in the living room, you’ll need a sofa that curves well around the central table. Does your family use the living room to relax or read? Surround your sofa with chairs and cushions to create multiple seating areas that can be enjoyed individually or as a large group.

Consider the shape Consider which sofa shape will best suit your living room. How will the shape fulfill the functionalities you need it for? An L- shape would be great for a living room that doubles as a dining room. It can also be used to separate the living room from the dining area. A rounder shape is a bit more conducive for a smaller space meant to serve as a gathering area. Decide on material It’s now time to pick the best material for your couch. Aesthetic material is important. However, functionality is key when it comes to deciding on material. We would all love a plush, white suede sofa, but when it comes to children or pets, the damage can be pretty irreparable. Leather on the other hand is consistently in style, generally wears well with age, and can be fairly easy to clean. Go for a style that complements your home. Your personal style will help you nail the type of couch that will fit naturally in your home. If your style is sleek and modern, pick something that reflects that in clean lines and dramatic colours. If your home is an eclectic mix of colours and designs, a neutral fabric and style couch will combine several styles to deliver a perfect expression of your taste. If your home is traditional, a classically structured but durable sofa in will complement your home to perfection.

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Improved Rhinos out to halt Pirates impressive run


BETTING TIPS Bruno Birakwate with

Thursday February 16, 2017 EUROPE: Europa League - Play Offs 19:00

Krasnodar - Fenerbahce

Over 2.5


Celta Vigo - Shakhtar D

Over 2.5


FK Rostov - Sparta Prague



Gent - Tottenham



Ath Bilbao - APOEL



Man United - St Etienne


Friday February 17, 2017 FRANCE: Ligue 1 22:45

Bastia - Monaco


ITALY: Serie A 22:45

Juventus - Palermo


Saturday February 18, 2017 ENGLAND: FA Cup 18:00

Huddersfield - Man City



Millwall - Leicester



Wolves - Chelsea


GERMANY: Bundesliga 17:30

Dortmund - Wolfsburg



Hertha Berlin - Bayern



Hamburger - SC Freiburg



BY WILLIAM KASOBA Kobs vs. Impis, 5pm- Legends (Friday) Rams vs. Warriors, 4:30pm- Makerere Heathens vs. Mongers, 4:30pm- Kyadondo Pirates vs. Rhinos, 4:30pm- Legends

bonus point to keep the pressure on Heathens. With Kevin Markmot , Jasper Onen and Daudi Semwami all firing, Pirates has lots to worry about even though they have


hen Shell Rimula Rhinos hosted Pirates in the first round of the Nile Special Premiership last year, the sea robbers had the last laugh with a 28-9 win, cementing their status as credible title contenders, something yet to change as they sit second on 47 points, 10 points off leaders Hima Heathens. Rhinos have a chance to avenge their first round defeat when the host Pirates on Saturday in a late kick off at Legends Rugby Grounds. Both sides come off encouraging displays last week although one lost and the other won, Rhinos went down 22-23 to Kobs in what many are labeling the game of the season so far while Pirates left Mongers with a

Rhinos have a chance to avenge their first round defeat when the host Pirates on Saturday in a late kick off at Legends Rugby Grounds.

their own dependable cast of Timothy Kisiga, Ivan Magomu, Marvin Odongo, Isaac Massa and Baron Kasozi who have enjoyed a rich vein of form in recent weeks. In Makerere Rams entertain Warriors

in a balanced game as both sides are fighting to shift from the wrong end of the table with a mere three points separating them. Rams are eighth while Warrios are seventh, meaning Warriors can drift further away from Rams if they win while the latter can overtake Warriors if they get a victory. Warriors come into this one with an advantage of getting more rest having not played last weekend as their designated opponents, Gulu Elephants, were disqualified but appealed although yet to receive a response. Heathens host Mongers in a game that shattered dreams last season when Mongers shocked the log leaders to give Kobs breathing space as they surged to the title. Things are a bit different this time round: Mongers are not the side they were last season , as they are on the back of four consecutive defeats while their opponents are enjoying a 100% record, having won all the 13 games they have played this campaign.

Gijon - Atl. Madrid



Real Madrid - Espanyol



Sevilla - Eibar


Sunday February 19, 2017 ENGLAND: FA Cup 17:00

Fulham - Tottenham



Blackburn - Man United


SPAIN: LaLiga 14:00

Real Sociedad - Villarreal



Celta Vigo – Osasuna



Barcelona - Leganes


NETHERLANDS: Eredivisie 16:30

Vitesse – Ajax



Den Haag - Feyenoord


FRANCE: Ligue 1 Paris SG - Toulouse


Tuesday February 21, 2017 Europe - UEFA Champions League 22:45

Manchester City - Monaco


Leverkusen - Atlético Madrid GG


Wednesday February 22, 2017 Europe - UEFA Champions League

Super Sunday

Super Saturday




Porto - Juventus



Sevilla - Leicester City



Burnley - Lincoln City



Barcelona - Leganes

Over 3.5


Dortmund - Wolfsburg



Celta Vigo - Osasuna



Hoffenheim - Darmstadt



Paris SG - Toulouse



Eintracht Frankfurt - Ingolstadt



Lyon – Dijon



Wolves - Chelsea



Barcelona W - Rayo Vallecano W 1

Spain - Primera División


Girona - Mallorca



Atletico Madrid W - Albacete W



Europe - UEFA Europa League 20:00

Saint Étienne - Man United Valencia - Real Madrid


GG Over 2.5

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20 MATOOKE REPUBLIC / Thursday, February 16-22, 2017


RUGBY Rhinos out to end Pirates impressive run... P.19

the final


As Uganda gears up to host the 2017 IAAF World Cross Country Championship due in Kampala in March, the four athletes to represent Team Uganda in the mixed relay category get chosen on Saturday, writes Edward Kalema.


ganda’s team to the IAAF World Cross Country Championships happening in Kampala next month will hold the final selection for the mixed relay team this Saturday according to officials. Six runners (three men and three women) will be chosen in Kololo on February 18 as part of the preliminary team for the mixed relays (8km) category of the Championships. The final four will then be selected after training. The selection event will start at 9am and run up to 9.30am after Stella Chesang which the athletes head to

Makerere University main ground for the Over distance national track and field competition. The Over distance is the first track and field event on the 2017 Uganda Athletics Federation competition calendar. The day’s events include 150m, 300m, 600m, 1600m and field events among others, which are aimed at testing and building athlete’s early season endurance and strength. The national team was selected last month and commenced training in Kapchorwa a fortnight ago. The IAAF World Cross Country Championships, which Kampala hosts for the first time on March 26 this year, is one of the international athletics calendar’s biggest events. The competition has a $30,000 (Shs107m) cash prize for the winner. Team Uganda’s head coach is Benjamin Longiross and is assisted by four others who include Gordon Ahimbisibwe, Benjamin Njia, Francis Demayi and female coach Grace Chesang.


t Mande, Kiisa, Phillip Kipyeko, Timothy Toroitich, Stephen Bushende Stephen Kiprotich, Fred Musobo and Man dich Chebet, Senior women: Mercyline Chelangat, Rachael ai, Anmut Che Dorcus Ajok, Doreen Chesang, Doreen net Chebet, Juliet Chekwel, Stella Chesang or KiplanU20 men: Jacob Kiplimo, Titus Kwemoi, Vict pkrui, gat, Elisha Chemutai, Kevin Kibet, Mathew Che Anthony Ayeko and Abel Chebet to, Esther U20 women: Peruth Chemutai, Janat Chemus , Adha Chekwemoi, Sarah Chelangat, Scarlett Chemos Munguleya, Joy Cheptoek and Benna Sukuku

Senior men: Joshua Cheptegei, Abdallah Kibe

Golfers from across the country descended upon the Entebbe Club for the second round of the Singleton Challenge on Saturday. The day’s victories and losses were climaxed with a disco themed celebration at the 19th hole, as golfers brought their best 70’s and 80’s dance and fashion foot forward. The winning pair from the Singleton Challenge will win themselves an opportunity to travel to the 146th Open in Scotland in July this year.

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