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June 2014

“Leading to a Better Community” Altrusa is an international non-profit organization making our local communities better through leadership, partnership and service This newsletter is brought to you by the Communication Committee of the Macomb Altrusa Club, Macomb, Illinois

Next Meeting Information

It’s a Potluck ! Whatcha gonna make?

Our May meeting

Contents  Next meeting information

Where: Everly House When: Weds. June 25 at 6 p.m. What: our Planning for 2014-15 meeting You should bring the following: Service - appetizers Finance - desserts Membership – side dish Communication – salads Board is bringing pulled pork, etc. See Page 4 For Your New Committee Assignment To Know What To Bring!

 Minutes from May meeting  Planning information  Additional Announcements  Get a new Member!  “Just a minute with a member”  Calendar of Events

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DRAFT OF MINUTES Altrusa International of Macomb May 28, 2014 General Meeting Membership Committee hosted the meeting: A Candle and Flower ceremony for the Installation of Officers for the year 2014-2015.

Standing committees gave the following reports: Communication-Karen Iversen: no report Finance-Marsha McCormick: no report Service-Penny Pollock: Scholarship traditional – Haley Hadsall and non-traditional-Patricia Taylor. Alzheimer’s walk team captain will be Karen Trusley, if you are interested in walking please let Karen know.

Our new Officers and Board members!

Make a Difference Day- Bring suggestions on what we can do as a group to the next meeting.

President Liz Duvall called the meeting to Order with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Membership-Karen Trusley: Growth and membership

Cindy Roon introduced our guest-Brae Decache, who had been brought to the meeting by Nancy Dobey.

Old business: Karen Iversen reported that there are 24 students for the Summer Tutoring Program and all tutors have met and will be contacting the parents of the students to set up times for the tutoring.

Minutes for the April meeting were amended of the motion made by Miriam Satern and seconded by Lynne Brinker that enough money be taken from the general account to be added to the donations, so an additional four students may be tutored. This motion was approved by Lynne Brinker, seconded by Nancy Dobey, motion carried. The Treasurer’s report prepared by Marsha McCormick will be filed for audit. Correspondence –Chamber newsletter and letter about the Alzheimer’s walk was read by Sara Featherlin.

Heather Munro and Cindy Roon attended the Annual Conference in Springfield. Heather presented a program on Social Media on Friday. On Saturday Heather and Cindy attended different workshops and they both gave a short talk about the workshops they each attended. Annual Conference next year will be held in Sandwich, Illinois. New business: Lin Stults reported that the Colchester Lion’s Club will be making a donation to the Summer Tutoring Program. Also, Lin had a signup sheet for the Heritage Day Fly in Pancake Meal.

Nancy Dobey handed out Planning meeting ideas., which will be discussed at the next general meeting. Audit Committee volunteers are Valerie DuganChairman, Karen Trusley and Ann Abbot. Jean Sowers passed around a sign-up sheet for the Annual Bazaar Committees. Peggy Ma reported that the Annual Ice Cream Tasting Festival at the Old Dairy will be June 21 from 2-4. This benefits the Western Illinois Museum.

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Thank you to all of the 2013-2014 Officers and Board members! Thank you to all the Board officers and Board members for their service 2013-2014! The members say thanks for a great year! Your dedication and commitment was appreciated! From the grateful members!

Thank you to Nancy Jameson for the use of the Everly House. Table decorations by Lara Lessard

Thank you to Liz Duvall for her service this past year as President. Next Board meeting will be Tuesday, June 10 Everly House @ 5:30 p.m. Next General Meeting will be held June 25 TBD hosted by the Board of Directors. Planning meeting. Upon a motion of adjournment by Sara Featherlin, seconded by Liz Duvall ,all in favor. Attendance: Lynne Brinker, Nancy Dobey, Valerie Dugan, Liz Duvall, Sara Featherlin, Karen Iversen, Nancy Jameson, Lara Lessard, Peggy Ma, Marsha McCormick, Heather Munro, Penny Pollock, Nancy Reed, Cindy Roon, Alta Sargent, Miriam Satern, Rosalie Severinsen, Thelma Smiddy, Jean Sowers, Lin Stults, Karen Trusley and Ann Abbot. Respectfully submitted, Ann Abbot Recording Secretary

Macomb Altrusa Club members at our May meeting

Information for planning the coming year! What committee are you on for the coming year? Communication Committee Chair: Heather Munro Ann Abbot Lynne Brinker Sandy Collier Karen Trusley Sara Wood Finance Committee Chair: Nancy Jameson Judi Dallinger Valerie Dugan Marsha McCormick Cindy Roon Thelma Smiddy Membership Committee Chair: Karen Iversen Nancy Dobey Lara Lessard Peggy Ma Nancy Reed Miriam Satern Kelly Shiraki Jean Sowers Service Committee Chair: Penny Pollock Liz Duvall Sara Featherlin Paula Rhodes Judi Kentner Alta Sargent Rosalie Severinsen Lin Stults Kathy Wyatt If there are any errors in committee assignments please speak with President Cindy Roon to request reassignment to a different committee!

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Which committee – which month? Board: June Service: July, Dec., April Communication: Aug., Jan. Finance: Sept., March Membership: Oct., Feb., May ALTRUSA PLANNING MEETING IDEAS Confirm meeting information ASAP after the June meeting to include:    

Location with cost for location Topic, details of topic Contact person name, phone and email Type of meeting (dessert or meal)

ANNUAL ACTIVITIES April May June Sept. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Dec.

World Book Night – hand out free books presentations of scholarships to area students

Heritage Days window display Alzheimer’s Walk Read-in for International Literacy Day Make a Difference Day project Altrusa Bazaar volunteer at the Festival of the Trees stuffing bags for Mosaic


Amerien IL Act on Energy Program 1-866838-6918

speaker about the new Highway System going in west/north of Macomb (probably from the Macomb Transportation Committee).

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City government issues -- City Administrator

might discuss the redesign of Square

or Mayor Mike Inman - It’s always interesting

parking & traffic pattern and Sarah might

to hear him speak about the “State of the

also discuss area events or filling the

City”/“What’s New in Macomb”/“The Scoop

downtown retail space or some other timely

on the Adams St. Project”

Macomb topic.

Norine Hammond or John Sullivan (Our

Leadership Academy organized every year

State Representatives)”What’s New in

by the Chamber & taught by various

Springfield-a Non-Political View” or any other

volunteer Community Leaders.

area politician 

Kim Pierce (Macomb Economic Development)- “Excitement in Macomb”

Patrick Twomey (Superintendent of Unit #185)

Nikki Gray - the new Director of the


Convention & Visitors Bureau 

John Hallwas – topics of historical interest

GFWC Macomb Woman’s Club rep- women’s memorial (Marilyn Pastorelli/Tina Belz)

Tree City USA – City Forester

Nursing Program at SRC or WIU

Miss America Scholarship Program - by Bob and Nancy Foote and Lauren Martin (Current Miss Macomb)

Patrick Stout – topic of his choice

Protecting your credit/identity theft – Casey Grant/Arlene Harhen (Citizens or other financial place)

Mississippi Valley Blood Center

MAP Program from Unit #185 School District

Alex Geissler, Director of the Chamber of

(check all of these locations for charges)  Everly House – no charge  Georgetown Clubhouse – a charge  City Hall community room – a charge (is refundable if cleaned)  WIU Art Gallery w/tour – no charge  American Red Cross Building (kitchen available) - $50 charge  Wesley Village Community Bldg- $50 charge, plus $50 set up/teardown fee  Churches -charge?  nursing homes -charge?  service groups (Legion/VFW/Western IL Art Ctr/BPOE Elks) -charge?  Bailey House /Taylor Hall -$30 plus $1/attendee  4-H Center (big with kitchen)-charge?  Citizens Bank lobby/other business locations –charge?  YMCA Senior Center – charge? kitchen available  Masonic Lodge – charge? kitchen available

Commerce 

Sarah Wallick, Chair of Macomb Downtown Development. She

Meetings located at the University, may run into liability insurance requirements. Please check so there are no surprises.

In our Community

Macomb Walk to End Alzheimer's

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MACOMB ALTRUSA GETS A $500 WALMART GRANT! Karen Trusley, our President-Elect completed an application for a Walmart Grant and received the following wonderful email: The Walmart Foundation and Facility # 197 are pleased to inform you that your organization has been selected to receive a grant through the Local Facility Giving Program in the amount of $500.00. We believe that your organization is doing important work to the communities you serve, and we are proud that we are able to support you in your efforts. Your grant payment will be awarded to you by check, and it will be sent to the address listed in your grant application. Your grant check will be issued within the next few weeks and mailed to your organization as quickly as possible. Thank you for the work your organization does to create opportunities so people can live better. Sincerely, The Walmart Foundation Thank you to the Walmart Foundation! This grant will help us to support our literacy projects! Thank you to member Karen Trusley for completing the application!

Our club will have a team! The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is Saturday, Sept. 20, with registration at 9:00 – 9:45 AM We will gather at the Citizens Bank Plaza. Warm-up at 9:45-10:00 AM Walk begins at 10:00 AM Awards at 11:00 AM The Official Walk route is approximately 1 ½-2 miles or any route of your choosing if you desire. The halfway table (refreshments available) is at the Everly House Here is some other helpful info: ormational&fr_id=5071&type=fr_informational& sid=18124 Please let me know if you would like to be on our Altrusa team. Each participant is asked to raise a minimum of $100. I have reached out to the walk coordinator, Kristen in order to get some further information on how we need to proceed. Once I get more information from her, I will let those of you who express an interest in participating, the information that she gives me. I look forward to hearing from those of you who would like to be a part of our team. All the best, Karen Trusley

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Pam Jackson

Our Summer 2014 Tutors! Courtney Hunt

They will be tutoring one-on-one elementary aged children from McDonough County. There are 24 children in the program this summer! The Macomb Altrusa Club is paying the tutors with funds raised by the Altrusa Bazaar and by generous donations.

Jean Sowers

Eboney Chambers, Kristy Skarin, Kayla Malmgren, Sue Rericha , and Amber Tinder [Kayleigh Gray not pictured]

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IN THE NEWS! A photo of the installation of our officers in our club made the "Daily Brief" on Weds. June 11 and “the McDonough County Choice” newspaper on June 17!

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When are YOU Volunteering? Installation of officers at May meeting

Time to sign up for Macomb Airport: Needing Volunteers for SUNDAY June 29th From 7 TO 2 : Macomb Airport We assist the members of the Colchester Lions Club. This is a Pancake Breakfast they do every year They are Expecting Approx. 2,000 people. They supply the cooks for the most part - we are the servers! Remember you’re Altrusa Shirt and there will be aprons there to wear! 7:00 am to 9:00: Lin Stults Liz Duvall Penny Pollock Sara Featherlin Nancy Dobey Karen Trusley Marsha McCormick 8:00 am to 10:00 am Nancy Jamison Ann Abbot Karen Iverson Lynne Brinker 9:00 am to 11:00 am ? 10:00 am Till Noon Heather Munro Miriam Satern

Please sign up for a time if you have not already done so!

GET A NEW MEMBER! Do you know someone who is interested in becoming a member of Altrusa? Print out the

following page and give it to them – tell them it is easy to become a member! Help them become a member by giving them this easy 1 page form! Here it is!

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“Just a minute with a member” Each month we will feature a Macomb Altrusan - to learn a little bit more about each other!

assistant for four years before starting at WIU. I've worked at WIU for 8 years. I've also worked at Walmart for 13 years!

Photo: Liz Duvall, Michele Long, Kim Lampitt, and Sara Featherlin at Fuji. Sara says, “They're my best friends :)”

Say Hello To Sara Featherlin, our Corresponding Secretary and our Featured Member of the Month! Sara, tell us a little about yourself: I was born in Macomb and raised in Industry. I graduated from high school 20 years ago-but don't tell-I like to tell people I'm in my 20s. I have a bachelor's degree in Communications from WIU and a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education, also from WIU. Last summer, I received my master's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences. I have no kids of my own, but I have five beautiful nieces who are 14, 10, 6, 5, and 2, and 2 nephews who are almost 14 and 4, who belong to my two brothers and one sister. What type of work have you done in your life? I was a substitute teacher for a year after receiving my second bachelor's, then worked at Schuyler Industry school district as a program

What do you like to do for fun? For fun, I like to hang out with my friends, see my nieces and nephews, read, and follow my favorite boy band-New Kids on the Block. Last year, I saw them six times in three months: in June I saw them in Cleveland and St. Louis, July I saw them in Chicago and Kansas City (two days apart), and in August I saw them in Columbus and Indianapolis (consecutive days). In August, I also met them and it was amazing! How did you get involved with Altrusa? Liz Duvall invited me to be in Altrusa. How have you been involved with Altrusa? Four years. What do you like best about being a member of Altrusa? Assisting with literacy and going to the bazaar. Tell us one (or more!) surprising thing(s) about you! If you don't know me, I'm actually quite shy. I have a hard time talking to people I don't know. Anything else you would like to add? Being an Altrusan has strengthened some wonderful friendships for me, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

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Lin Stults 7/13 Rosalie Severinsen 7/14

Calendar of Events June 21 Western Illinois Museum Ice Cream Tasting Festival June 28-29 Heritage Days June 29 – We are all helping at the Lions Pancake Breakfast! July 4th

Independence Day!

Get well wishes to Rosalie Severinsen who is recuperating from surgery – please send her get-well wishes! 2014-2015 Macomb Altrusa Officers and Board President - Cindy Roon President-Elect – Karen Trusley Past President Liz Duvall Vice-President Kelly Shiraki Recording Secretary Ann Abbott Treasurer Nancy Jameson Corresponding Secretary Sara Featherlin Directors: Karen Iversen Heather Munro Penny Pollock

June 2014 Cheerful Earful  

monthly newsletter of the Altrusa Club of Macomb, Illinois

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