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THE CHEERFUL EARFUL JAN. 2014 This newsletter is brought to you by the Communication Committee of the Macomb Altrusa Club, Macomb, Illinois

“Leading to a Better Community” Altrusa is an international non-profit organization making our local communities better through leadership, partnership and service

Contents  Next meeting information

Next Meeting Information

 Minutes from Dec. meeting

What: Ukulele Macomb

 Budget/Project Request Info. and Form

The Communications Committee is hosting and Desserts will be served

When: Jan. 22, 2014

 Additional Announcements

Time: 7:00pm

 “Just a minute with a member”

Where: Western Illinois Museum, 201 S. Lafayette St., Macomb

 Calendar of Events

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DRAFT OF MINUTES Altrusa International of Macomb General Meeting December 4, 2013 [To be approved at January meeting] Service committee hosted a soup dinner and Mosiac bags were filled. Penny Pollock will make sure they are delivered before Christmas. President Liz Duvall called the meeting to order with everyone reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes of the October meeting were approved by a motion by Karen Iversen, seconded by Lin Stults, motion carried as reported in the Cheerful Earful. The Treasurer’s report prepared by Marsha McCormick was handed out. The report will be filed for audit.

Standing committees gave the following reports:

Old business: Lin Stults sent out thank you notes to all groups of volunteers that helped at the bazaar. New business: Nomination committee- please think about volunteering for a position. Scholarship committee Next Board meeting will be Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Everly House @ 5:30 p.m. Next General Meeting will be held January 22, 2014 –Western Illinois Museum, dessert meeting at 7 p.m. Upon a motion of adjournment by Sara Featherlin, seconded by Kelly Shiraki ,all in favor. Attendance: Sandy Collier Judy Dallinger, Nancy Dobey, Valerie Dugan, Liz Duvall, Sarah Featherlin, Karen Iversen, Nancy Jameson, Marsha McCormick, Heather Munro, Penny Pollock, Paula Rhodes, Alta Sargent, Kelly Shiraki, Thelma Smiddy, Rosalie Severinsen, Jean Sowers, Lin Stults, Karen Trusley, Kathy Wyatt and Ann Abbot. Respectfully submitted, Ann Abbot

Communication - Karen Iversen: no report Finance - Marsha McCormick: reminder of budget meeting in January Service - Penny Pollock: no report Membership - Karen Trusley: no report

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Important Information from our Treasurer RE: BUDGET/PROJECT REQUEST FORMS

Jan. 3 Sara Wood Jan. 12 Nancy Jameson

Membership Reminder! WE NEED NEW MEMBERS! If anyone has any potential names of members that I can reach out to, please send me their email addresses. I am happy to contact them. Thank you, Karen Trusley –Chair Membership Comm. (

Macomb Chamber of Commerce Link to the January 2014 Newsletter: Link to the January 2014 inserts Page 3 of 9

The Altrusa Budget/Project Request forms need to be turned in by the January meeting or by February 15th so the Finance Committee can start working on the Budget. The very latest we will take them will be at the February 26th meeting for any late ones. The earlier the better. Remember this form is for projects that you want the money to be used (usually for scholarships). Committee chairs remember to turn in a form for any expenses. Please email the form to or bring it to the January meeting or mail it to Marsha McCormick @ 1132 E. Grant St. Macomb, IL 61455 -------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you have a project that you think Altrusa should support? Then consider completing a Budget/Project Request form Your request will be reviewed by the Board and if approved your project would be funded for next year and will be included in next year’s budget – see next page for procedures

Procedures for Budget/Project Request Forms Procedures by Members, Committees and Board of Directors    

Submit all budget requests by Jan. meeting or at the latest the February Club Meeting. Complete the BUDGET/PROJECT REQUEST form. The submitter should be prepared to answer questions about the request. If possible, suggest new sources of funding for new programs or projects.

Submitting club member or Committee  

 

Treasurer should keep an accurate Income & Expense record for project history 

Budget Process – Administrative        

Board of Directors discusses Budget Requests submitted and approves or denies. Approved requests are sent to the Treasurer and Finance Committee for the budget. Denied requests are returned to the Submitter with reasons for denial. Finance Committee completes the budget & returns for Board approval. The Board submits a reviewed budget with recommendations for Club approval. Club discusses the new budget and votes to approve, either as is or with changes. Items in the approved budget can be paid by the Treasurer without further action. The Treasurer is not authorized to pay new items or additional money requests without approval from the Board and the club.

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Should be willing to be involved with the budget item they submit. Is responsible to notify the Treasurer when payment of an item is due by submitting a bill (request) for payment when due. Will provide additional information to the club or Board as requested. Will follow project through to completion and report if needed.

Upon Request, the Treasurer should be able to produce a separate accounting for individual projects or programs.

List of Budget Items: (Past/Present/New -Not intended to be complete)   

Scholarships: SRC Nursing, Miss Macomb Platform, & Scholarships in development Literacy: Summer Tutoring: Adopt-aClass, Baby Talk; GED Fees; Presidential Classroom Other: Mosaic Christmas Bags; Memory Walk-Sponsor & Team; MakeA-Difference Day; Altrusa Foundation donation; Snack Bag Program; Salvation army Camperships; Habitat for Humanity; Nature Quilt Project; MHS Band Uniforms; Big Bros,Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon; Ready Bus-Book Bus; Honor Flights; Food pantriesSalvation Army, WIRC, Loaves & Fishes; etc.

ALTRUSA BUDGET/PROJECT REQUEST YEAR: _______________DATE OF REQUEST: ____________________ Project: ____________________________________________________________________________ Payout Month:_______________________________________________________________________ DETAILS OF PROJECT: ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ AMOUNT REQUESTED: ________________________________________________________________ REQUESTED BY:______________________________________________________________________ BOARD ACTION:

APPROVED: ____________ DECLINED:_________________________________ BOARD COMMENTS:________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________


APPROVED: ______________DECLINED:_______________________________ BOARD COMMENTS: _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

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Volunteering in the Community! Adopt-A-Classroom, 2014 For Mrs. Ramos' class Cindy Roon plans to read on January 8th. New volunteers are needed to read February 12 and March 12. I will bring the books and schedule information to the January meeting. Please sign up then if you can. Thank you! I recommend you wear your Altrusa shirt and I.D. when you read, so everyone will recognize you.---Rosalie Severinsen

Festival of Trees Altrusa members Lin Stults and Sara Featherlin volunteering at the Festival of Trees held at the West Central Illinois Art Center on the Square during the “Dickens on the Square” festival Dec. 6-9. A number of Altrusans manned the front desk and collected admissions throughout the festival supporting the McDonough County Hospital Auxiliary.

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SUPPORTING LITERACY IN OUR COMMUNITY -- PACT-HEAD START Macomb Altrusa members have begun a new literacy volunteer project. Altrusans will be reading to children at the PACT (Parent and Child Together) - Headstart program in Macomb. The mission of Parent and Child Together (PACT) for West Central Illinois is to provide a high quality comprehensive program of education, health, and social services to children and their families, developing lifelong learners. If anyone who hasn't signed up and is interested in reading please have contact Penny Pollock. PACT-Head start --Hannah Yokum’s class Volunteer to read Morning Class

Date (11:00 am)

Kelly Shiraki

January 20th

Nancy Dobey

February 17th

Nancy Dobey

March 17th

Paula Rhodes

April 21st


Date (Noon) November 21st

Sara Featherlin

December 19th January 23rd

Cindy Roon

February 20th

Heather Munro

March 20th April 24th

“Just a minute with a member� Each month we will feature a Macomb Altrusan - to learn a little bit more about each other! What type of work have you done? I have been a nurse for 22 years and I still love what I do! I worked full time as a bedside nurse in the ICU for 17 years and continue to work on an as needed basis in ICU and as house supervisor. I am starting my 4th year as a nursing instructor and enjoy the growth I see in my students.

What do you like to do for fun? I like to read, watch movies, church activities and spend time with my family.

Say Hello to Penny Pollock, Chair of the Service Committee and our featured member of the month! Penny, tell us a little bit about yourself! I grew up in Colchester and I have spent most of my life right here in the Macomb area. I received my BSN from Culver-Stockton and Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing in Quincy, Il and my MSN from Saint Francis College of Nursing in Peoria, Il. I have been married to my husband, Jim for 19 years and we have 3 wonderful boys. Timothy is 15, Andrew is 13 and Benjamin will soon be 8.

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How did you get involved with Altrusa? My sister, Liz Duvall invited me to attend.

How have you been involved with Altrusa? I am currently a director on the board and I also attended the District Conference as a representative.

What do you like best about being a member of Altrusa? Getting to know all of my fellow Altrusa members and helping to promote literacy in our community

2013-2014 Macomb Altrusa Officers and Board President Liz Duvall

Calendar of Events

President-Elect Cindy Roon Past President – Miriam Satern

Jan. 1 Happy New Year! Jan. 14 Altrusa Board meeting

Vice-President Rosalie Severinsen Recording Secretary Anne Abbott Treasurer Marsha McCormick

Jan. 15 Martin Luther King Day Jan. 22 Altrusa meeting 7pm Feb. 2 Groundhog Day Feb. 11 Altrusa Board meeting Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day Feb. 17 President’s Day Feb. 26 Altrusa meeting 7pm Mar. 9 Daylight Saving Time begins

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Corresponding Secretary Kristi Kupka Committee Chairs: Communication – Karen Iversen Finance – Marsha McCormick Membership – Karen Trusley Service – Penny Pollock

Jan 2014 Cheerful Earful  

monthly newsletter of Macomb IL Altrusa club