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THE CHEERFUL EARFUL FEBRUARY 2013 This newsletter is brought to you by the Communications Committee of the Macomb Altrusa Club, Macomb, Illinois “Leading to a Better Community” Altrusa is an international non-profit organization making our local communities better through leadership, partnership and service

Contents  Next Meeting Information February meeting will be hosted by the Membership Committee What: The program will feature Carla Teslicka, Executive Director of the YMCA of McDonough County. When: February 27 Time: 7:00 p.m. Where: Macomb City Hall - Community Room, 232 East Jackson Street, Macomb The membership committee will provide dessert!

 Next meeting information  “Miriam’s Message” from our President, Miriam Satern  Minutes from January 23 meeting  February Treasurer’s Report  Additional Announcements  Calendar of Events

“Miriam’s Message” From Our President, Miriam Satern The new calendar year (2013) is well underway. The second month of the year, February, is winding down and March will soon be here. The new Altrusa year, however, is just around the corner (June). We will use the remaining months of the current Altrusa year (February, March, and April) to put things in place for the new club officers that will be installed at our May meeting to lead our Club in the new year. Important items that are critical for the new Altrusa year that will be on the agenda for our Club meeting this month include: (a) a report from the Nominations committee announcing the slate of officers that will be voted on at the March meeting, and (b) a tentative 2013-14 budget from the Budget committee, and (c) I will present the Bazaar notebook with the information I’ve collected from some of the chairs of the 2012 Bazaar committees. I have yet to receive the requested information from all of the chairs, but I will share with the members of the Club what I have put together so far. Therefore, please mark February 27 on your calendar and come to the Community Room of City Hall at 7:00 for our meeting. We’ll learn about the McDonough County YMCA and move forward with our plans for the 2013-14 Altrusa International of Macomb. I look forward to seeing you soon! Miriam

Minutes from January 23 General Meeting January 23,, 2013 General Meeting Minutes Altrusa International of Macomb President Miriam Satern called the meeting to order and we recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Valerie Dugan and Anita Sells were introduced as our guests. The minutes of the December 5th meeting were approved as reported in the Cheerful Earful. The Treasurer’s report prepared by Marsha McCormick was published in the Cheerful Earful and will be filed for audit. The Chamber of Commerce newsletter was circulated. Thank you notes were received from Western Illinois Museum for contributing to their programming; Katy Musick for contributing financial support to attend National Youth Leadership Form on National Security; Festival of

Trees for volunteering; MOSAIC clients for the Christmas bags. Thank you notes were sent to the Beans for their contribution to our Summer tutoring program and to Chris DeVlieger for her contribution to the MOSAIC Christmas bags. Standing committees gave the following reports: Communication – Jackie Lucas – No report. Thanks to the committee for the meeting and dessert. Finance – Marsha McCormick reminded us that budget requests are due as soon as possible. Membership – Ann Abbot – Valerie Dugan will be joining Altrusa; notice will be placed in the Cheerful Earful. The committee

will be in charge of the February meeting and the speaker will be from the Y.

each donate $25.00 toward the purchase of the banner.

Service – The committee was thanked for providing a nice meal at the December meeting!

Karen Trusley contacted Mississippi Valley Blood Bank. We need to have at least 5 people from our organization sign up to give blood on February 23, 2013, to receive recognition.

Bazaar Report: Miriam Satern is compiling a Bazaar Notebook that can be passed along to incoming Co-chairs for future reference. Miriam is asking those in charge of the following committees to submit their information, including activities completed, supplies purchased/requested, recommendations and timeline, as a Word document attached to email. Co-Chairs – Cindy Roon and Judi Dallinger Vendor Registration – Kelly Shiraki and Liz Duvall Publication – Marsha McCormick Kitchen – Nancy Dobey and Jackie Lucas Volunteers – Lin Stults Promotions (Raffle, Baskets) - Barbara Sandall Hospitality (Doors) – Kathy Wyatt Cashiers – Marsha McCormick Date for next year – November 9, 2013 Miriam Satern applied for the Altrusa Foundation Grant of $50.00 to be used for book purchases and we have received the check from the Foundation along with bookplates to be placed in the books purchased. A picture and story was sent to the Foundation. Discussion was entertained regarding purchase of a club banner. Lin Stults moved and Karen Trusley seconded the motion that we purchase a banner at the half price offered by District Six. Motion carried. Jackie Lucas and Lin Stults will

The Community Leadership Academy will be held Thursday, April 25, 2013. It is a program to encourage leadership in our community. Liz Duvall volunteered to represent us as a speaker. Kristy Kupka, Cindy Roon and Karen Iversen volunteered to be the Nominating Committee. They will present a slate of officers in February and we will vote on the new officers in March. Sandy Collier and Karen Iversen will co-chair the Summer Tutoring program. The club thanked them for volunteering. It was also noted that Matt and Becky Bean gave us a donation to be used for the tutoring program. Liz Duvall, Cindy Roon and Rosalie Severinsen volunteered to read the platform statements given by the contestants for the Miss Macomb pageant. These statements will be used for choosing our scholarship recipient. District Six is providing free registration for 2 delegates from our club to the District annual meeting. The names of Karen Trusley and Penny Pollock were brought forward. Our budget includes $600.00 to be used by our delegates to the District annual meeting. A volunteer is needed to work with Judi Dallinger as co-chair for the 2013 Holiday Bazaar, which will be held November 9, 2013. Hy-Vee Shop and Share program will be held January 25 and 26 for the Library Capital Campaign. We were encouraged to shop one of those two days for a portion to be given to the campaign by Hy-Vee. Cindy Roon moved and Liz Duvall seconded a motion that the frozen leftover soup from the Bazaar be given to Soup and More, a local project to feed the hungry in Macomb.

Next Board meeting – February 13, 2013 – Everly House @ 5:30 p.m.

Miriam Satern, Rosalie Severinsen, Jean Sowers, Lin Stults, Karen Trusley.

Next general meeting – February 27, 2013 – City Hall @ 7:00 p.m. – Membership Committee – Cardiac Health speaker

Guest: Valerie Dugan, Anita Sells

District 6 Annual Meeting – April 19-21, 2013 – Carmel, IN.

Lynne Brinker

Respectfully submitted,

Attendance: Ann Abbot, Lynne Brinker, Judi Dallinger, Nancy Dobey, Liz Duvall, Karen Iversen, Kristi Kupka, Jackie Lucas, Peggy Ma, Marsha McCormick, Heather Munro, Penny Pollock, Nancy Reed, Cindy Roon, Alta Sargent,

 February Treasurer’s Report Altrusa International of Macomb February 1, 2013 Beginning Balance 1/3/13 $ 10,302.06 Receipts 1/25/2013 Sara Featherlin- (Pie Money $16.00 2 Donations $25 for Altrusa Banner) $66.00 Total Receipts $66.00 Disbursements: 1/9/2013 2186 Macomb Kiwanis Foundation (Macomb School Sack Program) $1,000.00 1/10/2013 2187 Miss Macomb Scholarship $350.00 (Platform-Ms Macomb Pageant) 1/23/2013 2188 Altrusa International, Inc (Banner) $75.00 Total Disbursements $1,425.00 Checkbook Balance as of 2/1/13 $8,943.06 (Bank Statement Balanced) ********************************************************************** Outstanding Checks deducted from above Ending Balance as of 2/01/2013 $8,943.06 Outstanding cks 2187 Stmt Balance

$350.00 $9,293.06

Respectfully Submitted by: Marsha McCormick, Treasurer 2012-2013

Additional Announcements  Macomb Altrusa Slate of Officers and Board for 2013-2014 Installation of new officers and Board will be at the May 22 meeting President: Liz Duvall President Elect: Cindy Roon 1st Vice President: Rosalie Severinsen Recording Secretary: Ann Abbott Corresponding Secretary: Kristi Kupka Treasurer: Marsha McCormick Director: (2013-2014) Penny Pollock Directors: (2013-2014) Lynn Marlowe Nominating Committee: Cindy Roon, Kristi Kupka, Karen Iversen, Chair. Thank you from all to the Nominating Committee for doing this VERY important task!

 Give the Gift of Life! Reminder: On Feb. 23, It will be Macomb Altrusa Day at the Blood Center! Macomb Altrusans will be donating blood on Feb. 23 at the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, located at 1520 W. Jackson St. in Macomb. You must schedule your donation. phone the Blood Center at 309-836-2329 to make your donation appointment.

Thank yous I would like to thank the members for the cards and well wishes during my recent illness. You have brightened many days. Thank you! Kelly Shiraki.

I would like to thank our members for the cards, telephone calls, prayers and good wishes that I received while I was confined to my home after surgery. Each one was truly appreciated. I will see you again before long. Alta Sargent

 Facebook Did you know Macomb Altrusa has a Facebook page? Check it out at: Click the “Like” button when you visit our Facebook page! and share the page with ALL your friends and tell them to like our page too! 


Readers from the Altrusa Club go to Lincoln School on the first Wednesday of the month to read at 12:45 p.m. to Cheryl Ramos' first grade. Nancy Dobey read to Mrs. Ramos' first grade class on Wednesday, February 6th; Liz Duvall is scheduled to read on March 6, and Lynn Brinker is scheduled for April 3rd. One more reader is needed for Wednesday, May 1st, to finish this year. Two books are read, which takes 20-30 minutes.

Sign up at the next Altrusa meeting!

---Rosalie Severinsen

Macomb Area Chamber Of Commerce Did you know that Macomb Altrusa is a member of the Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce & Downtown Development Corporation? The Chamber produces a monthly newsletter and you can read the entire newsletter by clicking here: to click on the inserts SUGGESTIONS? 13.pdf for info. about special upcoming events! Do you have any suggestions for the newsletter? Comments or ideas? Please help us to Altrusa Club of Macomb – make the newsletter News page the best it can be! Email Altrusa Club of Macomb – Information page today! Macomb Altrusa Facebook page Altrusa District Six Altrusa International

Calendar of Events Feb. 22 – Doris Taylor Retiring Open House 4-7pm Pumo Insurance Agency Feb. 23 “Corks and Court” Performing Arts Society 4:30-6:30pm – WIU Union Heritage Room Feb. 27 – Altrusa General meeting- 7pm Talk about the YMCA at Macomb City Hall, Community Room

2012-2013 Macomb Altrusa Officers and Board President Miriam Satern President-Elect Liz Duvall Past President – Nancy Reed Vice-President Rosalie Severinsen Recording Secretary Lynne Brinker

March 1-2 – 40th Annual International Bazaar, WIU Union

Treasurer Marsha McCormick

March 6--—“Adopt a Classroom” – Sign up to read to Mrs. Ramos' first grade class

Corresponding Secretary Heather Munro

March 13 - Executive Board meeting

Director (2012-2013) Jackie Lucas

March 27 – Altrusa General meeting- 7pm Wind for Schools at Everly House

Directors (2013-2014) Lynn Marlowe, Ann Abbot

April 3--—“Adopt a Classroom” – Sign up to read to Mrs. Ramos' first grade class April 10 - Executive Board meeting April 24 – Altrusa General meeting- 7pm Alternatives for Older Adults at Everly House May 1--—“Adopt a Classroom” – Sign up to read to Mrs. Ramos' first grade class May 8 - Executive Board meeting May 22 – Altrusa General meeting- 7pm Installation & Initiation at Everly House June 12 Executive Board meeting June 26 -- Altrusa General meeting-Annual Planning (2013-2014)

Committee Chairs: Communications – Jackie Lucas Finance – Marsha McCormick Membership – Anne Abbot Service – Lynn Marlowe

The Cheerful Earful - Feb. 2013  

Macomb Altrusa newsletter

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