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The Cheerful Earful

Monthly newsletter of the Altrusa Club of Macomb, IL

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Next Meeting Information Next meeting is Weds. Feb. 22, 2017

 Next meeting information  Jan. meeting photos  Committee Updates  Calendar of Events  Budget Request forms

What: Bring cereal and peanut butter and Games Night! Where: Everly House, 811 S. Lafayette St., Macomb When: at 6:30pm Hosted by the Membership Committee

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Jan. 2017 Meeting photos An initiation was conducted and Jan Mix was initiated into our club!

We had a service craft activity. Club members created home-made valentines for each Everly House resident!

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Board meeting minutes and General meeting minutes will be available at a later time.

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Finance Committee

Project Budget Request forms Every project listed in our budget must have a project/budget form completed in order for it to be considered for support in the next budget year. Are you in charge of a project? Do you support a project? Do you want Altrusa to support a new project for next year?

IF SO COMPLETE A FORM! see last pages of this newsletter for forms You can email budget/project request forms to Brae Hattaway, at or bring to Feb. Meeting. Must be submitted by Feb. Meeting at the latest

Membership Committee

Bring cereal and peanut butter to the February meeting! It will be donated to the local food pantry. We will be playing fun games so be sure to be ready for some fun! Communications Committee Remember the newsletter is emailed to all club members on the 3rd Weds. of the month - that is one week before our General meeting on the 4th Weds. of the month. If you have anything you want printed in the newsletter please send it to Heather Munro, newsletter editor at Please send items in .doc or .docx format if possible. If sending photos send jpeg. Thank you! Heather Munro

Service Committee Tutoring Program Bazaar Committee

No reports

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Feb. 22

General meeting 6:30pm Everly House - Budget/Project Request forms due - bring to meeting

Mar. 4

Lion's Club Pancake Breakfast

Mar. 4

Maple Syrup Festival, Argyle Lake State Park

Mar. 5

2017 Polar Plunge, Spring Lake Park

Mar. 8

Board meeting -5:30pm -Everly House

Mar. 22

General meeting - Earth Day Prep and present Budget

2016-2017 Macomb Altrusa Officers and Board Co-Presidents - Karen Iversen and Penny Pollock Past President - Karen Trusley Recording Secretary –Cindy Roon Treasurer – Brae Huston Corresponding Secretary – Peggy Ma Chair: Communication Comm.: Finance Committee: Membership Comm.: Service Committee: Tutoring Committee:

Heather Munro Brae Huston Jeanie Sowers Paula Rhodes Sandy Collier

The Cheerful Earful –Feb. 2017 Page 6 of 7 Procedures for Budget Requests Each Year

Procedures by Members, Committees and Board of Directors A. Submit all budget requests at the February Club Meeting. B. A full explanation should accompany new budget requests. C. The submitter should be prepared to answer questions about the request. D. Suggest possible new sources of funding for new programs or projects. Budget Process – Administrative A. Board of Directors discusses Budget Requests submitted and approves or denies. B. Approved requests are sent to the Treasurer and Finance Committee for the budget. C. Denied requests are returned to the Submitter with reasons for denial. D. Finance Committee completes the budget & returns for Board approval. E. The Board submits a reviewed budget with recommendations for Club approval. F. Club discusses the new budget and votes to approve, either as is or with changes. G. Items in the approved budget can be paid by the Treasurer without further action. H. The Treasurer is not authorized to pay new items or additional money requests without approval from the Board and the club.

Submitting club member or Committee A. Should be willing to be involved with the budget item they submit. B. Is responsible to notify the Treasurer when payment of an item is due by submitting a bill (request) for payment when due. C. Will provide additional information to the club or Board as requested. D. Will follow project through to completion and report if needed. Treasurer should keep an accurate Income & Expense record for project history. A. Upon Request, the Treasurer should be able to produce a separate accounting for individual projects or programs. List of Budget Items: (Past/Present/New..Not intended to be complete) A. Scholarships: SRC Nursing, Miss Macomb Platform, & Scholarships in development B. Literacy: Summer Tutoring: Adopta-Class, Baby Talk; GED Fees; Presidential Classroom C. Other: Mosaic Christmas Bags; Memory Walk-Sponsor & Team; Make-ADifference Day; Altrusa Foundation donation; Snack Bag Program; Salvation army Camperships; Habitat for Humanity; Nature Quilt Project; MHS Band Uniforms; Big Bros, Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon; Ready Bus-Book Bus; Honor Flights; Food pantriesSalvation Army, WIRC, Loaves & Fishes; etc.

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ALTRUSA BUDGET/PROJECT REQUEST YEAR: _______________DATE OF REQUEST: ____________________ Project: ______________________________________________________ Payout Month:_________________________________________________ DETAILS OF PROJECT: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

AMOUNT REQUESTED: __________________________________________________ REQUESTED BY:________________________________________________________ BOARD ACTION:

APPROVED: ____________ DECLINED:__________________ BOARD COMMENTS:__________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________


APPROVED: ______________DECLINED:__________________ CLUB COMMENTS: ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Feb 2017 Cheerful Earful  

monthly newsletter of the Altrusa Club of Macomb IL

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