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Being smarter‌ Knowing more about your Facebook page helps you manage a better page

How To See What Is Popular & How To See Who You Are Reaching

know what is working best for your page!

How to post certain content workaround solution

to share your information and use Facebook smarter!

What do you have on Facebook ?

Do you have a Group or a Page ? How is a Page different from a Group? They look different and they serve different purposes and which one is right for your club depends on what you see as the purpose of being on Facebook


A Page allows organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate broadly with people who like them.


A Group provides a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests.

Being smarter‌. How To See What Is Popular & How To See Who You Are Reaching

Being smarter‌. How to post your newsletter

Group you can post .pdf files

Page – technically you can’t post .pdf files – must post a link to the .pdf file

Issuu is a digital publishing platform

Step 1: Create Account Step 2: Click on “Upload publication”

Why do this? Putting your newsletter (or anything else) on your club Facebook page can reach 100s of people – it will share your news – it will share what Altrusa is all about!

Use Facebook with intent Know what is reaching your audience Manage better with this knowledge!

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2014 Altrusa conference powerpoint  
2014 Altrusa conference powerpoint  

Using Facebook smarter for YOUR Altrusa Club