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The right digital printer and business equipment can significantly help a company meet its goals. If efficiency is something your office is lacking, the purchase of select machinery can help increase productivity, lower the costs of using outside printing services, and provide the materials your employees need when they need them ultimately adding to your company’s success. Not All Printers and Photocopiers Are Created Equally

With that being said, not every printer and photocopier is created equally. In fact, the best quality machines are built-to-last. They can be serviced and repaired easily and with very little hassle. You don’t want downtime when you need to print a large quantity of documents for a meeting. The five things to look for in digital printing and business equipment are: 1. Cost.A new piece of printing equipment can revolutionize the way that you do business. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the costs don’t outweigh the benefit. You want a machine that is of sound quality and that requires very little upkeep and maintenance costs. This allows you to get the most from your money and your new piece of equipment. 2. Durability.You can tell when a machine is high quality. It looks incredible and operates soundly. It rarely ever breaks down and can be fixed very easily. The best printers on the market fill a business’ needs for years. 3. Service.Being able to trust a professional to care for your machinery once it’s placed in your office is essential. Unless you have an employee that knows the ins and outs of printers, you’ll want to purchase equipment from a company that provides expert advice as well as service technicians to meet your needs. 4. Functionability.A great photocopier does everything you want it to do and more. There will be a time when you need both color as well as black and white prints. You’ll also want double-sided documents as well as single-sided documents. Some machines will hole punch and staple prints for you as well. Try to select a printer that does it all and you will be pleased with the results that you receive from it.

5. Warranty.If your printer was to quit on you, how could you afford to replace it? Examine all warranties or guarantees before purchasing equipment for your business. The last thing you want to do is get stuck with the cost of buying a completely new printer after your old one quit unexpectedly. Questions That You Should Ask Before Purchasing a New Printer for Your Business There are many factors that play into your decision to purchase digital printing and business equipment. For example, how many employees do you have? What types of materials do you need to have on hand for meetings and conferences? Do you like the idea of people in your office assembling training manuals and sales packets or would you rather use company time for something different? Would you benefit from on-thespot printing more than having a third party printing company take care of the work for you (ie. A managed print services solution)? Research Will Help You Make an Informed Purchasing Decision Knowing what to look for in regards to cost, service, and function will make purchasing business equipment that much easier for your company. It’s important to take your time, do some research, and ask the right questions of a digital printer and business equipment supplier before buying a printer. This will allow you to explore the different options available to you and make an informed decision about your purchase. Business Equipment is a Long Term Investment Don’t forget to think of a new printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax machine as a longterm investment. With that being said, you’ll need to prepare for the times it does break down and go out of service. Do you want office equipment that is difficult to repair or one that comes with a guarantee? Will you have access to the parts that you need and a technician that can help you get your business equipment up and running again so you can use the machines like intended? The ideal printer, photocopier, scanner, and fax machine is affordable, reliable, serviceable, and easy to order supplies for. It comes with a warranty that covers parts and labor so you won’t be stuck with the bill each time someone comes out to service or repair it. Great business equipment is built from quality materials and is intended to be used for years. It can save you both time and money by being efficient and dependable. Keep this in mind while you shop around for your business. You want the best value money can buy not the cheapest product to fill your office with. Shoddy equipment is worth far less than you paid for it. It requires constant upkeep, seldom works properly,

requires costly repairs, and expires long before you’ve gotten enough use of it. Being able to examine a piece of equipment up close can eliminate many of the questions you might have about how and where it was made. Options for Your Business Office Equipment There are a number of different ways that you can acquire the equipment needed for your office or business. Let’s explore each in its entirety before making a decision, ok? You’ll have several factors to consider before making a selection. You can either rent or lease the equipment needed to keep your business running smoothly. Depending on the amount of time that you need said machinery, you can choose to: 

Rent. The equipment remains the property of the company that rented it to you. You determine the amount of time you want to use it and they collect all monies from you. This is often an ideal way to go because you have the benefit of using the printer, photocopier, scanner or fax machine without needing to pay for the machine outright. Lease. The equipment can be used by you for the duration of the lease agreement for a fixed price. If you’re on a budget and only need the business machinery for a specific time, this is the best option for you.

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The right digital printer and business equipment can significantly help a company meet its goals

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