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1. tennis I play 2. play does She tennis not 3. tennis? he play Does 4. The AM 8 Leaves train at 5. not at 9 leave AM does The train 6. She purse her always forgets 7. He his never forgets wallet 8. the Does Sun the Earth? circle 9. do Birds like milk not 10. milk? like pigs Do 11. not California is United Kingdom in the 12. made are of Windows glass 13. not of made Windows are wood 14. The tonight train leaves 15. The arrive bus not 11 at AM does 16. sets The the in west sun 17. The party starts at 8 o'clock. 18. now am here I 19. is here She now not 20. help He now right needs 21. He need not help does now 22.

does Jim on Fridays not work

23. Do you? have passport your you with 24. The in President USA The White lives House of The 25. A barks lot dog a 26. from We Spain come 27. It a winter in rains lot

28. The lives Queen Buckingham Palace of England in 29. Do pizza? you like 30. she Does baseball? play

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