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Grade/Class: 9th Grade

Number of Ss: 30 Date of lesson: F 15 / M 15 October 23th, 2016 Description of Activity/Methodology Age Group: 14 years (student centered) old

Time of activity: 11:45 – 12:30

School: The American Stages School Level of English: Type of school: Private Intermediate Pre/Engage The teacher will explain on the board the uses of Simple Present, drawing book and Unit:providing an example for each. itsCourse structure, Main Objective:

Length of activity: 45 minutes Materials/Aids

Marker Whiteboard

Student-Teacher’s name: Matías Franckel Avendaño Time (min) Guide Teacher’s name: Scott McLean 10 minutes

By the end of the activity, students will be able to identify the different uses of Simple Present on every day activities. Grammatical Contents:  Simple Present

Lexical Contents:


The teacher will give each student a paper that it inside an envelope; the papers contain sentences in the wrong order, so they have to put it in the correct order, writing down on their copybooks. Four students got a paper with a colour on it. Those students will have to go to the board to write their sentence. The rest will read them aloud.

Papers Copybook Marker Whiteboard

25 minutes

Checking Learning

The teacher will ask each student to write a positive, negative, and interrogative sentence using the Simple Present. The sentences are checked aloud.


10 minutes

PP III activity plan simple present  
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