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Fundacion Junior Achievement Argentina Innovation Camp Final Report 16/04/2013

1. ORGANIZATION, SPONSORS AND PARTNERS 1.1 ORGANIZER Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization which, through educational programs, seeks to inspire and instill entrepreneurship in youth people. Junior Achievement was founded in the U.S. in 1919 by Theodore Vail, president of AT & T and Horace Moses, president of Strathmore Paper Co. Currently, the foundation has expanded to more than 130 countries worldwide; reaching more than 9.8 million of youths. In Argentina, it was incorporated in 1991, and has reached more than 700 thousand students among the country. 1.2 SPONSOR BLACKBERRY 1.3 PARTNERS CENTRO DE ENTREPRENEURSHIP IAE (Facilities) ANDESMAR (Transportation) PEPSICO (Food and Beverage) RANDOM HOUSE MONDADORI (Prices for 3rd place and runners up) 2. THE EVENT The “STEM Innovation Camp” is an initiative developed through a partnership between Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry and Junior Achievement Young Enterprise Europe – Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education programmes. The STEM Innovation Camp helps raise awareness amongst secondary school students aged 15-18, of STEM related issues, showcases excellent role models for the industry from Blackberry and leads the way to showing that skills-based CSR programs have a vital role to play in the future of education and aligning business needs with curriculums. In Argentina, it was hold on April 16th, in a the Center for Entreprenuership of IAE Business School ( under the name of “Desafio de Innovacion CITeM”.


71 students from 10 different schools 8 Jury Members from 8 different organizations 10 business mentors from 5 different organizations



4. NATIONAL CHALLENGE DESCRIPTION Thanks to our sponsor and partners, “Desafio de Innovacion CITeM” became a extraordinary day for the students, not only for its educational value but also for the whole day experience. 08:00 Registration & Breakfast 09:00 Icebreaking activities 10:00 Coffee Break 10:15 Official Opening. Announcement of the case 10:45 Business Plan Development – 1st Stage 12:15 Lunch 13:00 Business Plan Development – 2nd Stage 15:00 Coffee Break 15:15 Presentations Development 17:30 Stage Presentations 19:30 Awards and closing by Martin Cricco, Territory Sales Director 4.1 OFFICIAL VERSION OF THE CHALLENGE

Think of some of the societal challenges your country is facing today or could potentially face in the future. It can be in any area from youth unemployment to climate change. We know that mobile computing technology is moving faster than ever so think of a way that you could use mobile technology to have a positive impact on the societal problem you identified.

4.2 SOLUTIONS The students were divided into 10 teams. Each of them proposed a different solution to the challenge, and all of them were commended by the judges. Nevertheless, the winning team was unanimously elected. 4.1 WINNER, RUNNER UP AND 3rd PLACE WINNER: PROYECTO MARFIL - CHANGAPP PROYECTO MARFIL chose unemployment as the social challenge to face and their solution was an app that allows people to return to the work and education path through a game which also improves the commitment from them. Users create a personal profile which keeps records from their educational and employment achievements and get in touch with job and training offers. The application covers the needs from different segments. For workers, it gives access to employment and education. For employers, it allows them to reach skilled workers. In the case of government, the app reduces the use of social plans, improves social comfort, the level of education and the access to work. Finally, from the point of view of the sponsors, the app is an opportunity for target marketing.

RUNNER UP: MUU SECURITY – A.S.A. APP MUU Security chose security as the social challenge to face and their solution was an app which includes two versions. A free one, with crime maps and tips about security. And a paid one, which includes all the characteristics of the free one but, adds a panic button with direct access to the police.

3rd PLACE: AGROTECH AGROTECH chose the development of the agricultural industry as the social challenge to face and their solution was a device connected to an app which gives online information about the conditions of the field (moisture, fertility, salinization, etc).With this system, AGROTECH expect to improve the performance of the fields. OTHER REMARKABLE SOLUTIONS App with access to useful information about education (schools, universities, scholarships, free book and materials, etc) App with information about traffic and parking lots App that works as a meeting point for people who want to help and those who need help App that offers a solution for the disposal of electronic waste

5. RESULTS OF STUDENTS EVALUATION The satisfaction questionnaires were completed by the 71 students who participate of the event. The results were assessed on a scale where 0 means strongly disagree and 5 means strongly agree. The results are consistent with what we expected as a function of what could be seen throughout the day. We are absolutely satisfied with the development of the event.

This was a high quality event

4,55 3,75

From working with the Business Volunteers and Facilitators, I understand better how they overcome their challenges I feel this event provided me with a unique opportunity to learn and achieve new things

4,17 The Volunteer Experts strongly contributed to the success of the STEM Innovation Camp

4,39 4,59 4,25

I consider the results our team achieved greater than those I could have achieved working all alone Cooperation with the participants from other schools motivated me to be more creative

4,49 The STEM Innovation Camp made me use my skills in enterprising and innovative ways

4,03 4,61

The STEM Innovation Camp provided me with motivation to learn and achieve new things I would reccomend this program







6. TESTIMONIALS Desafio de Innovacion CITeM was a great experience, where 17-18 years old students could share a full day developing their social awareness, entrepreneurial ability, creativity, teamwork spirit, and at the same time have fun. Of course it was a very rewarding activity for everyone, hopefully it will happen again in the future. El Desafío de Innovación CITeM fue una gran experiencia, donde chicos de 17-18 años pudieron compartir un día completo desarrollando su conciencia social, su capacidad emprendedora, su creatividad, su espíritu de trabajo en equipo, y, al mismo tiempo, divertirse. Desde ya fue una actividad muy enriquecedora para todos, que ojalá vuelva a repetirse en el futuro Federico Sanz Business Mentor The truth is that it was a very enriching experience from every point of view. Students share a day full of ideas, and with a very critical eye on the current situation of the country. I think this kind of activities generate valuable spaces and open a path to critical thinking, innovation and much needed optimistic look on the young. La verdad es que fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora desde todo punto de vista. Compartimos un día con estudiantes llenos de ideas, y con una mirada muy crítica sobre la situación actual del país. Creo que este tipo de actividades generan espacios muy valiosos y abren un camino al pensamiento crítico, la innovación y la mirada optimista tan necesaria en los jóvenes. M. Paula Ferdman- Business Mentor

Emprender es una manera de hacer un país mejor desde el lugar de uno. Es dar respuesta a necesidades de la gente de una forma innovadora y creando empleo. Por todo eso, entusiasma ver a jóvenes que van formando este perfil y a Junior Achievement generando las condiciones para que eso pase. Entrepreneurship is a way to make a better country from the place of one. Is to respond to people's needs in an innovative way and creating jobs. For all that, i am excited to see young people who are forming this profile and Junior Achievement creating the conditions for that to happen. Andres Saborido – Jury Member

Me pareció una muy buena experiencia para acercarse un poco a lo que se hace en las empresas, a pensar creativamente un proyecto, y a trabajar en equipo para lograr un objetivo común. It was a very good experience in order to take a closer look to what companies do, to think about a project in a creative way and to work as a team for a common objective. Ezequiel Andres - Student

El desafío de innovación me ayudo a aprender a través de la experiencia. Sin tener a alguien en frente que me enseñara, pude aprender a trabajar en equipo, a relacionarme con gente nueva, con nuevos pensamientos, y formas de pensar y actuar. Te hace plasmar tus conocimientos, explotar tus habilidades y pasar un buen rato junto a nuevos amigos. Fue una muy buena experiencia, definitivamente lo haría de nuevo. Desafio de Innovacion helped me to learn through experience. I could learn to work in a team, to interact with new people, with new thoughts, and ways of thinking and acting. Makes you translate your knowledge, develop your skills and have a good time with new friends. It was a very good experience; I would definitely do it again. Sofia Arancibia - Student

El desafío de innovación me pareció una experiencia muy interesante, positiva y sobre todo adecuada al mundo en el que vivimos al día de hoy. Creo que escenarios como este, donde se estimula la imaginación, inventiva y capacidad creativa de los estudiantes orientadas hacia una realidad y problemática social, son fundamentales e indispensables en la educación y sociedad actual. Desde el punto de vista personal, fue muy gratificante el poder recordar épocas estudiantiles, interactuar con los estudiantes y de alguna manera poder escucharles, guiarles y ayudarles. Sin duda alguna volvería a participar de ser requerida mi ayuda. Desafio de Innovacion was a very interesting experience, mostly positive and appropriate to the world we live in today. I think scenarios like this, where it stimulates the imagination, inventiveness and creativity of students oriented toward reality and social problems are fundamental and indispensable in education and society. From a personal standpoint, it was very rewarding to remember the times when I was a student, interacting with students and somehow to listen to them, guide them and help them. Definitely, I would participate again. Eduardo Canicoba – Business Mentor

7. PRESS – MATERIALS AND COVERAGE Official poster and banner of the event

Press releases were sent to several media, but the main coverage came from social networks. Information from the event and testimonials from participants can be find in Junior Achievement Argentina twitter and facebook. Moreover, videos from the event will be publish in our YouTube cannel soon.

8. NEXT STEPS AND CONCLUSIONS Future plans for this program involves two different areas. On the one hand, the winning team will be representing Argentina in the Innovation Camp Worldwide Competition to be made on June 13th. On the other hand, we are already looking forward to the chance of having the second edition of this program next year. We would like to thank JA-YE Europe for the opportunity of being part of this project. We would also like to thank BlackBerry for being the sponsor of the program, and all the other organizations who helped us in the development of the event (IAE Business School, PepsiCo, Andesmar and Random House Mondadori For any further information, please contact: Matias Eisbruch – Project Coordinator Agustina Contreras – Press Coordinator

9. PHOTOS Complete photo album from the event can be find in Junior Achievement Argentina Facebook Fan Page pe=3

Innovation Camp Final Report - JA Argentina  
Innovation Camp Final Report - JA Argentina  

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