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March 25,2013

Quality Assurance Program

Patagonian Fisheries Corp. Eastern Overseas Marketing Ltd. Specification Sheet Swordfish Fresh Loins Product name

Swordfish fresh loins vacuum-packed

General name


Scientific name

Xiphias gladius


Fish blocks, boneless, skin-on/off, fresh- frozen, vacuum-packed, delivered in expanded polystyrene boxes of variable weights.

Elaboration process Elaboration plant information

Fresh-raw Nº 13116 – CHILE FDA Number 17479628334 Nº 13125 – CHILE FDA Number13065103076

Selling Units

3 – 6 kilos ( 6.5 - 13 lb), defined by the client

Raw Material Origin

Fresh fish, caught by small scale fishing vessels

Product Quality

Premium Color: Odor:

Characteristic of the species. Typical, characteristic. Absence of objectionable odors or signs of decomposition or contamination with alien substances. Flavor: Typical, characteristic. Texture: Firm to the bite. Parasites: Absence of living parasites. It should not show evidence of dead parasites

Process Temperatures On reception: ≤ 8ºC In the Process: ≤ 3.3ºC Storage: -2≤ 2ºC Delivery: ≤ 2 ºC at center

Vacuum-packed , with primary labeling. Secondary Packaging Expanded polystyrene box, labeled, with two 250 gr gel packs, distributed inside the box. Each box has a plastic transparent cover, sealed with adhesive tape. Primary Package White label containing weight of each loin, production date, best before date, batch, Labeling manufacturer plant number, and the word Chile. Secondary Package White label containing the name of the product, scientific name, weight, count, Labeling production date, best before date, batch, manufacturer, plant number, and the word Chile. Shelf Life 18 days at 3.3°C or below Client



To be defined by the client Health Quality Specifications Analysis Limits Total bacteria count

≤ 5x105 ufc/g

Total Coliform bacteria

< 4NMP/g

Staphylococcus aureus

< 100 ufc/g


Absence in 25 g

Listeria Monocytogenes

< 10 cfu/gr


Primary Packaging

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Swordfish fresh loins Spec Sheet