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AIESEC Symposium 2011


Startup Slovakia Do You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Apply for Symposium 2011- StartUp Slovakia! When: 25-26.11.2011

Where: CVTI- Centrum Vedecko- Technických Informácií, Lamačská cesta 8/A, Bratislava What are you going to learn?     


How to spot opportunities How to create solutions How to monetize your idea How to estimate the resources you need How to "sell" your idea

24 EUR (accommodation not included)

Deadline for application:


You can find the application form HERE AIESEC Slovakia, Dvojkrížna 47, 821 07 Bratislava, Slovakia, Tel/Fax: +421 2 45 52 61 10

Who will be there: Can Ertrugrul Can is a stARTist by passion and a storyteller by fortune. His hobby is to help young entrepreneurs telling their stories and making them real. After STARTeurope, where Can was a core team member and in-house pitch trainer, he moved to the Austrian incubator and earlystage investor i5invest. From there he gradually shifted to the new online payment startup payolution, where he does business development. Can has given pitch trainings in Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Romania and Portugal so far. His previous position as a chairman of Austria’s biggest Debating Club not only brought him to finals in debating tournaments but helped him to get the right eye for public speaking and communications. Through his experience as a mentor at various international startup events he has seen hundreds of pitches (the good, the bad & the ugly) and understands the needs of young teams of founders quite well.

Hansi Hansmann Hansi is inarguably one of the most active business angels in the Austrian startup scene, getting involved on a personal level with each of the different startups that he has financially invested in, lending them the value of his experience being a seasoned entrepreneur himself. Few of his investments include DurchBlicker, Renesim and Ijoule.

Jan Orlovsky

Jan is the Spokesperson and Chairman of the Statutory Board of Zapardoslovenska Energetika, the largest distributor and supplier of electricity in Slovakia Since 2009, he is the Chairman of the Association of Spokesmen in Slovakia.

Ondrej BartoĹĄ

Highly keen and passionate about development of the community in Slovakia, Jan Ondrej Bartos is involved in many CSR projects of ZSE and is on the board of many organizations such as Pontis, Lepsi Svet, Slovenska Spolocnost, pre Zahranicnu Politiku, Dobra Krajina a AHS

Ondrej Bartos Ondrej is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist from the Czech Republic. He experienced his first successful business endeavor before he graduated from college in 1996. Several business enterprises later, he is now managing the early stage venture capital firm Credo Ventures, which he co-founded in January 2009. Until December 2008 he served as the Senior Investment Director of MCI Management S.A., where he was responsible for managing investments in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and former Yugoslavia. Ondrej views venture capital as a tool to help entrepreneurs reach their goals, execute their visions, and boost the economy by supporting innovative ideas and projects. Since 2009 he also stars in the investment TV show Den D on Czech TV

Mark Tuttle

Mark is a serial entrepreneur from California, coming from an entrepreneurial family. Some of his notable startups include, the worlds first B2B diamond trading platform; Web Associates (now Level) acquired in 2010 by Rosetta for $40 million, and a host of others. He has been successful at landing major accounts for his startups, such as Apple, Acer, Yahoo, Lucent Technologies and HP. His interests are diverse including; divergent thinking, education, creativity, innovation, security, technology, business, philosophy, art and music. Mark is now teaching entrepreneurialism at European University Vienna, active in coaching startups in central Europe, and continues to work on startups of his own. Key message to students and startups: "Question Everything"

Selma Prodanovic

Selma is an entrepreneur and philantropist, known as the discoverer and connector of business potential or the Business Angelina. She founded Brainswork, one of the most influential business developers in CEE, to support unique visionaries to cross conventional borders and to connect people, ideas and companies to pave new ways. In 2010 over 250 startups and investors profited from the Brainswork expertise and the international network of offices in Austria, the USA and 132 carefully Ivan Štefunko selected partners throughout the world. Selma has twenty years of professional experience in new business development, creative industries, international marketing and connecting in Europe and beyond. For her innovative approach to business and commitment to entrepreneurship and social change, Selma was awarded the “WOMAN Award” in 2006, the “MiA 2010” in the category Business, the “Recognition Award of the jury for Entrepreneurial Migrants 2010” and nominated “Networker of the Year” by the Austrian Leading Ladies in 2007 and 2010.

Ivan Štefunko Ivan is the co-founder and Chairman of Neulogy. Ivan’s focus is on commercialization of technologies, technology-based start-ups and academic spin-offs. He studied political sciences and international relations at Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris in France and Matej Bel University in Slovakia. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, Ivan has extensive background in media and internet. He co-founded several internet and technology companies, which became number one in their category and respective country, including,, Monogram Technologies and Over the past 6 years, Ivan has also been extensively advising entrepreneurs on how to better use their skills and assets, and government authorities on how to motivate and support innovative entrepreneurs.

For more information search on: Web page: Facebook: Symposium 2011- StartUp Slovakia! Contact: Zuzana Saladiakova- ; +421 902 918 225

Symposium 2011 - Starup Slovakia!  

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