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No. 01 Portfolio 2021


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No. 01

“Jeg keder mig altså ikke”

No. 02

Children’s ABC

No. 03


No. 04

Who is Bibi?

No. 05

Insects and mashed potatoes

No. 06

Traditional drawing


Project No. 01

The first look into the app

No. 01: “Jeg keder mig altså ikke” 2

Project No. 01

“Jeg keder mig altså ikke” is an interactive, digital children’s book about the main character that has a feeling he can’t describe and therefore asks the children at the school playground. Targeting boys between the age of four and eight years old – this project deals with loneliness and how to talk about it. 3

Project No. 02

The poster

No. 02: Children’s ABC 4

Project No. 02

Letters with outline

This project started as a small gift for a friend but ended up being a whole design project. The letters, which are based on the Danish alphabet and animal names, were designed as posters, stickers and enamel pins. 5

Project No. 02

Enamel pins on fabric


Project No. 02

Pins and packaging

As an addition to the poster, the children’s alphabet were designed as enamel pins – an accessory that is popular amongst children’s book illustrators as collectibles. 7

Project No. 03

No. 03: Naturehood 8

Project No. 03

These illustrations focus on the concepts of ‘youth’ and ‘identity’ and is inspired by the connection between humans and nature. 9

Project No. 04

No. 04: Who is Bibi? 10

Project No. 04

‘Who is Bibi?’ is an illustration and character development project that focusses on bringing back the protagonist Bibi in the 21st century – based on the book ‘Bibi the Little Girl’ by Karin Michaëlis from 1929. 11

Project No. 04


Project No. 04

Karin Michaëlis was one of the most successful Danish authors of all time, whose book sales for a number of years even exceeded that of H. C. Andersen – but in spite of all that she never really saw her success in Denmark. The project steps away from the art deco styled drawings from the original publication, and focusses on the emotional and behavioural characteristics of Bibi; how she approaches the world and deals with the emotions that follows the death of her mother. 13

Project No. 05

No. 05: Insects and mashed potatoes 14

Project No. 05

The illustration takes inspiration from the concept of ‘speculative design’ and tries to visualize the challenges of colonizing Mars from a humorous perspective. 15

Project No. 06

A portrait of a friend

No. 06: Traditional drawing 16

Project No. 06

A cut-out of an acrylic painting – photographed on a wall in Brick Lane, London