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Manifesto As a young citizen of the European Union I am one of the first of a generation who have experienced their whole life within the European Union. This is a growing phenomenon throughout the European Union which has had a major effect on public and personal opinion of people of all ages on Europe’s current socio-political situation and its future. Some say that certain elements of the European Union should be revised, others say its merits are being taken for granted, however whatever the subject under debate, I feel it is paramount that not only adults but also the youth are involved. As the famous proverb states: the youth of today, are the adults and voters of tomorrow - as such we need to be given the opportunity to develop critical thinking and become responsible and participative citizens. A means befitting of that task is the European Youth Parliament. Through the years EYP has been held in high esteem by pedagogues and politicians throughout Europe and its accomplishments have been noteworthy, now it is Luxembourg’s turn to develop and nurture a thriving EYP Luxembourg Community.

If I were to be successful in gaining a place on the National Committee I would invest myself to assist the National Committee in developing the following points: •

I believe that EYP and Luxembourg are very complementary. On the one hand Luxembourg is at the heart of Europe and has had an important role in the European Union from the beginning. Furthermore EYP is a great way to bring the multicultural society of Luxembourg together and raise its international profile. I believe that EYP Luxembourg can open doors to the young of the country no matter what their background so that they can participate and contribute to the betterment of our society. One way of achieving this in my view is by establishing closer cooperation with schools and youth associations (clubs, centres,...). This will lead to an increased profile for EYP Luxembourg, will help it involve all strands of Luxembourgish society and bring them together as well as help EYP Luxembourg find venues and sponsors for its events. I believe EYP Luxembourg can bridge the gap between the youth and established politicians, which will enrich our political systems at local, national and European level. Furthermore I would like to see an increase in events hosted by EYP Luxembourg as this will let it assert itself further in the public eye and lead to the flourishing of the programme

Finally I would ask you to please vote for me for the following reasons: 1. I am dedicated to the establishment and development of EYP in Luxembourg

Sarah Kennedy Email:   2. I am eager to cooperate with my EYP colleagues and other institutions in order to establish a good public profile for EYP Luxembourg 3. I can see EYP Luxembourg as a major contributor to the support and development of our society Thank you, Sarah Kennedy

Sarah kennedy