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A savage beast with unimaginable power can be summoned on command with the emergence of nano vapor™ – the world’s strongest vaso-anabolic psychoactive experience.


umbering past the endless sea of dumbells strewn throughout your dingy iron dungeon, your eyes scan the cracked concrete floor, desperately trying not to dwell on today’s wasted workout. But you can’t fight it. It’s all you can think about. Obsessive thoughts take over your mind and you’re forced to retrace your steps back to the beginning. From the moment you woke up, you were intensely focused on this training session—you made sure you got in all your meals for the day, you mentally rehearsed

every exercise, set, and weight that would be used, and even downed some preworkout drink that a guy at the health food store talked you into buying. Twenty minutes into your workout…nothing. Not a damn thing. No gut-wrenching muscle pumps, no skin-crawling vascularity, and no insanely heavy lifts like you were promised. You came ready to wage an all-out war with the weights, but your pre-workout supplement failed you. In your unforgiving musclebuilding mission, there’s no room for ruined workouts.

Next time it’s gonna be different. The voices in your head tell you it has to be. What you are about to discover in the following pages will obliterate your definition of an “intensified musclebuilding workout.” No longer will you have to suffer through monotonous workouts, and you will finally have the ability to explode through each training session, transforming your body into an altered state of muscle growth. Get ready for an anabolic musclebuilding event unmatched by anything you’ve ever experienced.

HOW naNO VAPOR ™ WORKS NeuroAMP™ Psychoactive signaling intensity catalyst designed to ignite whitehot intensity and extreme focus.

Vasoprime™ Nitric oxide amplification matrix engineered to force virtually instant vasodilation for mindblowing muscle pumps and increases in size.

Anaphex™ Anabolic/anti-catabolic signaling complex designed to trigger immediate anabolism and help shield off catabolism for unrestricted growth.

Infernogen™ Lipid inferno fusion matrix engineered with thermogenic compounds to immediately crank up the body’s metabolism.

MyoGF™ Cutting-edge growth complex designed to rapidly boost anabolic hormone production to trigger muscle growth.

Intravol™ Muscle cell volumizing complex saturates cells with growthinducing compounds for explosive gains in muscle mass.

Unchaining Demonic Intensity and Psychoactive Consciousness Radiating from the core of every bodybuilder who has ever suffered through a wasted workout is a pent-up beast demanding to be unleashed. When released, this inner demon strikes with hellbent intensity taking any hardcore

“Imagine not having to live through another wasted workout ever again.” bodybuilder into an altered state of muscle growth. This supernatural force lying deep within your body is what transports you from reality as you know it, into another dimension of raging intensity and bone-crushing strength. Summoning this inner beast at every workout has, until now, been an impossible task. When set free, every workout becomes a new opportunity for unrestricted muscle growth. Imagine not having to live through another wasted workout ever again. Imagine if training plateaus were removed and forging massive new gains in size and strength happened at the blink of an eye.

Deep Inside Team MuscleTech™ Laboratories Compelled to find a way to invoke this kind of psychoactive state, Team MuscleTech researchers worked tirelessly in their stateof-the-art laboratories, dissecting over 2,180 groundbreaking research studies on key ingredients, while unleashing secret prototype after prototype on test subjects until they achieved the impossible. The result is the incomparable naNO Vapor™ formula that precisely combines 85 ingredients to work synergistically during every maniacal training session to create the World’s Most Anabolic Event™. Simultaneously activating physiological systems crucial to muscle growth, naNO Vapor is scientifically engineered

to command your inner musclebuilding forces into a focused rage. During testing of naNO Vapor, many occurrences took place among the test subjects that were truly a shocking sight to behold. Never before in history has a supplement possessed the raw power to conjure up such diabolic intensity and laser-like focus. With blood engorged muscle pumps and anabolic hormones flooding their systems, subjects tore up the gym and came back hungry for more naNO Vapor. After living through the first and only vaso-anabolic psychoactive experience, training without naNO Vapor is inconceivable. Subjects were virtually addicted to the killer instinct that was evoked after a single serving.

Experiencing The World’s Most Anabolic Event With its zero wait-time formula, naNO Vapor triggers ultra-rapid dispersion of its six powerful blends throughout the body. Traveling at a high velocity through the blood, key compounds penetrate each targeted physiological system to simultaneously ignite the naNO Vapor experience. The maximum vasodilation,

solitary iron confinement. With no distractions and an indescribable power traveling through your mind and body, even your heaviest set

“nano vapor simultaneously activates physiological systems crucial to muscle growth.” feels like a warmup. Thirty minutes in and you’re practically foaming at the mouth with primal intensity, while bulging peaks of rapidly expanding muscle threaten to tear the fabric of your tank top. You now know the meaning of the naNO Vapor experience. Unleash your own inner demons and turn every workout into a vaso-anabolic psychoactive experience for muscle growth beyond this realm, with new naNO Vapor.

“Subjects were virtually addicted to the killer instinct that was evoked after every serving of nano vapor.” neuro-excitation, extreme thermogenesis, and hormonal amplification that overtakes your body is overwhelming—instantly awakening your innermost hardcore bodybuilding monster. During your first set you’ll feel a violent rush of blood surging through your veins, flooding each muscle’s deepest fiber until your skin is stretched to its absolute limit. Looking up at the loaded bar, stacked with 45 pound plates, an uncontrollable force overtakes you and sends you into your own

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naNO Vapor Advitorial  

naNO Vapor Advitorial

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